Chapter Twenty Eight: The Ninja Village!

A/N - Happy 20th Anniversary of Pokémon, everyone! I would like to take this moment of how far has Pokémon has evolved from the release of Pokémon Green and Red in Japan and Pokémon Red and Blue, worldwide to the most recent entry of the current generation of Pokémon, X and Y. I remember of when I was a kid, the very first video game I ever owned was Pokémon Red and that' what got me into gaming, especially to Pokémon which is my favorite franchise to this very day on its 20th anniversary and I hope it stays like that in the years to come. I'm also quite exciting of the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon versions coming soon. Now that's out of the way, here's the latest chapter of The Ultimate Quest to Victory. Chapter 29 should be up near at the end of the day or later, enjoy!

Route Eighteen

As Ash and friends are traveling to find the Ninja Village to search for answers of Greninja's mysterious transformation, our heroes have stumbled upon a dead end where the path they're on is supposed to lead to the hidden Ninja Village, but a mountain is blocking their way.

"Awwh man, now what we're supposed to do now?" Ash complained.

"Ash look, there's a cave entrance behind these bushes to your right?" Dawn pointed out that the cave entrance that may lead to the Ninja Village.

"Good find Dawn!" Ash thanked her and all went inside.

"It sure is dark in here?" Ash stated the obvious.

"Here, I can help with that?" Clemont activated his Heliolisk flash light from his backpack.

"Thanks Clemont, you're sure a big help when it comes to situations like this!" Ash complimented Clemont.

"That's Clemont for you, till one of his inventions explodes." Bonnie made fun of Clemont which made him feel a little embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has finally set up a base of operations in the Kalos region.

Giovanni who is running through some footage of the miners that used to work in mining Terminus Cave and it seems they're being chased by some serpent like Pokémon.

"Indeed this is the legendary Pokémon known as Zygarde, I've heard so much of it through Kalos mythology when studying abroad when I was younger. Jesse and James, I'm sending you to Terminus Cave and find out what you can find in there, I'm sending Dr. Zager along with you two, be aware of Team Flare!" Giovanni deploys the trio along with Dr. Zager with them.

"There's no doubt that Team Flare are seeking the secret power of Zygarde holds." Giovanni speculates the legend of Zygarde being able to change forms.

"May I get something for you to drink, Mr Giovanni?" Matori, Giovanni's secretary asks him.

"Bring me a class and wine, and a bottle of milk for Persian!" Giovanni rubs his left on Persian's neck as it purrs.

"Understood, boss." Matori bows and leaves.

"Jesse, James and Meowth both board onto Dr. Zager's aircraft and took off towards Terminus Cave.

"We should be arriving at Terminus Cave, ETA, one hour!" Dr. Zager informed the trio.

As their aircraft leaves the vicinity of their new base of operation in Kalos, Ash and his friends find a dead end in the cave they're exploring in.

"Well I guess turn around and find another path to the Ninja Village!" Ash suggested as the group turned around. Greninja suddenly force itself out of its Pokéball and uses Water Shuriken at the cavern wall, only to reveal a path to be open.

"How did you knew that was a hidden door?" Ash asks his Greninja with Clemont started speaking to him "It may have been Greninja's instinct, since Greninja has a high level of awareness!"

"That's amazing!" Dawn says.

"Alright, well let's go right through here to find the Ninja Village!" Ash ventures forwards with everyone follows the path.

"I see a bright light up ahead!" Bonnie pointed out with Dedenne, peaking its head out of Bonnie's bag and quickly went back inside.

"I see it too!" Dawn said.

As the group exits the cave, they are confronted by ninjas, who are being hostile towards the group.

"Who are you people and show did you all find this village?" One of the ninja says to the group.

"Umm we mean no harm to you all or the people of this village, we're just looking for the chief who knows something about a Greninja saving this village from a war that happen centuries ago here? My Greninja may have something to do with the Greninja from the war." Ash asks the ninja.

