Hey guys, I'm back, and I truly apologize for the extremely long wait, as well as the really short chapter this time. I do hope you can forgive me, I could not bring myself to write the lemon. You'll just have to wait until the time is right. Enjoy the next chapter of Marceline's Regrets. :)

Chapter Thirteen: Desire

Before Finn could even react, his blankets were removed and Marceline was on top of him in the bed. She was breathing heavily and subtly shuddering. Finn looked at her in a stupor, and he couldn't seem to clear his head. All he knew was Marceline's sexy body that was now on his lap, and he loved it. She lowered her face next to his face and whispered into his ear, "Aren't you angry with me Finn?"

She raised her head to look him in the eyes, and she now looked very distraught. Finn was clueless as to why she could possibly be so sad, so he asked as softly as he could, "How could I ever be angry with you Marceline?" Then he lifted his head to cut the distance between their mouths and planted a soft, meaningful kiss on Marceline's full red lips.

Marceline accepted the display of affection, but when he stopped she pulled away and her eyes started to water. Trying as hard as she could to keep her composure, she said, "But I accidentally turned you into a vampire… After not eating for a week I lost it and I fed on you Finn…" Finn looked back up at Marceline sympathetically, and she started beating his chest weakly and sobbing uncontrollably, yelling, "You're a Vampire forever now and it's all my fault!"

Marceline gave up trying to beat the sense into him and let her head fall to his chest, still weeping loudly. While she sobbed, she managed to say, "I'm… So… Sorry… Finn…"

Finn started to run his fingers through her hair to calm her down, and she slowly started to grow quiet. Eventually she raised her head to wipe her tears away, but Finn removed a hand from her hair and, smiling caringly, he lifted his thumb and wiped first the left, then the right side of her face. She sniffed and broke a smile too, and once her tears were gone Finn brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and said, "I forgive you, Marceline."

Marceline looked at him in disbelief, but she saw the integrity in his expression. She half laughed, half sobbed as she looked at his soft smile. Finn reached out a hand and cupped her face, and she rested her hand on his. She held it there for just a few seconds, then pried her fingers underneath his hand and held it away from her face.

Finn watched as she pulled his hand downward towards her chest, and he noticed that she had begun breathing heavily again. She rested his hand on her sternum, panting now at the sensation of another's touch. Marceline couldn't remember the last time she'd had any kind of… interaction… like this. She took his hand off of her chest, resting it on his own, Finn not offering any resistance. She saw that his eyes were closed and his chest was heaving steadily. "I should really take it easy with Finn. He's never done this before after all." she thought to herself. She watched as his breathing calmed down and he opened his eyes to see Marceline staring intently at him.

He watched her face furl up in concentration, and after a few seconds, he felt like he knew what she was thinking what she was thinking. "Always, Marceline. I will always love you, no matter what." he said.

"Whoa Finn, not cool!" Marceline replied, the look on her face turning to agitation.

Finn was hurt, and he looked back at her confusedly and said, "What do you mean 'not cool'? All I did was answer the question I thought you were thinking."

Marceline's expression softened, and understanding, she said "The question you thought I was thinking of, was exactly what I was thinking."

Finn didn't understand what she was implying, so he said "What do you mean?"

"You can apparently read minds Finn. You should feel lucky, not many Vampires have the ability to do so." Marceline said, smiling at the stupid look growing on his face.

Finn just laughed at the ludicrous idea of being able to read minds. "You're crazy Marcie. It was just a lucky guess." he said mockingly.

Marceline shot a stern glance at him, and he shrank away from the daggers she was shooting. Too emotionally depleted to do anything at this point, she softened her gaze, and figured she would ask Finn his feelings for her idea of his eighteenth birthday present. "Finn…" she said quietly, then Finn nodded and she continued. "Finn, I had a great idea for a present, seeing as you're eighteen now. But, I want to know if you're okay with it first."

Finn knew what was coming: it was obvious what with it being his eighteenth birthday as well as the act that she got him naked. But he answered, "Ask away."

Marceline smiled, then leaned in close to whisper, "I want to take your virginity, Finn." She then pulled away so she could see the reaction on his face, but what she saw was an unmoved expression.

He may have seemed Finn's heart was racing, and it was taking his mind with it. The one thing he had secretly fantasized about for years has finally fallen into his lap (pun intended). But he couldn't bring himself to agree to her offer. "I'm not ready for this, am I?" he thought.

Finn frowned and focused back on Marceline, and to his surprise she was smiling caringly. "I understand if you don't want to do this Finn: it was only a suggestion." She smiled even wider and shifted to get off of him.

As she moved to get off, she brushed against Finn's lap, and he sat up very quickly, his face coming within centimeters of hers. His mouth bulged as if he was holding back a scream, and Marceline chuckled to herself as she poked his distended cheeks. He let out a small gasp as she moved again, and she finally figured out what was causing this strange behavior. She gingerly lifted herself upwards before moving to the side, then looked back to see a happy surprise.

Marceline restrained a laugh, her cheeks ballooning just as Finn's had. She managed to say "Finn, that's huge!" before losing control and falling to the floor in a fit of laughter.

Finn blushed a deep red, despite being a Vampire, and pulled his blankets upward to cover himself. It didn't help much, as there was a point at which they were raised quite a bit, but at least he was covered.

Marceline was still laughing on the floor, and Finn just looked away as she motioned to stand. She got up and saw that he was embarrassed, so she looked away and let out a heavy breath, then said sexily, "I guess I'll leave you two alone." and walked away without saying anything else.

Finn didn't look back at her, but rather blushed even more heavily. When he heard her descending the ladder, he turned his head back over and looked down to his lap. "What does she expect me to do with this?" he thought. But then the blankets began to fall, and he sighed.

"This is harder than I thought," Finn speculated. "And to think, I thought that going out with Marceline would be easy, but I suppose not." He smirked, and whispered "I love you Marceline," before falling back to sleep.