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The sun was beginning to lower meaning that we were getting closer to the afternoon and evening. We had probably been walking for about twenty minutes from the last time we stopped and still we couldn't find anybody. The boys had a start, well at least Other Yugi did. As far as chips go to everyone else it's like Jounouchi hasn't even dueled yet. I frowned looking up to the front of the group where they both were. They needed to win this, Yugi for his Grandfather and Jounouchi for Shizuka.

"Let go of me! Somebody help me!" A voice screamed pulling me out of my musing. "Let go, let go!" We turned looking up ahead seeing one of the security guards holding a kid.

"Tough luck. I can see your glove's empty. Now that you've lost all your star chips, you've got to get off the island." The man said squeezing the boy a bit.

"That's not it! This weird kid stole them from me! He took my star chips and my cards too! I swear!" The boy continued to shout trying to be released.

"I don't care how you lost them! If you run out of star chips, you have to leave Duelist Kingdom! That's the rules! Just give up already!" The suit shouted getting frustrated with the kid.

"Hey you! Let him go!" Jounouchi shouted pointing to the man while walking up to him. "Can't you hear? His chips go stolen! It's not the same as losing in a match!"

"Other participants are forbidden to interfere unless you want to be disqualified too." The guy explained not caring.

"Help me, please!" The boy pleading seeing all of us walking forward.

"What'd the guy look like who stole them? I'll go catch him for you." Jounouchi told the boy.

"I couldn't see his face, he had a bandanna on it. He challenged me to a duel out of nowhere, but the moment I put down my cards and star chips, he took them and ran off!" The boy was starting to panic.

"Which way did he go?" Jounouchi asked looking around.

"He went that way!" The boy pointed off to the left.

"Hey you. Men in Black! I'll go catch the thief so don't kick this kid off the island!" Jounouchi yelled.

"I'll think about it." The suit said but I could tell that he was lying. This guy was having too much fun with this to just let the kid go.

"Star chips are like a duelist's life! I wouldn't forgive anybody for killed people or stealing star chips! I'll beat him up!" Jounouchi said proudly pumping himself up. "Oh, by the way. If I catch the kid, as payment, I'm taking half your star chips." I started to laugh. It was a good move on Jounouchi's part but not right after making that speech. He needed star chips too and this was going to take up some time. Time we honestly don't have.

Jounouchi led the way making a beeline for the path the boy had pointed to. The trees and plant life were thicker here so it would be easier for a kid to hide and not be found. We kept walking further and further along the coast trying to see if there was any sign of a kid but so far it hasn't been fruitful.

"Guys, it's been 5 and a half hours in." I signed seeing Anzu nod to me.

"Five hours in guys!" She shouted so the others would be able to hear.

"Rats! Where is he?" Jounouchi hissed. "No matter how much we look, we can't find that kid!"

"Maybe we should give up." Anzu suggested.

"If I find that kid I can get my hands on half his star chips!" Jounouchi shouted. Ah, so that's it.

"Look over there!" Other Yugi yelled suddenly making us all turn to see what he was talking about. I looked down into the water seeing a ship with . . . duelists on it! "A boat of duelists is leaving the island!"

"Hey! The kid who got his star chips stolen is on that boat!" Ryou yelled pointing him out to us.

"Damn it! That guy in the black suit broke his promise! There go my star chips!" Jounouchi yelled balling his hands into fists. "Man that sucks."

Anyone who loses their star chips is thrown off the island….. even if they're stolen. I looked over to Other Yugi and Jounouchi worried about them even more then I was before.

"Yugi!" A voice shouted and suddenly a kid jumped out of the bushes behind us. We all turned to fully face him and I couldn't help but feel that he was familiar.

"What the!? A bandana?! Hey it's the thief!" Jounouchi shouted but Other Yugi interrupted him.

"Hold on, Jounouchi. Looks like he's after me." Other Yugi said calmly folding his arms in front of him. "I assume you want to duel with me?" I moved forward to stand next to Other Yugi trying to get a better look at this kid. The boy looked at me for a moment then looked back to Other Yugi and nodded his head in response.

"Okay, we'll use the battle box over there. Come with me." He said walking away knowing that the boy would follow him. The two entered the box while the rest of us crowded around the outside.

"Yugi . . . he agreed to fight him just like that." Jounouchi said but I was focusing on the kid.

