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Bella P.O.V.

Today was the day I was going to get married but that all changed when I saw the Volturi come.

Their faces were either mad or sad but I didn't know why until they told us.

Aro told us that Edward was cheating on me with other females, vampires and humans alike.

I was so angry that I started to feel boiling hot; I knew that I was changing into a shape-shifter.

I didn't care that I was turning; I just wanted to get rid of Him, the one who said he loved me.

Finally I finished changing into a wolf, my fur was pure white and my eyes were green which I saw from a bowl of water.

I didn't think I just ripped Him to pieces and nobody cared except Alice, I knew then that she knew and that she was with Him.

I looked at Jasper and he just nodded, I instantly ripped her to pieces also.

Then I went over to Jasper and nuzzled his hand, he looked happy that he was free from the manipulations those two did to us.

The Volturi looked proud that I got rid of Him but where confused why I got rid of Alice.

I instantly changed back to a human and I noticed that I kept my clothes through the change which I was happy about.

I told the Cullens and the Volturi why I got rid of Alice which made them all growl.

I also told them that I have three mates/imprints that were Jasper, Caius, and Marcus.

My three mates all gathered me in a hug which made me pur because I was so happy that they loved me.

so what happens now i asked letting out a little whimper has jasper let of me to through Alice and Edward in a fire pit that the guards had started.

you and jasper come us back to the castle because the volturi can't be down two kings and Marcus and I can't go without our mates.

I am sorry Carlisle for what has happen here today but it needed to be done Caius spoke

I understand, Edward had become the one thing he never wanted to be, a monster. I just have to say I am sorry to jasper he was in pain the whole time we were away from forks and I didn't believe him when he was mated to Bella and then when we came back I made him stay away from her.

is that true? i asked wrapping my arms around jasper.

he nodded putting his head in my neck.

is that why you have and still do look sick even through that's impossible?

he nodded.

its not impossible for vampire to get sick if said vampire is being kept from there mate Caius said pinching the bridge of his nose has a sign that he was frustrated.

Carlisle how could you aro spoke up again.

he had Alice and I wanted Edward to be happy-

so you kept a mated pair apart, even after seeing what it was doing to my mate? Caius shouted.

Carlisle you know what this means.

yes he sighed in defeat.

what does it mean I asked.

it means the Cullen's broke the law Marcus said.

you knew we weren't mated and you were still going to let me marry him I ask Carlisle.

i turned to Emmett who was the only person in this coven anymore.

did you I ask my brother bear yes and I was trying to help jasper but every time I did Alice and Edward would stop me.

is that true i asked jazz.

he nodded

so that's where my clothes went.

yes he laughed. its the only thing that kept me going.

thank you brother bear I said.

anything for you sis. i then turned to Caius, please don't charge Emmett.

okay but Rosalie will if you don't charge you if you fight us if the verdict comes to death Caius asked Emmett.

no the truth is that Rosalie and i aren't mates.

okay good then you won't be charged.

thank you thank you thank you! I shouted.

come on jazz lets go get you changed how does jeans and a long sleeve tee sound?

great but i don't have alice through them out.

i bought more.

really?he askexcided now.

yep i went shopping without Alice once or twice and while I was remembered that picture in your study and what you wearing so I bought you some. I walked in to my room let go of jasper's hand then walked into the closet bring out a dark red long sleeve tee, a pair of washout blue jeans and a pair of cowboy boots I hadn't told him about through's but his face lite up when he saw them. I sat him down on the bed started to undo his shirt then pulling it of his arms and putting his long sleeve tee he then did his pants then put his boots on.

feel better I asked?

yes but it will be a few months before I am better from the vampire sickest.

i know baby. why don't we pack our stuff you don't worry about clothes we will buy you more in Italy.

okay jazz nodded...

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