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This chapter contains an M/M lime because I'm saving the lemon for the next chapter as there are some things I need to happen first before I get to that, also this story will contain M-preg. If that freaks you out please do not read any further, although it will be a while still before we get to that. Hmm, there will be a lot of future lemons, some light bondage but I'll list those warnings more intimately as I get to them.

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Chapter 1: Heating Up The Night

Misty puffs of white air danced coldly past petal pink lips with every uncontrolled exhale that escaped heaving lungs; icy cold winds swirling near constantly against a shivering form as Shiba Ichigo uncertainly made his way through the last few meters that would lead him into the Shiba family mansion. The wintery wind was picking up all around him, ruffling semi-long messy orange locks that descended down the back of his neck to brush the top of his collar before it feathered sensually across flushed cheeks and tumbled into dazed chocolate brown eyes without his notice. Restless orange rabbit ears were once again drooping atop his head. A clear sign that he was feeling ill and distressed as the orangette wound his arms around his waist in order to preserve some of his rapidly fading heat and hopefully to control some of his stuttering breaths.

It seemed that his travels from the Juubantai offices to here were finally catching up to him, bathing Ichigo's entire form in a nauseating sensation that he had never before experienced when using shunpo to get home. In fact, Ichigo had never felt so dizzy and out of sorts from nothing either. Not even when he had been sick and injured throughout the course of his life so far. These ragging sensations were decidedly disconcerting as they saturated trembling limbs and flooded rapidly heating veins with an anxious neediness that the orange haired Shinigami couldn't quite explain; but caused him to shudder near uncontrollably at, at the same time. Leaving Ichigo to sway through several uncoordinated footsteps, chocolate brown eyes cast an absentminded gaze upon the reassuring presence of the large traditional family mansion that was spread out before him now. Finally, he had thought that he would never make it back here without losing consciousness along the way.

It was quite difficult to navigate the intricate streets of Seireitei when one's vision was blurred, your centre of balance thrown off with a slow climb of needy, want and you were in full speed shunpo as well. This, Ichigo had only belatedly realized, may not have been such a good idea to try in his unknown state of health. At least he had made it home safely for now, he thought absently. Heaven's knows what his twin, Keiichi, would have done had he collapsed in the falling snow somewhere. But that wasn't really important right now, the orangette should probably go lay down for a bit before these sensations, brewing so deeply and darkly within him, could get any worse. Valiantly willing himself to step past the familiar threshold of his childhood home after several deep breaths to still a series of hitched inhalations; the orange haired Usagi deity was quite startled at the eerie silence that greeted him on the other side of the large double doors.

A restless fluffy orange tail was twitching incessantly against the base of his spine, brushing constantly against the fabric of a black hakama as drooping rabbit ears strained to follow any echo of sound that was not connected to his own stuttering breaths. Instinctively though, Ichigo cast out his senses to search for the servants' reiatsu that should have been present in the home at this time of day. It wasn't too long after that until Ichigo noticed they were on the other side of the mansion and had yet to detect his early return. Well it wasn't that early; there were only about two and half hours left before the division shift officially ended for both Ichigo and Mugetsu at sunset. But this was just as Ichigo needed it to be. He really did not want the staff to start fussing over his obviously pale features and sluggish responses...

So, keeping black waraji clad feet near silent upon polished dark wooden floors; the orange haired Shinigami hastily locked away his rising reiatsu within himself as he made his way past the large tearoom, several guest rooms and twining, twisting hallways that created a complex labyrinth before he finally stopped in front of closed doors that were situated at the back of the home and closer to the private family gardens. There was a large closed fusuma (1*) spread out before him now; painted artfully with a beautiful spring scene that displayed several playful black Wild Hares beneath the falling pink blossoms of sakura trees and a flowing, blue, waterfall. It was the rightful representation of the Animal Deity that his family took after and also spelled the true values of their House; the fertility of the soul and the comfort of abundance in life. This was also the doorway that would lead to the family's private wing, the only one place that the servants were never allowed to enter when one of the family was home to occupy it or when the year reached the heights of springtime.