"How many star chips do you bet?" Other Yugi asked. The boy held up five fingers. Why isn't he saying anything. He shouted when he first appeared and it seemed familiar. But, how could that be? I don't know anyone that age, none the less anyone who would be here. "All my star chips, eh? That's just fine." He placed down the star chips and the boy rummaged in his pocket for a moment before putting them on the table as well. I frowned seeing that he wasn't wearing a dueling glove. That meant that he wasn't one of the original people to come to the island, like Jounouchi. What was the point of stealing those star chips? What's the point of coming here and going to all that trouble and then challenging Yu- . . . .No!

"This is weird!"

"Yugi's got to know that kid's the thief. So why did he accept the duel?" Jounouchi and Honda said as they all looked to each other. I moved forward placing a hand against the glass.

No, no why would you do this? What are you even doing here! You had been getting better. The thoughts kept racing through my head as the two declared the duel to begin. The boy played Man-eating plant is attack mode while Other Yugi countered with Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress. The attack went through and the plant was destroyed putting Other Yugi in the lead. Crocodilus was played next and I could tell that he was beginning to get nervous.

"You can't beat my monsters with a card like that. I play Celtic Guardian and destroy your monster." Other Yugi said pulling out everything. He was going to end this duel quickly.

"Hey, I just realized something… that kid sucks."

He's no match for Yugi!"

The poor kid is traumatized who the hell cares how he plays Duel Monsters! This game is the reason that he's even here!

"Why don't you give up now? This game isn't so easy that you could win with stolen cards!" Other Yugi yelled. He panicked and grabbed the star chips aiming to make a break for it.

"That kid is stealing the star chips!" Jounouchi shouted.

"Hold on!" Other Yugi grabbed his wrist holding him in place.

"Aggh! Let go of me-" He started yelling but I slammed open the battle box door and ran forward. He broke free of Other Yugi only for me to pull him towards me in a hug.

"Mokuba." Other Yugi said as Mokuba started crying in my arms. I gently started to run my fingers through his hair rocking him back and forth.

"Maria, I'm …. I'm-" I shook my head still hugging him to me and looked up to Other Yugi.

"Why is he here, he isn't supposed to be here. He should be with Kaiba!" I signed frantically not understanding.

"Calm down, you won't be any help to him if you're upset." He signed back nodding to me.


"Why did Mokuba try and steal Yugi's star chips!" The others started yelling. I moved Mokuba a bit so that I could see him and he would be able to see me signing to him.

"It's alright, I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you. It's okay, you're okay." I signed rubbing his back. He calmed down and looked up at me completely defeated. "Are you ready to tell us what happened?" I signed seeing him nod. I helped him stand up as the three of us made our way out of the box and over to the others.

"Mokuba, you weasel! I know you stole two of Yugi's star chips! Give 'em back! You've got 'em in your hand!" Jounouchi said but I moved standing in front of Mokuba protecting him from Jounouchi.

"I won't give them back!" Mokuba yelled in pure anger. Ah, so that's it. I turned kneeling down to Mokuba who was just glaring at the ground.

"You're blaming Yugi." I signed seeing him look to me then look away.

"Of….of course I am! He's the one who made my big brother the way he is! You've seen him Maria! He isn't getting better!"

"So Kaiba's still." Anzu started.

"Yes! In a coma!" He shouted at her. "He's under 24-hour care in the mansion now. The world's greatest doctors have looked at him but they say he might spend the rest of his life like that!" The others didn't say anything as I just let Mokuba lean on me.

"Mokuba . . . we talked about this. I told you that you could talk to me. You know that right." I signed hearing him sigh.

"Don't get me wrong, I didn't steal the star chips to get revenge on Yugi." He said making me look to the others in confusion. "Feh, you guys think you're so smart. You don't even know why Pegasus had this tournament, do you?" My eyes widened. What did Mokuba know? Why was he even involved in this? "I'll tell you why, Yugi! Pegasus wants to beat you and gain control of Kaiba Corporation!" He wants Kaiba's company?

"What are you talking about, Mokuba?"

"How would beating Yugi help him take over Kaiba-corp?" Anzu and Jounouchi asked.

"Pegasus created Duel Monsters and established himself as a young genius game designed, but he still wasn't big enough. So Pegasus's Company, Industrial Illusions, teamed up with Kaiba Corporation to develop the virtual battle simulation box! My brother was the one who designed it! But then he lost to Yugi. With the President of KaibaCorp in a coma, the stock plummeted! The management just got worse and worse! Pegasus took it as an opportunity and jumped in to buy the company. Pegasus made an offer to the Big Five, KaibaCorp's five leading stock holders. Since Seto is in his coma the Big Five have all the decision-making power. The Big Five liked his offer but on one condition. The only way that they would allow it is if Pegasus beats Yugi in a duel, then they'll name him chief executive of KaibaCorp." Mokuba explained to us.

