I'm going to get this out right now. I am not killing off Gabriel in that hotel, but I am planning a sequel for after Adam is taken by Micheal. It will be about Bree learning about his full powers and generally figuring out how to stop the Apocalypse.

The sequel will be a series of chapters on Bree's adventures through the various alternate time lines that have occurred until someone reset the clock. This next story will lean more towards Supernatural with brief mentions of Bree screwing around the magical world. Considering the fact I'm on a roll now, I should be belting out chapters for the new story rather quickly. Enjoy!

Bree woke up to the familiar smell of chocolate and the undercurrent of something he always associated with his father. He opened up his eyes to see a worried Gabriel.

"Hey kiddo...you're more trouble than both Winchesters combined! We had to seal your Grace just to keep Micheal off our tail," said Gabriel.

"Not my fault...you never said it was so bloody hard to control it once I unsealed my wings."

"I wasn't expecting you to try that for at least a few years. Not with Lucifer out on the prowl. I'm not mad kid, but next time try to be more careful."

"I will dad. Where are we... never mind."

Bree spent far too much time in Bobby's panic room. Bobby had even started to call it "Bree's room" as a joke because of how often he crashed in there.

If that was so, he was getting a new damn mattress.

"I'll show you some exercises later. Now I need something from you," said Gabriel.

"I'll cook the Loki special later..." whined Bree. He hated waking up in the morning!

"Get up lazybones," said Gabriel, flipping the mattress with Bree on it.

"ARGH! Why you!" said Bree, grabbing a pillow and nailing his father with it.

"Is Bree awake yet?" yelled Dean.

Gabriel opened his mouth to answer, but got a face full of feathers for his trouble. He grinned evilly and grabbed the other pillow and nailed Bree. Dean looked down and got a pillow to the face.

"He's awake," said Dean, spitting out feathers.

"You two idjits are cleaning up that damn mess!" shouted Bobby.

Castiel appeared to see how Bree was doing, only to get nailed by pillows.

"What are you two doing?" he asked.

"Pillow fight. Dad flipped me off the bed, so I retaliated," said Bree grinning. Last time it was a water gun battle because Gabriel had given Jesse a super soaker to get him out of bed in the morning.

Bree had never seen someone learn the water summoning charm so quickly.

"And what is the purpose of this...pillow fight?" asked Castiel curiously.

Bree had a sudden idea.

"Hang on a second."

He vanished and then reappeared with Dean, Sam and Jesse.

"Guys, Castiel doesn't know the purpose of a pillow fight. Care to help me demonstrate?" he asked.

"We'll need pillows," said Dean grinning. Payback time for the attack earlier.

Gabriel snapped his fingers and fluffy pillows appeared. Dean promptly nailed Bree, who attacked Sam. Jesse grinned and got them both, while Gabriel handed Cas a pillow and told him to hit any of the boys with it. He hit Gabriel first.

By the time the feathers were all gone, Bobby had been recording the whole thing with Gabriel's video camera.

"Are you girls done?" he asked. He didn't hear the snap, but he felt something stick all over him before what remained of the pillows hit him.

"Idjits," said Bobby with humor.

"I still do not understand the purpose of that fight," said Cas.

"It's stress release mostly," said Bree.

Gabriel cleaned up the mess with a few snaps of his fingers, but the result was still the same. Bree, Sam and Dean were all a lot more relaxed than they had been coming home, and Dean wasn't suicidal anymore. Bree had done much to mend the bond between brothers. Talking to someone who understood and didn't judge them helped immensely. Plus he had forced Dean, Bobby and Sam into a group session where they got out all their old feelings and just talked. Well, it was less of a group session and more of a kidnapping where Bree locked them up and told them that unless they got everything out in the open they weren't coming out.

Needless to say Sam broke first on that end. If Bree hadn't silenced the room, he could have heard the shouting all the way from the kitchen, and that room was bloody soundproof!

"So what now?" asked Dean.

"Now I show Bree how to control his grace so it doesn't spill out while you two idjits find Pestilence," said Gabriel.

"What about Death?" asked Sam.

"He'll find Bree, trust me. The two are practically drawn to each other," said Gabriel.

"The ring," said Sam in realization.

"The Walker is a being who walks hand-in-hand with life and death. The fact he mastered the Hallows without intending to only means Death won't hate him on sight," said Gabriel.

Castiel shuddered at the name.

"What's with Cas?" asked Dean.

"'He is the one who walks in the path of god,

Glory and Damnation hand-in-hand

He is the one who walks in the light

Seeing neither death nor life as pages read in the night

To walk in his path is to see His creation in full

Does the Walker chose the path, or the path choose the Walker?'" said Castiel.

"What is that?" asked Sam.

"A warning. The Walker can go wherever he wants so long as it follows the path only he can see. The last time one showed up, a lot of people and five angels died. I think the humans have their own name, though they got his origin wrong," said Gabriel.

"Who?" asked Bobby.

"You humans call his kind 'The Walking Man' because usually it's men who are chosen to walk that path," said Castiel.

"But that angel said that Fate had chosen Bree," said Sam in confusion.

