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"Don't you think we should wait until he's older?"

"Anker's already two months old, Anna. Bulda is going to kill me for making her wait this long."

Anna nervously readjusted the baby sling that she had tied around her torso and gave her husband a skeptical look. "Should a two-month-old be trekking up into the mountains?"

Kristoff shrugged. "Well, I was born in the mountains. In the middle of winter, no less. He'll be fine." He leaned down and kissed his son's feathery blond head. "Right, buddy?"

Anker responded by trying to stick his whole fist in his own mouth.

"Well, we should probably go while the sun is at its highest," said Anna, smiling fondly at the baby. "Is the sleigh ready?"

Kristoff nodded. "Yeah, I fixed it up this morning. Sven is really anxious to go for a sleigh ride."

As they approached the stables, Anna couldn't help but feel sorry for the reindeer. He had had almost no attention from either of them since the baby was born. She knew Sven could take care of himself, but the time between him and Kristoff was invaluable. Luckily, Sven loved the baby, and would groom its hair whenever he thought Anna wasn't looking. Anna scolded the reindeer at first, but upon seeing Anker's happy, gummy smile, she decided to let it slide.

The sleigh ride went smoothly; Sven was aware of just how precious the cargo was. He looked behind him frequently, eyes darting between Anna and the lump in her arms.

Kristoff chuckled. "They're fine, Sven. You're doing great."

As they pulled up near the clearing where the trolls resided, Anna felt anxious. Would the trolls want to hold the baby? Were their arms even long enough? What if they dropped him?

Kristoff hopped off the sleigh and held his arms out to take Anker from Anna, who was now shuffling uncomfortably on the seat. "Uh oh. I know that look," said Kristoff, his arms falling. "What's -"

"What if they want to hold the baby?" Anna blurted, hugging the baby closer to her chest. "I mean, can they even do that? They are made of rock, after all."

"They don't have to hold him, Anna, especially if you're not comfortable with it."

Anna nodded, but it was with reluctance that she surrendered Anker to Kristoff and stepped off the sleigh into the snow. Kristoff gave her a reassuringly smile as they stepped into the clearing. After tightening the blankets around his son's sleeping form, he cleared his throat loudly. "Um…hello? Bulda? It's Kristoff and Anna again, and we have – "


Within moments, the couple was surrounded by excited trolls, who quickly began stacking themselves in order to get a better look at the bundle in Kristoff's arms. Anna tried in vain to shush them, but it was too late – the commotion had awoken Anker, who made a mewing sound and kicked at his blankets fussily. A hush came over the clearing as the trolls took in the tiny squawking creature with sudden awe.

Anna laughed nervously and sidled up to her husband. "I told you this was a bad idea," she muttered as the cries intensified. Then -

"Which one of you is responsible for making my grandbaby cry?" Bulda had pushed her way through the crowd and was now perched on a rock near the flustered couple, glaring down at the rest of the trolls, who were now shuffling their stone feet guiltily.

She turned to Kristoff and beamed. "Let me see him, dear."

Glancing at Anna, Kristoff knelt down to give Bulda a closer look at the unhappy baby in his arms. Bulda smiled warmly as she took one of its tiny hands in hers.

"There's no need for tears, little one," she cooed, running a gentle finger down the baby's soft cheek. Immediately, the crying ceased, and parents and child were left looking bewildered.

"Guess he just needed a grandmother's touch!" announced Bulda proudly. Her face softened once more. "What's his name, loves?"

Anna smiled and addressed the entire clearing of trolls. "His name is Anker, and he's the newest Prince of Arendelle."

The announcement was followed by cheers, notably a lot softer than before.

"He's two months old already!" Bulda laughed. "When are you going to get started on the next one?"

Kristoff's choking and Anna's stuttering went unnoticed amidst the following bout of cheering and cat calls.

"You two make cute babies," gurgled a little troll near the front.

"Alright, it was nice seeing you guys!" said Kristoff, his voice cracking. "We'll just be on our way back to the castle, where people don't say creepy stuff out loud."

"Way ahead of you," muttered Anna beside him, and he heard her back up towards the sleigh.

"Okay, but don't come back until there's another baby! Life is a buffet; always go back for more!"

By this time Kristoff and Anna had already clambered into the sleigh and were shouting their goodbyes as Sven began to pull away.

"I'm glad that's over," Kristoff muttered as his mittened hands tugged on the reins. Anna giggled.

"What about that 'next one', hmmm?"

Kristoff groaned. "Not you, too!"

Anna was scooting awfully close. "Not such a bad idea, though, is it? It's just you and me up here…"

"Yeah, and Sven and our son, remember?" Kristoff choked. "Are you even remembering that whole ten-week rule thing?"

"It's been eight," Anna pouted.

"That's two less than ten, feistypants. Not happening."

Anna sat back with an exasperated sigh. "You're so cute when you're sensible."

"One of us has to be."

Anna leaned over to kiss her husband's cheek. "I love you, I guess."

"I guess I love you too, stinker."

I found 'Anker' in a baby name book, and it means 'harvester' so I thought it was pretty fitting! Anyway, that's probably the end of this story. I may write some more Frozen one-shots in the future, so stay tuned! As always, reviews are much appreciated.