"I see, so Pegasus is really looking forward to beating me, isn't he?" Other Yugi said chuckling. My head snapped in his direction and I glared at him. Not the time.

"Don't laugh Yugi! Not even you can defeat Pegasus!" Mokuba shouted breaking free of me and standing to shout at Other Yugi. Honestly after that comment I let him have that one. "Nobody in the world can beat him, even my big brother told me he was invincible. That's why I came up with my plan. If I could steal all of Yugi's star chips, he's be disqualified before he fought Pegasus. He wouldn't have lost a real match so the agreement between Pegasus and the Big Five wouldn't count!"

"So that's why you came to the island?" Other Yugi asked.

"No, it's not! The Big Five brought me here because I have the key!" He said suddenly.

"You have the key?"

"The key to what?"

"Two nights ago, the Big Five guys barged into my house! They were going to steal some documents from my big brother's safe! So I swallowed the key to the safe, right in front of them. I won't let them have it even if they rip out my guts!" Mokuba shouted in anger.

"Mokuba." Other Yugi started but Mokuba cut him off.

"Yugi, you might not believe me but Seto made 'Death –T' to get revenge on you but his real dream is to build Kaiba Land amusement centers all over the world so poor children can have fun! That's why he dedicated his life to Kaiba Corporation! That's why I'll give my life to keep it safe! So when he comes back he can finish his dream!" Mokuba shouted finally saying everything he needed to. I reached forward and touched his shoulder.
"I believe in you, Mokuba. We all believe you. Now, can you believe in Yugi?" I signed to him seeing his eyes widen. "Your brother is strong, and I know that he's fighting his hardest to get back to you. I know you miss your big brother and I know that he misses you but we won't be able to help you if you don't believe in us the way you believe in Seto."

"Maria . . . " I saw tears coming to his eyes.

"Your brother and I have our …differences, but one thing we have in common is caring about our younger brothers. Mokuba I won't let anything happen to you, but I need you to give Yugi his star chips back, please." I finished smiling to him.

"I promise you, Mokuba! I will defeat Pegasus!" Other Yugi said looking Mokuba right in the eye telling him the truth. He was going to win this, he had to, to save everyone. Mokuba looked down at his hand and then up to Other Yugi and the look in his eyes told me everything. He trusted Other Yugi and Yugi. He reached out to give the star chips back when we heard someone yell to us.

"Stop right there! Exchanging star chips outside a duel is a violation of the rules! One more move and you're disqualified!" It was the suit from earlier. "I finally found you, Mokuba! You sure led me on a wild goose chase." The man started to walk towards us but I stood moving Mokuba behind me getting between the man and him. "Get out of the way girl this has nothing to do with you." I just glared up at him not moving. "I'm confiscating those star chips."

"Hold it! Two of those star chips are Yugi's! Give them back!" Jounouchi shouted.

"How many times are you going to make me say it? The only way to get star chips is to duel for them." The suit countered.

"Then I challenge you to a duel!" Other Yugi yelled.

"Sorry, I don't play games, but if you insist, I'll arrange for a special opponent. Over there." He pointed back to the battle box and low and behold someone was sitting in it.

"When did they get in the box!" Everyone yelled as I tried to see who was in it. When I saw them my eyes widened in shock. How was he here?!


"Big Brother!"

"No! Look closer. It's just a puppet that looks like Kaiba and some sort of strange ventriloquist." Other Yugi said as he moved forward but stopped when the puppet started to speak.

"Yugi you'll pay for what you did to me. Revenge ….revenge….revenge!" The puppet said making my skin crawl. I held Mokuba to me and I could tell he was also disturbed by it.

"That's your opponent, Yugi. Get in the battle box." The suit yelled.

"That' not my big brother! Seto's in the hospital! Yugi beat that guy up!" Mokuba shouted as he gripped my arm tightly. He was scared. Other Yugi made his way into the box and sat down with the others cheering him on but I couldn't shake the dark feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

"By the way, Mokuba. Don't you recognize me?" The suit asked looking down at Mokuba.

"Youre . . . You're Saruwatari, my bodyguard from KaibCorp!" Mokuba said in disbelief. I kept making sure that I was between the two of them. I didn't trust this Saruwatari.

"I'm honored you remember me but even back then, I was already working for Industrial Illusions." He said laughing.


