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Prologue: Loki Learns a Lesson

Odin had had enough. His son's behavior was out of control. He was using his magic in ways that were simply unacceptable for a Prince of Asgard. Odin had put up with a lot of his pranks over the years but this was going too far. It was time for Loki to learn his lesson. Magic was not something one should not take advantage of.

Loki had taken to using his magic to take on a female form. He would then use that female form to seduce and beguile young Aesir men. Once he had them thoroughly enamored he would revert to his true form and cause the unfortunate young man all sorts of undue humiliation because of the cruel trick. Odin had several angry parents, lords and ladies of his court, storm his throne room to complain about the harmful trick that Loki had been playing. He'd spoken to Loki about using his magic for only necessary purposes but his youngest son did so often become bored and resort to mischief to alleviate that boredom.

Odin had given him several warnings on this matter yet Loki had not heeded them. Now it was time for Odin to take action. He called his youngest son to him to confront him on the matter. Harsh words were spoken between the pair and in the end Odin thought some time spent as a mortal would help put things in perspective for his son. So Odin cast Loki into the body of a stillborn baby girl so that he may live the life of a mortal female. It seemed a fitting punishment to Odin, after all it would perhaps teach his son that he shouldn't use the female form for his cruel tricks.

The young mortal couple rejoiced to discover that their daughter had survived. They never really questioned her bright green eyes, a color neither of them possessed, or her magical abilities. They simply loved her, and raised her to the best of their abilities.

Lily Evans grew up feeling different from others. Some vital, secret part of her just knew that she wasn't the same as other children or even her own family. She felt alone and distant from the rest of the world and as hard as she tried she could never quite shake the feeling. Something felt like it was missing but she couldn't quite figure it out. When she met the young Severus Snape and he told her all about magic she had believed joining the magical world would change things. It would give her a place that she would finally belong.

For years she avidly waited to start Hogwarts. When she did finally go it had been wonderful and exciting. And for a while the newness of it made her forget that strange feeling. Soon that feeling crept back in. Despite the magic that surrounded her she still felt vaguely out of place and disconnected from her own body. She didn't feel real. This life didn't feel real to her. But she did as she had done all her life; she shoved the feeling down into the darkest depths of her mind and tried to move on with her life. She did her best to be happy, and live a productive life as a muggleborn witch.

She worked hard in school. She made friends, loved her family despite the struggles with her older sister, and just had as much fun as she could. She started dating James Potter, fell in love with him, and eventually married him. It was the first time she had ever been in love, and she cherished his utter devotion to her and her alone. When Voldemort rose to power she joined the Order to help protect those that she had grown to care about. She loved her life, loved her friends, and the magical world she become a part of, and she would do anything to stop the one who threatened those she cared about. But then she discovered she was pregnant, and her world tilted on its access. It was the catalyst that changed her entire life.

The birth of her son was the single greatest thing that had ever happened to her. The first time she held her son was the first she could ever remember feeling truly at peace. The missing piece inside of her was suddenly filled. She cherished the child and knew in her heart that she would do anything for him. The discovery that Voldemort would be coming after her child filled her with an unimaginable terror. She and James did everything they could think of to try and protect their son.

But in the end it didn't matter. They were betrayed by someone they trusted, and Voldemort attacked. James lost his life for his wife and son, and Lily Potter nee Evans sacrificed her life for her beloved child. However, that was not the true end of Lily. It destroyed her body but the immortal soul trapped within mortal flesh was released the moment the Killing Curse had hit her. She was returned to her home and her true form.

Loki, Prince of Asgard was dazed and devastated when he woke up in his father's throne room. The return of his millennia of memories momentarily overpowering his memories as Lily Evans. But the urgent need to save his son quickly jumped to the forefront of his mind. Was he too late? Was his son already dead? Seeing how distressed his son was Odin quickly took action. He hadn't meant for his son to suffer so much in his new life and he certainly hadn't meant for him to have a child. He couldn't allow his son to suffer from such pain especially when the child didn't survive. Odin could not sense the child and wanted to save Loki the pain of losing his son. He did the only thing that he could think of. He locked away his son's memories of his time as Lily Evans.

When Loki next awoke his last memories were of Odin threatening to punish him. Odin informed him that his punishment was already over. Loki couldn't help but feel as if there was more to the story. He felt like something truly important was missing but he couldn't quite put his finger on what had actually happened. As the years passed he sometimes had strange dreams. Little did he know these dreams were memories and it would be years before he recovered them in their entirety. And when he did the world would pay for their treatment of his beloved son.

So this is another idea I've had for a while. There are several stories with Loki being James Potter. But Loki is a shape shifter and I thought it would be just as plausible for him to be Lily Potter. However, I'm not sure how much time I will have to write this story since my main focus is still My Son the Wizard. Also I have a less clear view on where I would like this story to go so I really don't know how frequent the updates will be for this story. I also suppose it will depend on the response. If people think this is too overdone then I probably won't spend a lot of time on it. But if they're interested in reading more than just this short prologue than I will be glad to put more effort into it

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