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Chapter 1: A Harem…of Aliens?

He was known by many titles in his entire lifetime up until now. So many that he himself started to get slightly amnesiac on just how many titles he possessed. Even though he does also get amnesiac when a hot steaming bowl of ramen is put in front of his desk, but he was not to be blamed! How could you not be salivating and drooling with dazed eyes, when the god of food is practically inviting you to savor its nectar, giving you the chance to taste the penultimate taste that no other food except the noodles soup could provide.

Oh, he was already drooling.

Anyways, the point is that he had too many bloody titles! Anyone would agree with him, if one were to take a look at the list of his titles.

From the start of his life, he was known by many names. Though his very first was something that always left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Even now, people are ashamed of ever calling him that, even though he had long since forgiven them. The title, more like a stigma, was…demon. The demon originating from another title…the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

Leaving the sob story behind, the next title that he got, well at least the one that he remembered among many he was given was that of hyperactive knuckle headed ninja. Ooohh, he was still proud of that title. How he gained that title by coloring the whole hokage monument, while still clad in orange jumpsuit. Though, he could really do without that knuckle headed part

Ah. The good times.

Moving on, he went on to gain various other titles into his repertoire. Ranging from Number one unpredictable ninja to the Hero of the Hidden Leaf. Oh, that last one was his favorite. He still remembered the time when he given a grand ovation on his successful comeback by the whole revived village after the pain invasion.

Then, from there on there was no turning back. It was from becoming the Hero of one village to becoming the hero of the entire shinobi world. He became the Hero of the Fourth Shinobi War. He became the most powerful shinobi in entire existence in that war. From there on, his list of titles increased exponentially.

He became something more than an average shinobi in that war. KoganeiroSuto-mu ( Golden Storm), Kami no Shinobi ( God of Shinobi) and other endless titles just kept on adding into his repertoire.

And also, after a particular incident, he became something more than a human. Someone who transcended all the limits, all the boundaries of the wildest imaginations of a human. He transcended humanity. With that, his titles too started to transcend beyond the limits given to a human.

The Most Powerful Shinobi Ever, The God in Human Flesh, Inochi no Tentei ( The Mortal God), Futarami no Rikudou ( Second Six Paths), Rikudou Tenshu (God of Six Paths). The list became endless.

The person, who held all these titles, was none other than the current Hokage, the Rokudaime Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

Naruto sighed as he thought about all the titles that he gained in his lifetime, as he sat behind the desk in his hokage office. His front portion was currently turned towards the window pane, from which he looked out at the village that he governed over. He had his head rested on the fingers of his hands that were interlocked with each other, as he let out a deep sigh.

His village outside the window was illuminated by the light of setting sun. Its descend into the horizon casting an orange reflection upon the whole sky and slightly illuminating his village with the same color.

As he looked out at his village through the window, he reminisced the memory as to how he gained the power responsible for all these titles.

The penultimate power, that was responsible for all these titles, came from the very tree which was responsible for the origination of chakra in the first place. The Shinju.

It turns out that due to the chakra of all the biju inside him, with Kurama's immense amount chakra somehow being the trigger, his chakra started to resonate with the chakra inside the tree, which in actuality was the ten tails. And then, also taking into account that somehow, during the war, he had the chakra of both the Uchiha and the Senju purged into his body ( A phenomenon which Madara Uchiha was responsible for when he subdued Naruto's tailed beast form), it resulted into something that was thought to be impossible even by the likes of both Madara and Obito.

It resulted in the formation of the fruit. The fruit that was responsible for the origination of the Sage of Six Paths. The fruit that was responsible for the origination of chakra.

It was the fruit that held the power of God.

And as luck would have it, it formed with so much dramatics and flares, like heavy breeze that moved the clouds in the sky, ground shattering phenomenon. What was more horrific from Madara and Obito's point of view was that the tree formed the fruit at the exact moment when Naruto was getting his chakra absorbed by it, and somehow, even until now he didn't know how, but somehow he ended up being at the top of the tree.

At that very moment, the fruit was presented to him, as it was partially formed from his chakra and was the most compactable with him. Naruto being who he was, never stopped to think of the consequences and ended up eating the fruit with the power of God.

The result was something that was almost catastrophic. The whole earth shook with a powerful tremor, and the whole sky moved, as if anticipating itself for an unstoppable force that was going to come.

As for Naruto, he was suddenly found to be surrounded in a bright pillar of light that reached up to the sky. The whole phenomenon had been so awe inspiring that even the shinobis who were starting to feel despair due to the Shinju, started to regain their confidence.

After the whole fiasco of light pillar ended, Naruto was found to be standing on the ground, some distance away from the shinju tree, as if nothing happened previously. There was no difference in Naruto, as if the phenomenon of light pillar left no lasting difference on him. But when people did start to notice, they realized that there was one major, scratch that, one catastrophic change in Naruto.

Naruto had the Rinnegan.

Looking into his eyes, they saw that it was just identical to the ones that both Madara and Obito wielded. But even still, looking into Naruto's eyes, everybody knew that it was somehow vastly different from that of Madara's. That difference being the power that lay in the eyes.

Madara especially knew this, because he first hand tried to gauge the power behind Naruto's eyes. The end result was something that even left a shinobi of Madara's caliber utterly terrified.

What transpired next was something that went down into the history books…literally. It became an instantaneous legend across the whole shinobi world, as the next series of events were something that was beyond the wildest imaginations of even shinobis.

The entirely new set of techniques and moves that Naruto pulled out of nowhere left everybody in the vicinity, even the resurrected ones, dumbfounded. The new level of skills that Naruto suddenly had in his arsenal was entirely on a different plane and dimension. A level which was not comprehendible even by the likes of Madara Uchiha.

With his newly acquired abilities,Naruto first separated the Juubi out of Obito, leaving the former Jinchuriki on the death bed due to extraction. But the extraction of Juubi once again poised a great problem.

Juubi was once again free.

What entailed next was something that left everyone on hair raising awed expression. Earth was teared apart, fabrics of realty were altered, typhoons were created on whims, and nature became a mere plaything.

The battle that ensued between Naruto and Juubi left everyone in the vicinity slack jawed and absolutely stunned to their very core. The level of battle between the two titans was so intense and awe inspiring that it completely raised the hairs on the back of their neck.

Even Madara, who stood idle with a gaping Hashirama watching the battle, was left in deep astonishment and sheer amazement of the true power of Rinnegan that Naruto wielded. An emotion that was mirrored on not just Hashirama's face, but the entire shinobi populous.

It was at that time, that the strongest Uchiha in the history realized the bitter truth that was in front of his eyes.

His power was a mere drop in comparison to the massive ocean that was Naruto's power.

The prowess that both Naruto and Juubi possessed was on such a level that it just didn't come under the radar of any power scale created by humanity.

It was simply immeasurable.

Then, in the end, Naruto achieved the impossible. He did what only one person in the whole history of shinobi was able to achieve. To defeat the Juubi in a straight on duel and subdue it.

With skills of a level that was never seen before, Naruto reverse engineered 'The Creation of All Things' to once again split Juubi's chakra and recreate the bijus that were assimilated into the Primordeal being.

The whole feat which was performed in front of all the shinobi mass present there left everybody dumbstruck. This achievement particularly convinced them that Naruto has indeed ascended into an entirely different realm of power.