"While I was babysitting you, I reported all of Kaibacorp's confidential information to Mister Pegasus. And that's not all I stole, Mokuba. Just you watch!" He gloated as the duel began.

"We'll each bet three star chips." The Seto puppet said.

"Fine. I'll be all my star chips." Other Yugi said putting them down. The duel began and the puppet played Battle Ox. Wait that's one of Kaiba's actual monsters!

"I play the Dark Magician." Other Yugi said as he played his favorite card. His counter attack worked and the puppet lost lifepoints.

"Now for my next card." The puppet said as it drew. "The dragon of revenge has risen from hell. Are you ready Yugi? Rise Blue Eyes White Dragon!"

"No way! That's my brothers card!" I turned facing Saruwatari. He stole Kaiba's deck. That's what he was talking about! That means that the puppet has all three Blue Eyes White Dragons! "Be careful Yugi! Industrial Illusions sent a spy to steal Kaiba's cards! He's gonna use them to defeat you! Yugi please win! The moment you lose, Pegasus gets KaibaCorp!"

"It's really me, Yugi. I am borrowing the body of this doll to get my revenge. Be prepared!" The puppet said pointing at Other Yugi.

"Yugi! Calm down! It's just the ventriloquist, throwing his voice!" The others were yelling but I could see that it was starting to get to him.

"Let's play more. I won't attack yet with the Blue Eyes White Dragon. By forfeiting my attack this turn, I can play this card face down instead." The puppet explained playing a spell or trap card face down.

"It's my turn. First I move the Dark Magician into defense mode. I also play Curse of Dragon in defense mode as well." Other Yugi said making his move.

"I know you would do that! But it won't save you because I'm playing this! My trap card, Stop Defense. Now all your monsters are in attack mode!" The puppet countered. "Now you have nowhere to hide! I attack your dragon!" Other Yugi was now down to 1000 life points in one attack.

"I bet Kaiba's happy, if he's watching from heaven!" Saruwatari said laughing behind us.

"S-seto." I heard Mokuba say as he grabbed on to me. "Seto isn't dead! My big brother is not bead! Yugi! You told me that my big brother would come back! I . . . believed you. I believed you! Where is he? I've waited and waited for him!" He cried and fell into me as I hugged him to me letting him cry.

"We know Seto, he's alive and fighting. Now you need to win!" I signed to him seeing him nod to me.

"I never lose!" Other Yugi said drawing his card. "I play Magical Hats on the Dark Magician. Four top hats appeared concealing the Dark Magician from the puppet.

"I'll take out your hats one at a time!" The puppet attacked but it was the wrong hat leaving an empty spot. "No Dark Magician."

"Too bad. My turn." He drew and threw a card down. "I play this!" The card didn't appear on the field which meant that it was also now hiding under the hats. "Three top hats. If you choose the right one and destroy the Dark Magician, I lose 500 life points, but if you destroy the wrong hat, you'll activate the trap card I just played." Other Yugi taunted trying to get into the ventriloquists mind. He attacked the middle hat. "Good choice."

"No! The trap card!"

"Good choice for me, that is." Other Yugi said as his trap was activated. It was Spellbinding Circle! It lowered the Blue Eyes's attack by 700 points! "Now Dark Magician! Attack the Blue Eyes White Dragon!" The puppet only had 700 lifepoints left. However the puppet countered with another Blue eyes destroying the Dark Magician and lowering Other Yugi's points to 500.

"Have you forgotten that I have three? Now play your next card so that my dragon can turn it to ash!" I watched as Other Yugi's face fell and he closed his eyes. He was giving up!

"This is the end! Go! Destroy Yugi!" The puppet screamed but the dragon didn't move. "What's wrong, why isn't it attacking?" The Dragon began to vanish making the ventriloquist panic. I smiled. Kaiba. The others were cheering as I signed to Mokuba.

"See? You're big brother came to the rescue after all." I signed but looked to Other Yugi.

"My brother's cards ain't gonna listen to that guy! Serves you right!" Mokuba shouted but I frowned. There was still one more Blue Eye's to go. The duel continued with Other Yugi summoning monsters and the ventriloquist summoning monsters into defense mode still waiting for the third Blue Eye's. The tension was thick and it was uncomfortable to watch.

"They have a lot of set cards. One of them must have a trump card, that'll decide who wins this duel." Ryou said watching closely.

"It's ok. Yugi will win." Anzu responded.

"Yugi." I heard Mokuba say. The next card was drawn and it was the third Blue Eye's. The Ventriloquist summoned it and attacked the Mystic Elf. Other Yugi played his trap card Sacred Barrier.