But Ichigo had never really understood the latter rule that much. Spring had never really held any form of attraction to him; it usually only made his family a little more crazy than they already were. Well, made his father much more insane than he was now. Isshin would become so energetic and restless that he wore out both his sons physically and emotionally by the time the first day of summer arrived and things started to settle down into their normal pace again. Luckily though, Kei-nii was the most collected out of the three of them and rarely showed the changes in his mood to the time and flow of the year. He was also the strongest emotionally and was seldom affected by the changing seasons as Isshin tended to be and Ichigo started to show a little more every year with the coming and going winter. It was very unusual for a Spring Deity to prefer winter but for Ichigo, there was just something a bit more teasing and attractive during a white snowfall than humid heat and blooming flowers...even when it made him seem like the odd one out.

The orangette couldn't be happier that his twin seemed to carry the same preference as him. Ichigo had probably picked it from Mugetsu in the first place, as the older of two influenced a lot in Ichigo's life, but Ichigo didn't really mind that. He was well aware that he harboured a love for his twin that was much more intense and overwhelming than what should be allowed between siblings. But what else could he do? Their souls had always been twined intimately and irrevocably together since their birth, sometimes so tightly wound and closely bound that he himself couldn't always understand the deep feelings encompassing the depths of his very soul. And that, Ichigo was sure, had sculpted this incessant need within him to stay by Keiichi's side forever as a beloved, a mate and a loving brother...

However, with those few straying thoughts came a terrifying sorrow that spread alarmingly throughout his mind now. Causing an uncommon breath of distress to lodge itself painfully in the back of his throat; Ichigo briefly closed chocolate brown orbs to conceal the subtle yearning he could feel sinking into his heart and he struggled through several feeble attempts to bring himself back under control. Damn it! He didn't need to make this worse than it already was! Long orange rabbit ears were already quivering and trembling at his pained thoughts, falling flat against his head as tanned fingertips dug distressingly into the soft black fabric of his hakama and the orangette valiantly attempted to steady his abruptly unbalanced emotions that were threatening to consume his erratically beating heart in icy cold claws of reality. Ichigo had always managed to hide his unrequited love and need for affection so well, expertly masking his happiness and utter bliss whenever Mugetsu was close to him and offered him little brushes of affection. But it was getting difficult to not want more and more and more of his twin's touches and loving attention every single day...

And besides all that, the younger Shiba twin was absolutely terrified that his love would never be returned in the way that he felt it possessing him daily. That alone was an infinitely painful cycle to be caught up in, a guilty cycle that was teeming with shame at his impure thoughts as it became increasingly impossible to survive the emptiness inside of him that only grew into an all consuming fire of needy dependence. Ichigo's very soul was already crying out for something more substantial than the inherent love and closeness that they shared and he did not know how to satiate this growing, incredible, clawing yearning within him anymore. Sometimes the brief embraces that they shared, twining fingertips and chaste kisses to his forehead weren't nearly enough to keep Ichigo from feeling the fracture inside his soul seek to tear itself apart. But he really could not afford to be overwhelmed by these unsettled emotions right now, not in the middle of the hallway where anyone could see the subtle crack in his defences.

Using the immense self control that he had learned over the years by drawing strength from the presence of his two Zanpactō resting by his side, Ichigo quickly shut off his thoughts before they could affect his strained body and mind more than they already were. Just thinking about his older brother, the sweet and gentle Kei-nii that was always by his side and the first to reach out to him when Ichigo got into a depressive slump or felt sick like he was now; was igniting a terrible ache within the pit of his stomach when Ichigo realized Keiichi wasn't there to help calm his unsettled emotions. Something that the orangette loathed himself for now. Since when had he become so dependent on his twin's presence? Could he no longer deal with such ragging emotions and illness on his own? Ichigo was sniffling softly in his climbing distress, shuddering against the sensations of icy cold blood rushing in his veins. He was left gasping in uncertainty however, when that coldness suddenly replaced itself with a ragging heat the instant that he slid open the fusuma doors and stumbled blindly down the darkened hallway in the direction of his room.

