Hello again my honeys! I'm very early with this update but I'm not going to apologize for that, I don't think most of you will mind this though. Anyways I have some good news, this is my Third Christmas Request List fic for Elder Dragon93 and I'm not favouring anyone with these stories and how many chapters they will turn out or if they remain one-shots, I promise.

But this will become a multi-chapter fic because I myself have always wanted to write a multi-chapter fic surrounding my absolute favourite self-cest pairing and this story is just too cute not to do something a little more intricate and loving with it. Besides, the world I constructed around this AU, that's mixed with a lot of Canon facts, is too complex to post a mere one-shot with. This idea has great potential and I absolutely love it already.

Anyways, there are some warnings for this fic, so please heed them now before you get too caught up in this. This is a multi-chapter fic centered around the self-cest pairing: Shiba Keiichi (Mugetsu) x Shiba Ichigo. Keiichi {慧 一 } which means 'wise first son', although Mugetsu will still be called Mugetsu in this fic, but you'll see my reasoning in a moment. This is twin-cest as they are siblings, so it's blatant incest.

This fic contains: M/M lemons, animal ear and tail characters of which we'll have an Usagi! Ichigo andan Usagi!Mugetsu. Meaning they will have rabbit ears and tails. The entirety of the Bleach Plot is goingto be twisted to my will with this, so very little is going to have anything to do with the canon facts. For now, apart from a little violence and an indulging Isshin, there are no warnings for the prologue. Chapter 1 won't be so kind as there will most likely be a full on lemon between my main pairing.

I'm not saying anything more, I don't want to spoil my new story, so please enjoy. This is just the prologue, the establishing of my setting and characters. So I apologize if it's short. Please remember that Chapter 1 will be posted in 5-6 days from now to round this up into a full update.

For now though, please enjoy it. I'll see you at the end of the chapter.

Prologue: Seasonal Spring In Winter

Late one weekday afternoon; deep within the midwinter slump that had encompassed the entirety of Seireitei's vast planes, the first snowfall could be seen drifting in lazy white flakes from a partially overcast sky. With the sun's rays slipping through a thin smattering of fluffy clouds, several shafts of haunting golden light snuck inside from a large window that was situated on the side of the Juubantai Taichō's office. Capturing the napping figure of one Shiba Ichigo; the youngest son of Shiba Isshin and one of the two rightful heirs to the Noble House of Fertility and Comfort, in a shimmering light of gold...the young Shinigami seemingly shifted sleepily on the office couch to better get his lay in his lazy afternoon nap. A small moan of pure contentment was spilling past luscious petal pink lips, spiralling into the air around him as the near undetectable noise attracted the attention of the tenth division's current Captain that was gazing at the spread of his paperwork with utter disdain.

Despite the heady dreams that skittered a flush of deep red across a dainty nose, uncertain movement sending bright and messy orange locks tumbling into closed eyes to feather teasingly across pale cheeks and brush against a cushion in an uneven and unkempt length; the purity of his Usagi(1*) inheritance from his father could be seen in a soft, fluffy orange tail that was twitching restlessly at the base of his spine and long rabbit ears that were half drooping atop his head in sensitivity to any form of sound that saturated the air around him. Dressed in a neat black shihakushō with a white lieutenant's badge, inscribed with a daffodil and the traditional number ten, on his left arm; there was also a warm, dark green windflower silk scarf wound loosely around his neck and pitch black waraji settled across white tabi clad feet. Eternally by his side and secured in the white sash of his black hakama, were his twin Zanpactō, Zangetsu. Sealed in their smaller forms than when they were released with the call of the blades' name, they seemed fairly harmless for the incredible power and overwhelming techniques that they held.

The blood red hilts, black hand guards in the shape of a broken square and pitch black sheaths were only the prelude to the two blood red tassels that were secured at the pommel of each of the swords in a reflection to his father's Zanpactō, Engetsu. The wakizashi; the smaller of the two blades, held the form a much calmer spirit than its companion black daitō. But when they were truly released in both Shikai and Bankai, it was said that they became an utterly magnificent display of both awe-inspiring power and unrestrained reiatsu. The young Vice-Captain however, seemed completely oblivious to the world around him as he became consumed by a slumber that was much deeper than it should have been at that time of day. It was odd for him though, but Ichigo had been feeling sick since early that morning. Unbalanced in both his power and not completely in control of his senses, the orangette's uncertainty was starting show with his guard that was dropping from its usual strict presence of enforcement around the lazy Captain that tended to sneak out of his official duty when he wasn't being watched carefully.