"Magic card activate! Attack nullification! The attack aiming for the blue eyes white dragon is negated!" The Ventriloquist ended his turn. "It's your last turn Yugi. You're all out of options."

"I still have my trump card!" Other Yugi said flipping over a facedown. "The card Dead One's Revival!"

"He wants to resurrect my card!"

"Wrong, it's not your card I want to resurrect. It's Kaiba's card!" Other Yugi had managed to summon a Blue Eyes.

"If you attack they'll just destroy each other!"

"No, I won't do that. Ever since Holy Elf's been on the field, she's been chanting a spell. That chant is for a support spell that combines the attack of the monsters on the field with her own! Prepare yourself! This is Kaiba's rage!" He yelled preparing his attack. "Here I come." And with that the game was over.

"I…I lost."

"Bastard! Don't think this is over!" Oh no! "My rage hasn't been satisfied yet!" I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. I haven't seen him like this in months! No, anything but that, not here! I ran forward dragging Mokuba handing him to Anzu as I ran for the box. "You stole Kaiba's cards! You fooled around with a worthless puppet of Kaiba's heart! I will never forgive you!" It was pure rage and it terrified me. "Penalty game!" NO! I could still see the rage on his face as the Ventriloquist screamed in terror. I ran up to him and made him look at me shaking my head. His eyes were still dark with hatred as I started signing to him.

"Enough, god please enough. Not again. Please!" I signed while my other hand rested on his cheek while my thumb rubbed up and down. "You're scaring me." Finally after a few moments the hate left his eyes and he only looked concerned.

"Maria I-I would never-"

"AHHHHHHHH!" We both turned hearing Anzu scream as she was shoved to the ground and Saruwatari picked up Mokuba holding a gun at us.

"Don't even try it!" He yelled backing away. MOKUBA NO! I ran out of the box towards Mokuba but as soon as I was free of the glass I was pulled back.

"NO! Maria don't! You can't!" Other Yugi had a vice grip on my arm holding me there. Mokuba no!

"LET ME GO! I NEED TO GET TO HIM! PLEASE LET ME GO!" I signed but it was no use as I tried to fight against him watching the fear in Mokuba's eyes.

"MARIA!" He shouted tears forming as he was being dragged away from us.

NOOOOO! I continued to pull against him until he yanked me back making me collide with his chest. He wrapped his arms around me as Mokuba disappeared into the trees. I tried to shove him off but he wouldn't let go of me.

"Maria please." He whispered making my body tense. "I know Princess, I know. Shhh we'll get him back I promise. I'm sorry. Maria I'm so sorry." He held me there, tightly to his chest as tears fell from my eyes.

"Why wouldn't you let me get him? I promised him I wouldn't let anything happen to him! I promised him! I should have never let go of him! Who knows what they'll do to him!" My hands were frantic as I tried to form the words. Mokuba was gone, and it was my fault. "I hate you." I signed before I could stop myself. I felt him go rigid and for some reason that only made my anger grow. "I hate you!"

"I don't care! I'm not going to stand here and watch you get hurt! You can't ask me to do that Maria! Anything, anything but that! The others went to see if they can find out where he went, but you running off while a gun is being pointed at you is the dumbest thing you can do! I know you care about Mokuba, but I-" He stopped yelled and just held me tighter. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect him. I'm selfish, you're more important to me." I pushed away from him.

"He is all by himself in this world right now! You weren't there! You didn't see Seto in the hospital with that little boy just hopelessly waiting for his big brother to wake up and tell him it was ok, that they were going to be fine! Right now he feels like he has nobody! How dare you stand there and keep me away from him when he needed me!" I signed my fury going above and beyond my control. I didn't mean it, any of it. I was just scared and hurt and worried and Other Yugi was going to take the brunt of it. His eyes were wide as he went to reach for me but I flinched away. Both of us froze in place for a moment not knowing what to do. I've never done that before, never to him.

"It's no use!" I heard Jounouchi yell as he ran back.

"Mokuba isn't anywhere." Honda said coming back as well.

"He's probably at Pegasus's castle." Anzu replied as she returned.

"Isn't there any way to help him?" I signed completely defeated.

"We can't get into Pegasus's castle unless we have 10 star chips." Other Yugi replied but he didn't look at me as he answered. He just chose to look ahead. I looked to my watch seeing 9 hours have gone by.

"9 hours." I signed as they all nodded.

"Let's go." Other Yugi said as they all started walking. I stood there for a moment looking at the ground in anger. Again . . . . I've let someone else down . . . again.


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