'S-shit!' He had just managed to regain some of his coherency, for heaven's sake! But that too was starting to fade away from Ichigo's mind in favour of an unexplained daze that was enveloping still trembling limbs and slyly worked to block off his senses from reality too. Unknowingly though, even when Ichigo was forced to lean against the hallway walls several times to regain his dazed bearings, black waraji clad feet guided the orange haired twin towards the familiar doors of his brother's room instead. Ichigo was barely even paying attention to his surroundings anymore, his vision blackening around the edges as he struggled to draw a proper breath into his resisting lungs and keep his shivering form from sliding to the floor uselessly. It was odd how quickly he felt himself deteriorating now, and even by resting an absent right hand against the red hilted wakizashi by his side, the orange haired Usagi Deity drew very little of the overwhelming strength available from the calmer of his two Zanpactō spirits to help him move forward and stumble past the room's threshold.

Dazed chocolate brown eyes were gazing at the room he now found himself in with dizzying confusion; observing the blurring outline of a large king-sized western style bed that was situated against the far wall; draped neatly in an infinitely soft dark green eiderdown duvet and pitch black silk sheets that displayed an impressive array of feather pillows and soft cushions. This was definately Mugetsu's room, there was no doubt about it as Ichigo preferred a traditional futon that was hidden behind black mesh curtains tumbling from the ceiling as his own nest of comfort. The orangette just couldn't figure out why he had returned here when his room was just across the hall. But it hardly seemed to matter in that moment of time. Ichigo's breath was suddenly rasping painfully in his throat, an abrupt streak of unbearable, fiery, anguish echoing achingly through his abdomen that nearly had the dazed orangette doubled over in pain.

Fuck! He couldn't even turn around to make his way to his own room! Blunt fingernails were digging desperately against the even surface of a wall as Ichigo rested his temple there absently to collect himself and hopefully to chase away the anguish that was reverberating so powerfully through his heart. It simply wasn't helping him; his mind was trailing off into a blank stretch the instant that a very sensitive nose became aware of an addictive, soothing and powerfully arousing scent that was swirling around this part of the house so irrevocably. A heady curse drifted past petal pink lips, the comforting aroma becoming the only tether to reality that Ichigo could find as it urged him forward to where it was the strongest. Leading him towards the dark green duvet draped bed in several uncertain steps, Ichigo somehow managed to gain a bit of his coherency to move without falling over. He really didn't understand what was happening anymore but the orange haired Usagi deity desperately wanted to bathe himself in his twin's addicting scent, to burn it into his skin and let it mark him forever as a mate and a beloved―.

Knowing that it probably wouldn't fade and he was still left shuddering through the pain that sought to tear him apart from the inside out, Ichigo haphazard dragged himself onto the soft mattress after having placed Zangetsu's twin blades upon the sword rack that was beside Keiichi's bed. There was only one way that Ichigo knew of that could still the ragging out of control sensations that his instincts and unstable reiatsu was causing. And that was to return to his 'sealed' form. The form that lessened pain, sealed most of his reiatsu behind a barrier and would allow the orangette a better scope of control over his trembling frame and pained thoughts. Even though it was difficult to execute when distracted to such an extent, Ichigo merely allowed his internal instincts to guide him forward. A dark green windflower silk scarf was spreading sensually around his cross-legged form, rippling evocatively with the fabric of a black shihakushō as a flash of pitch black and blood red reiatsu raced across tanned skin before it spread throughout the room in an instant.