Naruto sighed to himself while looking outside the window to his village, as sometime during his reminiscing he seemed to have stood up from his chair and stood in front of the window pane in his office.

The light from the window, which never reached the chair he was sitting on, now casted its light on his body, revealing his entire figure that was for some time hidden in the slight shadow. Now, at the age of twenty one, his body looked as if it went through a major growth burst from his look at the age of sixteen.

If one were to compare the Naruto of age sixteen and Naruto of age twenty one, they would never believe that they both are the same person. It was as if Naruto was suddenly resculptured by the gods and was given a new and better outlook.

No longer was he a short and shrimp boy, but in his place stood a man at an impressive height of six feet, some two inches longer than his father. His body was no longer slim and lanky, but a muscular one with strong chest muscle that gave his body a different definition. His body muscle while strong, were not bulky enough to produce veins at different muscle regions. He had the perfect six pack abs adorning his abdomen. His entire body instead of brute strength seemed to be built for speed. This in turn made his body look like a perfect male specimen that could leave any women drooling.

His facial appearance too seemed to have gone through a drastic change. While before he may seemed to have had a roundish facial cut, now his face could be termed as perfectly angelic. With none of the baby fat present in his face anymore, his features have suddenly taken a roughish and sexy look. His eyes were the ever present bright cerulean orbs. Somehow, he was able to deactivate the Rinnegan just like Sasuke can with his Sharingan. With thin perfect jaw line, more narrow eyes and slightly tan skin; it seemed that Naruto became something akin to the modern Adonis of the Shinobi world.

His hair, like his body too seems to have taken a growth spurt over the years, reaching till his shoulder with two bangs covering either side of his face, which further seems to add to his roughish looks. But what's surprising about his hair is that it somehow looks more tamed now. As if a silky characteristic has come to his hair, resulting in his hair looking more enticing to a viewer than ever before.

On the matter of outfit, Naruto wore a full body black body suit, with a normal Konoha flak jacket over it on his upper body. For the lower wear, he wore a standard Anbu pant, with his feet being covered in shinobi sandals. To finish off the attire, he wore the Hokage cloak that had the same design as his father had, with Rokudaime etched in the back in Kanji form. The only difference in it was that instead of red flames at the bottom of the cloak, it had orange flames. Well, considering the fact that at first he had insisted on an all orange Hokage cloak, which was vehemently shot down by his advisor group, this was the best bet that he could get.

All in all, his facial appearance, along with his bodily one has been coined as the most handsome across the whole Shinobi world by the whole kunoichi as well as civilian female population. He literally became the sex god of the shinobi world.

Naruto was still looking at the view outside the window, as he continued to ruminate over his memory of the Fourth Shinobi War.

At the end of the war, he had left Obito Uchiha to his death, never giving him the killing blow as his last form of respect for the wayward Uchiha who had lost himself in his despair for too long.

Immediately after that, he had used his newly acquired powers to revive Neji back to life, who was suddenly given a tearful comeback from all his comrades, especially Tenten who just bawled her eyes out while clinging on to his revived body to reassure herself that he was indeed alive once again.

'Those were some hard times' He thought to himself with a passive expression on his face and his hands behind his back, as he continued looking at his village 'After that, I was easily able to seal away all the resurrected people, even including Madara Uchiha'

He suddenly snickered, as he remembered how the resigned Uchiha patriarch proclaimed that he had no shame in admitting his defeat to someone who could defeat the Primordial being known as Juubi in a straight on duel.

Also, his last moment bickering with Hashirama was amusing to see too.

And then, there was his last father-son moment with his father before he sealed the fourth hokage away.

Naruto shook his head, as his thoughts got sidetracked. He once again resumed in his sightseeing, as a ghost of a smile came over his lips, when he once again went down into his memory lane

'And then there is Sasuke' He thought with a smile 'It's so good to have him back as a comrade…and as a brother'

After the war, Sasuke and Sakura decided to be together and become a couple. Even though he kept an outward fascade of being happy for his friends, he couldn't help but feel heartbroken at the thought of the love of his life being with his brother figure. Even his exceptional fame across the whole shinobi world, which garnered him an intense amount of public love wasn't enough for him to feel his heart being mended.

But he learned to move forward and live the life that his parents wanted him to. Sometime after the war, he became the Rokudaime Hokage, amidst much publicity and intense fanfare. It was as if people across the entire shinobi world came to Konoha to witness this event and turned it from a ceremonial occasion into a continental wide celebration.

Naruto shook his head with a smile when he recalled that particular memory. People nowadays take keen interest in a subject, if it even remotely involved him. It was as if he is a renowned celebrity.

Ah, wait. He is a celebrity across the whole shinobi world.

Damn, this is starting to create a headache for him.

Naruto shook his head to snap himself out of his musing, as he looked up from his view to the sky.

It was starting to get dark, with several tiny blots of shining spots in the sky filling up the space. It was truly an incredible sight to see the sky at the dusk. The time when the day was beginning to die, but the birth of the night was yet to take place. He suddenly noticed a shooting star across the sky reaching the end of the horizon, but didn't pay too much attention to it.

Naruto let a smile grace his lips, as he viewed the scenery in front of him. It was somewhat becoming a routine for him. After a long tiring day of paperwork and administration management, this period of time was somewhat soothing to both his eye and his mind.

Naruto would never know that tomorrow his life would be once again taking a major twist.

A large body of what to could be accounted to steel crashed at a barren abandoned land that had no vegetation and life form in the near vicinity. The place was rather a famous spot in the history of the shinobi world. Because this was the place where the Fourth Shinobi War took place.

The large steel body or in simple terms the spaceship that crash landed to the site raised a large cloud of dust due to its collision. After the clearing of the dust cloud, the spaceship that embedded itself to the ground was found to have not even a scratch on its body.

A marvelous phenomenon indeed.

Two figures totally clad in black clothing and face mask, lurked close to the body of the spaceship, as they tried to comprehend what they just saw right now.

When they got close enough to the enormous spaceship to inspect it, the first figure turned to the second one and spoke out in a deep voice "We should report this to Hokage-sama"

The second figure nodded in agreement to the first "Yes, you are right. Let's go back to the village"

With that both the figures phased away from the scene, as they quickly sped back to their village to alert their leader of this new development, leaving the landscape once again totally devoid of any lifeform.

One thing was for sure…the times ahead are going to be really interesting

Morning came by as was its routine, with sun glittering its light over the whole village. The whole village was already awake and buzzing with life, with various shops filled with people.

Naruto walked through the streets of Konohagakure no Sato with regality and confidence that he never thought he would possess five years ago. As he walked by, many bowed to him in immense respect. It may be partially because he had an aura of calmness around him, but at the same time that of absolute power that people can't help but feel content when they are in his presence. It could mildly be this reason why people immensely respected, but at the same time loved him.

Flanking him on both his sides were Sasuke Uchiha and Shikamaru Nara. Both were members of his five member advisor council and helper team. The other members being Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Neji Hyuuga. They were his closest acquaintances in administrative terms, but also one of his best friends too. They also partially act as his closest bodyguards excluding his personal Anbu guards, even though he had no need for any protection. But whenever he raised this question, his advisors always said that it's a political and strategical move to have strong guards at his side.

Well, Whatever. Too much over thinking always left him a major headache. That's why he appointed advisors in the first place for the thinking part.

