Harry Potter / Death Note crossover

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A Boy, A Shinigami and A Death Note

By: Mage-Alia

Chapter 1: Nine Years later

Summary: Many years ago, Harry went to Japan on a trip with the Dursleys and many years ago, he found a black book that would give him the power over life and death itself. But how will that power change a child, barely six years old?

He was cursed.

Well, at least that's what his foster parents all said when he was thrown from one home to the next like a hot potato. There was a growing legend in child services about a boy who had the most unfortunate luck of anyone in the world. Everywhere he went, misfortune followed, people died or had accidents that no one could really explain. The first couple had been nice, living in a house in the suburbs of London with a few other foster children already under their wing. Harry had honestly liked them, but their neighbor… was a different story altogether. The man was a nasty, smelly old drunk who was said to be a pedophile, but no one had any proof.

Having been walking home from school at the time, listening to Ryukku's commentary Harry had been surprised and pulled into an alley. When he got a clear look at his attacker something in him had pushed out in fear and threw the man into a wall. Not questioning his luck Harry ran out into the street and to the nearest park where children played under the careful eyes of their parents. It was a pity they had to see what happened next as the dark haired boy pulled out a familiar cold black notebook.

There where four names on the first page and this was the first time he'd used it since the night his relatives had died. In that time though, he'd been learning about the Death Note from Ryukk. The Shinigami told him he'd been bored, so he'd dropped the Note to see what would happen. Harry had taken it upon himself to keep him entertained, surprising Ryukk when he worked out that he could speak to the death god without having to actually speak. Chalking it up as another strange thing the Shinigami hadn't questioned it, since he'd come to enjoy being around the kid. Harry was the anti-thesis of Normal. Even if he didn't want anything to happen, chaos just followed him everywhere, like the time the teacher's hair had turned Blue while she'd been yelling at the class. He was starting to suspect that Harry was far more special than anyone made him out to be.

In any case, Harry had been working on his writing skills so he had far less trouble writing down the name he'd found out earlier during one of his foster father's rants about him.

Looking over the top of the Death Note he didn't have to wait long as the man stumbled out of the alley and cursed loudly, earning looks from nearby pedestrians and stumbling up the street toward the park. He looked up and caught sight of his prey and unthinkingly began to cross the street, murder in his eyes. Harry stared back and waited expecting what was about to come, but not quite ready for what really happened as a car came pelting around the corner at high speed. The drunk caught sight of it and froze as the car barreled into him and sent him to the ground, his body creating a sickening thud as the tires ploughed right over him and sped off. There was a scream of panic from one of the mothers by the playground an all hell broke loose…

As it turned out, the car that had done the hit and run had belonged to none other than his foster parents. They'd been loud voices in the fight to have the man arrested but without any solid evidence to put him away they'd finally taken things into their own hands and eliminated the threat to their children themselves…

If anyone had known to look in the black notebook in Harry's bag, they would have seen, written down neatly on the lined paper.

Peter Pittegrew

Hit by a car with the number plates XKP84A while crossing the street.

But that had been years ago.

Now at the age sixteen, and living in St Mary's orphanage in London, Harry was something else entirely. Where most children often fought for attention and remained bright with the thoughts that they'd one day be adopted and whisked off by new parents to a fairy tale ending, Harry was the kind of kid that sat in dark corners and watched life going by. He was quiet, and went mostly unnoticed by the rest of the world, something that wasn't quite unusual really when you eventually discovered that Harry's only friend and role model was a Shinigami who thought that killing people off was a good time. Harry was dressed all in black, with silver chains and buckles around his waist. His jacket had a furry collar, his hair was as messy and untamable as it had since the day he'd been born. He was skinny, almost dangerously so and his skin was an unhealthy shade of pale gray…

He was probably a dead ringer for Ryukk, right down to his death note hung carefully from his waist, it's cover wrapped in a plain black paper jacket so if anyone touched it, they wouldn't end up seeing death gods.

At that very moment Harry was perched on the side of a fire escape, looking down into an Alley where a man was chasing after a girl. His leg swung back and forth, blocking his view in flashes of black as he leaned to the side and peered through the grating. The man wasn't doing very well against the girl, who seemed more at home running through the alley, while her pursuer struggled with long black robes, and a bone white mask that hindered his vision.

