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Before we enter the main story, I'd like to fill you in on some important pre-story details. Thank you, and please enjoy.

The Sinnoh region is home to many Pokemon folk stories and legends. Some say Humans evolved from Pokemon. Others say Humans and Pokemon were once equal and even married each other. While there is no proof of any of these stories are true, many are well known to the citizens of Sinnoh, although not many are willing to believe marriage between Pokemon and Humans was a common practice. There are also many fairy tales of heroism and romance known throughout Sinnoh, some more loved and popular than others.

One fairy tale that is not well know tells the story of a young prince who would one day be king to all of Sinnoh. It was said that there were no other royal families known to be natives of the region, which caused the young prince alarm. He could only become king by marrying a princess native to Sinnoh. Unfortunately, his mother came from the last royal family, and thus, left the region with only one royal family. The man searched far and wide for a princess to be his queen. Everywhere, the prince traveled with his faithful servant, a female Gardevoir with the genetic defect that causes Pokemon to be "Shining". This Gardevoir always protected it's prince, regardless of the danger.

After two years of searching, the prince returned home, saddened but the fact that he would never be king. Upon returning home, the prince spent time locked away in his chambers, only allowing the Gardevoir to enter his room. A few days after his homecoming, the young prince began to realize he hadn't walked away empty handed. He made a true friend with his companion and valued the time he spent with her. As the next few years passed, the king of Sinnoh's health began to falter and the prince spent more time with his companion, only finding comfort in her company.

The prince did began to notice changes in his companion. It seemed the more time he was with her, the more human-like she became. She would hug the prince in comfort, bring him presents and even communicate telepathically with him. On the day of his father's death, the prince sat on his fathers throne, struggling with what to do next. Sinnoh would be without a rightful king, and the prince wanted to earn his seat upon the king's throne. As he sits in complete silence, his faithful companion enteres the royal chambers alongside the king's advisers. Gardevoir walks to the throne and hugs the prince. The prince then gestured for her to sit upon the throne beside him out of kindness. As he watches his companion sit upon the queen's throne, The prince's face was filling with a great smile, and he knew how to become Sinnoh's rightful king and who would be his loving bride.

He leaped from his chair and dropped down on one knee and held his companion's hand. He then proposed to her with a loving and large smile on his face. She knew what the prince was asking and began blushing brightly. She understood what the prince wanted, and she was shocked. After a few seconds, she smiled brightly and hugged the prince. Everyone was in shock. A Pokemon as the queen? When the future king of Sinnoh turned and saw the expressions of his advisers, he scowled and proclaimed she is indeed a member of a royal family, and has no relation to the prince, therefore, making her eligible as queen of Sinnoh.

It is said that upon the royal wedding day, the queen spoke to everyone present in human speech and was more elegant that any queen before her. The tale ends saying that the new queen was the most loving and beautiful queen in all of history, and ruled alongside her husband, who would be known as the most benevolent and joyful king that would ever be known to man or pokemon.

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