An itty bitty epilogue for Xira's birthday and because Surplus Imagination said to.

They burst through the doors to the library in close formation, Rick, Maggie, and Glenn all shouting for Carol and Daryl. As soon as they were past the first shelf, T-Dog knew he'd been right all along. He grinned broadly. There in the corner was a pile of pillows and blankets. A tangle of limbs was flailing around, grabbing at blankets and pulling them to cover a whole lot of bare skin. The pre-dawn light coming in the windows was just enough to give them all quite a show.

"Jesus Christ, what the hell is all the racket? You tryin' to give me a heart attack?" Daryl's voice cut through the noise.

His words brought the room to silence. Everyone but T was gaping with open mouths at the couple before them, weapons held limply in their hands.

"I guess that answers that!" Maggie's triumphant declaration earned a punch in the arm from Glenn.

T-Dog elbowed Rick. "Told you they were fine. Didn't need to drag us all outta bed."

Rick shook himself and at least made some attempt at explanation. "Uh, wow. Um, sorry to wake you. When I came in from watch this morning, I realized neither of you were in the cell block. I thought you'd run into walkers again. I didn't – we didn't realize..."

He stumbled to a halt. "Sorry," he finished lamely.

"Well, get the hell out! We ain't in trouble and we ain't dead, so get lost!" Daryl growled. He wrapped an arm around a pink cheeked Carol and pulled her close, surprising everyone, including Carol.

"Right," said Rick. "We'll just...go...then."

T-Dog and the others hustled back out the door, closing it behind them. Now that the perceived danger had evaporated, they headed back toward the cells. Maggie was grinning fit to bust and poking Glenn in the shoulder. He tried to wave her off.

"C'mon, Maggs, knock it off. Let's go back to bed." The two of them turned to head off to wherever they'd been sleeping lately.

Rick just looked bewildered.

"I can't believe it!" Rick shook his head.

"Why not?" T-Dog knew Rick couldn't be that obtuse. "It's been a long time comin' with them."

"It's just...I owe Hershel a candy bar now."