Author's Note: This is my first fanfiction, so I'm sorry if it's not entirely up to par. The storyline will be based off of the ship Kiliel, Kili and Tauriel, from the movie The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug. It will take place in the kingdom of the Woodland Elves. This chapter includes quite a bit of interactions between Legolas and Tauriel, but it will only be this chapter. There's a huge possibility for smut somewhere in this, perhaps later on. Also, words in bold are in Elvish. I will put translations at the end. Thank you for reading!

Tauriel felt Legolas' eyes piercing through her back, watching her with scorn as she laughed warmly and heartily with the taller-than-most dwarf, Kili. He had caught her attention with a stone he claimed his mother had given him, and his stories after he had caught her attention were beautiful. But the moon was beginning to set, and the constant glare from Legolas was becoming all too apparent. Quite abruptly, Tauriel darted up from her comfortable position of leaning against Kili's cell bars. Alarm crossed his face in an instant.

"Is something wrong?" He eagerly inquired, making his worry quite clear. So as not to upset Legolas further, which would indirectly be upsetting King Thranduil himself, she shook her head and gave him a warm smile.

"Do not fret, dwarf." A smile curled on her lips as the last word parted. "Rest well, for there is no telling of your time to be spent here, or events which will come to pass." She then lowered herself to a crouch, so that her face lingered directly in front of his, with only the black, stone bars between them. "I shall return to see you again when time is granted to me, so please do not fret." The words escaped from her in a whisper which caressed his ears and made the stiff, quiet air seem softer and sweeter. Sensing Legolas' uneasy and eager adjustment, she spun on her foot and quickly departed the cell blocks, leaving towards the Dining Hall.

"I see you've been quite cozy with that dwarf." Legolas sneered at Tauriel as he quickly followed behind her into the Dining Hall. His anger and jealousy was as clear as the stars which the Woodland Elves valued so deeply. Jealousy was an emotion which Legolas had only began to experience with the arrival of the "dwarf scum," as he would so gladly put it with the rest of the guard. However, with Tauriel the term did not seem to be appropriate in the moment. Never before had Legolas had reason to be jealous, since Tauriel had never really shown interest in anyone throughout their 600 years of life. He had known her since they were kids. He knew her deepest secrets, he knew how she braided her hair every morning, he knew how she quickly drew breath before every shot of her bow and the slight furrow of her left brow, he knew the treacherous story of her parents' death and how she wished to avenge them, he knew her nightly delight of sitting high in the tree-tops of Mirkwood and staring at the stars diligently and pensively, but calmly, he knew her in her entirety, which seemed to be the most important thing to know. It seemed inappropriate and impossible that she should fall for someone other than him, yet before his very eyes the impossible seemed to be occurring.

"Well he does seem taller than the average, doesn't he?" Tauriel inquired playfully before turning to meet the eyes of her life-long friend. The Dining Hall was empty at such a late hour, and she was quite surprised that he had stayed awake with her through the long hours of the night. She was not quite sure how she felt about his watchful eyes and cautious ears. He was not the Legolas which she was so accustomed to. Perhaps she had not noticed before the growing interest which he was developing for her. "What is it to you that I converse with a dwarf, anyway? Last I checked, as the captain I can do as I wish with our prisoners." She brushed her hair off her shoulder and turned to stare at the warm fire which crackled through the silence of their uneasy conversation.

"Last I checked, the prince could inquire whatever he wishes." Legolas breathed in Tauriel's ear from behind her. His blue eyes once again pierced through her body, causing a subtle shiver to erupt. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he paced back and forth behind her. "I can sense the quest of these dwarves will lead to nothing but ruin, yet here you are listening to an incredulous attempt at flattery from one of them and giving him hope where there is none." The accusation rang icily through the air, destroying her lighthearted mood in an instant. She instantly stood in front of him, halting his pacing, and glared at him with stone-cold sternness, her face nearly inches from his. She opened her mouth, drawing breath in order to defend the dwarf she had just spent the last few hours with, but then quickly refrained. How could she defend a dwarf against her very own prince, her very own childhood friend? Tauriel took a shameful step back, her gaze returning to the crackling flame. The warmth of the fireplace could not compensate for the coldness of the conversation. It was still a rarity that no other entered the Dining Hall; perhaps their dispute had been heard by others. Perhaps most others were sound asleep under the unusually clear silver stars. The stars seemed to shine so beautifully due to the arrival of the dwarves of Erebor, it seemed as if they were granting their blessings to the elves to aid in their journey. But their two races were quite at an odd's end, specifically these two kingdoms. Tauriel told herself she needed to remember her place, as well as her view on the dwarves. Yet, she had apathy for the feuding hatred, and her interest for Kili was peaking.

