The Ultimate Quest to Victory!

Author's Notes: This is the first chapter of my second fanfic and it's a Pearlshipping story. I hope everyone enjoys this story and now let's begin the new journey begin.

Chapter One: Rampage at Lumiose City!

Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie are now on their way to Santalune City but since it's getting late. Clemont suggested that they stay over at his house for the night.

Clemont and Bonnie both introduce their dad, Limone. An electrician who works with his Ampharos at Lumiose City.

Clemont: These are our new friends Dad.

Limone: WHAAAAaaat!

Both Clemont and Bonnie got scared for second.

Limone: I'm touched that both you made new friends.

Ash: I'm Ash and this is my buddy Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Limone: Ahh a Pikachu, a very good Electric type.

Limone slightly move petted Pikachu on its chin with his finger.

Pikachu: Chaaa!

Serena: I'm Serena by the way.

Limone: Well it's nice to meet you three; you two are the first friends that Clemont and Bonnie have ever made.

Clemont and Bonnie: DAAAAD!

Limone: I'm only kidding, hahaha!

Clemont: Anyways Dad, can both Ash and Serena stay with us till morning and may we go with them to Santalune City for Ash's gym battle.

Limone: Sure they may stay but traveling with them is not a great idea since you have gy….

An explosion suddenly occurred from the west side of Lumiose City.

Serena: What was that?

Ash: I don't but I'm going to see what is going.

Pikachu: Pika Pi!

Clemont: We're coming too.

Limone: Hey wait don't go you four.

No one heard what he said and he drove off with his scooter to find a solution to what's going on.

Meanwhile at the streets of Lumiose City, a Garchomp is on a rampage. Causing havoc to the citizens of the beautiful city.

Bonnie: Isn't that the Garchomp from the Professor's lab.

Professor Sycamore suddenly came from behind the group.

Professor Sycamore: Indeed it is.

Ash: Professor!

Clemont: What happen to Garchomp?

Professor Sycamore: A group of people with a Wobbufett and a talking Meowth came in with disguises and they try to take control of Garchomp but that neck bracelet that Garchomp is wearing malfunction and it is causing serious pain to him. There's must be a way to help Garchomp; but how?

Bonnie: Hey where did Ash and Pikachu went?

Everyone is looking around and Serena's Fennekin spotted the two chasing Garchomp towards the Prism Tower.

Clemont: Oh no he's chasing Garchomp.

Serena: Let's go help too.

Everyone agreed and they try to catch up with Ash and Pikachu.

Ash and Pikachu have caught up with Garchomp who is in serious pain.

Ash: Garchomp, it's me Ash. Let me help you please.

Ash got close to Garchomp and it flew away and it went to the top of Prism Tower.

Ash: Oh no; this isn't good.

Clemont: Hey Ash and Pikachu!

Ash: Clemont?

Everyone has caught up with Ash and Clemont is very tired from running a little.

Bonnie: Clemont you need to start getting healthier.

Professor Sycamore: Where's Garchomp?

Ash: He's up there but there is no way up there.

Clemont: I think I now a way; follow me.

Ash, Serena and Professor Sycamore followed the two to the other side of the Prism Tower.

Clemont: This door will lead you up to the top of the tower.

Clemont used his backpack as a key to open the door and it is now open thanks to his Clemontec Gear.

Ash and Pikachu enters through the door and right when Serena and the others were about to enter the tower. A Hyper Beam from Garchomp suddenly destroyed the door.

Ash: Is everyone okay?

Clemont: We're all okay just get to Garchomp.

Ash: Right, let's go Pikachu and come on out Froakie!

Froakie: Froa!

Ash: Listen up Froakie, Garchomp is in trouble and we need to try to calm him down so that we can help him okay.

Froakie: Froakie Froa!

Ash: Okay let's go!

The three made their way up the tower and they encounter Garchomp together.

Ash: Garchomp we're here to help. Please let us remove that collar off of you.

Garchomp is under a lot of pain and it unleashes a Hyper Beam at Ash and his Pokémon but it missed them.

Ash: Garchomp you need to calm down, let us help.

Garchomp suddenly is start to calm down but the collar on its neck is still causing pain to Garchomp and its starts to walk back near the edge of the tower.


Froakie jumps into the air and it aim at Garchomp's feet with his bubbles.

Ash: Great work Froakie, now let's get this collar off. Pikachu use Iron Tail!

Pikachu: Chi Pika!

The collar on Garchomp's neck broke off and finally Garchomp is relieved from the awful pain it had to go through.

Ash: There you'll be okay Garchomp.

Garchomp: Gaarrh!

Pikachu is running towards Ash and the floor below Pikachu collapse and falls off the tower.

Pikachu: Piikaaa!


Ash jumps off to recue Pikachu from the fall; he grabs Pikachu and holds him tightly.

Ash: Hold on!

Pikachu: Pika!

A Pokémon came out of nowhere and saved the two from falling.

Ash and Pikachu open their eyes and they see the same Pokémon from the Lumiose Airport.

The Pokémon landed safely and placed Ash and Pikachu on the ground.

Ash: Hey you're a Blaziken!

Blaziken: Blaze!

Blaziken jumps and landed on the roof with its master.

Mystery Man: Good work Blaziken!

Blaziken change from its Mega Form back to its normal form.

They both flee from the scene and Professor Sycamore is surprise to see a Mega Blaziken for the first time.

Serena: Are you two okay?

Ash: Yeah, me and Pikachu are alright and it's all thanks to tat Blaziken.

Clemont: I didn't knew it can change forms.

Professor Sycamore: That was Mega Evolution.

Clemont: Mega Evolution?