"It's usually a toss up over who gets picked. Generally God does it, but I guess Fate got sick and tired of resetting the clock. The last time a Walker was called, a lot of creatures fled Germany," said Gabriel.

"How do you know that?"

"I was there screwing around with the Nazis! You think I would pass up on messing with some hypocrites as bad as them? The second that Walker showed up, I got the hell out of there!" said Gabriel.

"Sadly that doesn't surprise me that you were making someone else's life hell," said Dean.

"Why do you think he was called?" asked Castiel.

"I was called to clean up after your brothers," said Bree flatly.

The angels jumped, Cas more than Gabriel though.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that something is going to force me through the alternate time lines to clean up after Micheal and Lucifer," said Bree.

"What could possibly force you to do that?" asked Sam.

"Me coming into contact with Micheal in his pure form for one. Lucifer has to inhabit his vessel, but Micheal is more patient. However both of them would wreck the place if left unchecked like they have before."

"So why were you made as Gabriel's son this time?" asked Castiel.

"Because he is the only one who remembers. Out of all the creatures, he was the only one who knew about the resetting of the clocks. Possibly because he was protected by his Loki persona," said Bree, cocking his head.

"Actually it's because I had consistent contact with the Winchester boys. I ran into them three times, and I somehow came into contact with both their blood the first go around thanks to Kali when she leaned over to kill me. Thanks to that I was allowed to remember...or it could be because I would eventually take James Potter a vessel once Fate knew this wasn't going to end without a very good counterweight on the side of the humans for a change," said Gabriel.

"How did it end the first time?" asked Bobby.

"Sam tossed himself and Adam Winchester into the pit after acquiring all four rings. The problem was that Harry Potter had mastered Death, so the seal was incomplete and Lucifer had all the time in the world to break Sam in the pit. He rose up and created that future you saw Dean. The one where the Croatoan virus ran loose and it was impossible to bring Micheal back," said Gabriel with a frown.

"Adam died," said Dean with a frown.

"The angels bring him back, or will soon. He's of John Winchester's bloodline, so he's a viable replacement for Dean, even if he isn't perfect."

"When?" asked Dean hoarsely.

"You'll know. Cas will be drawn to where he is revived," said Gabriel.

Castiel felt a sudden surge of energy, and vanished to the area. He killed four angels, and found Adam.

"Where is Zachariah?" Adam demanded.

"That arrogant prick was banished to heaven for meddling in the affairs of humans one too many times. I'm his superior," said Gabriel.

"Which one are you? Bree?" sneered Adam.

"I'm Gabriel you arrogant little prick. And just so you know, you aren't Micheal's new vessel. You may have the blood, but you haven't got the ability to handle his full power," said Gabriel with a snarl. He should have known Zachariah would pull a stunt like this to piss him off.

Adam looked very much like he would argue with the arch angel, but Gabriel looked at Sam and Dean with puppy dog eyes.

"Mind if I take this kid on a reality trip?" he begged.

"Go for it, but don't kill him," said Dean.

"If I do I can just bring him back. Remember the Mystery Spot?" smirked Gabriel.

"Thanks for reminding me. Bree?" said Dean. Bree summoned something that looked painful.

"OW!" cried Gabriel as something hard and metal slammed into his head. It wouldn't knock his ass out, but it still hurt like a bitch.

"If he's really the arch angel Gabriel, why did you just hit him with a metal baseball bat?" asked Adam smugly.

"Because my father killed Dean 1,025 times in a single day just to teach Sam a lesson. Trust me, Dean has good reason to be annoyed by the words 'Mystery Spot'" said Bree with a snort.

"Your father?"

"Hi, I'm Gabriel Winchester, adopted. Everyone calls me Bree because it gets confusing with two Gabriels. But next time you speak to that arrogant asshole Zachariah, tell him the Walker is waiting to kick his ass and ready to strangle him. We banished him to Heaven for a reason kid," said Bree.

Adam looked at the older Winchester brothers with scorn.

"So you'll accept a filthy half-breed but you wouldn't even come to save me?" he said.

Sam and Dean winced at the look of deadly calm on Bree's face.

"Dad, mind if I take this one?"

Gabriel looked at Bree's face and openly winced.

Bree vanished with Adam...and returned ten hours later with a pale kid who looked like he had seen a demon.

Though in the case of a really pissed off Bree, perhaps that wasn't too far off the mark.

"What did he do to you?" asked Dean in morbid curiosity.

"I showed him a war. One in which the enemy didn't care if you were a civilian or a neutral party," said Bree flatly.

"You what?" said Gabriel.

"I took him to the early days of Voldemort's first reign. Only I replaced Voldemort with Lucy and Dumbledore with Micheal," said Bree with a shrug.

"Ah...you gave him the best comparison you could and switched the looks of the players didn't you?" said Gabriel.

"Yeah, but chances are that Adam here is boned anyway," said Bree.

"What?" said Dean.

"The dumb ass accepted a deal from the angels. That means they can take over his body whether he likes it or not. They let Castiel recapture him in order to see if they could grab you instead. Adam is both bait and an asset at the same time. If they can't convince you to say yes, then Micheal will just swoop in to grab Adam instead. Either way you're screwed brat," said Bree.

