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Percy and Luke sat next to each other leaning against the tree, being the only ones awake was really awkward and they weren't speaking until Luke decided to change that, "Look, Perce can we just talk about what happened between us."

"You left me with Gabe when I needed you there's nothing to talk about." Percy said shortly.

Luke opened his mouth to disagree but a roar cut him off; they had run into their first monster. Luke and Percy stood up and began to fight, Luke was amazed by Percy's skill and Percy was a little bit frightened by Luke's. Once they stopped they realised they were standing back to back and Percy jumped away from Luke as if burned.

"Where do we need to go first?" He asked a now fully awake Annabeth and Grover.

"Well the entrance to the underworld is under DOA (Dead On Arrival) Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California, but I have no idea how we will get in and get out." Annabeth replied.

"Getting in isn't the problem, my dad does it all the time, it's getting out that's difficult." Luke replied.

Percy sighed, "there must be a way!"

"We'll find a way, I promise." Luke said as he tried to put his hand on Percy's shoulder but Percy pulled away.

"I'd rather not trust your promises," he whispered so only Luke could hear him then he said loudly, "I'm gonna go wash down at the river."

Grover nodded, "We'll pack up so we can start making our way to California."

Percy walked off and the rest began to pack up. Five minutes later he came back soaking wet, "hey guess what?!"

"You forgot a towel!" Grover joked.

Percy grinned, "Well yeah but not that look at these," he pulled out four green glowing pearls. "A nereid gave them to me they are a gift from my dad and will help us get out the underworld."

"So I guess we're already!" Annabeth said and the boys grinned.


Luke sat behind the wheel of a stolen (son of Hermes for ya) people carrier gunning the engine. After three minutes he finally gave up and woke up the rest by turning on the radio full volume.

Percy groaned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "What?" he asked groggily.

"The engine's dead." Luke replied.

"Well its night and I don't really fancy going to the underworld during the night." Annabeth said and everyone else nodded.

"Hey! How about we stay there!?" Grover yelled and pointed at a building covered in bright lights, the lotus casino.

"Sure!" everyone agreed I mean what could go wrong?


Percy had been enjoying himself all day (at least he thought it was a day) but he had also had a weird feeling in his gut which he had ignored until now, a guy had just told them that a movie was the best movie of 1985! Percy decided it was time to leave so that's how he ended up dragging Annabeth behind him and throwing a glass of water over Luke and Grover. As soon as they got outside Percy fished a newspaper out of the bin and showed everyone one the date, June 20th three days from when they first went into the lotus casino.

"We are going to the underworld now!" Percy said and no one could disagree.