In not keeping a strict eye on the elusive and playful Juubantai Taichō that would do anything to get out of doing his paperwork, it was fairly surprising when a spiky black haired Isshin stood from his desk and made his way towards the couch several seconds later in concern instead. Laying a gentle palm against his youngest son's forehead to check for a temperature, the older being sighed softly to himself as his own black rabbit ear bent a little in anxiety when he became aware of the overly sweet scent that was saturating the air around him in a heady push. It was a burning, needy, aroma that he was very familiar with...it's implications far too heady to ignore and as he closed chocolate brown eyes in search of the strength to survive what was to come, he realized that he would have to let go of youngest child's soul soon.

The time had finally come, even when he was sure that it was only in its early stages.

It was long overdue, though, and that had concerned Isshin for a long time now. But he easily pushed his undue worries aside for an indulging smile when Ichigo shifted sleepily to lean into his fingertips happily, nuzzling his palm as the older being pulled away at the action and loving brown eyes tracked that the small shudder that raced across flawlessly tanned skin. Isshin chuckled softly with untainted mirth, his white haori fluttering around his form as he bent down to press an affectionate kiss to a tangerine brow that was furrowing deeper now at his touch, even creating a familiar scowl across Ichigo's features in his deep sleep. His little Ichigo was such a late bloomer! Going into his first seasonal heat months after spring was over and in the middle of winter instead. Really now, if anything he should have been glad that his child had been holding his instincts back for so long but the repercussions were not going to end well for either of his two little leverets (2*).

Keiichi, or Mugetsu as his eldest was known by these days because of the incredibly powerful technique of his Zanpactō and having nearly destroyed the entire academy the first day he had awoken Mugetsu, was going to get very possessive over his little brother after this. Something he already was. The hip length, pitch black haired Shinigami usually hid it well but when it came to things concerning his Ichigo, Mugetsu was extremely protective over his younger twin brother. It was understandable as the two of them had been born as eternal mates; two souls twined irrevocably together for an eternity in the spiritual realm where the Animal Deities ruled the four Noble Houses of the Gotei-13. The beings that were blessed and favoured with overwhelming power by the Reiou since three millennia ago, were still tasked with keeping the Three Worlds of Hueco Mundo, Soul Society and the Human World balanced. And Isshin's two beloved children had been born as the heirs to the Usagi clan after him, possibly the two most powerful of their generation that had been born in Soul Society since the legend of the first Soutaichō.

And they were still considered mere children in the eyes of many of the beings here, he thought with a large grin of pride. They could barely be considered eighteen in Shinigami years and yet, they were already so mature in their strength. It was utterly laughable but Isshin was having a hard time keeping up with either of them, especially Mugetsu. His oldest was a force to be reckoned with when he wasn't calm and collected, and the only being in the world that seemed to be able to ground him in such a state, was Ichigo and vice versa. Brushing warm fingertips against a drooping soft orange rabbit ear affectionately, the black haired Shinigami chuckled softly when it quivered at his touch and Ichigo snuggled into the couch to get away from the unexpected, sensitive caress. He should probably stop, Isshin noted to himself absently. Mugetsu was going to catch his father's dominant scent on his twin and then all hell would break lose, especially with the orangette entering that state through the next week. Ichigo's irresistibly sweet scent was telling enough now as it only seemed to intensify in the atmosphere around him with every second that passed...

'I should probably send you home, Ichigo. You're not going to like entering your seasonal heat here.' Isshin whispered warningly; his mind running through the thousands of possibilities that the rowdy dominant males were going to be tearing though his division walls in search of Ichigo's attention in the next few hours. And dear god, should the Sanbantai division catch scent of this...Isshin would be dead in every sense because dealing with the Kitsune clan in Ichimaru Gin and a possessive Mugetsu was a little too much for even his immense power to control. His little one, sweet little Ichigo was the first submissive hare to have been born into the Shiba clan in over five centuries and the orangette still remained oblivious to the wanton attention that he attracted from his potentials. But they were all small fry in consideration to the eternal presence that was beside Ichigo constantly in his twin, Mugetsu.

