Chapter 1


It was the night of the Quidditch world cup. There were death Eaters attacking out of the blue. And what's worse, I suddenly lost my wand. It was just in my back pocket.

It was strange. I swear I saw a man go that way. Not a house elf. And the house elf had my wand. It was very strange.

Suddenly I felt cold. a wave of darkness washed over the area. I wasn't the only one who had felt it.

"Wands at ready." The minister said "Be alert we don't know what kind of horrors is coming. Especially after the Death Eater raid.

The shadows gathered right above us. Then something or someone was thrown out of it. A boy in his mid teens was on the ground. He was dressed in all black along with a black cloak much like the cloak the death eaters had used.

"State your name Death Eater" the minister demanded.

"Death Eater? Who in their right mind would want to eat Thanatos?" he said. He got on his feet and stumbled slightly. "Ouch, No thank you dad I can get to England by myself. But no… you had to bring me here in the most uncomfortable and head aching way possible."

"State. your. Name." the minister said "And unhood your cloak"

He removed the hood of his cloak and revealed a slightly familiar face. I remember that face somewhere some time ago. I just can't put my finger on it. He had messy black hair just a little tamer than my own, a silver skull ring. He had the blackest of eyes I have ever seen and his skin ghostly pale.

"I am the Ghost King" he said with a smirk. "I am here to accept your…invitation."

"I thought they were sending more." The minister said "Not just…a kid."

His eyes flared in this scary light like seeing your own death flash before your eyes. I gave an involuntary shudder. "Do not underestimate me, Minister. I've been through more than you think."

The minister looked frightened for a moment but returned his stoic composure. "How are we sure that you are not an imposter?"

The mysterious teen sighed. He pulled out his arm from under his cloak. He showed us his forearm. The pale muscled arm showed a tattoo. It was a glyph of some sort with some weird tally lines and the letters SPQR. I didn't know what these letters meant but from the look on Mr. Weasley's face and the rest of the adult's, I think it's pretty important.

"Proof enough for you?"

"Yes. Uh… Did you have any…accommodations before the event should take place?"

"I'll figure something out" he said smirking. "Is that all Minister?"

"Yes, Arthur would you mind if you were to take charge here. and perhaps bring him to the Platform"

"Of course, Minister"

"Alright. I should leave you then." The minister said then swiftly left like he was scared of something.

The familiar boy turned to us. "Nice to see you guys again. Missed me?"

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