"It's the heroic Greninja, it has return to the village to save us!" All the ninja kneel before Ash's Greninja.

"So the prophecy is true that the heroic Greninja has returned once again to us, but only this time, a new trainer is traveling alongside with it!" The chieftain of the village says as he observes Ash's Greninja closely.

"Hmmm… This Greninja has been through so much when it was just a Froakie, just from looking at it!" The chieftain says.

"My name is Ash by the way and this is my partner Pikachu!"

"I'm Dawn and this is Piplup."

"My name is Clemont and this is my little sister, Bonnie."

"And this little one is Dedenne!" Bonnie showed off Dedenne.

"I'm Hanzo, the chieftain of this village; well I won't be till tonight's festival when this young man here, Ippei, will become our new chieftain of this village. He has a strong will of leadership."

"Hello there, I'm Ippei and these are my younger brothers, Nihei and Sanpei!" He introduce himself and his brothers to the group.

"Why don't you join us tonight and maybe show us Greninja's transformation soon?" Hanzo invited the group to stay for the night and they gladly accepted.

As the Moon is out, above the night sky with the Sun fully set. The festival is just now starting with the villager are celebrating.

But an aircraft is flying over the village and Dr. Zager notices the village within the crater of the mountain. He remembers of studying a urban legend of strong Pokémon living in a village within a crater of the mountain, this could be an opportunity for them to steal the Pokémon and use them to capture Zygarde.

Jesse, James and Meowth are deploy to scout the area before descending towards the village. But little did they know that a huge flock of Skarmorys flying over them with an army of ninjas about to raid the village. Their leader, Kagetomo, who happens to be wearing a Haxorus mask, appears along with his old friend, Heidayu.

"I want Hanzo to be captured and brought alive, his capture will lure Ippei to me and I'll show him who's the true chieftain of this village!" Kagetomo said as his army raids the village with the bells sounding the alarm to alert the people of the village.

"What's going on?" Ash questions as Hanzo knew what is going on.

"Young man, would it be alright if you and your Greninja show them legend reborn?" Hanzo asks Ash for his help.

"Sure, I'll be more than welcome to help out, but who is them?" He asks as Kagetomo's army have raid the home of Hanzo and used smokescreen to blind everyone. As soon as the smoke cleared out, Hanzo is seen, being kidnapped by the evil ninjas. Ash, Dawn, Clemont and Bonnie go outside to see Hanzo is being carried out of the village.

"We have to get Hanzo back; I know who is in charge of this attack. Follow me everyone!" His brothers and the group follow the evils ninjas, who have kidnap Hanzo.

"Da twerps are in the village, what a coincidence of us running into them!" Meowth stated as Jesse and James ignored him and follows where the group are heading.

"Where have they gone too?" Ippei is a little frustrated of where the evil ninjas have taken Hanzo. Ippei asks his brothers to search at the lower area of the mountain, surround the village along with Dawn, Clemont and Bonnie. Ippei and Ash are going to the higher grounds to search for Hanzo.

The group immediately split up to search for Hanzo. Ash Ippei and Ash are reaching for the top flat area of the mountain. Kagetomo orders his Weavile to use Shadow Ball directly at Ash and Ippei, but misses on purpose just to gain their attention.

"I knew you were behind all of this, Kagetomo!" Ippei reveals the true identity of his former friend who wanted to become chieftain instead of Ippei. But due to his greed for power, he was exiled, along with Heidayu.

"I challenge you to a battle for the position of chieftan of this village!" Kagetomo propose a battle and Ippei accepts to take his offer.

"Greninja, go!" Ippei also has a Greninja as well does his younger brother, Sanpei.

"Ash, you take on Heidayu!"

Ash accepts with Heiduya chucked a little that he's battling a younger person who he thinks has no experience when it comes to battling.

"Heidayu, I warn you not to underestimate Ash. Him and his Greninja have a bond that will save this entire village!" Ippei warned him, but Heidayu quickly ordered his Bishark to use X-Scissor on Ash's Greninja and lands a super effective hit.

