Obi-wan stopped his exercises at the sound of his com ringing. It wasn't chirp of a normal call, it was the distinctive tone of official council business. He sighed. He had been requested more and more frequently to sit in on council sessions since it was discovered 5 years ago that he was the seer. He stood and answered. He was fully prepared to refuse, as he had numerous times before. There were times that he though the only reason he was not ordered was because Mace and Yoda had all but ordered them to respect his wishes. And while they still called he could always refuse. And in fact he did more often then not. The only times he agreed was when the force told him he was needed.

He picked up the still ringing com. "Yes?" He said. "Need you we will in the council chambers in one hour." Was the immediate response. Obi-wan's eye brows rose. Yoda very rarely called him in. And every time he did it had been for a good reason. He spoke then. "Well what do you need me for?" "Testing a child we are. Very strong in the force. Too old to be trained possibly. Need your insight we will." Obi-wan let the force flow through him. "I will be there. I need to shower and change first. Will I be in my normal spot?" "No in a chair you will be. Between Mace and myself." Obi-wan was startled. Usually he just stood in one of the alcoves and watched. He was very rarely pulled into the actually session. "If you say so Master Yoda I will be there in 45 minutes." He then clicked off the com and went to shower. After a quick shower he changed into his robes. He deliberately chose his nicest and most formal robes. Something told him that they would be needed.

As he walked down the hallway he was aware of the stares he received. He winced internally. He was much more comfortable being anonymous. But 5 years after he moved into his new quarters he had received a vision. He felt that he had to tell the council, and the force had backed him up. He had interrupted a council session to bring them the vision. It was only after Mace and Yoda fought long and hard for him was he able to leave the chambers. He learned later that they had continued to argue for hours after words until they had reached the agreement now in place. But not long after the council knew, all the temple knew. Though No one but Mace or Yoda had any idea exactly how many visions he was subjected to.

The doors of the council chamber swung open before him. He slowly walked across the mosaic floor to the seat Yoda had told him of. Settling himself down he turned to wait for the rest of the council to arrive.