Once the rush of heavy reiatsu dissipated in a flash of black smoke, it left a small pitch black wild hare on the soft comforter of the bed instead. Long black ears, tipped with tufts of soft orange fur, were drooping at his distressed state as a whiskered nose twitched erratically and enveloped Ichigo's fading consciousness in a heady aroma that only seemed to intensify around him in this form. However, even like this, Ichigo was trembling softly in emotional distress. Glassy black eyes gazing at the significantly larger world spread around him as the black hare carefully and slowly hopped his way towards a soft feather pillow where his Onii-san's scent was originating from. It smelt like the burning sparks of fireworks that his family was so well known for, spread around him like the open fields covered in snow and the pure, heady, scent that was left behind on a moonless sky during a summer night. It was all seeking to consume him whole now, even when Ichigo somehow managed to keep himself in control at the moment.

Furry black paws with soft pink pads beneath, were thumping against the feather pillow restlessly for a long while to calm himself; Ichigo eventually settling himself in a small ball atop the softest of the pillows he could find to create a little nest of comfort around him. Kei-nii was probably going to get angry at Ichigo for dragging fur all over his pillows again, but Ichigo couldn't find it in himself to care at the moment. A fluffy black tail, tipped in a tuft of orange fur just like his ears, was twitching less and less as the Usagi deity finally seemed to calm himself and prepared to wait out the streaks of his dizzying pain that was still racing across his soul every now and then.

Even though he was grateful that the intense yearning and brewing, arousing heat was much more subdued and less noticeable than before.


'Hmm...Where's your Denka(2*)? I wonder...I sent your Otouto home early, Mu-chan. My little bunny was sick, even sleeping on the couch here so Daddy knew there was something very wrong―.' A resounding growl of sheer annoyance could have been heard echoing throughout the very walls of the Juubantai Taichō's office a few tense minutes ago. The eldest Shiba twin's rising anger and frustration at his father's nonchalant response to his very serious question, having shown itself in the overwhelming press of a thick reiatsu that was charged with climbing fury and the resounding echo of a startling noise of warning. Which Isshin seemed to ignore, like he always did, and pressed on with his playful teasing in a loud and boisterous voice that grated irritably on his son's nerves. But luckily for the older Shinigami, the long black haired Mugetsu had been far too concerned with his twin's health to really put his father in his place for referring to Ichigo in the way that only he was allowed to and teasing him for his well known attachment to his twin.

Isshin was busy playing with fire in those few moments, but Keiichi couldn't really be bothered to notice too much. He had nearly felt his heart shattering with concerned panic at the mere claim that his beloved Ichi-Denka was sick and had to be sent home early that day. His twin was rarely affected by common ailments and the older of the two didn't think Ichigo had been injured on the mission to the Human World which they had taken a few days ago; but knowing the orangette as intimately as he did, his selfless Otouto could easily have hidden that fact from his twin to not make Keiichi worry about him. And it would have made Ichigo's most beloved 'Kei-nii' a neglecting brother if he had failed to notice his twin's pain since that morning. But after all, those few words from his father was all it had taken for the hip-length pitch black haired Shinigami to leave in a flurry of black shihakusho and a dark green, flowing silk sash that fluttered evocatively around his form with every running step of high level shunpo that he managed to take towards their family home.

Mugetsu's sealed form; an elegant pitch black daitō that reached up to a hundred and seventy-five centimetres in the blade alone, was draped securely across his back as a long black chain, suspended from the black hilt's pommel in eighteen and a half chain links, tinkled and swayed erratically with his every move. Its deadly sharp blade was sealed behind a dark green sheath; the large sword bound to his form by a pitch black silk sash that was tied in a large sideways bow across his chest where it eventually became the very epitome of his 'name' these days. Keiichi really did not like being referred to by the name of his Zanpactō as if it were his own, no matter powerful he was. But it seemed that the name had stuck the day that both he and Ichigo had awoken their Zanpactō at the exact same time. Many did not know, but it had been the combined release of both Zangetsu and Mugetsu that had nearly destroyed the entire Academy. The Shiba twins' overwhelming power seeming to feed off each other and growing in strength the closer they had been standing, not only from 'Mugetsu' as many students, teachers and even captains seemed to think.

