Chapter One: Reunion

It was midnight on the night of a new moon, and Finn was alone in the woods, waiting for an old friend. She had contacted Finn but twenty minutes prior, and he was all too eager to meet his long-lost companion. But then, he couldn't seem to think of exactly why she had wanted him to meet her, and he had been too shocked when he received her call to even ask a simple question. All he had said was, "Sure thing, I'll be right there". And so it was that for two hours Finn sat by himself, pondering that very question, until he saw a figure approaching in the distance.

She moved with astounding agility, and yet with such harmoniousness that Finn nearly allowed himself to let his guard down. However, he didn't, for five years is a long time to wait to tell someone to meet you at a discreet location in the middle of the night. She could very well be someone vying to enact their revenge in Finn, rather than trying to get acquainted with their old friend. But Finn couldn't help noticing that she was not in any way rushing, but rather she was meandering leisurely through the trees without any particular motivation. "Classic, she doesn't even seem to notice me," Finn murmured

From what Finn could see in the low light, she had donned a complete set of jet black garments. She wore a rather large hood, which managed to mask her entire face. She also wore boots up to her knees and gloves up to her elbows. Her pants hugged her rather wide thighs and she had on a very revealing shirt that caused Finn to stare momentarily. As Finn scanned her body, he thought to himself, "Has she gotten more beautiful since last I saw her?" As she turned to pass between two trees, Finn released a small gasp, not loud enough to hear but just enough to incite a tremor from his stationary body. In stark contrast of her fully black apparel, she sported a bright green backpack. It seemed almost as if she bore it intentionally, despite the fact that it stuck out like a sore thumb in the dark.

He now had no doubt that this woman was his friend of old, for he had given that very same pack to her the day she had left Ooo. As his mind flitted about, pondering what she could have been doing in the time since that day, she shifted her direction and he caught her gaze: She looked ferocious, with a powerful sharpness in her eyes that would render a common man frozen. There was intensity in the way she stared back at him, as if she was peering into the depths of his very soul. "But she has the most beautiful eyes," he thought, a vibrant violet that cut straight through his defenses, and as they stared longer into each other's eyes, hers melted into a warmth never witnessed by Finn. Finn felt so safe staring into her eyes, and he couldn't help but let a little smile betray his lips, and she returned the favor. And before he could utter a single word, she swept him up in the loving embrace that she had secretly been longing for ever since she had left Ooo.

And as they embraced, she simply stated, "You've grown, Finn."

"How do you always come up with the stupidest things to say?" Finn teased.

"Very carefully." She rebutted.

But they both had to admit, he had grown. He wasn't the scrawny young boy he was when she had left; he was now seventeen and he looked the part. Where once he had seemed thin and weak he had now become a web of wiry muscles that displayed just how much Finn strained his body daily. He was still skinny, but the frailness of his arms and legs were almost nonexistent. They rippled with strength, and he knew it. He no longer donned his childish white hat, but rather he had replaced it with the gaping maw of an albino bear, intimidating and fearsome in its entirety. But that is a story for another time. He wore the same shorts and t-shirt of his childhood, albeit they were custom tailored to fit his adult body.

As she stepped back to take it all in, Finn's friend couldn't help but let out a tiny gasp. After five years in solitude, without anyone to hold, she relished in lingering over every detail of his physique. "What has he been doing all these years?" She thought, "I don't know how he has grown so big, but I'm not going to complain". But what she failed to realize is that she had been staring at Finn for a flat twenty seconds, and he was more than happy to break the awkward gaze that she was currently directing towards his lower half.

"Hello? Ooo to Marceline, come in Marceline," Finn said suddenly.

Blushing, Marceline broke her stare and replied, "Sorry Finn, I've just been alone for so long, I can't help thinking about how much you've changed."

"I could say the same Marcie. You seem to have filled in quite nicely over the last five years." Finn said playfully.

Marceline, taking this as an insult, refuted "Hey! Don't be such a dick!"

"Whoa, whoa, take it easy. I was joking Marcie. I actually mean you look really good."

Marceline blushed heavily at her blunder, and countered by saying, "You don't look too bad yourself, hero."

Finn winked and replied, "I kind of figured what with the way you were staring at my package."

"I totally was not looking anywhere near there!" Marceline yelled, blushing even more heavily.

"Okay, I guess you weren't. I must have been imagining things." And with that he winked again, this time licking his lips for good measure.

Marceline merely grunted and turned away, and with that they both burst into laughter. Finn walked up to Marceline, still laughing, and turned her around. They both stopped laughing, and Finn stared intently into Marceline's eyes. Their intensity replaced by something he did not understand, he thought to himself, "Why did she come here? She couldn't have possibly just wanted to see me, it must be important." So, as he stared longingly into her deep violet eyes, he simply asked, "Why did you wait so long? It has been five years Marceline, I thought you would have at least kept in touch."

Marceline, seeing the hurt look in his eyes, replied, "I wanted so badly to call you, to tell you everything was okay, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not after…" She trailed off, not wanting to remember what had happened the day of her departure.

"Marceline, I would have killed to know you were doing well. It hurt to think about what caused you to leave, but it was much worse for me to be clueless as to if you were okay." As Finn said this, Marceline could see that he felt sorry for what had happened before she left, and she could feel her barriers melting away as she stared into his eyes. They stood there for several seconds before Finn began to say "Marceline…" But before he could say anything else, she took his hat and put it on. As he was about to protest, she grabbed two handfuls of hair from the back of his head and pulled him in close, close enough to hear his breathing on her lips, close enough to feel his excited heartbeat, and as she stared into his eyes, she couldn't bring herself to kiss him. After all these years, she finally had Finn right where she had always wanted him, but she couldn't bring herself to let go of the final barrier she had remaining. Something inside her knew this was wrong, and beside her feelings, beside her longings, she felt her mind pushing Finn away. And it was all she could do to push him away too, and as he stared at her, shocked and flustered, she did the only thing she could think to do: she ran away. Through the trees, in the darkness of the night, and as she ran, a single tear escaped her beautiful, violet eyes. And all Finn could do was watch her run, too stunned to move.