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Rose was gone, and he had burned up a star to say good-bye. He refused to accept that she was gone; tried to find a way to bring her back without destroying the universe. He was the Doctor, he could find a way, he always found a way, but not this time, the walls between the universes were closed and Rose was lost to him forever.

He had one chance to see her again; one final moment to tell her, but the universe was turned against him. One last chance to tell her and he waited too long; now she could never know.

The Doctor had been alone before, devastated by the loss of his people and his entire planet; then he met Rose and she made him remember that life could be beautiful. Through everything she stood beside him when she could have turned away to save herself; she could have gone back to her quiet ordinary life but she had chosen to stay, for him.

"Rose Tyler, I-" and for the first time since the destruction of Gallifrey the Doctor wept.