"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

"Last time I checked, you were the one who insisted we come down here, Kristoff. You can't turn back now."

"Yeah, but –"

"Are you saying you made me walk all the way out here for nothing?"

"No, no. Fine. Just…stay behind me, and get ready to duck."


They broke through the canopy of fir trees and stepped into a familiar clearing, where a seemingly innocent pile of rocks lay stagnant.

"Okay, I'm nervous now," Anna muttered, grabbing Kristoff's sleeve to keep him from advancing. She couldn't help but notice he looked slightly anxious too. He ran a hand through his hair and let out a sigh.

"I mean, they'll be excited, but I'm just worried that they won't let us leave," he said quietly, eyeing the rocks with apprehension.

Anna let go of Kristoff's sleeve and smoothed out her dress, jutting out her chin in fake confidence. "Here goes nothing." She cleared her throat. "H-hello? Bulda? Grand Pabbie? It's us. And by us, I mean me and Kristoff, which you probably know, but -"

The ground began to shake as the rocks leapt from their sleeping places, jumping and rolling and stretching as they awoke.


Loud cheers sounded across the clearing as the little trolls greeted the couple with enthusiasm, pulling on their clothes and rubbing their heads fondly.

"Er – be careful –" grunted Kristoff, brushing an especially excited troll off of Anna's shoulders and shooting her an apologetic smile.

"My baby Kristoff!" The trolls parted to let Bulda through, and she waddled excitedly to her adopted son, who surprised her with a kiss to the forehead. "You two haven't seen us in far too long. What's the hold up? Too busy being in love? How's married life, hmm? Are you satisfying her, Kristoff?"

Kristoff's cheeks flushed. "I don't see how – "

Bulda continued. "I hope you've come with good news! Are you going to have another troll wedding ceremony? The last one was far too short, with far too few guests, am I right?"

The trolls sounded off in agreement. Anna tried to butt in. "Actually – "

"And the garments were nowhere near authentic! It's not my fault that we didn't have your size –"

"We actually do have good news, but it's not that," said Kristoff loudly, taking one of Anna's hands in his. The clearing went silent. Dozens of stone faces looked up at the couple eagerly, their fire crystals glowing faintly in the dimming light.

Anna bit her lip and looked up at her husband with a shy smile. "We're – that is, I'm – well, kind of us -" Kristoff nudged her. Looking like she was going to burst, Anna let out a squeak of excitement. "We're having a baby!"

The trolls were quiet for a moment, and then erupted into cheers. Bulda was already blowing her nose loudly on a leaf as the others charged towards the expecting couple. Surprised by the great speed of the trolls, Kristoff threw an arm in front of Anna, but they merely rolled around them, positioned themselves in a circle, and began to sing. The smallest trolls handed flowers up to Anna, who blushed and took the humble offerings as trollsong filled her ears. Kristoff took a particularly pretty flower and tucked it behind Anna's hair before kissing her cheek, much to the delight of his troll family.

The singing and cat-calling stopped abruptly as another stone figure stepped into the throng. Grand Pabbie ambled slowly towards the center, his old eyes scanning the crowd. He stopped before the couple, and a small chuckle escaped his lips. He addressed Anna first, who stooped slightly to grasp his outreached hand.

"May your child grow healthy and strong within you, my dear."

Anna beamed. "Thank you, Grand Pabbie."

He turned to Kristoff, who had to bend farther than Anna to take the troll's wizened hand. "And you, my boy – May you be a kind and patient father to your son."

Kristoff's mouth opened and closed a few times. "Son?"

Grand Pabbie nodded, looking confused. "Yes, it's a boy. Did you not know?"

Kristoff shook his head, looking dazed. "She's only – well, she's not that far along…"

"A boy," Anna breathed. Obvious joy shone in her eyes as she squirmed excitedly underneath Kristoff's protective arm.

"You must bring him to me, first thing!" Bulda shouted. "I'm talking as soon as the little darling is born!"

"Well, maybe not that soon," Kristoff chuckled nervously. "But it – he will come see you, for sure."

"Make sure of it."

Later that night, as they lay wrapped in each other's arms, the ice harvester and his princess found it a little harder to sleep knowing a little prince would soon join their family.

I've had this idea in my head for a while, but I don't know if I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Anyway, thanks for reading! Reviews are MUCH appreciated!