As he mused over all this, his body went on an autopilot and resulted in him arriving at the front of his office.

As soon as went inside the office, two Anbu appeared before him and bowed on their knees with their head hung low, as they gave their respect to their Hokage.

"Greetings, Hokage-sama" They both chorused in unison.

Naruto nodded to the two bowing figures in front of him, as a sudden serious expression dawned on his features "Greetings. Rise to your feet" He commanded to both of them.

They quickly followed the order of their leader, as they stood up on their feet.

"Hokage-sama" The first Anbu started off "We have some…interesting information for you"

Naruto raised an eyebrow when he heard this, as both Sasuke and Shikamaru glanced at each other in confusion. What information could be so interesting in this time of peace?

In the end, Naruto let out a deep sigh as he slowly sauntered towards the back of his desk, and took the weight of his feet by lowering himself on the comfy cushioned rotatable chair that he himself created using his Rinnegan powers.

After he relaxed himself on his chair, he once again turned his sharp eyes on both the Anbu in front of him and spoke in an authoritative tone that was befitting of the immense amount of power that he possessed


Both the Anbu looked back at each other, and had only thought crossing their mind.

This debriefing session was going to be really long

"I have seen many things in my life…but this just takes the cake" Kiba muttered in a loud enough voice for everyone to hear.

Everyone, even Naruto including, agreed with the current Inuzuka clan head, as they stared at the enormous body of steel that was known as spaceship in sheer amazement. Never had they seen such an advance piece of technology in their whole life.

After hearing the report from his Anbu, Naruto had dispatched an investigating team which of himself and all his peer shinobis from his academy days, along with all their former Jounin senseis, except team eight's sensei Kurenai, who was busy babysitting her five year old son.

But their level of amazement escalated to an entirely different level, when they finally entered inside the spaceship.

Sure they have technology based security system around their village, with various super computers having many of their secrets ingrained deep into its system. But the level of technology that this spaceship possessed was just on a different dimension.

Naruto in particular was gazing around at the spaceship with pure astounded look on his face. It was as if he was thrust from the realty into a fantasy world.


Sakura's sudden penetrating voice snapped him out of his internal musing, as he turned to look at his former teammate. While he indeed was the Hokage, he had practically demanded it from his friends that they at least call him by his name when they are away from public eyes. While in public, they were always adamant in calling him with honorable titles.

"Yes, What is it?" He asked her, as he gracefully walked towards her. One of the many skills that he developed over the years as a Hokage. The position demanded you to be graceful and regal.

"You might want to see this" She replied with a serious expression, as she pointed her hand towards one particular direction.

Naruto had a frown of confusion etched on his face, wondering what it was that she wanted him to see. But the moment he laid his eyes in the direction his friend pointed him towards; he suddenly felt his breath hitch in his throat.

Because in front of him was the most beautiful women he had ever laid his eyes upon. She was lying inside a closed capsule type container. The women in question had a slender yet shapely figure that just added more to her enticing figure. The women in front of him had just about the most perfect sized breast with perfectly shaped hips. Her skin was quite fair, with an almost otherworldly glow to it. And her face was quite beautiful and angelic if he had to say. She looked so divine even while being unconscious. She had waist-length purple hair with shorter bangs in a hime-style. Even with all these enticing features, he was still unable to take his eyes of her naked body…

Naruto's eyes threatened to bug out of his eye socket, as he realized that the extraterrestrial women in front of him was naked. With quickness that no shinobi even until now in this era had been able to achieve, he quickly used his Rinnegan's Yin-Yang power to create cloth over the women's body, effectively stopping her body from being exposed to the world anymore.

After doing this, he quickly looked back to see if anyone else other than him and Sakura saw the women naked, only to sigh in relief when he saw that the others were only now beginning to notice that Naruto and Sakura were busy in investigating something.

While turning back with relieved and satisfied expression, he quickly came face to face with Sakura, who had her eyes narrowed at him with suspicion in her eyes. As if she was silently trying to accuse him of something. Naruto quickly flushed when he saw her accusing eyes focused on him.

"What!" came an embarrassed cry from Naruto, as he quickly blushed in embarrassment.

Sakura narrowed her eyes even more on Naruto "Naruto…" She whispered in a dangerous tone "You were staring at the woman's body, you hentai!" She whispered at him sharply.

"What! I was not!" He exclaimed, while frantically waving his hands in front of him to deny the accusation. Sakura just merely stared back in more suspicion. That was until the others came over at their place, interrupting their conversation.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Kiba asked, effectively snapping Naruto and Sakura's attention to him. At Kiba's question, Naruto quickly blushed, as his mind was once again pulled back to the reason he had an argument with Sakura.

"N-Nothing!" Naruto replied a little too quickly. Unfortunately, everybody noticed this. Especially his former sensei, who just eye smiled at Naruto's flustered expression, as if saying that he fully understood what happened. Naruto just glared back at his eye smiling Sensei. That's when Sasuke noticed the unconscious women in front of him.

"Hey, what's a woman doing in this spaceship?" Sasuke asked loudly with a frown, while pointing towards the unconscious women in front of him, effectively bringing the whole group's attention.

As if a switch had been turned on, everybody started to notice one by one to the fact that there was an unconscious woman in the spaceship, as they started to investigate the matter.

While this was happening, Naruto silently sighed in relief 'At least, she is not naked anymore' He thought.

Suddenly, they were brought of their musing, when the lights in the spaceship suddenly started to turn on. Though things were already visible to them due to them using torches, the sudden blaring of the light just blinded them.

When the white botches started to clear away from their vision, all the shinobis present there came to a shocking site of the women slowly waking up, with the front portion of her capsule opened up.

"S-She is waking up!" Rock Lee exclaimed, as even he forgot about his own exuberant personality in favor of the shock that he was feeling. His sensei too mimicked his expression.

Everyone, including Naruto, had their eyes on the woman who was slowly starting to wake up for the first time on earth. Her slightly hoarse breathing reverberated throughout the whole spaceship, as everyone was silent in their observation of the woman.

Slowly and steadily, the purple haired woman started to open her eyes for it to adjust itself to the brightness that was there in the surrounding. Once she was done adjusting herself to the brightness in her vision, she calmly took in the sight in front of her.

In front of her were twelve people, who were kind of observing her with wide eyes, leading her to believe that they were the ones who found the spaceship.

"Wagher…" She whispered out hoarsely, as her face projected an expression that of being a tired one. Others stared at her in confusion when she uttered this word.

Naruto had a frown of confusion etched on his face "Wagher?" He muttered out in a perplexed voice "Is that some kind of alien language?"

Other nodded in confusion, as they too stared at the woman with a perplexed expression.

The woman seemed to understand what Naruto said, as she took a slight gulp of air and once again said in a more clear voice "Water…"

Naruto, along with all the others, widened their eyes when they realized that this woman knew of their language.

"O-Oh!" Naruto slightly exclaimed, as he quickly calmed himself from his shocked state "She wants water" He said to his group.

With that said, Naruto quickly formed a cup worth of water out of thin air and a produced a cup out of nowhere for it to be filled by the just formed water.

Sasuke shook his head, snapping himself out of slight amazement while turning back to the others, who were watching Naruto with same amazed expression "It still never ceases to amaze me when he uses his creation power. It's just a sight to behold every time" he said to the others, who all nodded to him in agreement.

