Author's Note: All words in bold are Sindarin (Elvish) and all words underlined are Khuzdul (Dwarvish), translations will be in the End Note. I have a little bit of Legolas and Tauriel in the beginning of this chapter, I couldn't help myself and a couple of reviews asked for more of him so hopefully no one minds too much. The main emphasis is still on Kiliel. I'm sorry in advance for the kissing scene, I'm not used to writing those kinds of scenes. Thank you for reading and please enjoy

"Where are the weapons of the prisoners?" Tauriel demanded in a firm tone. She claimed they were required for inspection; a hidden item could be among them bringing darker tidings than they had imagined. While there was truth in her explanation, according to King Thranduil, Tauriel had a different purpose for the searching of the prisoner's weapons. It fathomed the captain what the King expected to find amongst the dwarves' weapons. The Dwarrow were known for their burdensome axes and swords, most of their weapons measuring nearly as tall as their masters. It seemed impossible that a secret, mysterious weapon could be carried by a race such as theirs, for they had neither the finesse nor power to keep it.

All of the dwarves' weapons were laid on a wooden table in a side room of the barracks. Tauriel thanked her fellow guards as they took their leave, allowing her to more closely inspect. To no surprise, many swords and axes lay on the table all of Dwarvish make. The few swords forged by Elves were under the keen eye of King Thranduil, as he had requested. Pacing around the table, taking ahold of each weapon and running her slender fingers up and down each of them, the captain concluded no powerful weapon lay amongst these. However, what she had truly desired to find quickly caught her attention. A single bow lay on the table, small and worn from having seen battle. She tenderly picked it up, weighing it in her hand, her eyes delving into every detail in its make. The bow was of mahogany, neither too dark nor light. It's wood slightly worn, yet in decent condition. The edges curved inwards to add more accuracy and speed with every shot. The bowstring consisted of fine horse hair, hardy and tough. The length of the bowstring ran from the upper limb to the lower limb, making the pull on it sturdier. Its riser was made of a light metal, seemingly steel. Slight carvings appeared to be etched into the steel, barely noticeable, perhaps added after its original completion. Tauriel placed her left hand on the riser, quickly aligning the bow with her eyes as she pulled on the bowstring with her right hand. There was awkwardness due to the small size of the bow, though it was a fine bow she could not deny. The fondness she had felt the previous night resurfaced in her, that the dwarf prince preferred a weapon her kin were so skilled with. Just as a smile began to form on her lips as she recounted the night before, light steps made their way into the room.

"What have we here?" Legolas breathed behind the captain. She quickly lowered the bow and placed it back on the table, audibly clearing her throat and silently clearing her mind. A chuckle escaped his lips as the prince paced around the table, stopping halfway as he picked up an axe, eyeing it with judgment before placing it back down. "What is the meaning of a captain rummaging through the toys of dwarves?" The blue of his eyes sent waves of shock through Tauriel, suppressing her ability to breathe. It seemed the entrancing effect he had on her was more magnified as of late.

"Your father wanted me to check for dark tidings among these weapons, he seemed certain they had some secret weapon," Tauriel's jaw clenched in uneasiness as she explained her intentions to her friend. She attempted to completely dodge what she really searched for. It was difficult for her to be delusive towards Legolas. She felt guilty for not being completely honest, and he could read her so easily. The uneasiness underlying in her tone was obvious to him, though he could not find a reason for it.

Gracefully, the elf prince made his way to the red-haired maiden. His hands found their way to hers, his thumbs rubbing her slender fingers. As he gazed upon her features he seemed to be entranced. Her forehead was pale, smooth, and fair. Her eyebrows were a brown bordering red, angularly shaped. Her brown eyes were deep with growing wisdom, with a slight reflection from the dim torches that were attached to each wall. She had high cheekbones, prominent below and out to the side of her eyes. Her nose was thin, neither too pointy nor too straight and smooth. Finally his eyes caught sight of her lips. Apart from her eyes, they were always his second favorite thing to watch whenever she recounted stories or showed any sort of emotion. They were full, slightly longer than most with a faint, rosy tint. There was a slight roughness to them by Elves' standards since she had spent so much time in the forest on guard due to his father's orders. One of his hands softly cupped her face, turning her gaze towards his as he searched her longingly. "Why are you so distant from me, mellon?" His words came out in a somber tone, making it evident he had noticed her uneasiness. "Long have the days been since you last acquainted yourself with me. What of the times when we conversed deep in the forest, when our voices were full with tales both light and dark. When we mourned together, and laughed together." His voice lowered to a faint whisper, though with an enticing undertone. "Gellon ned i galar i chent gîn ned i gladhog, hiril vuin."