The black haired father had seen this coming the first time that Mugetsu had protected Ichigo from one of the nobility's cruel children when they were little, had known where this would go even before Ichigo's maturity had started to show a few months ago at Mugetsu's constant affection. Because there would only ever be one soul that could be mated to his youngest in equal strength. But that didn't matter right now; Isshin had had years to try and get over this but it was still a bit saddening that his little Ichigo wouldn't be so innocent anymore. It's only natural that a father remained protective over his 'daughter' but never let Ichigo hear that, Isshin thought with a snicker of mirth, he would lose his head literally. Ruffling warm fingertips through messy orange locks, the black haired being called out to his beloved son softly.

'Ichi...son...time to wake...Ichigo!' When Isshin received no response to his call at first, chocolate brown eyes absently turned towards the window that looked out over the snow covered training fields of the tenth division for a while to gather himself for what he was about to do. There were a slew of new recruits observing the current spar that was taking place in a fierce clash of sheer skill and flowing movement outside. The beautifully elegant form of the Juubantai Division's second Vice-Captain was sparring with the current third seat furiously, bamboo swords having replaced their Zanpactō but still their deadly dance seemed completely unaffected by the lack of their true strength. Long pitch black locks were cascading sensually down a strong back, brushing against thin hips as it danced wildly in the wind. Pert, pitch black rabbit ears were following his opponent's movement and every shift in the air as a fierce scowl of determination saturated those equally black brows in a mirroring expression that Ichigo displayed most of the time when he was truly angry.

Red pigmented eyes were sharp and focused behind black lashes, Mugetsu's stoic features never once betraying an ounce of his flowing emotions to his opponent as he parried several uncoordinated attacks with relative ease. There was a long dark green scarf like Ichigo's; a gift from the Neko Deity and Kuchiki family head, tied like a hakama sash around his waist with flowing silk as it enveloped his form now in an flutter of their division colours and marked his standing as the official heir to Isshin's position as the Shiba Head. He was the oldest after all, even though Isshin wanted both of his sons to succeed his position one day...officially he knew, there could only be one. But not that it had ever opened a rift of rivalry between the twins. In fact, Isshin was sure that to Ichigo and Keiichi it didn't matter which of the two succeeded and when, as long as they'd be side by side, they'd be happy for an eternity. It was the small shift in movement on the couch though, that dragged the black haired father back to his current task at hand as he sighed deeply and steeled himself for what was to come.

This was probably going to hurt...

'Ichigo! Ichi! IIICHIIGOOO! MY BEAUTIFUL SON!' A howling war cry suddenly resounded through the depths of the Taichō's office, instantly snapping a dazed orange haired Usagi Deity out of his heady afternoon nap with a gasp of surprise just as Ichigo threw up his hand defensively to capture the foot that was heading in the direction of his torso with lightning speed. 'Wake up! My sleepy son! It's time for my LITTLE BUNNY to go home―.' The black haired father was instantaneously silenced by a deadly flying fist however, dazed chocolate brown eyes saturating their fathomless depths with a deadly glare of utter rage. Droopy orange rabbit ears instantly pricked straight up as a downy orange tail twitched restlessly against the base of his spine and Ichigo breathed shakily through the sudden exertion his body had gone through in such a short period of time. He quickly elbowed his father in the side to force the muscular form towards the floor without mercy, pinning him there with a black waraji clad foot that was digging into the older Shinigami's back as Ichigo hissed out his growing anger. He absolutely hated being awoken like that and Ichigo knew that his father was aware of it, which was why he deliberately reached forward to yank at a long black rabbit ear in warning now.

'Just what did you call me, OYAJI (3*)?! I think I heard you wrong, but didn't I say I'd cut off your ears the next time you called me your 'bunny', hmm?' Ichigo purred dangerously low, paying little attention to the pathetic whimpers that rose from the floor now as an exasperated sigh spilled past his lips with a brush of strain. Why did he have to have a father that was so difficult to deal with, and so damn energetic?! It was enough to drain Ichigo of the small contentedness that his unknown dreams had chased across his form as he blinked lazily to get rid of the sleep that was gathered in his eyes. Bringing up his hand to swipe away at the unusual brush of sweat that had gathered across his forehead without his knowledge, the orangette tugged his bottom lip between his teeth in deep thought. It didn't feel right, his body had been out of sync since that morning and it was truly starting to affect him now. Leaving the orange haired Shinigami in a heady sense of entrapment that he needed to escape from to protect himself, he―.