However, stopping the trend of being called 'Mugetsu' these days was nearly impossible as it had been going on for over twenty years now, something that Keiichi was getting really tired of as even his own father liked to tease him about it just for the hell of it despite the blackette already being used to it. But such useless thoughts didn't really matter to him in that moment, all which did matter was that Keiichi reached Ichigo's side to help him from his pain and upset instead. His long pitch black locks, shimmering a deep midnight blue under the rising light of the full moon, was tumbling sensually down his back to brush against his hips and spine. Deliberately concealing his distress that was showing in the restless twitches of a fluffy black rabbit tail at the base of his spine, in concern. Long black rabbit ears, perked and strained for any little noise that Ichigo could possibly make should he call out to his twin for help, were standing straight up as the young Juubantai Vice-Captain incorporated his inherent speed and immense self control to carry himself deeper into the depths of his home to where his twin had most likely been waiting for him all afternoon.

It had taken Keiichi less than ten minutes to arrive here; a new record for him as the blackette hadn't even had his Bankai activated. But Keiichi himself couldn't have been more relieved with the results as he instantly cast out a net of his immense power, his instincts searching frantically for his twin's familiar presence as he rushed past the servants awaiting his return without any true form of acknowledgement. The first born Shiba heir was heading straight towards the private family wing, assured that that was where his twin's scent was the most prominent and a familiar reiatsu, even though remaining a little distant and sealed off, was easily detectable to his trained senses. Keiichi's sweet Ichigo, the little brother that he had been born to protect and love since their birth on the fifteenth of July over a hundred human years ago, was definately distressed...he could clearly feel it through the close link that their souls shared and that in turn, was upsetting him as well.

He wanted nothing more to protect his beloved from the cruelty that was present in the world. To shield his twin from his pain and emotional upset that had been affecting him more and more as of late; where the older of the two had actually noticed something a little off in his brother's behaviour that morning. Ichigo's bright orange rabbit ears had been a little less responsive than usual and his cheeks had both been sickly pale and flushing red at the same time. Something that Keiichi had never seen before. But the elder Usagi deity had merely brushed it aside as a night without enough rest as the dark circles, drawn rather attractively beneath dazed chocolate brown eyes, had been telling enough to Ichigo's restlessness. Now, he could only curse himself for his own stupidity; knowing that he had blatantly ignored Ichigo's upset when he should have noticed it right away. Ugh...but he could admonish himself for it as much as he liked later, Keiichi reminded himself harshly. He really needed to find his twin and after having peeked into Ichigo's room to no avail, searched the hallways and onsen baths briefly, there was only one place left where the elusive orangette could be.

'Ichigo! Denka? Are you here? Ichi-go?!' Keiichi called out with rising concern, elegant fingertips sliding open the familiar shoji door that led into his room as red pigmented eyes scanned the large space for any indication to his brother's presence. Looking specifically for the familiar sprawl of semi-long orange locks that could identify Ichigo clearly, he was disappointed to come up empty handed. He could see Zangetsu's twin forms resting in his sword rack, smell the intense sweetness and overpowering needy aroma that he had been noting around Ichigo since early that morning as it flooded the depths of the room in itself with a deep longing...but still there was no sign of Ichigo. Even when there was clear evidence of disturbed bed sheets. With a soft sigh exasperation and well practised steps, Keiichi shut the door behind him softly as he pulled his Zanpactō's reassuring weight from his back decisively. Long black locks were swaying evocatively with his every step, the black haired Shinigami having a need to put the weight of his soul companion where it belonged, beside his bed, for the night.

Sharp red eyes never gave up their frantic search however, observing his room closely for any movement as the older being made his way towards the large western style bed where Ichigo's scent was definately the strongest. Black rabbit ears were quivering slightly in concern, turning to the side as they detected a small shuffle of sheets and tiny, notable, movement in the corner of his eye that instantly captured Keiichi's sole attention. Just there, curled up in a small ball atop his favourite pillow, was a small black wild hare. Long black ears were drooping atop a small head in notable distress, a small form trembling near constantly as a fluffy orange-tipped tail twitched restlessly at his approaching but recognizable presence. Glassy black eyes were gazing up at Keiichi dazedly, a small black whiskered nose twitching softly as those seemingly heavy ears tried to perk up at his presence but failed miserably. It was an absolutely pitiful sight, instantly tugging a soft noise of sheer concern from Keiichi's lips as he slowly settled himself on top of the warm comforter as to not scare the small creature away.