Tauriel could not respond due to her entrancement by the prince's soft words and touch. She was cautious, unsure of how to react to Legolas' unusual behavior. Her head turned to stray from his piercing gaze, a slight blush forming on her cheeks. His fingers tenderly intertwined with hers while the hand which was cupping her face shifted to take a soft hold of her chin. She allowed his hand to guide her focus back to his face. As their eyes met, he gradually, seemingly motionless, began to lean his head closer to her, his gaze shifting from her eyes to her lips. However, his movement was stalled by the entrance of a fellow guard.

"King Thranduil desires your company, Legolas." The guard bowed his head slightly towards the prince in reverence. It wasn't long before the guard felt the tension, quietly and quickly departing. It was no secret the interest of the prince for the captain. Even the King had begun to notice the subtleties.

Legolas exhaled onto Tauriel's lips, the warmth of his breath slightly entering her parted lips. "Boe i 'waen." His hands gave hers one last squeeze before he departed the room, his silvery blonde locks flowing behind him. Tauriel stood entranced for a few moments after the prince's departure before returning to her normal state of mind. She could not fathom why Legolas had such an enchanting hold over her, or why she could refuse his gentle stare and touch. Not wanting to think of him anymore, she took the bow and departed the barracks in a hurry.

"There's naught an evil nor secret weapon amongst this pile of metal, store them away." Tauriel waved her hand away at the guards as she took her leave. The stars and moon were beginning to cast their glow upon the Mirkwood Realm.

Later that night:

Tauriel had one again accomplished the escape of her dwarf friend in secrecy. She led him down the long descent of stairs to the secret door which led to the vast openness of Mirkwood. Kili was less timid this time, walking ahead of Tauriel. He recalled a view of a lake from the prior night. He longed to gaze upon it with the elf captain. The path to the lake was foreign to him; causing him to constantly chek for roots or stones where he walked. Tauriel simply followed him, attempting to hold back laughter as she watched his concentration. When they finally reached the placid lake, Kili silently thanked the gods for it was quite clear luck played a larger part than knowledge in his finding. Stretching his arms to the sky and all about him, he turned to the lovely elf maiden with a huge smile, "Now you've got me all alone and to yourself. Your master plan seems to be off to a good start." He attempted a seductive voice as his hand grabbed a piece of his hair, pulling it towards his lips with a raised eyebrow. Tauriel laughed incredulously, her red locks falling forward as her right hand lifted to her mouth. Kili was content with his ability to make her laugh; she always looked so beautiful when she did.

"I had other things in mind, dwarf." She held her index finger up, indicating him to wait. Kili watched her as she darted to the East, momentarily out of his sight. As time drew on, angst grew within him, as he wondered of her whereabouts. The silence of the forest began to overcome his nerves. He was accustomed to the loud halls of the Dwarrow, raised voices and hearty laughter. Such pristine silence such as in the Woodland Realm was foreign and uncomfortable to him. He took a few steps in the direction he had seen her flee, calling her name with worry. No answer could be heard, making him more uneasy. He took a few more steps towards the East. His trail of thought led to the sullen concept that darkness had taken her. There were more than simply arachnids and insanity in the depths of Mirkwood. He called her name louder, gripping a tree in hopes of a response. Though as soon as he called her name the second time, a shadow moved amongst the branches of the trees. Tauriel landed behind Kili silently, grinning as she leaned her head right over his shoulder "I'm right here."

Kili jumped as her voice resonated so close to his ear. He turned around to find two bows in Tauriel's hands. It took him only seconds before he recognized his own, a large grin growing on his face. "Mukhuh Mahal udnîn zu ra sanzigil umkhûh zu!" The bow shone beautifully in the starlight, its wood seeming glossed and its bowstring seeming reinforced with silver hair. There was no reluctance in his reach as he took it from her hands, enjoying its feel in his palms. It was strange how the bow reminded him so much of home and of his Company. He raised the bow to his eye, pulling the string back with his right hand, allowing tension to build before releasing it with a loud exhale. The elf captain simply watched him, catching every detail of emotion that he felt with the return of his bow. It was probably the first familiar thing he had experienced since his arrival in her realm, and she was glad she could present it to him.

