A Trip to Dairy Queen.

By Shadowgate


The children of South Park decide to take a trip to a place where they can forever have their own malt shop memories.


A big meeting was called. It started at the 3PM at Dairy Queen.

The boys and girls paired up with their romantic partners.

Wendy stated "first I'd like to tell Butters I'm sorry for going off on him. I hope we can put the feud behind us."

Butters stood up and said "I admit it was pretty stupid, what I said and how I got motivated to say it."

Wendy and Butters got up and hugged each other.

Stan got up and said "Butters you reall are a nice person."

Stan and Butters hugged.

All the kids started enjoying their shakes, sundaes, and floats.

Butters said to Wendy "I'm just glad you didn't beat me up. I know what I said was pretty ugly. At least Lisa ended up with a date."

Stan pointed out "Clyde can always get the girls."

Tweek chirped "totallly."

Craig stood up and said "That's true Tweek but we need to realize that we really ran with the fantasies. Sure after we're exhausted from school or stressed out because are parents are being mean to us we can take a trip down fantasy lane now and then."

Bebe added "yes but at the same time we need to recognize when it starts tearing up friendships it becomes a problem. Wendy we're all sorry we turned on you."

Wendy said "oh Bebe I'm so glad things have calmed down."

After Bebe and Wendy hugged Kenny stood up and said "it's amazing what the grownups in school will do to keep social order. Mister Mackey wanted things to calm down so much and from what you told me Wendy he was clearly doing stupid stuff to keep order in the school."

Wendy said "yes and I was not amused to say the least."

Kyle stated "well Mister Mackey is the school counselor and we have to respect him, um kay."

All the kids start laughing.

Kenny says "well I don't know who to respect more, the crazy counselor or my drunken dad."

The kids laugh again.

Stan said "hey Craig what's your dad like?"

Craig answered "very authoritarian."

Craig then states "I wish I had a girlfriend like you have Stan."

Token chimed in "well looks like you can just keep all those pictures on your cell phone and be happy dreaming of dating them."

Craig said "for now I'll be happy with my chocolate shake."

Cartman said "for now I'll be happy with my triple sundae."

Red stated "oh boys sure do think about their stomachs."

Stan said "I've only been thinking about my legs. They may be short but I can play basketball and football with ease."

Wendy yelled "THAT'S MY MAN!"

Clyde said "hey Lisa since we're in a Dairy Queen which has provided ice cream for years let's check out that juke box. You don't see them around much anymore but this is like going back to the 1950's."

They went over to the juke box.

Clyde said "oh man here's a 1980's song that we can all relate to. It's called World of Fantasy by a band called Triumph."

Clyde put two quarters in and the song began to play.

Butters shouted "oh how Kim Kardashian put me through a world of fantasy."

Butters jumps into the middle of the restaurant lobby and starts dancing.

Wendy yelled "you were lost in a fantasy Butters now let me show you my relationship with Stan is no fantasy."

Wendy and Stan start dancing. The other kids start cheering. Lisa and Clyde jump out and start dancing. The next few hours are hours of fun the kids of South Park hadn't had in so long.