Kakashi merely smiled nostalgically at his former student now Hokage 'How long has it been since the time when he used to be just a genin student of mine? I remember a time when used to be a kid that always dreamed big and always saw the brighter side in everything. Not the God that he is today' He thought with a smile gracing his lips under the mask, proud at his student for becoming the man that he is today.

The alien woman who had been awake during the whole ordeal, had her eyes wide in shock, as she tried to comprehend what she just saw. It seems the people on this planet were able to use powers that were just incredible even by her species standards.

Oblivious to all the looks he was getting, Naruto with the glass of water in his hand walked forward and stood directly in front of the purplette and handed her over the water glass

"Here, take it" He said to her with a smile, while extending his hands that was holding the glass of water. Only now, while standing in front of the woman did he notice that she had a beautiful brown colored orb in her eyes.

God, was there anything about this women that was not beautiful. And why the hell was he feeling like this in front of her.

The woman stared at the extended hand holding the water glass for few seconds before she reached out to it with her hand and grasped it, while simultaneously resulting in her fingers gracing with Naruto's.

All of a sudden, a bolt like sensation swept across her whole body, as a slightly pleasurable tingle echoed through her spine. She quickly snatched away the cup while gasping for air, as she just now noticed that she been labor breathing during the ordeal. She suddenly frowned to herself, as tried to comprehend the reason behind this 'What just happened right now?' She thought to herself in her confusion.

Naruto was left in a perplexed state, as he looked down to the ground and tried to comprehend why the alien women acted this way, but he decided not to dwell on the matter for too long and concentrate on the reason he along with rest of his group came here.

"Thank you"

Naruto snapped his head up back towards the woman who just thanked him "Huh…O-Oh! It's alright. No need to thank me" Naruto said with a grin, while waving off her gratitude. The non human women suddenly had a pink hue dusting her cheeks, as she saw Naruto's grin and his charismatic carefree personality.

"So…" Kakashi started out, effectively snapping both Naruto's and the alien woman's attention towards him "Can we know how you know our native language?" He asked with a serious expression on his normally laidback features since the fourth shinobi war. The question he asked was one that was certainly on everyone's mind. Others nodded at this question, as they were also curious on this matter.

"But before that" Naruto suddenly interjected, causing others, even the alien woman to look at him confusingly "I would like to know the name of the person we are talking with. You know, its hard to hold a conversation without knowing the name of the person we are conversing with" He said with a smile.

All of Naruto's friends shook their heads, with amused chuckles escaping their lips. They looked back at the woman who was staring at Naruto with an odd expression.

The extraterrestrial woman suddenly had a flushed face when Naruto specifically focused his attention towards her. Her chest was tightening, as an odd warm sensation washed over her whole body that was somewhat pleasurable.

She swiftly shook herself out of her daze, and once again wore the confused frowning expression on her face 'What was that?' She thought to herself, as she laid a hand on her chest 'This is the second time that I was effected by his presence. What could be the reas-' Her eyes suddenly widened, as a realization dawned on her 'Am I reacting to him…But how is that possible?! I'm the Sekirei pillar. It should be impossible for me to have an Ashikabi!' She thought to herself with her eyes wide in shock.

"Hey, you alright?"

She was suddenly startled out of her thoughts by a voice, as she snapped back to reality to see Naruto looking at her with a concerned expression. Her cheeks were once again dusted with pink hue at his worry for her.

She slightly shook her head, as she somewhat calmed herself to a satisfactory degree and looked back at Naruto and his group with a smile "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern" She said with a smile, while nodding at Naruto and his group for their concern.

Naruto's group nodded back at her with a smile of their own. But Naruto still wore a concerned expression on his face. He was clearly able to sense the woman's energy fluctuating constantly. But he decided not to push the matter any further, as he shrugged off his thoughts.

"By the way" Her beautiful voice snapped him out of his introspection, as he focused back on the woman to see her smiling at him with a mild blush "My name is Miya, Sekirei number zero one"

"Sekirei number zero one" Everyone excluding Naruto parroted with a confused expression. As for the blonde, he just stared owlishly at her at the statement, not understanding a thing.

Miya just giggled into her hands as she noticed Naruto's expression. He really looked cute "Yes" She said with a smile, while nodding at the group "There are other Sekirei lifeforms too in this ship. Eight of them are in the fetus and ninety nine in the embryonic state. As for how I know your native language, its because of the supreme Sekirei technology in this spaceship that brain fed me of all the cultural and linguistic knowledge of the planet that we were sent to. The technology would do the same for all the other Sekirei too" She informed them with as much details as she could, leaving them all in awe of the technology the Sekirei race possessed. From the moment she laid her eyes upon these people, they seemed to be good and trustable people, the reason why she was divulging so much information. Not only that, but there was a possibility…she hoped it was true, that the one standing before her could be her…

"Well that's a good thing I guess" Naruto's sudden voice interjected her thoughts, as she was suddenly pulled back to reality to see Naruto looking at her with an unbelievable charismatic smile "Now, Let me introduce myself and my group. I'm Naruto Uzumaki and the ones standing behind me are my friends. We are the shinobis of the village Konohagakure no Sato and I'm their leader, the Rokudaime Hokage!" he introduced himself and his group with a cheerful grin etched on his face.

'His enthusiasm is really infectious' Miya thought with an almost fond look on her face. Her breathing once again mildly picked up, with the flush returning to her face. A warm sensation once again seeped into her system, as an emotion of love for the man standing in front of her crept into her mind. Suddenly, her eyes widened as she realized that she once again retreated into that dazed state. She once again put her hand over her heart, which was throbbing hardly due to her state, as she looked down at the ground while her eyes slightly draped over 'So it's true…I'm reacting to him!' She thought to herself, as tears of happiness pooled up in her eyes, threatening to flow out 'He really is my Ashikabi. I really have an Ashikabi' She thought to herself, with happiness flooding her entire mind, as she smiled to herself in extreme contentment while clenching her chest more tightly with her hand 'Please Gods, don't let this be some kind of Hallucination. I had once reconciled with my fate of never finding my Ashikabi. Please don't let this be a cruel joke that fate would play'

Naruto, who had been standing directly in front of Miya saw the various range of emotions that went through her face, along with her energy once again fluctuating. He wore a concerned expression on his face, as he decided to ask what the matter was

"Hey Miya-chan" He called out to her in a concerned voice "What's the matter? You don't seem to be in good condition" He asked her, with a worried expression etched on his face.

Upon hearing his voice, Miya looked back up at her Ashikabi. But it only resulted in fueling her body reaction to another level as her breathing level started to rise and the flush on her cheek expanded, as if she was going through a fever. And also, hearing the tone of concern in his voice for her worsened her reaction to another level.

Seeing this only made Naruto more concerned, as he walked forward towards Miya and was about to lay his hand on her shoulder, when Miya's feet suddenly buckled and failed due to the extreme close proximity she was in with her Ashikabi. She suddenly collapsed forward and ended up with her head on Naruto's chest, as Naruto reflexively wrapped his arms around her body and held her to his chest.

Naruto looked down in concern at the women whose face flushed with such severity that it looked like as if she was having high temperature fever

"Miya-chan" He whispered softly, with worry evident in his voice. He didn't know why, but something inside him, something instinctual, cared for this woman. Something that made him concerned for the health of the woman in his arms "Are you alright?" He asked tentatively.