"Can you handle shooting a real arrow?" She teased as she took off the sling of arrows she snatched from the barracks. He walked back towards her, picking an arrow up, weighing it in his palm before slinging it across his bow. "The stars shine bright enough for a bit of competition, don't you think?" She placed a hand on his shoulder, guiding him to turn around to face a wooden, circular board. The board stood on three legs, like a tripod, measuring about two feet in diameter with a six inch circle in the center. A few marks could be seen on the board, revealing its prior use. A chuckle escaped the dwarf prince's lips as he raised his bow high up in the air in agreement.

"Ladies first, wouldn't want to show you up right from the start," He winked at her with false smugness, creating a smile on Tauriel's lips. She plucked an arrow from the bundle on the ground, slinging it into her bow. As she raised it to her eye, she adjusted the course slightly so as not to hit the center of the target. The feeling was unfathomable, why she wanted to give the dwarf a bit of a chance. There was no doubt in her mind she could hit the exact center of the target, but if she did the game would be over. The extent of the ability of the dwarf was also unknown to her and she wanted to see more of what he could accomplish. With the altered course set, she released the arrow with an audible inhale. It landed right on the outskirts of the white circle in the center, only a millimeter off from being inside its boundaries.

Kili notice the strangeness in the captain missing the mark. It seemed strange she would not have the perfect aim she seemed to possess in battle, though he decided to not think of it too long. Having an arrow already in hand, he slung it once again across his bow, his posture quite different than his elven friend's. Instead of his customary upright stance, he carried the bow horizontally with the arrow lying atop. One eye closed as he slowly let out his breath, releasing the arrow. The landing of the arrow was within the boundaries of the white circle, though barely. However, he was pleased with his shot. Kili was known for having decent archery skills. While the bow was his weapon of choice, his shots were not always precise and clean. Having made it within the circle reinforced his confidence. "I'll give you another shot, two out of two. But… I think we should offer a prize." His eyebrow lifted as he turned to Tauriel, half smirking. She took his bait, placing a hand on her hip.

"What prize would a dwarf want from an elf?" She questioned him mockingly haughtily. "But if I were to win, I think would desire the silver-jeweled chain which hangs inside your coat." Her eyes had caught sight of the chain when he was imprisoned, and it reminded her of the glistening stars. She felt no strong desire for it, but it seemed a suitable reward.

"I suppose there are neither fine jewels nor gold which you can gift me," He scratched the back of his head as if in deep thought. Quite contrary to the image he attempted to display, he quickly followed his thought "Perhaps a single kiss." He turned his eyes towards the sky, a burning feeling growing in his cheeks. Tauriel felt the same burn on her face, though it was pleasant. As his eyes returned back to hers, she nodded.

"Allow me to show you the superiority of the Eldar." She cooed as she drew another arrow into her bow, drawing back the bowstring. Her lips puckered slightly, a cold breath drawing in as her left eye closed. With an audible inhalation the arrow released, striking nearly the exact center of the circle. A cracking sound resonated through the forest with the impact of the arrow. Kili swallowed uneasily, his confidence beginning to wane that he could perform a shot as well as hers. She glanced at him, slightly smug with her precision. Her feet took a few steps back as she motioned with her hand for him to step forward. If he could make it near hers, she would be thoroughly impressed. Perhaps a kiss would be a suitable reward for such accuracy. The dwarf prince stepped over to where Tauriel had previously stood. He bent down to take an arrow from the quiver, reluctance staying his hand. As he stood, he slung the arrow across his bow, altering his form from his previous shot. He held his bow vertically, extending his left arm fully ahead of him while his right arm slowly pulled the bowstring back. His hand aligned with his right eye, shaking slightly due to the tension of the pull and the tension of the possible loss. He shut his left eye, preparing for the release. Quickly he exhaled loudly releasing the string from his fingers, his eyes following the trail of the arrow diligently.

Tauriel stood with her lips ajar, unsure of how Kili was able to achieve such a perfect shot. The wood of the target cracked once again with landing of Kili's arrow. The arrowhead delved deep into the chestnut wood, nearly completely out of sight. It landed immediately to the right of Tauriel's, perfectly in the center of the white circle. He was incredibly impressed with himself. With a huge grin Kili spun to face Tauriel, lifting his bow into the air with a loud cheer that could be heard throughout the forest. She simply laughed due to his joy and surprise, glad that he was able to prove his quality. Perhaps the dwarves were not as inferior as her kin thought.