"Ohhhhhh…." Ryukk floated above him, a sick grin adorning his face as he watched the girl flinging a garbage bin to the ground behind her and scramble up on a large hopper to jump the chain link fence that cut the narrow corridor short at half way. "Looks like she's going to die." He commented, drifting closer to examine the situation while Harry returned his gaze to the sky.

"Hnnn…" He grunted non-commitally and spun his pen around his fingers. The worn black biro was nearly empty and in need of replacement but it was a special pen. Harry had picked it up the day he'd killed the social worker on his case and had been using it to write in the note since. Although it looked as though it wouldn't work in the least, to Harry it had always refilled itself on command. A side effect, he guessed, of being a possessor of the death note for so long. Ryukk had told him that he'd been the first human to keep the death note for more than a few months and still remain sane, although with only a Shinigami for a role model that point could be considered debatable.

"Avada Kadavra!" The masked man yelled out and a jet of green light burst from the stick in his hands, reeking of death and exploding against the hopper as the girl disappeared behind it.

"Oh, it missed." Ryukk let out a twisted giggle and Harry slowly got to his feet, hunched over like Ryukk he peered down into the alley, taking his first proper look at the situation. The girl stood, catching her breath on one side of the fence, while on the other, blocked from view, the masked man was struggling to remove his robes from the debris caused by the jet of green power. With a triumphant shout he pulled himself free and with a crack he vanished, reappearing between the still recovering girl and her escape. Harry shuffled closer and looked down at their heads, little red numbers coming into view along with names.

The eyes of the Shinigami where something new.

A long time ago Ryukk had told him about how Shinigami could see the names and the lifespan of humans. He also said that a human in possession of the death note could give up half their total lifespan for the ability to use their eyes. Normally, Harry knew enough to know that giving up their lifespan was bad, but then again, he was a special case, because he had no numbers even before he'd picked up the note. Ryukk had felt... something upon giving him the eyes, but for whatever reason he hadn't been able to tell just how many years had been added to his stockpile.

It didn't phase Harry… to him it was just another of the oddities that made up his life, there was no real reason to get flustered over it.

"Uh oh." Ryukk giggled again as the bushy haired girl turned her stick onto the masked man defiantly. He laughed loudly.

"Do you really think an insignificant Mudblood like you will be allowed to live?" He sneared darkly. The girl glared back.

"You won't get away with this!" She shouted. "Your lord is nothing but a Fraud! The savior will be found and he will fall!" The man growled and took aim.

"You know… it's not time for her to die yet." Ryukk pointed out and Harry realized he was correct.

"Should we interfere?" The teenager asked his companion and the Shinigami shrugged as he picked up a large red apple Harry had laid out on the railing earlier in the day.

"I don't care." The Shinigami responded as he bit into the juicy flesh. "It might be fun." He perked up slightly, new things where always fun for Ryukk, especially when there was killing involved. Harry stared a while longer before he decided on a course of action and unclasped his Death Note from it's harness, making Ryukk laugh some more.

"Rastaban Lestrange." Harry murmured to himself as he wrote the name of the man below in small neat print. He tapped the pen to his lip as he stared down at the alley and tried to decide if he would die of a heart attack or if he could turn this situation around. He took to long to decide as the man raised his stick on the girl and suddenly stopped, his hand going to his chest and foaming at the mouth in a classic indication of a cardiac arrest.

"Heh." Harry let out a laugh of his own as the girl watched in confusion as her enemy died. There was a loud crack and another stick wielding person appeared in the Alley. Harry jumped, and nearly dropped his Death Note before he got a hold of himself and returned to observing. The girl and the newcomer spoke in tones to low for him to hear at this distance. The man, a tall, dark skinned and wearing robes, stepped closer to the girl and put his arms around her. It was in the moment before they vanished, that the girl's eyes turned upward to see his figure staring back dispassionately.



It took them a week.

There were voices from the other room and the children of the orphanage buzzed with excitement. There was a rumor going round that someone would be adopted today. Harry ignored it all as usual, the others giving him a wide berth as they rushed around like headless chickens.