Miya raised her severely flushed face towards him, her half draped eyes making contact with concerned eyes of Naruto. She just smiled fondly at her destined one, as an expression of pure love for the man standing in front of him dawned on her face.

"N-Naruto-kun" She rasped out in a hoarse voice, as her breathing started to quicken even more "My Ashikabi-sama" She said with her smile, her eyes still draped over as she place her hand on his cheek in an affectionate manner.

Naruto's full face blushed a bright red, as he stared at Miya with wide eyes at her action. Behind Naruto, all of his friends including his former teammates and his sensei stood there with gaping mouths and wide shocked eyes at the event that was transpiring in front of their eyes.

Miya never paid any attention to the looks on the faces of Naruto's group. She was solely concentrated in watching the most beautiful sight of the handsome face of her destined one. At least, to her it was the most beautiful sight she had ever laid her eyes upon, just because he was her Ashikabi. She knew that Naruto was extremely handsome and had roughish looks, but to her the sight of her Ashikabi, which she never thought she would ever have, was just divine on an entirely different spiritual level.

"M-Miya-chan" He stuttered out, as the flush on his face deepened, while looking down at the woman in his arms. This was really starting to confuse and fluster him. The behavior of the woman in his embrace was leaving him in a highly perplexed state. And when it came to the matters of woman, he was never good at understanding them in the first place!

Her deep exhales constantly connected with his neck, leading to tiny shudders across his whole body. She was still looking at him with her dazed eyes, as she spoke up "You…" She slightly gasped out, as she looked at him with her ever-present blush on her face, which in his opinion made her even more enticing and beautiful "You are…my Ashikabi" she breathed out in her raspy voice, her breathing being heavy to a dangerous level, leading him to caste a worried look at her, preparing to order his friends to check on her health, but was cut short by her resuming in her speech "And…I will be…your Sekirei" She once again breathed out, with an affectionate smile on her lips, as she started to rub Naruto's cheek with her hand that she laid there.

Naruto had a frown of confusion even through the blush etched on his face, when he heard this. What did she mean she would be Sekirei. The words she spoke left so many questions in his mind that it was starting to create a headache for him.

Behind him, his friends and Jounin senseis were heavily gaping at the blatant intimacy that was being showcased in front of them. Sakura had half a mind to go out there and smash her fist into Naruto's head for holding the woman in such indecent manner and flirting with her by using his looks. But all that idea went out of the window, when she along with everyone else noticed that Miya was going to conclude her speech, as the alien woman spoke out

"With a Kiss"

Naruto almost stumbled on his feet when he heard that 'Wait, What-?!' He was not given time for any more thoughts, as Miya smashed her lips to his, leading to Naruto's along with every other person's eyes that were present there to widen in utter shock. Did she just kissed THE Naruto Uzumaki, the Rokudaime Hokage and the mortal god, within the time frame of only twenty minutes of knowing him?!

All these thoughts were thrown out of the window, as suddenly the whole hall that they were occupying in the spaceship was illuminated in an intense light, as bright white glowing wings erupted from Miya's back and spread out across the whole spaceship. Even then it was facing the shortage of space. So to accommodate itself to the hall, the wings converged, confining itself to the hall. The illumination was so bright that everyone had to close their eyes, lest they be blinded by the light.

After some time of light show, the intense illumination blinding the whole room died down, and everybody were able to crack open their eyes just in time to see the wings fully retracting back into Miya's back.

After the whole fiasco ended, both Naruto and Miya were left standing still kissing, while holding each. After reluctantly ending the kiss, Miya was holding him in an affectionate and loving embrace, and Naruto was holding her more out of his shock, as he still had his eyes wide at the events that just transpired right now.

Miya released a contented and happy sigh while snuggling into his embrace, as she opened her eyes which she had closed some time during the kiss and projected him such an intense look of love, that it even made Naruto fidget at his place, while still reeling in his shocked state. She merely looked at him with a smile, as she spoke up "My Ashikabi, now and forever. May I be the light that guides him down the path he chooses"

All Naruto was able to compute in his mind was that there was something along the lines of Sekirei and Ashikabi, and all of a sudden he was kissed by the most gorgeous and beautiful woman in front of him.

The second his mind realized this fact, it started to work over load and tried to comprehend on how this entire situation was even possible. Alas, in the end, Naruto's poor mind was unable to withstand the incredulity of this entire situation, the situation of him somehow getting kissed by the purple haired goddess in front of him. Not only that, but somehow for some reason unknown to him, he was being unconditionally loved by the said goddess in front of him.

At this point, only one thought crossed Naruto's mind

'What in the name of holy ramen!' Naruto screamed in his mind, after which out of the blue he suddenly fainted to the ground with an audible thud.

Miya seeing the love of her life collapsing to the ground widened her eyes in shock "Naruto-kun!" she screamed in worry, as she rushed towards her Ashikabi's unconscious body and cradled his head in her lap, all the while fussing over him.

Behind the newly made couples, Naruto's group of friends and senseis stood at their place, still trying to comprehend just what happened in front of their eyes. All of a sudden, the silence in the group was shattered by Kakashi's perverted giggling as he looked at his unconscious former student and now Hokage with comical proud eyes. When everyone turned their heads towards him with raised eyebrows, the person in question merely eye smiled at them

"Isn't it obvious ladies and gentlemen" He started off jovially, with his ever-present eye smile on his face "Our dearest Hokage has found himself to be bonded with a sexy alien woman" He finished off with fake anime tears rolling down his face "I'm so proud of him!" He exclaimed, while exaggerating the motion of wiping his fake tears with his sleeves.

Everyone present in the vicinity, except Miya who was still fussing over her Ashikabi's unconscious body, sweat dropped at Kakashi's antics. Guess, they shouldn't be too much surprised by this, considering how the masked copycat nin normally behaves. Everyone just shook their heads, as they tried to ignore Kakashi but their headaches once again came in the form of two bowl headed green jumpsuit wearing duos.

"YOSH! THEIR POWER OF YOUTH WAS SO BRIGHT, THAT IT VISIBLY BLINDED US!" Lee suddenly shouted excitedly at the top of his throat, making everyone, even Miya who was sitting on the ground with Naruto's head in her lap; slightly jump at the sudden loud voice.

Gai seeing his student's enthusiasm, decided to be not left behind "YOU ARE RIGHT LEE!" Gai roared with equal vigor, as he shook his fist in front of his face due to his excitement "IF I CAN'T MANAGE TO REPLICATE THAT MUCH POWER OF YOUTH, THEN I WOULD RUN AROUND THE WHOLE HI NO KUNI FOR WHOLE TWO DAYS!"

Lee seemed to have gotten emotional when he heard that "GAI-SENSEI! I'M WITH YOU!"

Gai had emotional tears in his eyes when he heard that "LEE!"






"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP!" Tenten shouted at the top of her lungs, as she smashed both her fist into the heads of the both bowl headed teacher student duo, leading to them crashing to the ground and effectively snapping them shut.

Everyone sighed in relief at the welcomed silence that ensued after Tenten silenced both Gai and Lee.