With the gaiety of the moment, Kili dropped his bow and grasped Tauriel's wrist leading her closer towards the lake. They remained laughing as they stumbled through the forest, following the distant silver reflection. On the rim of the lake, a set of smooth rocks caught his eye. Making his way towards them, his hand slipped from her wrist to her hand with the slowing of his pace. Tauriel made no movement to escape his touch, rather, she welcomed it. Her fingers wrapped around his hand, feeling the small hairs on the exterior and callouses the on the interior. When they reached the smooth rocks, Tauriel sat down watching the lake with wide eyes. "We call this lake Altáriel, after Lady Galadriel for how the starlight shines upon its calm waters." Her hand did not let go of his.

"It's a wonderful name," Kili whispered as he took his spare hand and cupped her face, turning it towards him. With her seated, he was slightly taller than her. He gazed upon her illuminated features, watching as she glowed right before his eyes. Disbelief resided inside him that such a breath-taking maiden showed any interest in him. He was not accustomed to having luck with dwarf ladies, for he was always in the shadow of his older brother, the true heir to the throne of Erebor. He was not considered charming either, by his kin. He lacked a beard, only stubble growing upon his chin and lip. Girth was not his strong suit either, being thinner than most other male dwarves. Yet despite all his flaws, right in front of his eyes a stunning captain sat, gifting him all of her attention. He released her hand, placing it on the back of her head as he leaned forward and gently planted his lips on hers.

Tauriel felt his rough lips crush her smooth ones. They were chapped and cut, but warm and welcoming. The feel of his hand in her hair encouraged her, leading her to pull the dwarf closer. She had never experienced a kiss such as this before. They were both inexperienced, yet neither seemed to care. In that moment they were both engulfed by each other's affection. He could not believe the warmth and velvety feel of her lips. He tried to imprint the feel of every part of her lips in his mind. It seemed strange how a new-found comfort could be found upon her lips. Warmth welled inside him, like a fire filling his every nerve. His mind could make no discernible though other than that he wanted to kiss her even more.

"I know I said a single kiss," Kili had pulled away slightly, though his forehead still touched hers, "but I think I may desire a few more." An uneasy laugh escaped his lips as he asked for permission to kiss her once again. Without speaking, Tauriel wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with eager force, nearly knocking him off his feet. Kili leaned forward, parting his lips with a slight gasp as her warm breath filled his mouth. Passion drove his lips to close, locking with hers. The flowing, slickness of her hair became quickly tangled with Kili's hands twisting and grabbing as his lips merged with hers, hot air slipping from one mouth to the other. On seduced impulse, the prince slowly edged his tongue into her mouth. At first, he licked her lips between parted kisses as they gasped for air. A slight tremor erupted through her body as the moistness of his tongue glided across her lips. She placed one hand on his face, running it across his stubble gently. The other hand was placed on his neck, rubbing and grasping. Her touch drove him mad as he craved more of her, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. The warmth radiated through him, his brows furrowing from the ecstasy. Tauriel's tongue quickly met his, mingling together with a gasp and moan.

Her sighs were like music to his ears, a soft melody rising and falling with their every kiss. Kili's hands slipped down to her waist, rubbing up and down her sides. The feel of her slender body fit perfectly in his large hands. A sudden urge came over him, a desire to place his lips on her tender stomach. A desire to kiss from her lips to her waist where his hands were, to feel her tender skin against his rough lips; to run his hands across every curve. Tauriel felt overwhelmed by her concupiscence for Kili. Her hand on his cheek trailed to his chest, feeling the curve of his pectorals. She traced figures across his chest, her finger nearly trembling. In her excited state, she was frightened of venturing too far. A craving filled her to run her hands over every muscle and feel his body hair against her smooth skin, but she knew to calm herself. Her hands rose once again to his face as she made her kisses slower and steadier. He responded accordingly, seeming to unknowingly agree to tranquilize himself.

Their kisses came to a steady stop as Kili pulled himself slightly away from Tauriel. He gazed into her eyes, neither one of them uttering a single word. His lips gave a faint simper as he moved to sit next to her on the rock, lying back with a content sigh. She glimpsed at him, still roused from his kiss. Lying back next to him, her eyes stared up into the abyss. The stars sent a calming wave over the two, pacifying their arousal. Kili shifted his fingers towards Tauriel's, gently filling the spaces in between her fingers with his. He stared into the abyss along with her, the wonderful silence filling their minds and hearts.


Elvish (Sindarin):

"Mellon" – Friend

"Gellon ned i galar i chent gîn ned i gladhog, hiril vuin" – I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh

"Boe i 'waen" – I must go

Khuzdul (Dwarvish):

"Mukhuh Mahal udnîn zu ra sanzigil umkhûh zu" – May Mahal keep you and Mithril find you