'Then tell us that strategy.' Rhaegar looked at his sister. Her eyes were glistening and her body language screamed determination. It was obvious she had set her mind on something. Dany looked at him.

'I will call a meeting in the morning. We must sleep on the information we have gathered today and then we'll discuss the next move.' She nodded before leaving. Both Barristan and Rhaegar looked confused as to what was going on.

Truth to be told, Dany was quite horrified of what may come out of all this. To some extend she wanted Daario to be there because if anything he was an excellent captain and she knew she could rely on his battle skills. But there was time before they would leave for Westeros – time in which she had to figure out what was the best way to act upon this war and the best way to end it without inflicting unnecessary pain on her people. She walked the stone corridors of Illyrio's mansion, past the bedroom where Viserys once slept only to enter the giant balcony where she used to take baths. She had ordered Missandei to prepare a bath for her so she could watch the sunset and collect her mind. The Naathi girl had obeyed – the room smelled of lavender and roses and the giant bath was steaming and ready for Dany.

Missandei helped Dany get out of her clothes and Dany got in the hot water. She let her thoughts wander off as she watched the sun set.

Since getting to Pentos, Dany had set some distance between herself and Rhaegar. For one, she needed time to plan and find a way to get the best outcome of the situation. She spent numerous hours with her blood riders asking them for advice and sometimes, when she listened to them, she heard Drogo's words through them. It was exhilarating to think that not long from now she would set foot in the place that her brother had spent his life talking about – her so called home.

What was home, though? For most of her life she had thought that home was that Red Keep that Viserys would tell her stories of. But then she met Drogo and even though they were always on the road, she realized that home was when she was where she was among her people, her khalasar and she ached for those times.

'Your grace, is Daario going to join us before we leave for Westeros?' Missandei interrupted her thoughts.

'He probably won't. He is one of my representatives in Meeren and if anyone (besides Illyrio) can keep things under control then that's Daario.' To this Missandei only nodded. Dany had noticed how the closer they got to Westeros, the jumpier Missandei would get. As a child, growing up really far from Westeros, Missandei had heard only vague horror stories about Dany's wicked father – the king. Dany had reassured her that if there is any wickedness left in that country she would get rid of it but that didn't seem to reassure the young girl.

When the sun had set, Dany got out of the bath and dried herself before allowing Missandei to dress her up in one of the finer silks that showed off her body and in the moonlight Dany looked like a divine creature. When she was ready, her hair was heavily braided and she was ready to have dinner with her brother and nephew.

Rhaegar and Aegon had been spending more and more time together since getting to Pentos. Rhaegar wasn't happy that Dany had distanced herself from him but he understood that she had a lot on her plate and he didn't want to be of any burden to her. Getting to know his son was a blessing that he never thought he would be granted. On the first early morning after their arrival in Pentos, Rhaegar had gotten up to watch the sun rise on the horizon and he saw his son running. Since that morning, the two of them had made it a tradition to train in the mornings before breakfast. Rhaegar was trying with the help of Ser Barristan and his good friend Arthur to train the young dragon to their best abilities. Pentos wasn't the Kingsguard but it had sufficient resources to train the young man.

Soon after, Dany had allowed Rhaegar to train the dragons with Aegon and Aegon was grateful for that. On the way to Pentos, Aegon felt very estranged from everyone and he wasn't used to that. He had spent his whole life in exile much like everyone else in his family but despite the affection he felt for Dany, it was clear for him that even though she was fire and blood, her heart was cold as ice.

Dany had forbidden Aegon of attending the meetings because despite them being very close in age, Dany felt like she should protect both dragons at all costs – even if it meant exposing herself to all of her enemies.

Dany walked in the smaller of two dining rooms where Aegon and Rhaegar were both deep in conversation. She smiled a bit and her eyes met Rhaegar's for a second. She wanted to go and kiss him, but she knew that that would disturb Young Griff and that only Missandei knew of their occasional kissing.

Both men sat up and Rhaegar was quick to pull Dany's chair for her to sit.

'Thank you.' She sat and they too took their seats. The dinner was of cheese, olives, tomatoes and bread as the days were long and hot.

'I went to the Unsullied as you asked, your grace, and with their help, spread some of the supplies between the Dothraki so they have enough food and water to sustain them without disrupting Pentos. No one important suspects that we are here and Rhakharo is pretending to be the Khal with a passing by khalasar. No word should go out of here that you are planning on invasion.' Aegon looked at Dany. On her request, he had dyed his hair once again to a bluer shade so the silver would hide his identity. He didn't mind dyeing his hair, but he minded not attending the meetings.

'Thank you, Aegon. I should speak to Grey Worm so he and the other Unsullied can teach you any interesting battle techniques that you might find interesting.' Not that Dany was planning on letting either of the two dragons fight. She wanted to keep them safe even if it meant locking them up in Pentos and forbidding them from joining her before she had secured the country.

Aegon only nodded. Whenever Dany was in the room, he was in a bit of a daze. He knew that sooner or later they would have to grow closer because the logical thing was that he would marry her and be crowned as king and queen of Westeros as it should be, given the fact that Rhaegar didn't want the crown and Viserys was long dead. Aegon's affection for Dany wasn't left unnoticed by Rhaegar. He knew that it was selfish for him to want Dany for herself but he knew that if Dany chose Aegon, Rhaegar would have to live with it in silence.

The dinner was short and quiet for the most parts. Dany didn't talk too much but was rather thoughtful and occasionally stole glances from her brother. She hated the distance but she knew it meant that he would be safe and that was all that mattered to her. Aegon excused himself early from the table and Dany asked the others to leave her alone with Rhaegar shortly after.

'I miss you.' She blurted out. It wasn't very queenly like but no eyes but his were on her. And his look was the one that mattered the most at this moment. Rhaegar got up and walked over to her, leaned down and kissed her so passionately that Dany felt like her blood was on fire. She got up and held him close while kissing him. It felt like she could breathe again and she wasn't so eternally alone.

They spent the night kissing and cuddling, and sharing intimacy that went beyond having sex – it was like their souls were merging into one.