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Chapter 4: Frigid

Loki watched from the shores as his son disappeared beneath the lake. He was filled with anxious anticipation at finally meeting his son. They had so much to discuss, so many years to overcome. Loki had so much to answer for. Would Harry even accept him? It was a truth that was going to be very hard to accept. What kind of person was Harry? There was so much about his son that he wanted to know. Who had he grown up with? Did he know about the events that took place in New York? How was he coping with the changes going on within him?

"You seem quite interested in Potter," came a deep, drawling voice that was all too familiar.

Loki turned to see Severus Snape, his childhood friend, standing behind him. The years had not been kind to Severus. The man looked pale and sallow. His hair was lank and greasier than he remembered it ever being in their youth. The man looked tired as if some great burden was weighing against his shoulders. Loki felt a moment of nostalgia for the boy Severus Snape had been. He had been the first person to befriend Loki when he lived as Lily. The first to truly accept him for his magic, and Loki would always be grateful for such a thing. In all honesty he had been the first friend Loki had ever had.

"Do I?" Loki replied offhandedly.

"Yes, I saw you speaking with him earlier. The two of you seem familiar with one another. Tell me, how do you know him?" Severus questioned.

"I met him at the First Task and we spoke for a bit. He was merely saying hello. He's quite a polite boy. May I ask why you are so interested in my acquaintance with him?" It warmed Loki to think that Severus seemed to be concerned about a stranger speaking to Harry.

"I am his professor. It is my job to pay attention to who my students socialize with. Seeing as you are an unfamiliar face in such a small community I thought I would check in with you," Severus stated easily.

"Ah, of course. I'm glad to see someone taking their position as an educator so seriously. My name is Logan Silversmith. May I ask your name, professor?"

"Severus Snape, I am the potions professor at Hogwarts. From where exactly are you from, Mr. Silversmith?"

"Here and there," Loki shrugged. "But originally I am from the North."

"I see," Severus replied.

Loki could tell that the man didn't believe a word he said. But he hadn't trusted Loki from the beginning. Severus always did have a great sense for catching things that just didn't belong. He was going to be suspicious of him no matter what Loki did or said. It was surprising to see Severus at Hogwarts. Loki would have never thought that the man would have wanted to become a professor of young children. He was certainly capable of it. Severus was the most brilliant potion's master that Loki had known. But he never seemed to be one to have the patience for children.

The two of them spoke for a moment about trivial things. After several moments Loki found himself naturally falling into the same report they had used to share before their falling out in their fifth year. Loki found himself unable to hold on to the same anger he had felt towards Severus before. After all he had fallen down the same path to darkness in his desire to seek revenge against Odin and Thor. The urge to reveal himself to Severus was strong. It would have been nice to have a friend again. He managed to stop himself. The fewer people who knew of his existence and true identity the better.

The whistle blowing interrupted their conversation. One of the contestants finally made it out of the water. The female contestant had already been pulled from the water, however she had failed to complete her task. Loki was pleased to see that it was Harry that had returned first. Of course, with a Jotun's greater strength and speed he was bound to come out on top of these weaker bodied mortals. Harry seemed to have retrieved not just his own important person but also the contestant's who failed. His son had taken the rhyme literally and retrieved the other contestant's sister in fear that she would be kept forever by the merpeople.

Loki smiled when the lovely Veela contestant gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and the boy flushed all the way to the tips of his ears. He was certainly much more modest then James had been despite having the same heroic impulses. Curiosity bloomed inside him as to who his son's own important person. It was a girl, a girl with earrings made of what looked like some sort of vegetable. He certainly seemed to keep interesting company.

"It was nice speaking to you," Loki told Severus, truly meaning it. "However, I am going to take my leave, now."

Loki started walking down to the edge of the lake before Severus could respond. He slipped into the cheering crowd, easily hiding amongst them. He didn't want to draw attention to himself but he wanted Harry to be able to see him. Loki didn't have to wait long. Harry's searching green eyes soon found his own. Loki smiled warmly and tilted his head slightly towards the forest. From where he stood amongst his friends, Harry nodded in agreement.

