Carlsile POV

"I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!" Emmett shouted at rose

"Yes you did! You are willing to turn your back on this family, on me."



"ENOUGH the signs were right in front of us and we- I ignored them but that does not mean your all inoccent so sit down and wait for your punishments. Emm please go see Belle."

"Okay." he said walking out the door.

"Carlsile what are we going to do?"

"We do exactly what I said, we get our punishment and if we live though that then we live with what is given to us."

Jane walked and said "Cullen's follow me"...

Marcus POV

"Thank you Jane." I said as she walked out got up and Jasper wrapped himself around me. It was then that I was glad I was at least a foot taller then him. I grabbed mine and his cloak seeing as he still didn't have a shirt on which was perfectly fine. We didn't mind showing off our male mate and he was so calm without it that it may have been part of the issue. I walked out of the bedroom heading toward the throne room.

Time lapse

When we got to the throne room the Cullens were already there. Alice stared at the scars on Jaspers back while Edward was glaring holes in Bella's. I growled covering Jasper up with my cloak while throwing Jasper's to Caius to cover a now sleeping Bella up. Jasper wrapped himself in in the cloak and snuggled deeper into my chest.

"Shh good boy, shh I kissed the top of his head and nodded to Aro to begin...


I stared at the Cullens watching them as my brothers came and sat on their thrones Marcus at some point had taken off Jasper's shirt and Alice stared at the scars on his back. And with that one stare came to light some of the mental abuse Alice put him through. I wasn't blind I didn't miss Edward trying to glare holes into Bella's back and obviously Marcus didn't miss these two things either because he growled, throwing his cloak over Jasper and had Caius do the same to Bella with Jaspers cloak. Jasper curled into the the Cloak snuggled has far has he could in Marcus chest.

"Shh good boy, shh" Marcus said kissing his head then nodded to me to start.

"Cullens I am not going to tell you the charges as you already know them but before I tell you your punishments Edward, Alice."

Allice POV

"I am so dead..."

Edward POV

'I will get my revenge on the brat and my so called brother...'