He didn't move either, as two men walked into the large common room and went about inspecting the other children. It was obvious they weren't entirely normal and when the man with the prematurely graying hair waved to a cluster of nervous kids he saw the outline of one of those sticks strapped inside of his sleeve. He looked worn and kind of shabby, while his companion was tall with a sallow sort of face and an overlarge hooked nose that protruded from his greasy curtain of hair, clad all in black.

His eyes told him their names where Remus Lupin and Severus Snape.

Rhuk flew through them studying them almost as intently as Harry was.

"So is Harry Going with them?" Ryukk asked, sending himself into a spin that sent his arm through the greasy one's side. The man looked sharply at the place where Ryukk had been and seemed puzzled before his expression darkened and he growled.

"He's here." His companion raised an eyebrow at him in askance and the scowl deepened. "Potter's already up to his tricks. He's here alright." Ryukk floated up toward the ceiling, avoiding the men before coming down to hover close by Harry once more, staring rather oddly at his hand.

"Strange." He said simply. "Greasy Hair sensed me, Ohohohoho."

"How could they sense a Shinigami, Ryukk? I thought I was the only one who could see you." Harry uttered under his breath and the specter of death shrugged.

"Maybe… maybe the big nosed one is one of those." When he stressed the last word Harry turned to look up at him, unfazed by the thought of anyone seeing him talking to thin air instead of just himself.

"And what are 'Those'?" The teen asked, his eyes glinting with the faint sheen of red as he glared at the Shinigami. Even though he'd grown up with Ryukk at his side, sometimes the death god had the most annoying habit of withholding extremely important information until the last second, just to see what kind of trouble Harry could get into… and how he'd get out of it. Though usually by that point someone was dead and it was too late to go back.

"Well, there where these Humans that had special… powers." Ryukk said carefully, as if picking out what to say from a large dictionary in the back of his mind. "They used the energy in their bodies to manipulate the powers around them. They're fun to watch, with all their wars. They call themselves Wizards." The Death God looked rather gleeful about it really. Harry just frowned and kept one eye on the slowly approaching men his pen twirling rather nervously in his hand.

"And because they're a couple of these wizards they might figure out you're here." Ryukk Shrugged and Harry chewed his lip. If anyone would ask him, he'd admit he was selfish in wanting to keep Ryukk all to himself. He'd felt the same, ever since the day he'd made his first kill. The death god was far from an ideal friend, but the thought of someone knowing about him, let alone seeing him made him seethe in Jealousy.

The pen in his hand stilled.

"There you are Potter!" The Greasy haired man spotted him before he could reach for the Death Note and strode toward his dark corner, reaching over without any caution and grabbing him roughly, hauling him out of the shadows and all but throwing him at the graying wizard behind him. "There! We have the brat, now lets get out of here. I was working on a potion before the old fool sent us out and if I don't get back soon it'll be ruined and I'll blame the both of you for a month's hard work going down the drain." Snape finished his rant and stormed out the door as children gaped after him and a shocked orphanage worker eyed Lupin warily to see if he would manhandle John like that as well.

At least in an official capacity Harry's name was John Doe, and he'd never bothered to tell anyone otherwise.

The other wizard was just as shocked as the rest of them at Snape's behavior as he stood frozen half holding up Harry from where he'd been thrown at him. Harry had been too busy glaring at Ryukk who was laughing at his predicament, to free himself from the man's grip so he continued to hang there, half kneeling on the floor and glaring bloody murder at thin air.

"That's it, that man is going in the note." Harry promised himself, only to curse when he realized that the man holding him had heard the whisper…. If that was even possible….

"Note?" He asked somewhat pleasantly before he realized the way he was standing and began to haul Harry to his feet, lifting him like he was a feather. Harry waited until he was upright before he turned the death glare on Lupin.

"None of your business, Wizard." He scowled, shaking his arm free of the man's grip and stalking away, his whole body humming with anger and righteous indignation. He didn't. Like. Being. Touched! He didn't even stop to think about what he'd given away with those words as he made his way back to his room and slammed the door behind him. Ryukk mentioned that Lupin had followed him, but Harry was busy contemplating if it still might be worth letting himself be taken away if that was how he would be treated by these people and he shuddered to think that he might just really be cursed with bad luck.

He skulked around his room for an hour before Lupin came back with the caretaker and a handful of documents that made him the ward of some private school in the middle of nowhere.

They wanted him badly enough… and he had no choice in the matter.

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