The forest was peaceful with its touch of frost. The colder weather seemed to slow nature down, and the forest was nearly silent. The silence allowed Loki to hear his son's approaching footsteps long before he made his appearance. He was dressed only in a robe and the swim trunks that he had been provided with for the task. Loki knew that his son no longer felt the bite of the cold but he still felt obligated to provide him with some shoes and a coat.

"Thank you," Harry said in surprise when his feet were suddenly covered in sturdy boots and his torso was covered with a fur lined coat.

"You are quite welcome. You did a wonderful job completing the task. You can handle yourself quite well," Loki commented.

"Thanks," Harry shifted uncomfortably. Now that he was faced with answers he seemed almost unwilling to get started. Loki didn't blame him. He himself was reluctant to begin the discussion. If things went poorly this could very well be the last civil moments he ever had with his son.

"I suppose you have questions?" Loki prompted.

"Did you have an affair with my mother? Are you my real father?" Harry asked bluntly.

"Not exactly," he replied. Loki should have expected this. It was a logical conclusion to draw after seeing the way his skin had changed to match his own. It wasn't even that far off the mark. Loki was proud of Harry's reasoning skills even if they had drawn him to the correct conclusion.

"What do you mean, not exactly? How can you 'not exactly' be my father?" Harry frowned.

"I should start by introducing myself. My name is Loki. I am from Asgard. Or well, I grew up in Asgard but I was born in Jotunheim," Loki corrected himself.

"Loki… You're the one who attacked New York! That's why you look so familiar. Are you really even a friend of my parents?" Harry demanded, pulling out his wand and pointing it Loki.

"I mean you no harm, Harry. Please you must believe me. I would never harm you. What happened in New York was a mistake. One that I regret greatly," Loki said softly.

"Like I believe that. You tried to take over the world. You tried to enslave the human race. You're the God of Lies," Harry argued. "I should just call for the professors. I don't even know why I'm still here."

"Because you are desperate for answers, and I am the only who can give them to you. I want to give them to you. It's past time you had them," Loki explained.

"Then just explain. Why am I turning into a Frost Giant? What is your connection to me?" Harry demanded.

"I was raised by the All-Father, Odin, the King of Asgard. I was raised as his son but I wasn't. I am the monster that Asgardians had been fighting against for centuries. I am Frost Giant. A runt but still a Frost Giant. The son of Laufey, the Jotun's King. Odin took me from Jotunheim during the last war to raise me in hopes of being a bridge between our two peoples. But it became unnecessary, and I became just another stolen relic in Odin's treasury. Of course I did not know this growing up. I simply thought that my father preferred my brother over me no matter what I did. So I acted out. And once I went too far and angered Odin. He punished me. He cast me out of Asgard and into the body of a stillborn female child so that I might learn a lesson. I lived my life as this girl. I grew up, discovered that I was witch. I fell in love, I fought in a war, and I had a child. Then my mortal life ended, and I returned to Asgard where my memories of my mortal life was erased until recently when a… cognitive recalibration returned them to me."

"No. No you can't be saying what I think you are. It's not possible. It's madness," Harry stared at Loki, anger and disbelief written plain across his features.

"I am, Harry. Once I was Lily Potter. I'm your mother," Loki laughed unable to believe the words that had come from his mouth.

"No, you aren't. You're a man, a god. My mother was a witch who sacrificed her life for mine. How dare you try to pretend to be her!" Harry's wand hand shook with his rage, and the illusion keeping his human appearance was fading with the force of his anger. Ice was beginning to spread out from around his feet.

"I'm not lying, Harry. I swear to you I was once Lily Potter. And a part of me always will be. You are my son. That is why your skin is blue. You are a Frost Giant or at least half through my blood. It is the reason you survived Voldemort's attack. Jotuns are immortal and invulnerable to mortal magic," Loki insisted.

"I don't believe you. This is just a cruel trick you're trying to play on me." The tears in Harry's eyes were difficult for Loki to bear.

"Then give me another explanation for why you look like a Frost Giant," Loki demanded.

Harry glanced at his blue hands. "There must be a better explanation. You can't be my mum. People can't have their souls or whatever put in other people's bodies."

"Humans can't but for the All-Father the feat is barely more difficult than a wave of the hand. I was Lily Potter. I'm your mother, or your other father if you prefer to simplify things. Just look," Loki requested and he willed the illusion surrounding him to fall until his Jotun form was revealed.

