Chapter 1

Jake's P.O.V

My name is Jake Puckerman. I am what you called a normal teenage boy, well most of the time. I mean I date, I party and I have a lot of friends. I don't consider myself exactly popular but I am not a loser that is for sure. I'm more of the lonely heartthrob. Everyone wants to be around me because I am not afraid of anything.

Some people say that I act the way I act because I never had a father and sometimes I think they may be right. I am constantly trying to prove myself that am worth it, which I can do whatever I want and I guess that sometimes he's in my mind.

I live in a small town so everyone knows what happened to my family. They all know who my dad is and what he did. It's annoying to be in everyone's rumors and whispers but my mom and I try not to let it get to us. We know that at the long run it's just us and I like it that way.

Living in a small town is pretty boring. One has to look for new things to do every day or you'll die of boredom. The only good things we have is the small fair next to the beach and of course the beach. There are decent waves now and then but it gets to the point to be boring.

I would kill for something to change around here one day.

But today is just like any other day. Me and my pals are sitting in front of the surf shop, on the end of the beach, looking at waves go by and the ladies bathe. It was hobby we had.

"Dude, did you hear? We have newbie coming for this summer" one of my friend, Jason, commented, his eyes trailing up and down a blonde hair girl from our class. She had just arrived with her friends and they were getting ready for their daily tan.

"Hn" I hum uninterested.

"Really? Boy or Girl?" another friend, Liam, ask.

"Girl. The granddaughter of the from down the lane" Jason answers. "Jake's neighbor"

I lifted my head, now this was interesting. If I remember correctly Old man Rose had mention a granddaughter my age a few time and I think I've seen a few pictures of a little girl but last thing I heard was that they hadn't seen her in years.

"Apparently her parents are getting divorce and they shipped her off here for the summer" Jason continue. "She gets here today"

I nod but I don't answer. I'm not the kind of guys who uses many words to express myself but I know it makes sense that she gets here today. Yesterday was the last day of school, officially today was summer but I can't say the same about the other things Jason said. Who knows the real reason this girl is coming to the most boring town in America.

"I hope she's hot" Liam grin on of his perverted grins that makes me shudder. The guy was more of a player than I was. I had a limit but not Liam. Liam would just hit anything that had a skirt. "Maybe we should pass by. Say Hello" he said excitedly.

"No" I said glaring at him. The Rose's are very nice people. They are always helping my mom and I when we need it. Heck they even make dinner for them and us every Sunday. I'm not about to let my bonehead friend screw their only granddaughter. "You're going to stay away from her. Got it?" I warn him.

I don't even have to repeat myself because I can see the fear in his eyes already. He knows I could beat him up in second. "Okay Jake" he said and resumes watching the ladies tanning in the beach. I nod and look back at the girls but I can't stop my head from wondering about this new girl.

I know I will see her when I come home and I'm almost wondering what is she like or what does she look like. Her grandparents are always saying she's a sweetheart but they haven't seen her in years. She's probably changed.

Heck I bet even my grandparents tell their friend I'm a good guy, which everyone knows I'm not. I fight. I screw and party too hard sometimes but they don't know better. They only see what they want to see and who are we to correct them.

"Dudes!" we hear someone screaming out as the sound of flip flops smack against the sand. We all turn to see our friend Ryder running towards us waving his hands. Ryder is completely different from us. He actually cares about school. He doesn't party and I am 90% sure he's still a virgin but Ryder is a good guy and he's fun to be around with, even when he is being a complete dork and not mention he is my best friend since kinder garden. A couple of kids were picking on him and save his ass, after that we were inseparable. He's the only one who knows how things are in my house. He knows about my dad and about my mom and how much I hate my father. He's the only one I trust to tell him anything. "Guess who won the bid the first Superman edition?" he asked with a grin and we all look at each other.

"Dude, how are you going to get laid if you keep obsession over comic books?" Jason groans shaking his head. We wait for answer even though we already know what he's going to say.

"Whoever ends up with me will love me and my comics" Ryder glared and I try hard not chuckle at my best friend. He's a helpless romantic. He's pathetic and I can't help but shake my head. "Anyways… that's not everything I came here to say. Jake, I saw your mom and she told me to tell you to get your ass home because you need to clean your room" he said. We stared at each other because we both know I won't go. "And she said it with her crazy eyes" except if he says that.

I groan and slowly get up and stretch lazily. "I'll see you guys later" I say and start walking away because I know how much trouble I can get if I don't come home right away. I might be a badass but not suicidal.

I make it home in less than an hour, just in time to see a car drive away from the Rose's house. I continue my way inside and just as my flip flop smacks against the porch I hear my name being called.

"Jacob" Mrs. Rose calls to me and stop. "Meet my granddaughter" she says to me. "This is the boy I was telling you about Marley. He's a good boy" she said and I roll my eyes before I turn around. I half expect a goth girl with long black hair and black lips with piercings everywhere glaring at me but that's not what is in front of me.

Instead my dark eyes meet with a sweet set of blue eyes and I feel the air in my lungs just disappear and since that very first moment I met Marley Rose, I knew I was a goner.