"Good night." The words came out dead and tired. Tauriel turned to leave without glancing back on Legolas. As she made her way through the archway to the barracks to check on the posted guards, Legolas grabbed her arm.

"Do not be angry with me, I am sorry." He turned her face gently to look at his, his ocean-filled eyes staring deeply into her earth-filled ones. There were no words he could find to properly describe his jealousy and why it seemed so appropriate. Simply a sigh could suffice for the moment. Tauriel smiled with genuine friendship, placing her hand over his, the warmth from the fire finally seeming to spread and taking hold in their conversation.

"Come now, mellon, you could not anger me over such trivial matters." Her voice was smooth and gentle. She gave his hand one final squeeze, rubbing her thumb over his before departing towards the barracks. Legolas stood in the Dining Hall, flustered and frustrated, unsure of what to do with emotions. He reassured himself there was minimal chance Tauriel would fall for an imprisoned dwarf. He departed to his quarters, not wanting to upset her further by pursuing her. He knew her well enough to know when she needed to be on her own.

Tauriel had checked to make sure that Legolas had not followed her. When she was certain, she entered the barracks. There were few guards sitting in the stony room, laughing and drinking, not for the effect but to pass time. She would not say anything for she knew they knew their limits, and she knew they were always wise enough and alert enough for any threat that commenced. She attempted to walk silently and unnoticed through the room, heading for the keys to the cells. There were only two sets of the keys, and one was always kept in the guard room for emergencies. The noise level of the room seemed barely enough for her to travel silently to the other side. As she edged closer to the keys, her eyes darted to a set of new arrows which had just been forged in the corner further down from the keys. Nonchalantly, she passed closely to the wall, quickly grabbing the keys and hiding them under the rim of her shirt. She walked to the arrows, picking one up and closely eyeing it. The finesse of the arrow was unparalleled. Only dwarves could come close to creating such a beauty, and even they would struggle with such a task. The arrow was of ebony making. Its shaft was as black as spaces between the stars which they gazed at so often. The broadhead mimicked the same deep color, with a point sharp enough to cut at the slightest touch. It could surely penetrate the finest armor and perhaps exit through and through, if used properly. The fletching was a coal grey color, sharp edges rather than round to increase aerial dynamics, made of the finest feathers in Mirkwood. A proud expression crept onto Tauriel's features. The elven race truly could accomplish that which other races could not.

Her mind returned to what she had originally planned. Placing the arrow down, she walked down winding steps to the cells. The sound of sleeping, snoring dwarves echoed throughout the hollow space. Only blackness could be seen in contrast to the deep oak wood. Quietly, she stepped cautiously towards Kili's cell. Her eyes were constantly moving back and forth, ensuring no one was watching her from any corner. To her surprise, Kili was still awake, tossing the stone which he had showed her earlier.

"Kili, tolo ar nin," Tauriel whispered loud enough for him to barely hear her. His face turned to hers, immediately relieved. He placed the stone inside of his pocket and half grinned at her. Though he did not understand her, the sound of his name from her lips could do nothing but make him smile.

"Come back for more of my stories?" He gave a low laugh. Kili would accept any reason that brought her back to him. She was much different from other elves, not as cruel or harsh as her fellow kin. He wanted to learn more about her, listen to her talk of her tales, watch her face glow with emotion and hear her laughter ring like silver bells. She slipped a key from her hip and entered it into his cell's keyhole.

"You must promise not to run away or make a scene." Her face became very sullen and serious. He was not entirely sure what she had planned, but he simply nodded. He would not make a sound. Her face lit up again as she opened his door. Kili slowly departed from his cell, and stood to his full height. He gazed up at Tauriel's beauty, and then to the stars shining down through a hole way up in the ceiling, barely reaching to the depths of their cells. "Follow me," her voice was hushed. Tauriel attached the key to her hip underneath her shirt and grasped his wrist, pulling him deeper down into the darkness of the cells. She navigated their way further and further down into the darkness, yet there was still a small shining light which seemed to radiate from her like the silver stars. Once they reached a certain level, she pulled him to the right into a corner carved into the grand wood of the trees. She placed her hand over a part of the wood, and a door illuminated before them. Her hand pushed the door open and she led them through it, shutting it as Kili walked into the open wood.

"Av-'osto," Tauriel gently said as she appeared right behind him. "Do not be afraid." She walked in front of him and stared at the night sky, the starlight shining down on the both of them. They were both breathless in that instant. She could not believe her growing attraction to this dwarf of Erebor, this son of Durin. Though in her heart she could find nothing wrong with it, there was no reason for her to not care. He could not believe his fascination with such an exquisite creature. The betrayal of her kin to his seemed nothing to him in that moment. He was awestruck by… her; simply by her.

List of Elven words/phrases:

"Mellon" – Friend

"Tolo ar nin" – Come with me

"Av-'osto" – "Don't be afraid"