Harry's eyes swept over his form tracing the intricate markings. His hands reached up to trace his own.

"Each Frost Giant has their own unique markings for they are often a blend between their two parents. The markings, however, are still similar enough that one is capable of recognizing a familial bond between family members," Loki explained.

Just like Harry, Loki had noticed the similarities between their markings. They weren't exactly alike but it was enough that any Jotun who saw them together would know that they were parent and child.

"It doesn't mean anything," Harry argued.

"We have the same eyes and I know everyone must go on and on about how you have your mother's eyes," Loki pointed out as he returned to his Asgardian appearance.

"A lot of people have green eyes," Harry said stubbornly. But Loki could see there was the slightest bit of uncertainty in his tone. Harry couldn't ignore the evidence directly in front of his eyes.

"Not the exact shade of ours. Harry you don't have to believe me just yet. Allow me to prove myself to you. Just give me time to show you I am who I say I am," Loki requested.

"It's just a little difficult to wrap my head around the idea. You're the god who attacked New York, and now you say you're my dead mum? It doesn't make sense. I need proof. Is there something that you can tell me that only my mum would know? Something that I could check with Sirius?"

"So Sirius did raise you? I'm pleased to hear that. Did he manage to mature at all?" Loki asked momentarily distracted. He needed to know that Harry had a happy childhood. Sirius would have done his best to provide one, which is why James and he had chosen him to be Harry's godfather. But the man would have had a lot of growing up to do first.

"No, Sirius didn't raise me. He was sent to Azkaban because he was my parent's Secret Keeper and he betrayed them to Voldemort," said Harry watching Loki closely.

"That's not right. Sirius wasn't our Secret Keeper, it was Peter Pettigrew. Sirius would have never betrayed James. He would have died first. But Sirius and James thought it would be a clever switch that no one would suspect. I wasn't so certain. I should have trusted my instincts and never put our trust in that rat," Loki replied darkly.

Harry's mouth dropped open in surprise. "You know? You know Sirius wasn't the Secret Keeper? You know that Pettigrew is a rat animagus?"

"That's what I just said, didn't I?" Loki smirked knowing that this would push Harry closer to accepting the truth.

"But no one knows about that. No one but Sirius and Remus, Dumbledore and Snape, and Ron and Hermione," Harry protested.

"I know because I was there. I lived it."

"Then what were the other's animagus forms? And what did they call themselves?" Harry demanded.

"The Marauders," Loki sighed in remembrance. He wondered how the pranksters would have felt if the one who was constantly berating them for their childish pranks was actually the real life God of Mischief. "James's form was a stag. Sirius is a large black dog. And Remus didn't have an animagus form because he is a werewolf."

Harry looked stunned. Loki could see the doubt beginning to take hold. Harry just needed a bit more of a push to believe him.

"And Petunia was my sister. She married Vernon Dursley, a vile man. I tried to reconcile the differences that magic had wedged between us when they first started dating. The four of us went on a double and James made a comment about his Gringotts vault. Vernon thought he was taunting him. Petunia and Vernon stormed out of the restaurant. We didn't much after that. She didn't even come to our wedding," Loki murmured. It seemed he was doomed to have difficult sibling relationships.

"That sounds like them," Harry muttered.

"Wait, if Sirius didn't raise you who did?" Loki found himself dreading the answer. But he needed to know even though he could probably guess, and he really didn't like it.

"Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon," Harry replied.

Loki still wasn't prepared for that answer. The thought of those two horrible people with his baby boy almost made him stagger back.

"How did she treat you? Tell me her jealousy towards me didn't affect her treatment of you," Loki demanded.

Harry shrugged and looked away.

"That shrew! I'll kill her," Loki seethed.

"No! You don't need to kill anyone. Petunia wasn't the best but she wasn't completely awful," Harry tried placating.

"I'm sure she treated you as less than her own spawn, and was needlessly cruel to you because of your magic," Loki felt awful. His son had ended up suffering the same fate as his other children. A life of being ostracized and hated for things beyond his control.

"She always treated Dudley better, and gave me him more than me. She wasn't the best but you don't need to kill her," Harry stated firmly.

