Obi-wan walked through the hallways of the place in deep thought. He had been amazed at the conversation he had had with Mace and Yoda. They had told him that he had a task set upon him by the force. And that it would not] allow him to die. That's what the force healing was. Frankly it still amazed Obi-wan. He knew that he had always had a strong rapport with the Unifying Force but had never even though it could extend to force healing.

He slowed down as he approached the medical chambers. He knew Qui-gon had not awoken as of yet. The Force had repelled him in such a way that his mind had shut down in order to heal. No one knew when he would wake, but it was not likely to be very soon. Obi-wan looked down at the small braid in his hands. It was all that was left of his padawan tail. He had considered burning it with the rest but he had decided against it. He entered the chamber and looked at his former master. **Well at least he can train Anakin now. The council has already approved it. All

he has to do is wake up.** And while Obi-wan was sad that he would no longer have the opportunity to be Qui-gon's padawan, he looked forward to the fact that they might be friends. He carefully reached out and twined the braid into Qui-gon's hands. And with a final look at the man he had always respected he left the room.

He headed quickly down the corridor and to the waiting transport. He was going to the outer rim. Someone had been stirring things up out there. There was talk of receding from the republic. It was Obi-wan's first duty as a knight. He was to go and discover if the talk was true. If it was he was supposed to find who started it. He smile slightly. Who better to send on a mission deciphering patters than one trained in it? After all he had eyes in the force.

Some hours later Qui-gon woke up. And looking down he saw the braid in his hand. Instantly realizing what it meant he mourned the loss of an apprentice. But just as Obi-wan he looked forward to making a new friend.

And in the center of the galaxy the darkness continued to grow.