'Daddy yields, Ichigo! Daddy yields! I won't do it again, I promise!' Even when Ichigo knew that was a complete lie and he'd probably do it again come morning, like he always did, he still lifted his grinding foot from his father's back before the orangette fell back onto the couch in near exhaustion. 'You've lost none of your strength. I'm SO proud, my Ichigo!' Rolling vibrant chocolate brown orbs at his father's insane antics, Ichigo leaned his head back against a soft cushion as he rested absent fingertips against Zangetsu's larger daitō in search of comfort. Messy orange bangs were descending into his eyes, feathering across his cheeks to hide the subtle pink that traced across his skin just before he shifted restlessly in his seat to try and calm his erratically racing heart. The 'unsettled' feeling within him only seemed to be getting worse the more time passed, where it even left Ichigo struggling to breathe normally now.

Absent chocolate brown eyes were following his father's form in confusion and sheer surprise however, when Isshin made his way dutifully over to his desk without any prompting from his son's temper after having picked himself up from floor without much effort. That was odd; usually by this time of day, Isshin would be sneaking out of the office to go and drink with some of the other captains. But when he settled in his seat and pulled a small stack of papers towards him, Ichigo blinked several times to make sure what he saw was correct and not some dazed hallucination dancing before his blurring vision

'Oi! Dad? Why are you actually working―.'

'You should go home, Ichigo.' Isshin interrupted him suddenly, a deadly serious gaze entering brown eyes that were the same hue as Ichigo's before he picked up his calligraphy brush and turned his attention back to his work. 'You never sleep in the office, Ichigo, and you look pale. So go home and rest, I don't want you to go and wander in the city and exhaust yourself. The cold is most likely only going to worsen your condition. Mugetsu will probably be home in a few hours and you know I'll be out tonight. I'll be telling your brother that I sent you home early however, so don't think he'll allow you to walk outside after that or not lock you up in his room for going out when you were sick. Daddy's just concerned about my little bunny―.' And his infuriating father was back. With a flicker of shunpo, Ichigo abruptly slammed his father's forehead against the top of the desk in reprimand before taking a deep breath to steady the unexpected nausea the small movement had created in the pit of his stomach.

'F-fine! But only if you promise to finish you work. We don't want to fall behind and today's Friday, I don't want to come in here to do your work tomorrow.' Pulling his dark green scarf around his neck more firmly, Ichigo curled his arms around his waist in search of his faded warmth as he shivered softly at a flash of unease that was streaking uncomfortably through his very veins. At his father's infuriating thumbs up though, one black rabbit ear askew as a trickle of blood dripped across his forehead and onto parchment papers, Isshin did not look nearly as convincing as he should have in his promise before the orangette eventually decided to give up and take his leave in any case. Perhaps some proper rest would help him with this, Ichigo thought absently as he incorporated his inherent speed to carry him towards the traditional Shiba mansion that was situated a few kilometres away from the Juubantai offices. It had been a long time after all, since he had felt so out of it and jittery with an unnamed excitement at the same time.

If he wasn't careful, this would probably drive Ichigo a little insane by the time the sun set in a few hours time.

1* - Usagi – Rabbit

2* - Leverets – Are the name of a baby Hare, even though its only used up until their first year of growth, Isshin still calls his children like that because they are still very young.

3* - Oyaji – Old Man; a very rude way to refer to one's father.

I think that covers all my work, oh wait, Neko means cat and Kitsune means fox. I forgot to add those in, sorry. Anyways, that's it from me! Please enjoy my honeys and remember Chapter 1 will be updated in 5-6 days. Also, I hope you enjoyed Elder Dragon93! This is fic is going to be quite fluffy and cute as a contrast to my darker stuff, so I'm enjoying myself far too much with this. Which is probably why the prologue was written so quickly.

For now though, I'm off. Dinner's just about ready and I've been quite sick today so hopefully it won't reflect in my work here today.

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