"I hate to say it, but Bree's right. He became more vulnerable than you two chuckleheads because he accepted the deal to be resurrected. If they can't trick you into saying yes, then they'll just use his body. They just need the Winchester bloodline, and it doesn't matter to them if it's the oldest brother or the youngest," said Gabriel.

"I still don't believe you're Gabriel the angel," said Adam.

"Yeah, well since you were stupid enough to accept a deal from that imbecile Zachariah, you won't be able to remember," said Gabriel. He tapped Adam on the head, and there was a brief flash of light.

"What did you do to me?"

"Fidelius Charm. Seals away knowledge unless the one holding the secret, I/E me, tells the other person. In this case you can't tell Micheal who I am or where I'm hiding without me telling him personally. That includes memories as well. Micheal won't be able to find me in the event you end up his vessel and everyone else here was already covered by it," said Gabriel smugly.

Adam only knew about him being Gabriel...he didn't know about the arch angel's stunt to avoid heaven's radar by becoming the Trickster god Loki.

"Adam's gone," said Castiel.

"How?" demanded Bree. He had scared the little shit straight, but there wasn't any telling with civilians.

"He was kidnapped by angels," said Castiel.

"He's in the Green Room in Van Nuys," said Gabriel.

"Right, Dean you want to come or stay?"

"Can you...I don't know, pretend to be me?" asked Dean.

Bree snatched some hair off his head. Dean was less than pleased by that.

"I'll be back," said Bree. A few minutes later a second Dean Winchester walked in.

"This better Dean?" asked his copy.

"What the hell?!" said Dean. Bobby was right next to him in shock. He tossed a silver knife at the double, who caught it with ease and cut one of his fingers.

"It's polyjuice potion, you idjits," said Dean.

"Polyjuice?" said Dean and Bobby.

"A potion that allows you to take the form of another as long as you have a piece of them. In this case a few strands of your hair and we now have two Dean Winchesters," said Gabriel for their benefit.

"Even angels have trouble telling the difference," admitted Cas.

"Dean can stay in the panic room while we rescue Adam," said Bree.

"That is beyond creepy," said Dean.

Bree smirked.

"Imagine the fun you could have pretending to be Sam or Bobby. Too bad it doesn't work with angel vessels, since they qualify as already dead," said Bree.


"The polyjuice potion won't allow you to take the form of someone already dead. Angel vessels like Castiel or Gabriel are considered 'dead' by magical standards because the true soul of the body has already passed on," said Bree.

"Wait, you mean Cas and Loki are already dead?"

"They released the souls on to heaven once they accepted to act as vessels for angels. It's less painful for the human souls that way. Some take them by force, but both Cas and Gabriel released the souls once they took full possession," said Bree.

"We don't let them suffer through the pain. Two souls cannot coexist in the same body...one would always suffer."

"Or in the case of Harry Potter, they would absorb all the powers of the intruding soul into their own," said Gabriel far too cheerfully.

Bree had his bag hidden in his pocket, since he had the worst feeling that he wouldn't be leaving this place with everyone. He waited for the signal...and he took another drink from his flask, despite the look Sam shot him. The double shot of polyjuice insured that it would last a bit longer than normal.

They raced in to get Adam, though 'Dean' didn't think the kid would last this day.

They stormed the room, only to find the most annoying angel in existence (at least in Bree's opinion) waiting for them. Apparently Micheal was giving Zachariah one last chance, though this was pushing it.

Bree would have burst Zachariah's bubble, but he noticed something first.

The bastard didn't have his grace anymore. He didn't work around the banishment, he must have made a deal with Micheal to return his grace later.

Which technically made the bastard a fallen angel, thus gave Bree all the reason he needed to kill him.

"So tell me, who's holding your chain now asshole?" asked Bree.

"Micheal's agreed to let me come back with honors if I bring him you Dean. And he's agreed to let me come back to Earth to kill that damn abomination Bree," sneered Zachariah.

"You don't have any grace left in you, do you?" said Sam from across the room.

"It was the only way to fulfill Micheal's orders," said Zachariah.

"Good," said Bree, before he slammed Gabriel's blade into the bastard's skull. Zachariah's look was almost comical when he realized Bree wasn't Dean.

"Dean!" shouted Sam.

"It's me Bree ya idjit. Dean's back with Bobby looking up where the last two horsemen are," said Bree.

Sam was helped out of the room by Cas while Bree went to help Adam. The door slammed shut after Sam cleared the door.


Bree slammed into the door with the full force of his weight and nothing happened. He even tried teleporting with Adam out. Something blocked it, and the light was growing hot.

Bree caught a glimpse of Micheal's true form before he passed out and he heard Adam's scream as Micheal forcefully stole his body.

He woke up outside the same warehouse where his father forced Sam and Dean to experienced sitcom hell.

And that is where I end Hunter. Next is Walker, where Bree finds his way home by going through the various alternates and either ending or preventing the apocalypse from happening altogether.