Then he'd just have to pay her a visit, Loki thought to himself.

"Why were you sent to live with her? There must have been others willing to take you in even after Sirius's arrest," Loki wanted to know. He knew Petunia would have only agreed to take in his son if she was the last resort.

"Dumbledore said there are some sort of blood wards that were created through my mum's sacrifice. So for protection I had to live with my mum's last living relatives. I have to return to there every summer to renew them," Harry explained.

Blood wards were tricky things but they could create extremely powerful protections. Loki could see where Dumbledore would have come to that conclusion. It didn't mean that he liked it and that it made the choice a good one. He just hoped that Dumbledore had been keeping an eye on Harry's treatment. If he hadn't there would be Hel to pay. Harry insisted that Petunia hadn't done anything wrong besides not treating him the same as her own son. But in Loki's eyes that was bad enough. Protecting Harry with the blood wards would have even been a wise choice but not at the risk of leaving Harry without a happy, loving family.

Now that Harry's remaining mortal blood was burning out of him the bloods wards would soon be useless anyway. He was coming of age. His Jotun blood was dominating his mortal blood. Soon Harry would share no familial connection to Petunia leaving the blood wards null and void. Loki explained this to Harry.

"It'd be nice, not actually being related to the Dursleys. But if I don't go with them then where would I go? There were Death Eaters that attacked at the World Cup. I'd put whoever I was with in danger."

"You'll come with me this summer. I'm a god, as you keep bringing up, I can easily get rid of any who dare try to harm you," Loki said firmly disregarding the fact that he didn't have anywhere to go this summer.

"How can I go with you? I don't even know if what you've been saying is the truth," Harry said but Loki could see how much he wanted to say yes.

"You know it is. A part of you recognizes me. You know what I've told you is the truth," Loki insisted.

"No, no I don't," Harry denied. "And I don't know why you decided to play with me like this."

"You're my son that is why I'm here. All I want is to get to know you, and be there for you as I was unable to for the first part of your life."

"Right, that's very nice of you. I need to think about this. I need to find out the truth for myself," Harry whispered.

"Of course, I understand completely. I am a stranger after all with quite the outlandish tale. You need time to adjust, to believe," Loki said keeping a blank mask firmly in place. He couldn't let Harry see how much his unwillingness to believe him hurt him.

"Thank you for understanding. I appreciate it," Harry nodded and awkwardly made to leave.

"Take this with you. I can give you time. But when you've finally realized the truth I want you to be able to contact me and this ring will help. It will also cover you with an illusion to hide the change in your appearance," Loki pulled a jade ring from his finger and passed it to Harry. "When you wish to speak to me again simply say my name into the ring."

"I will," Harry promised. "Bye"

"I'll see you soon," Loki replied.

Loki watched with a sinking heart as his son walked away from him and back up to the castle. The conversation could have gone a lot worse but it could have been better. Loki would have thought the proof of his appearance would have been enough to convince Harry of who he was. At least Harry hadn't completely disregarded what he was trying to tell him. There was still hope that his son and he would be able to build a relationship. Now that he was hidden from the eyes of Heimdall and the Avengers he would have the time to do just that.


Two months had passed since Harry's meeting with Loki. Harry still didn't know what to make of the story that Loki had told him. A part of him believed him and the other part wanted to believe what Loki had told him. He wanted to believe it so badly because then it meant that Harry had a living parent in the world that actually cared about him. But it was just so… so farfetched. Loki, the God of Mischief and Lies, was his mum. It was crazy and unbelievable. Yet, Harry thought it might be the truth. It would explain so much.

Harry hadn't allowed himself to think about it too much. He'd only allowed himself to look up a spell that would reveal ones genealogy. He hadn't used it yet; he was working up the courage to. He was spending his time focusing on his schoolwork. Ron and Hermione questioned him on his changes. For the first time in his life he had outright lied to both of them. He told them that he had talked to Sirius and that he had told him it was a latent trait in the Potter family. He explained that Sirius had even taught him how to hide the changes. They were a bit skeptical but they had no reason to think that Harry would have lied about something so important, and since they didn't see him turning blue anymore they couldn't argue with the results. Harry just wasn't ready to tell them about the conversation he had had with Loki in the forest. Luna didn't ask him about it and for that he was grateful. He wasn't ready to believe it yet let alone have to explain it to others.