But there was one person in the entire group, who wasn't feeling so jovial about the situation like the rest. This person was none other than Hinata Hyuuga, who was silently standing at her place with a hurt expression on her face. She felt slight moisture gather in the corners of her eyes, as she stared at the unconscious form of the man whom she had fallen in love with, and had been waiting for his reply to her confession for five long years. But it seemed that her chances were getting slimmer and slimmer, with this new alien woman coming out of nowhere and bonding herself with the man she loved. She closed her eyes shut, when the tears that had pooled up in her eyes threatened to come out and bit her bottom lip with her teeth, so that she would not let out her sob out of her sadness.

But as quickly as this happened, she swiftly masked her emotions and tears from others and put on a mask of indifference on her face, as if she wasn't affected by what was happening in front of her eyes in the first place.

No one but Neji saw the change of emotions on Hinata's face, and had a sad smile on his face as he looked at Hinata. He merely sighed sadly as he thought 'I'm sorry Hinata-sama, you had to take a firm stance in this, before all this could have happened'

Miya, who was still sitting on the ground with Naruto in her lap, also sighed in relief but for a different reason. It seems that nothing was serious in Naruto's case, as he had merely fainted to the ground due to emotional exhaustion and shock backlash. She had nothing to worry about her Ashikabi. She suddenly paused in her musing, as her mind once again replayed the thought that she had just seconds ago.

Her Ashikabi. She still found it hard to believe that she still had her Ashikabi, her destined one. The one whom she had dedicated her entire soul and love with all her fiber in her being. With slightly draped eyes, she looked down at the unconscious handsome face of her love. 'My Ashikabi' she thought, as a fond smile appeared on her lips, as she affectionately caressed her destined ones cheek, carefully doing it so as to not awaken him from his sweet sleep. After all, her Ashikabi looked even more lovable when he was asleep.

After making sure that her Ashikabi was sleeping soundly in her lap, without disturbing him she looked up towards the group of Naruto's friends who were still gaping heavily at her and decided to inquire about the place where her spaceship landed and also to make acquaintanceship with them, considering the fact that she was now going to be forever living with her Ashikabi and they were her destined ones friends.

"Excuse me" She politely called out to the still gaping group "Could any one of you please tell me where we are. And…" She put on a serene smile on her face, as she continued politely "I would also like to know about my husband's friends"

'Husband!' Everyone screamed in their mind in shock, as they stared at Miya with a stunned surprised expression on their face for calling Naruto her husband. In the end, Shikamaru decided to ask the question that was on everybody's mind

"Excuse me Miya-san, but could you please tell us why you called Naruto your husband?"

Miya looked at Shikamaru, and blinked for some seconds, as if confused by his question itself. Immediately after this, she seemed to realize why he asked this question, as she made an 'o' shape with her mouth in understanding and nodded at Shikamaru with a smile

"Yes, Umm.." She trailed off

"Shikamaru. Nara Shikamaru" Shikamaru introduced himself to the alien woman for the first time.

Miya nodded with a smile on her face "Right. Shikamaru-san, Naru-kun is my husband, because in terms of Sekirei culture, we are both married after I bonded with him" She said with a radiant smile on her face, as she looked down fondly at her Ashikabi's sleeping face.

Shikamaru never missed the shortened nickname that Miya gave to her Ashikabi, but chose to ignore it. Others were just too shocked at the words of her being married to Naruto. They had never once thought in their wildest dreams that Naruto could find himself bonded and married to an alien woman.

But one person was finding it harder and harder to ignore the feeling of sorrow and hurt that was quenching the said person's heart. This person was Hinata. She looked on at the scene in front of her eyes, with sadness evident in her eyes 'That could have been me' She thought, as she saw Miya gently and lovingly stroking Naruto's hair, carefully without waking him up.

After the shock at Miya's words wore down, the women in the room were cooing at the affectionate and loving way Miya was acting towards Naruto. Well at least Ino and Tenten were, whereas Sakura was feeling herself getting more and more irritated by the situation. She would even admit this to herself that over the years Naruto had become something akin to a brother for her. And to see him getting struck in all sought of trouble over these years really frustrated her to no end 'By the way, how does he even gets into such kind of situations' She thought to herself, with frustration clearly etched on her face.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was feeling a major headache making its way towards his head, as he stared at the scene with mild defeat and exasperation 'Typical Naruto' He thought, while releasing a sigh. Then he looked back at Naruto's unconscious form, while cursing the blonde for getting into such ridiculous…and heavenly situation, though he would never admit this, at least not in front of Sakura.

He once again released a sigh 'Might as well get this done with' He thought, as looked at Miya, who was still staring fondly at Naruto "Well Miya-san" he started off, breaking Miya's concentration from her Ashikabi towards him. He just continued with a smile "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, Jounin of Konohagakure no Sato and one of Naruto's five member advisory committee"

And thus the sea of introduction flooded, as each individuals present there introduced themselves to Naruto's unofficial new wife.

"So, Let me get this straight" Naruto started off "You Sekireis are a being of bonds and love, and react to the person who is your destined one, which you call by the term Ashikabi and with a kiss, you create the bond which if for the whole lifetime" He finished off, summarizing in short the basics of Sekirei and Ashikabi to the woman in front of him, who called herself his Sekirei.

Miya just nodded happily to her Ashikabi "Yes Naru-kun, that's the gist of the whole matter"

It had been some time after which Naruto was once again fully awake. In this time, Miya was able make acquaintanceship with all of Naruto's friends. Well, all except Hinata. It was not that she was unfriendly or anything. But there was this look of sadness in her eyes that always restricted the Hyuuga woman to be only civil with Miya. Miya decided that it was not her job to interfere in the personal matters of the Hyuga heiress.

As Naruto had woken back to the world, he was once again greeted to the sight of the purple haired goddess that was above him, with his head on her lap. As soon as he had realized this, he had immediately shot away from her and flushed deep scarlet red in embarrassment.

It was after this that both of them had sat down, and Miya had slowly and patiently explained to him that he was now her Ashikabi and what it meant to be an Ashikabi.

After giving his short summary and getting a happy nod from Miya, Naruto just sighed to himself in defeat as he rubbed his temple in weariness while closing his eyes, as he felt a Migraine slowly approaching 'How do I keep finding myself in such kinds of situation. Karma must really be a bitch for not leaving me alone' He thought to himself.

Miya seemed to have taken this action in a negative way, as she suddenly wore a downcast expression on her face. She looked back at Naruto, and spoke in a dejected tone "Na-Naru-kun…Are you regretting this…this bond"

Naruto quickly snapped his back towards his Sekirei, to see her eyes slightly glistening, as she had a crestfallen expression on her visage. Naruto widened his eyes, when he realized that he involuntarily made this woman, his Sekirei who had dedicated all her love to him, to be on the verge of crying. It really made him feel like a trash, as he winced at the mere thought of hurting the beauty in front of him.