When Ichigo showed no form of startled reaction at his approaching movements at first, Mugetsu leaned forward attentively to brush tender fingertips through the thick black fur that was settled across a curled spine to calm Ichigo's noticeable tremors. The small 'sealed' form seemed to be leaning into his touch contentedly though, causing a sorrowful smile to tug at pale lips unbidden of his permission as Keiichi breathed a stuttering breath of unsettled emotion. It had been years since he had seen Ichigo return to this form when he was truly distressed, the form that his orange haired twin had lived in for nearly three whole years after their mother had died at the hands of a traitor doing experiments on Shinigami souls. They themselves had only been nine years old in Shinigami years at the time, a time where Ichigo had been so overwhelmed with guilt and grief that he had to seal himself off from the world to protect his life. And it saddened the older twin to see it now, because the both of them had suffered unbearable sorrow during that time and Keiichi knew intimately that there was absolutely nothing he could do until Ichigo himself decided to come out of it.

No matter how much the blackette hated seeing his twin affected by his own distress so much.

'Oh, Ichigo...' Keiichi called sorrowfully, his soothing baritone lilting softly with untainted concern as he rested his head against a soft feather pillow and called the small black hare towards him with beckoning fingertips. 'Come here, Denka. What's wrong Ichigo? Are you hurt?' Keiichi asked concernedly; a firm but gentle palm helping the small creature to settle itself against his chest when the sealed Ichigo hopped away from his soft nest of comfort and rushed towards him in uncertain and dizzy movements. The long black haired Shinigami sighed softly in relief when a the small hare seemed to lean into his petting fingers eagerly, scenting his fingertips quite happily when Mugetsu brushed his hand against a tiny head soothingly. Long pitch black locks were spilling over his shoulders haphazardly the instant that he leaned up on one elbow, providing a small nest of silky texture for his twin's sealed form as the black hare seemed to drag himself beneath long black strands rather playfully, scenting them, even rolling in their softness for several long moments before Ichigo rubbed a soft, dry nose against his black haired counterpart's cheek when he crept closer in search of his Mugetsu's all encompassing warmth.

Nuzzling a palm distressingly when Keiichi laid his hand across drooping black ears in concern; tracing tufts of orange fur teasingly, Ichigo seemed to be slowly but surely relaxing into his Onii-san's presence the more pronounced it became to his consciousness. His detectable tremors though, which Keiichi could feel now that Ichigo was curling up to his chest comfortingly, forced a pale bottom lip between tugging teeth thoughtfully before Mugetsu pressed a small kiss to a twitching nose several seconds later to calm it. The small hare jerked back at the unexpected touch in fright but did not pull away completely, those glassy black orbs closing lazily as the older of the two curled his hand around a small body and brushed his fingertips through a twitching tail slyly. His actions inadvertently causing Ichigo to melt into the sheets with pure bliss, leaning into him as drooping black ears perked a bit at his brother's soothing humming.

'Hmm, you're quite affectionate like this, Denka but you should turn back.' Keiichi cautioned softly, patiently waiting for his beloved Ichigo to tell him what was wrong even when the orangette remained stubbornly silent...despite the Usagi deity having the ability to speak human tongue in this form. Ichigo's black haired doppelganger and the very counterpart to his twin's soul, was constantly allowing his familiar and powerful reiatsu to spill into the room in comfort. Its rising presence seeming to settle the younger twin's anxiety and upset bit by bit as the small hare eventually showed his joy when he nuzzled the side of Mugetsu's neck quite happily and tugged a lilting chuckle from the older of the twin's lips several seconds later. After a long while spent in deep silence however, where Keiichi merely allowed Ichigo to take strength from their close proximity without saying anything, the older being suddenly pulled himself to sit up whilst cradling the small animal close to his chest.