It wasn't until after a conversation with Sirius that the conversation with Loki was brought to the forefront of his mind. It turned out that the dinner Loki had told about had actually happened. His dad had told Sirius about the incident and how terrible he had felt to cause more strain between his mum and Aunt Petunia. This got him thinking. He had procrastinated long enough. It was time for him to find out the truth for himself. He needed to know one way or the other if he what Loki had been was true or not.

The night after speaking to Sirius he settled himself in a secluded classroom. He pulled out a piece of parchment and let a drop of his blood fall onto it. Harry then performed the spell on the parchment. He watched as the blood on the parchment seemed to come alive. The blood spread out across it. Words began to form. The spell was the simplest one he could find that would be the most accurate. It only revealed a person's parents it didn't list grandparents or other ancestors.

Harry watched with bated breath as the names of his parents appeared on the parchment. Sure enough James Potter was one of them. Harry allowed himself a sigh of relief. He had been worried that Loki was lying to him and it would turn out that his dad wasn't his real father. The second name that appeared sent him reeling. There on the parchment as plain as day was the name Loki Odinson. Harry grabbed up the parchment and shoved it into his bag. He quickly stalked from the classroom. He didn't know where he was going but at the moment he just needed to move.

It was true. Everything that Loki had told him was true. His mum was really a god who had been put in a placed into a human body. A god that had tried to destroy the Earth. He said he regretted it but the fact remained that he had still tried to do it. Where had he been his whole. He said he had lost his memories. Something must have happened when Voldemort had killed his mortal body.

The question now was whether or not Harry wanted to contact Loki. Technically the man was his mum or well his other father. It was a bit confusing to think about. Of course it just had to happen to him. He was grateful to have a living parent. His mum, other father, was alive. The person who had loved Harry enough to give their life for his was alive, and he wanted to be a part of Harry's life. But nothing could ever be simple with Harry. His other father had to be an enemy to the world, and someone who was just as feared as Voldemort.

Harry was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he never heard the footsteps moving up behind him. He only felt the spell strike him in the back moments before darkness overcame his vision.


Harry woke to voices. His head was pounding and he felt a bit sluggish.

"You've done well, Barty. Your masssster is pleassssed," hissed a sibilant voice.

"Thank you, my lord," replied a voice that sounded suspiciously like Moody's. "If I may ask, my lord, what will you do with him? You can't use his filthy creature blood after all."

Moody was working for Voldemort? He'd told Voldemort about Harry being a Frost Giant. Dumbledore had trusted him. How could something like this escaped his and everyone else's notice?

"Yesssss, hiss heritage changed thingsss quite a bit. But hisss blood may be filthy but Jotunsss are immortal creaturess. I have devised a ssspell to harnesss hisss power and ressstore myself to my former greatnessss," hissed the voice that could only belong to the person from Harry's worse nightmares.

Harry needed to get out of here and right now he only had one option: the ring that Loki had given to him. Harry cracked open his eyes to see Moody speaking to someone sitting in a high-backed cushioned chair. They were in a dirty and decrepit old house. They were completely immersed in their own conversation. Harry knew that now would be the best chance to call for Loki. He moved his hand carefully along the floor, closer to his mouth so he could whisper into the ring. The ring was almost touching his lips when a foot stomped down on his wrist and the rest of his body was bound up tightly with a quick incarcerous.

"Not so fast brat," said Peter Pettigrew.

Harry glared up at the chubby, balding man. He was fairly certain his eyes were glowing with the force of his hatred for the rat-like man. The man whimpered a bit and probably wouldn't have dared to touch Harry if he had been alone. But he wasn't.

"What do you think you're doing, Potter? How the hell are you even awake right now? I thought that spell would have put you out longer," Moody growled.

"You forget, Barty, Jotunsss are very durable creaturesss," Voldemort hissed.

"Master, Potter was trying to get to a ring on his finger," Wormtail chirped.

"Let me sssee. Barty turn me around," Voldemort commanded.

Moody or Barty or whoever he was moved quickly to comply. He turned the large chair with a flick of his wrist and Harry was confronted with the ugliest creature he had ever seen, even uglier than the Hagrid's blast-ended skrewts. It looked like child. A shriveled and skeletal like child with red eyes and snake like features.