Professor Sycamore: I'll talk to you about tomorrow in the lab. I'll be seeing you tomorrow but first I must get Garchomp.

After what happen at the Prism Tower, Ash and friends head back to Clemont and Bonnie's place and slept for the night.

Bonnie: Goodnight.

Serena: Goodnight!

Meanwhile at Clemont's room.

Clemont: So what is Mega Evolution about Ash?

Ash: Well Mega Evolution is about a strong bond between a Pokémon and its trainer and it involves with two stones for each of them. Since Blaziken is it's in final evolved form of Torchic, it can evolve further with powers beyond a trainer's imagination. But after a certain amount of time being in its Mega Form. It reverts back to its original form.

Clemont: Amazing.

Ash: Take a look at this. It's a Key Stone which allows me to Mega Evolve my Pokémon if their holding the proper stone exact.

Clemont: What Pokémon have you Mega Evolve so far?

Ash: My Charizard and Heracross, I still have a Mega Stone for my Gabite but it needs to evolve into a Garchomp in order for it to Mega Evolve.

Clemont: I see, well it's getting really late so goodnight.

Ash: Goodnight Clemont!

Everyone is sound asleep peacefully and the night passes into morning. Ash and friends made their way to Sycamore's lab to talk about Mega Evolution and after the Professor gave their lecture of about Mega Evolution the group left the lab and both Clemont and Bonnie have permission to go with Ash on his journey.

Route Four (1:39 p.m.)

As Ash and friends are now on their way to Santalune City, a wild Pokémon is watching them from the trees.

The group decided to take a lunch break and Serena calls out her Fennekin and Bulbasaur, Clemont call out his Bunnelby as well.

Serena: Here is some food that I made myself for the Pokémon.

Pikachu: Pika Pika?

Pikachu asked Ash if he can eat the Pokémon food that Serena is offering.

Ash: Go ahead buddy.

Pikachu: Pika Chuu!

Serena: Here you Pikachu.

Pikachu: Chaaaa!

A little orange like rodent appeared out of the bushes as it's smelling the food.

Bonnie: Clemont, look!

Clemont: Hey it's a Dedenne.

Ash: A Dedenne? Hmm.

Ash pulls out his Kalos region Pokédex and scans Dedenne.

Pokédex: Dedenne, the Antenna Pokémon. Its whiskers serve as antennas. By sending and receiving electrical waves, it can communicate with others over vast distances.

Bonnie: It's so cute; can I give it a treat Clemont?

Clemont: Go ahead.

Bonnie: Yay, here you go little Dedenne.

Dedenne is sniffing the food and it finds it delicious.

Right when Dedenee is about to grab the food and eat it; a wild Fletchling swoop in and snatch the food from Dedenne.

Bonnie: Hey you can't just take someone else's food like that!

The Fletchling ate the food and it pulls its eyelid back with its tongue sticking out.

Dedenne is beginning to cry and it ran off.

Bonnie: Wait Dedenne, don't go.

Bonnie is disappointed that Dedenne ran off and Froakie feels bad for Bonnie that it decided to throw its bubbles at Fletchling.

Ash: Hey what are you doing Froakie?

Froakie: Froakie Froa!

Ash: You saying that you want to battle Fletchling for Bonnie?

Froakie nodded in agreement.

Bonnie: Thank you so much Froakie!

Bonnie hugs Froakie and it begins to blush a little and it gets ready to battle.

Ash: Okay Froakie use Water Pulse!

The wild Fletchling dodge Froakie's attack as it begin to use Steel Wing.

Ash: Dodge it!

Froakie dodges the attack and he is jumping from one rock to another to have a perfect advantage with its Bubble attack hitting Fletchling.

Ash: Great now use Water Pulse!

Froakie: Froa!

Froakie launch a Water Pulse attack at Fletchling which leaves it confused from the attack.

Ash: Alright it's now confused; now it's time catch it!

Ash turns it his backwards.

Ash: Pokéball Go!

Ash threw the Pokéball and caught Fletchling inside the capsule device. Fletchling is struggling to get out of the ball. After a few seconds of the Pokéball wobbling, the ball stops shaking and the button flash red.

Ash: Alright we got a Fletchling Pikachu and Froakie.

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Froakie: Froakie!

Ash: Come on out Fletchling!

Fletchling: Fletchling!

Ash: Now do have anything to say to Bonnie?

Fletchling: Flet Fletchling!

Fletchling feels bad about what it did earlier with Bonnie and the wild Dedenne.

The same Dedenne appeared again.

Bonnie: Hey its Dedenne!

Dedenne: DeDe Dedenne!

Bonnie: You're so cute, Clemont can you catch for me so I can take care of it.

Clemont: I don't know.

Ash: I think it will be a wonderful idea Clemont.

Clemont: Really?

Serena: I don't see why not, Bonnie can learn to be responsible with Pokémon before she can become a trainer herself.

Clemont: Okay I guess we can catch it.

Bonnie: So you want to come with us Dedenne?

Dedenne is delighted to come with Bonnie and the others.

Bonnie: Yay!

Clemont: Okay here we go then.

Clemont threw a Pokéball at Dedenne and it let itself be capture so the ball didn't shook.

Clemont: Okay come on out Dedenne!

Bonnie: Yay, I know a perfect place for you.

Bonnie placed Dedenne in her little bag and it felt asleep quietly.

Bonnie: It's so cute.

Now that the group have two new members joined, what more exciting stories will be unfold as the journey continues.

I hope that everyone enjoy this chapter and I will be bringing back Dawn later in the story before Chapter Ten. Now tuned in into Chapter Two since I posted three chapters today; enjoy.