'Come now, Denka. Out you get, I don't want you to catch a cold because you are in such a small form tonight. It is quite chilly in this room if you're not beneath the covers. Let me see what's wrong, Ichigo, maybe I can help you. I really don't like seeing you so upset.' Keiichi noted concernedly, ruffling his fingertips through the thicker fur of Ichigo's winter coat when the small rabbit turned on his side the instant that Mugetsu placed him in his lap. Displaying a sprawl of white fur that decorated a small stomach and pink pawed feet that pressed restlessly against his thigh when he caressed an infinitely warm stomach tenderly, the blackette could see those intelligent black eyes looking away from him quite guiltily. Seeking to hide Ichigo's internal pain from his twin's knowing gaze soon after the older being retaliated his words by causing the sealed rabbit form to shudder when he brushed the pad of his thumb against the pink pads beneath Ichigo's paws softly.

'Oh my, would you look at that. You still haven't lost your biggest weakness in this form, Ichigo. I'm going to tease this spot right here until you come out.' Mugetsu noted playfully, emphasising his threat by running tickling fingertips across a quivering stomach and tracing restless pink paws over and over again until the small hare was shivering against him and huffing in his climbing bliss. Keiichi knew he was being very mean at the moment, but this was something that he had to do to help his beloved Denka. The small hare seemed to be having far too much fun when he looked so distressed in this state, even rolling himself through a splay of his twin's black hair again when Keiichi put him down for a moment to give him time to rest. But when Mugetsu picked him up several seconds later, pressed a kiss to his nose and nibbled on a drooping orange tipped ear gently, there was a notable change in the energy swirling around Ichigo's sealed form.

'Ah! S-Shit! S-stop it K-Kei-nii! Kei-nii! Yame te (3*)!' Ichigo called out despairingly, a sudden flood of overwhelming reiatsu breaking free from its restrictive barrier as it nearly overwhelmed the older of the two brother's when it pressed so powerfully against his own rising power. In fact it even pushed the hip-length black haired Shinigami flat onto his back; red pigmented eyes widening in sheer surprise as Mugetsu sprawled out on the sheets and he was left shivering near uncontrollably when a flash of black smoke exploded throughout the air of his room in a powerful brush of Ichigo's addicting scent. Keiichi was left gasping in surprise at the sudden heavier weight that tumbled into his lap unexpectedly, forcing him to balance himself on his elbows as a dazed state of being seemed to settle over his entire mind with the surprisingly arousing position that they now found themselves in.

Knowing fingertips instantly shot upwards to curl around Ichigo's upper arm, brushing against a Vice-Captain's badge briefly to steady his brother's swaying form as the newly revealed Usagi deity's body was pronounced by the dazed chocolate brown eyes that were gazing up at Keiichi from beneath a beautiful sprawl of semi-long messy orange locks that feathered across pinked cheeks and lush petal pink lips that parted in a series of rushing breaths. Tickling Keiichi's cheeks with every exhale, the black haired twin shuddered deeply when Ichigo had somehow managed to straddle his propped up thigh intimately and was leaning against his reclining form to keep his balance. Those semi-long orange locks were shifting sensually as Ichigo tilted his head to the side curiously, chocolate brown eyes falling half-mast in seeming pleasure when a low whine of utter desire seemed to curl in the air around them out of nowhere.

Chasing an erratic beating heart up in a racing rhythm by the mere echoing sound alone, Mugetsu blinked several times through the unknown fog that was beginning to saturate his limbs and sought to break down his overwhelming self control that usually kept him back from wanting to possess Ichigo's soul in more ways than one. He was breathing heavily in abrupt strain, reaching up a tender palm to cup a flushed cheek as those long drooping rabbit ears suddenly perked straight up in a rush of his twin's bliss. Ichigo leaning into his touch shyly, even bringing up his own hand to lay it over Keiichi's as the orangette shivered pleasurably against the tender caress.