"See what you have reduced me to Harry Potter? Although, it makes sense to me now how you survived. A mortal magical spell can not kill an immortal," Voldemort mused. But there was a hunger in his eyes as he gazed at Harry. After all Harry had what Voldemort desperately wanted. A longer life span.

"I don't want to be immortal. But you're the last person I would give my immortality to," Harry said simply, staring defiantly up at Voldemort.

"You have no choice, Harry Potter. You will help me in my rise back to power. I will be unstoppable once I have drained you of your power. Now Wormtail take his ring," Voldemort snapped he'd caught Harry trying to covertly move it closer.

Wormtail jumped to comply and yanked it from Harry's finger. The moment he did the illusion fell. The black ropes binding Harry snapped as he grew taller and wider. His robes ripped down the seams as well. Loki had said he was a Frost Giant runt, and he hadn't grown taller when revealing his Jotun form. Harry had assumed he would be the same. But it seemed Loki's small stature hadn't been passed down to Harry. In the last few months he had grown while his form had been hidden from him. He wasn't as tall as Hagrid but he was at least seven and half feet.

Voldemort and the others hadn't been expecting the transformation either. Harry was able to get to his feet. But he was wobbly and not used to controlling this much larger body. It was bigger, stronger, and somehow faster. It was horribly disorienting. Unfortunately he didn't have his wand so he would have to try for a physical attack. His skin was deadly enough so he would simply try touching them. He tried to lunge and he managed to knock over Wormtail. But Barty or Moody fired off a petrificus totalus. It caused Harry to stiffen up a bit. He pushed through it. But the second and the third finally felled him. He went crashing to floor causing the entire house to vibrate.

"Well, Potter, I've never seen a Frost Giant up close. You're certainly more monstrous than I was expecting. At least I discovered the truth about your heritage before I used your disgusting blood," Voldemort gloated and carelessly tossed the ring into the opposite corner. "Barty begin the ritual."

"Should I check on Wormtail," Moody, who was looking less like Moody and more like a tall thin man, offered.

"Leave him. He's served his purpose for now and would be useless for such a spell," Voldemort dismissed.

Barty nodded and got to work despite the fact that his leg and eye were starting to regrow as he moved about the room. Harry had a limited view of what was happening. He was stuck on his back and could only see things out of the peripherals of his eyes. Barty would come back every so often to cast another petrificus totalus on him. What Barty didn't know was that the more the spell was cast the greater Harry's tolerance to the spell became. Soon the spell would stop working. All Harry needed to do was be patience and hope that it would happen soon so he could escape. Once Barty was ready to begin he levitated Harry into a circle of ruins. Voldemort was placed in another circle. Harry could feel his fear rising into the pit of his stomach. He located the door and prepared to run as soon as he could move again. However, when Barty began to chant it locked Harry in place. All of his limbs felt frozen, a deep unnatural cold rose within him. It wasn't the cold of winter but the cold feeling of deep fear and emptiness. Then it got worse. Suddenly it felt like the life was being pulled and yanked from him.

He screamed and finally he was able to struggle. Harry fought for his life. He used every scrape of his stubborn will to break free of whatever enchantment he was being put under. Distantly he could hear Barty shouting but Harry didn't care he needed to escape. He needed to get away. Harry pulled his power up from the deep well inside himself that he didn't even know he had and he let it out. There were bright explosions of light and everything became flashes of memory. Disjointed and confusing.

He saw himself stumbling out of an old manor house. Next he was running through a field in the dawn light. Next a robot made of red and gold armor landed in front of him. Harry wasn't sure but he thought he pierced it with an icy spear somehow. A man in a red cape with a hammer tried to reason with him but Harry was incapable of understanding, everything was too muddled. His thoughts were rattling around inside his head with all the force of bowling balls. Everything felt like a happening too fast. The world was spinning out of control. Next came a green monster huge and strong. It roared and slammed Harry into the ground. He could do nothing against it's strengths. Finally, the welcoming darkness rose up to meet Harry. He gladly drifted down into its embrace. Maybe everything would make sense when he woke. Maybe.

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