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It was another boring day at a boring school in a boring town.

The desk I sat in was completely uncomfortable. The rain pounding against the window to my left not helping my mood one bit. Normally I was quite happy to do my schoolwork, but today I couldn't have been more depressed.

There was no specific reason for my bad mood. It was simply a bad day.

I decided that I'd better start working on my math. After all there was still thirty minutes left of class and if I had nothing done by the end that meant more work at home.

As I turned back to face the blank sheet of math problems, my elbow knocked over my pencil. Fuck. I was not going to put up with this. I leaned over to get my pencil when suddenly a dark voice cut through the silent room.

"Detention, Kurosaki Ichigo."

I looked up the give my teacher a glare, my pencil nearly snapping in my hands. "What for?"

"I understand that today is not a particularly nice day, but that does not mean a young man such as your self will get away with that kind of language in my classroom." Shirosaki-sensei lectured with a small grin.

This wasn't fair. No, it was beyond unfair. What had I even done? This sucked. It sucked more than Orihime did on a nightly basis because we all knew she was a whore.

Whoa, wait. Where did that come from? Orihime was my friend. She wasn't a whore, in fact she was shy. I knew she was kind too. She didn't deserve what I had just thought. I shook it off and went back to work. I had just wasted ten more minutes of class time, and if I was caught doing something wrong again then that might get me into even more trouble.

Shiro's POV

I'd been teaching this class for three months. Every morning and every afternoon they'd file in with their horrid perfumes and nasty loud gossiping. And then, at exactly three minutes before the second bell, he'd enter the classroom. Every other scent would vanish as the intoxicatingly sweet scent of berries and chocolate, that was uniquely Ichigo, would invade my nose. Seriously, the first day of school I nearly lost my senses, the insanity I'd been suppressing for years leaked through cracks in my perfect wall.

I felt my stomach lurch as he walked past me. I was starving for just a taste of him, and I had to will my fangs back into my skull before they made a mess of my teacher hallucination.

The worst part of it all was that this student was fucking perfect. I stalked him, so yes, I knew. Ichigo walked to school in broad daylight, he ate in the cafeteria surrounded by his friends, and he went straight home after school or was always home before his 7 O'clock curfew. There was no way someone like me could slip into his schedule without drawing too much attention.

But today… today he fucking tripped. That gorgeous bastard let loose an F-bomb just loud enough that a normal human teacher could hear it at the front of the room. I caught him, snared him in my net, and I wouldn't let go. This would most likely be my only opportunity to have him alone, and I took it.

When that school bell rung I couldn't help the grin that curled on my lips. School was over and that meant my quality time with Ichigo was about to begin.

Ichigo's POV

Great. Detention time. Stupid teacher. I sighed and slowly packed up my binder. I didn't bother standing. This was going to be my prison for the next hour.

I couldn't find my pencil. Did it roll off my desk again when I wasn't looking? Maybe, but I didn't see it on the floor either.

"Looking for this?" Shirosaki-sensei asked while extending his hand out to me with my pencil balanced perfectly in his hands.

"Yes, thanks." I took the pencil and packed it away in my pencil case. Shirosaki-sensei turned on his heels and went back to the front of the classroom. As he walked away I could've sworn he muttered something along the lines of, Maybe you should tie it to your finger.

I took the pencil and gently tapped my binder. I was beyond bored and also not really sure what I could do. I had never gotten detention before. I remained quiet, though I was tempted to start humming. I wanted to do anything, anything to make the time go faster.

"Kurosaki," Shirosaki-sensei called.

I glared. "Yeah?"

"Could you clean the black board for me? Might get you out of your boredom," he suggested. A chill crawled up my spine as his inhuman eyes turned to look at me again.

"Sure," I replied half-heartedly. I wasn't normally this rude, but there was just something about this man that got under my skin. It might've been his eyes, how he always looked at me as if he was trying to hide something. I must've just been paranoid. Shirosaki-sensei's eyes weren't exactly normal.

Then again, my hair wasn't exactly normal either.

I sighed and stood up, dropping my pencil on my desk. He held out a blackboard eraser, his grin ever present. I walked towards him with a deep scowl.

I took the eraser from him, our fingers brushing against each other slowly as he placed the object in my hand. My heartbeat slowed as his fingers shot an icy sensation up my arm and through my body. I could hear the clock's ticking slow before fading into the back of my mind.

Shirosaki-sensei moved faster than I could comprehend. He was behind me with his hands under my shirt. I moaned as he whispered in an echoic tone, "I have you now."

It felt like clouds had settled over my mind. I was dizzy and hot and confused. I could hardly make sense of anything other than the sweet touches.

Suddenly I was in his chair, my head thrown back and his lips burning my skin. I gasped as a sharp pain cracked through my neck followed by an explosion of pleasure. His hands undid the buttons on my shirt before slowly gliding across my skin.

Then everything disappeared. My mind became clear again, and I was standing at the front of the room with the eraser in my hand. I shook my head, feeling oddly calm for what just happened. I heard shoes tapping against the floor and turned around to look out the hallway.

"Well Kurosaki, you've still got another twenty minutes, but you did a good enough job with the black board that I think you can go." Shirosaki-sensei's voice had returned to normal. Or rather… I dunno, it had never changed in the first place?

I looked at the board and it was clean just like he said. I didn't remember actually cleaning it, but I could leave and that was good enough for me. I put the eraser down, picked up my stuff and left without another word. My only hope was to make it home before my sisters got back from soccer. I didn't want them worrying about me.

Shiro's POV

I watched Ichigo leave through the corner of my eye. I wasn't sure if he was aware of it yet, but I could clearly see the hard on hidden by his school uniform.

That boy was absolutely perfect, everything that I wanted. He, like most, fell under the spell I placed on him instantly, but what intrigued me was how fast he broke free of it. Usually my victims will obey every last command until I release them or until they die, but Ichigo's will was much stronger. That was good; I liked prey with a little kick.

I couldn't wait until our next detention. The noises he made were like music, and the way he squirmed when I toyed with his sensitive skin was absolutely priceless. Ichigo was an obvious virgin, but that was soon to change now that he bore my mark. No one else could touch him, he was impeccably mine.


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