"Greninja, are you okay!" Ash asks it while being concern.

Greninja nodded with its eyes glowing red.

"Alright Greninja, let'z GO!" Ash's voice echoes as his Greninja is being envelop in a huge veil of water.

"So it is true, the heroic Greninja has returned!" Ippei couldn't believe it himself. Neither do Kagetomo and Heidayu too.

"Heh, don't think that your Greninja may have changed forms that you will easily defeat me. Bisharp, X-Scissor!"

Both Ash and Greninja open their eyes as their in synced "Greninja, use Night Slash!"

Greninja launches itself to Bisharp and takes it down with one hit.

"What, impossible, there's no way you can defeat my Bisharp with a Normal type attack!" Heidayu complained as he recalled his Bisharp back.

Hanzo couldn't believe what he is seeing, the legend reborn. "This Greninja, shall be known as…"

Kagetomo decided to battle Ash instead as orders his Weavile to use Night Slash.

"This Greninja, shall be known as, Ash Greninja. The bond between Ash and Greninja has reach its limit, this mysterious phenomena has happen before throughout the history of Kalos. This shows a great sigh of a huge threat is coming to Kalos soon!" Hanzo said to himself while watching the battle between Ash Greninja and Weavile.

"Greninja, use Water Shuriken and finish it off with Aerial Ace!" Ash yelled as his Greninja easily defeated Weavile.

"Weavile!" Kagetomo couldn't believe he was easily beaten. "Get up now, Weavile!"

Weavile couldn't stand up and lies on the ground, tirelessly.

Kagetomo is angry, but Ippei comes up from behind and talks to him ""That's enough!"

"I have lost, haven't I?" Kagetomo said.

Ippei's Greninja freed Hanzo and stood up, walking towards Kagetomo "What Ippei has that you don't. That is self-sacrifice! Ippei only accepted your challenge for the sake of the villagers' dreams and the future of the villages' Pokémon. That's what being a ninja is all about!" Hanzo said to Kagetomo as he looks at his injured Weavile.

"Your Weavile could have put a great fight if you fought me instead, please praise it!" Ippei told Kagetomo.

Weavile tries to get back up, Kagetomo quickly helps it out. "Well done, Weavile."

"Weav Weavile!"

"You're an excellent ninja. Please utilize your capabilities for the sake of the world and for the sake of others." Ippei said.

Kagetomo reconsider and decided to help out others instead of being selfish and greedy for power.

As everyone has reunited back at the village, Hanzo gladly gives the symbol of the chieftain to Ippei, making him the new chieftain of the Ninja Village.

Ippei accepts the symbol of chieftain with the villager cheering on for him that he'll make an excellent chieftain of the village. Kagetomo and Heiduya say their farewell to Ippei and Hanzo as they've decided to reach out to other people to persuade them in the true ways of a ninja.

As the morning Sun rises, our heroes are now leaving the village with the villager are waving goodbye to the group. Ash remembers from last time of what Hanzo told him about his Greninja.

"The power of what lies within you and Greninja is trule remarkable young boy, but there will be times that you and Greninja will face a difficult road together. The best thing to do to overcome that road ahead is believe in yourself, your Pokémon, and your friends!"

"Is anything wrong Ash?" Dawn asks him with a concern look on her face.

"Oh it's just nothing, I was just remembering what Hanzo told me last night. Well we better hurry up and get to Couriway Town if we want to find the route that leads to Snowbelle City!" Ash quickly gets a head start with Dawn and Bonnie are following.

"Oh no, please wait up!" Clemont complains as he has to start running just to catch up with the rest of the group.

Dr. Zager's plan to capture the Pokémon failed and quickly left the area last night and are on their way to Terminus Cave.

"Giovanni, we're on our way to Terminus Cave and both Jesse, James and Meowth have discovered something that may be an interest to you!" Dr Zager sends a video footage of Ash's Greninja is its new form. Giovanni may have a clue of the mysterious transformation of Greninja.

To be continued…