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Luke Castellan pulled his coat closer to him as he sat on the cold bench. He had just run away from home, he couldn't take it anymore, his mum was insane and his dad, Hermes the 'great' messenger god, was never around.

A little while away there was a stand selling hot dogs and sweets. It made his mouth water and his stomach rumble. Luke watched as a small boy and his mother got hot dogs. The little boy turned his head to him and Luke turned away 30 seconds later he felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked down and saw the small boy standing there tugging on his sleeve.

The small boy held out a bag of sweets, "want one?"

"Can I?" Luke asked gingerly, the boy nodded and handed Luke the bag.

"What's your name?" Luke asked after he finished the sweets.

"Pewrcy Jackson."

Luke woke with a start and fell out of bed. Why am I dreaming of Percy? He thought. I left him behind years ago!

He climbed back into bed and fell asleep again.

Luke lifted his brother into bed smelly Gabe had really went all out tonight Percy resembled more of a bloody rag than the little 6 year old boy he was. Luke sighed as he thought back to the events of the previous year. Monsters had been attacking since he started living with the Jacksons and since 'Mrs' Jackson Smelly Gabe money was tight and the Jacksons couldn't afford to feed an extra mouth… Making up his mind Luke began to back his bags and when he was done walked out of the room not looking back once.

Luke awoke again and groaned dreaming of Percy had not been on his agenda for tonight, mind you getting no sleep hadn't been either. He lay back down and went to sleep thinking that by morning the dreams of Percy would be long gone and he could get on with his life. Boy was he wrong!