He quickly shook himself out of his brooding, as he shouted out loud in near panic "NO!" His shout seemed to halt Miya's descend into depression, as she looked back up at Naruto with unshed tears in her eyes. Just the sight itself made Naruto wince, as he strained to find his voice back. He didn't know why, but he had to somehow make those tears disappear "N-No…" His voice came out in whisper, as he continued, while looked down with slightly lidded eyes "It's not that" He said with a shake of his head "It's just…I don't know how to accept all this changes that came into my life so suddenly. I don't know how you could love me so much, when I don't even know much about you"

Miya's eyes softened, when she heard her Ashikabi's explanation. He was just confused at all the sudden and abrupt changes that came out of nowhere in his life. Her heart actually lurched, when she saw how vulnerable her destined one looked at the moment. That's why she wasn't able to take it anymore

"Oh Naru-kun!" She cried out, as she threw herself at him and engulfed her arms around his neck in an embrace, while resting her head on his shoulder. Naruto quickly gained a blush at the intimate gesture from her, but Miya merely looked up at him and smiled, as she continued "You don't have to worry about it. As I said before, we Sekirei are beings of love. For us, our Ashikabi means the whole world for us, while nothing else matters" She said with a radiant smile, as she put her hand against his cheek, eliciting a brighter blush from the blonde Hokage "And it's natural for my race to have an unconditional love for our Ashikabi from the moment we forge the bond" Her look got even more soft, as she put some pressure on her hand against his cheek and swiftly planted a soft kiss on his lips, momentarily flaring her wings. As she ended the kiss, she looked back at Naruto with a look of unconditional love for him in her eyes "Naru-kun, just give me one chance to prove my love for you. I assure you…you will never regret it"

Naruto, along with everyone who had been listening to Miya, were left shell shocked at her words. But the one who was the most shocked to his core was none other than Naruto. This woman, no, this goddess was offering her entire love and life to him, while proclaiming to have an unconditional love for him. Just the mere thought of this left him entirely speechless. He would have contemplated on this matter further, but when he looked into the eyes of his Sekirei in his arms, which were so full of love and desperation for his acceptance that he just didn't had it in his heart to say any other answer.

Naruto released a short breath, as looked back at his Sekirei, god that thought felt so weird, and smiled at her, slightly putting her at ease "Miya-chan, I may not know to what extent this bond means to you. But" He said quickly, interjecting Miya's whatever counter that she was going to say "I know it in my instincts, that I should give this bond a chance" He finished with smile.

Miya felt as if a heavy burden was lifted off her shoulder, as she felt immense relief at her Ashikabi's words that he would be accepting her. She felt so ecstatic and jovial at his words, that she just once again smashed her lips to his, albeit this time it more vigorous and passionate, as she moaned into his lips, as she felt herself being in heaven at the pleasure that a mere kiss with her Ashikabi induced in her. She even ignored the wings that flared on her back in favor of it.

Naruto too seemed to enjoy the kiss, as he also moaned along with Miya in pleasure, while seemingly ignoring all that was in his surrounding, even including his group.

While both Naruto and Miya were both lost in each other, his group friends and Senseis stood at their place with flabbergasted expression on their face. They still found it hard to believe that Naruto was bound to an alien woman, and the said woman was essentially his wife now.

Kakashi, like always, seemed to be the first one to recover from his shock, as he turned towards the group with joviality dancing merrily in his eyes "Well guys, it seems Naruto is all of a sudden a groom now" He said with a smile behind his mask.

That seemed to snap everyone out of their stupor, as they quickly shook their heads and gained a smile on their face. They knew that Naruto more than anyone else deserved the happiness, after all that he went through in his life.

"Damn…" Kiba whined piteously, as he mock glared at Naruto, who was still busy in a passionate snog with Miya "He is such a lucky bastard for getting bonded with a hot sexy alien woman!"

Everyone present there burst out into laughter as they watched Naruto still busy kissing his Sekirei, but suddenly started to get flustered, as furious blushes crept up their face, even on the face of Kakashi, when they saw that Naruto and Miya's kissing session turned out into heavy make out session, as tongues and roaming hands around Miya's breast started to come into play.

Finally, Sakura, wearing an enormous blush on her face, was unable to take the less than descent view in front of her and shouted at the top of her lungs


Miya was busy drilling holes into Sakura's head with her eyes for interrupting her time with her Ashikabi, as she along with Naruto stood in front of the group. Seriously, she was on cloud nine when she was accepted by her Naruto, and was even more joyful when he had responded back to her kiss, when Sakura had decided to interfere in their bonding session. Seriously, if they can't handle Naruto groping her breast then they should have left. After all, Naruto had all rights to touch her anywhere he wanted.

Naruto, on the other hand, closely represented a tomato, as his entire face burned with bright red color. He was currently looking anywhere but at his friends and senseis, as he had his head decked away from them.

As for all his friends standing there, they were currently wearing amused grins on their face, except Hinata who had a slightly stoic expression on her face, and Sakura who was currently returning Miya's glare with her own, but all of it were quite ruined by the massive blushes that were etched on each of person's face that were present there.

Sasuke shook his head ruefully; as he stared his pseudo brother with a deadpan expression "Geez Naruto" He said with a headshake "Can't you even control your hormones in a mission"

Naruto's blush reached an entirely new level, as he scowled at his best friend "Hey!" He shouted "What does that mean?!"

"Oh my…" Their argument was halted by the voice of Miya, as they turned towards her to look at her curiously. Miya decided to continue "It seems my husband has some powerful beastly urges" She put her hands on her cheeks, with mild blush on it, creating an air of fake innocence "I can't say if I would be able to satisfy Naru-kun's lustful urges, but I will try my best" She finished with a shy smile, that looked all too fake.

Naruto was thrown off a loop with that remark from Miya, as his face stormed with a fierce blush "W-Wh-What?!" He screamed in embarrassment, as he stared at Miya with wide disbelieving eyes "B-B-Beastly urges!" He sputtered out.

Kiba was thrown back by a massive nosebleed that gushed out of his nose, as he slammed into the metaalic wall behind him. Sasuke, along with the others, were left standing with shocked expression, as they too felt massive blushes creeping up their face.

A perverted giggling broke everyone out of their trance, and they all turned towards the source to find out none other than Kakashi Hatake, as he was busy scribbling away the events that was transpiring in front of him, all the while repeatedly chanting the mantra of this being goldmine. Seems the legacy of Icha Icha series is safe and sound.

After some time, Miya was unable to take it anymore, as she broke into a fit of giggles, while hiding her mouth with her sleeves. This seemed to break everyone out of their trance, as they too let amused chuckles at the hilarity of the situation.

After regaining his wits, Naruto shook his head while an amused smile played on his lips, as he looked at the situation that he along with his friends found themselves in.

After some time, Naruto decided that it was time to get serious now "Okay guys, enough fooling around for today! Let's get back to business!" He barked out in an authoritative tone.

And just like that, everyone straightened up and wore serious expression on their face, as they nodded at Naruto in sub ordinance

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" They all chorused in unison.

Miya watched all this in awe, as her Ashikabi and husband projected a strong aura of command, which demanded immediate respect, even from the enemy faction. Her respect and love for her Ashikabi would have gone up a notch after seeing this, if such a thing was possible. As it is, those emotions she had for Naruto were already at its peak.

Naruto remained oblivious to Miya's emotions, as he stared at all his friends before turning towards his Sekirei with a question in his mind "Hey Miya-chan" He said, making Miya snap out of her trance and look at him questionably "Do you know where all the other Sekirei fetus and embryos are?"

Miya nodded to Naruto with a smile, indicating that she knew. But before she could say anything else, two of Anbu group that were patrolling outside the spaceship suddenly intruded inside with panic screaming off their body language, as they landed in a crouch position in front of Naruto and bowed their head.

"Hokage-sama! We have a problem!" They both shouted in unison

Naruto's entire demeanor changed from the calm carefree posture to that of utter seriousness, as he narrowed his eyes at the two Anbus that were kneeling in front of him. Even all the people from his group straightened up when they heard this, as they looked at the crouched Anbus with apt concentration. Even Miya furrowed her brows in concentration, thinking if Naruto needed her help.

"Explain" Naruto said in a chilly serious voice, which was so unlike him that it sent shivers down the spine of all the people present there, even Miya's.

The two Anbu shook off the tingling sensation in their spine, as they raised their head to meet Naruto's with bold courage and determination. A feat which in itself was impressive, considering the fact that at the present day and time, the very name of Naruto was an extraordinaire legend across the whole shinobi world.

Without wasting any time, the first Anbu decided to brief the situation "Hokage-sama, we have received info from our Intel and spy network that a massive army is making its way towards this area. And it's an army of combined strength from all the minor shinobi villages and missing nins. It seems that they somehow also gained the Intel of this spaceship crashing here, and are making their way towards here to lay their hands on all that this spaceship could provide them"

Naruto frowned when he heard this. It seemed that even though there has been a truce of peace among all the five major hidden villages, the other minor factions of the shinobi world were just not ready to lay their consent. With the constant greed of wanting to be the next major elemental nation, the topic of peace seemed to be a moot point. Naruto shook his head in disappointment over this, as he looked back the crouching Anbus in front of him "Just how large is this coalition army?" He asked them.

"The army consists of two thousand shinobis, Hokage-sama"

Everyone present, including Miya, gasped at the figure. There was an army of two thousand shinobis, while their group only roughly consisted of eighteen shinobis, including the Anbu patrolling outside. All the people present there nervously glanced at each other, before they got a look at their calm but strong blonde leader, who never once lost his composure since the hearing of the news.

This had an unanimous effect of calming everyone present there, as they silently berated themselves for even forgetting the almost mythical prowess of their leader. Sasuke merely shook his head, as an amused chuckle escaped his lips, while turned to address all his comrades "I don't know why we got scared in the first place, when we have Naruto with us" He released a sigh "It may be because it's been five years since we have seen him in action"

Everyone nodded in agreement, as they too calmed down under the powerful but soothing aura of their leader. Miya, who was standing still up until now, just looked on at the scene in front of her with slight confusion. Was her Ashikabi some kind of legendary figure in this world? Because that's what she got the impression of, when she heard them.

But amidst this, her concern for her still unborn sisters grew, when she heard that some power hungry nations recruited an army to capture both her species and its technology. And the mere thought of this brought a new emotion, which slowly bubbled from beneath the surface and started to slowly reign over mind.


That's the emotion that she was currently feeling. Anger, that she was feeling for the people who were trying to bring forth harm over her unborn sisters. Anger, that she was feeling at the very same people for not considering the life of her sisters to be worth full to send the army. And the most important reason she suddenly felt the emotion she now had was for them threatening the safety of her Ashikabi. Amidst the assault of the army, there was a chance that Naruto could get hurt. Over her dead rotten corpse would they be ever laying their hands on her destined one! She was going to make to make sure of it.

And the anger, it seemed, must have started to show on her face, because now everyone was looking at her with concerned expressions, the most prominent concerned expression coming from Naruto. Involuntarily, a snarl escaped from her lips when her thoughts reached the point of her Ashikabi's safety ever being in danger. As she slightly came back to her senses, she clenched her fist in her fury, as a cold look came over face, with her eyes representing the darkness of the abyss.

This sudden change made almost everyone flinch, as they reflexively took a step back. Naruto just stared on with concerned expression on his face, as he watched Miya.

Miya, who remained oblivious to the looks, had a cold look on her face, as her eyes narrowed dangerously "If they want war, I will give it to them. For if they tried to even lay a finger on Naru-kun, then I'm going to annihilate them" she said in the most coldest tone they had ever heard from her

Her cold tone, which was enough to freeze the hell sent shivers down the spine of everyone present there. Naruto, despite the situation, felt warmness climb up his heart when he heard his Sekirei vowing to protect him, even if he didn't need it.

So lost in thoughts Naruto was, that he never noticed Miya striding towards him to stand in front of him, and gently snaking her arms around his waist, as she laid her head on his chest. Snapped out of his musing because of this, Naruto looked down at her with a raised eyebrow, only to get a vibrant smile from her, a complete one eighty from her previous demeanor.

"Naru-kun" She said, as she looked up passionately at him "I won't ever let anyone harm you"

Hearing Miya say those words with so much passion once again filled Naruto's heart with warmth. Naruto's face softened, as he softly smiled at his Sekirei, while embracing her back with his arms "Thank you, Miya-chan" He whispered to her with a smile.

Miya said nothing, as she seemed content just to be in the arms of her Ashikabi.

"Man…" Kiba drawled, as he stared at the scene in front of him with an amused look on his face "Naruto is so lucky to have a woman, who loves him unconditionally"

Various amused chuckles in response to his sentence proved the fact that many agreed with him.

After some time of being in Naruto's arms, Miya reluctantly separated herself from him and looked at him with a calm smile on her face "Naru-kun, I know how we can even out the odds against us" She said to him.

Naruto along with everyone gained a confused expression on their face when they heard this.

What did she mean by evening out the odds?

"So…you mean to say that this machine has the supreme biotechnology to turn the embryos into fully grown Sekirei" He stated emphasizing the word 'this', while pointing towards one of the complicated machinery structure that he had ever seen in his life. The only thing he could make out from the machinery was that it had some kind of inlet and outlet chamber, the outlet chamber bigger for obvious reasons.

Miya happily nodded to her Ashikabi, oblivious to the incredulous look the he was shooting at her. Others, who were standing behind both Naruto and Miya, were still gawking at Miya since the time she explained her plan. Naruto, for his part, merely stared blankly at her for sometime before turning to stare back at the complicated machine. After some time of just staring at the machinery, he just shook his head at the incredulity of the situation.

'Okay, now that's something that not even my powers could accomplish' He thought with astonishment, as he had never thought that there could be something in this world that his powers could never achieve.

Okay, now he sounded arrogant there.

Naruto shook his head, as he rubbed his temple so as to ease the headache that he felt that was coming. After taking a deep breath and releasing it in a short sigh, he looked back at the technology in front of his sight.

In the wake of the impending army assault, Miya had come up with a plan to awaken four more Sekirei using the pinnacle of technology in front of his eyes. She had stated that the first five Sekirei without any adjustments would be enough for the whole army that was marching towards them.

When Naruto had heard of her plan, he had been both skeptical and concerned for his Sekirei. He knew the full implications of her word, that she along with four others were fully going to take on an army all alone.

And he still wore his concerned expression on his face, as he watched Miya fumbling and operating on the machine. Miya must have noticed the concerned expression on Naruto's face, because she glanced at him for a brief time before smiling at him to ease his uneasiness.

Naruto shook his head, as he watched Miya goint back to her work. He didn't know how such a goddess could be bonded with one such as him. Even while preparing to face off against two thousand shinobis, all she was worried about was his comfort. How can he be so lucky to get such a devotional woman?

Nonetheless, that didn't mean he wouldn't interfere in the battle. He would just wait for the right time, and plunge himself into the battle, if the situation ever came close to Miya getting hurt.

Even if he didn't acknowledge it with words, his mind acknowledged the fact.

He loved Miya

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