'Ichigo...' Keiichi called breathlessly, his entire being overwhelmed by a flooding sweet scent that was wreaking havoc with his thoughts and reactions. Beautiful, Ichigo was absolutely beautiful...so erotically sensual in that single moment that the older being felt his heart twisting painfully his chest. His breath was stalling in his chest abruptly when he noticed a fluffy orange tail twitching restlessly against a black hakama clad spine, practically begging his fingertips to card through its softness as Ichigo's rising breaths of strain seemed to rush into the air with an erotic sound that ate away at Mugetsu's immense self control to bring forth a rushing, overwhelming need he felt shattering his very soul from the inside out...

Oh fuck...

'K-Kei-nii...I-I think there's something wrong with me...' Ichigo called softly in fright; falling forward without any form of control over his actions as he pressed his forehead against his twin's so that the orange haired Usagi deity could saturate himself in the overly arousing scent that was clinging so powerfully to his brother's form. Lust glazed chocolate brown eyes were sliding shut at the sweet scent; leaving Ichigo in an impossible bind where to him Mugetsu smelt just like chocolate, the open moonless night sky in summer and the barely detectable scent of the fireworks that his family was so well known for. Shit! And those teasing breaths, rushing warmly across Ichigo's cheeks with his twin's every strained exhale, it all came together now to create the most arousing sensations Ichigo could think of as it saturated his already heating blood with the haunting call of a desperate, insatiable need. Damn it! Ichigo could barely control himself anymore as he shifted against his twin's propped up thigh, a small moan tugged briefly from between petal pink lips as Ichigo valiantly fought off the overpowering yearning desire to have Keiichi possess him heart and soul...

'Kei-nii...' In those few moments, where Ichigo was still clinging on to some form of dazed coherency, the orangette was starting to really fear his own reactions. Desperately trying to will his body to put some distance between their sensually sprawled forms; Ichigo failed miserably as he twisted his tanned fingertips in the soft eiderdown duvet on either side of Mugetsu's head instead and watched captivated when his windflower silk scarf fell forward to splay across his black haired twin's form rather possessively. Ichigo was panting softly for his faded breath, a slick pink tongue swiping across his lips to wet their sudden dryness as the heated warmth that he had been feeling since earlier, only intensified to unmanageable levels in a wrenching brush of scorching heat. The pain he had also experienced however, had completely faded away the instant that Keiichi had come home. But now it only drenched his heart with a ragging emptiness that just cried out to be filled by the one that was spread out beneath him now.

And in the depths of his very soul, Ichigo knew that there would only ever be one person who could satiate this growing neediness inside of him...

There was no doubt that Ichigo had already felt a lot better when Mugetsu had petted him in his sealed form a few minutes ago, the younger of two even enjoying his twin's lingering touches a little too much as it started to show with the subtle flush that was staining his cheeks red and the small tremor in his skin that was near undetectable to all but himself. In that form Ichigo's instincts had ruled him, spurred on his actions and had eventually forced him to acknowledge that whatever was happening, was tied to the flow of his Usagi inheritance. But he just couldn't understand why he had this overwhelming need within him to bathe himself in his twin's scent over and over again. He had even rolled in Keiichi's hair...curled up as close to him as he could, scenting him over and over again just to sear into his mind that he was not alone in his unsettled emotions as he had felt when the sky outside had gone dark and the first rays of the full moon had filtered in from an open window several hours ago.

But now as Ichigo breathed shakily in uncertain strain; pulling himself away from his twin's close proximity despite the crack of pain and the fracture of despair it opened in his soul, he quickly turned his head to side to allow a sprawl of scruffy orange locks to conceal the first brushes of frustrated and confused tears that were building in the corner of his eyes. He was getting seriously aroused the more he stayed straddling his black haired brother's lap, deeply stimulated by Mugetsu's mere presence...and the orangette didn't know what to do anymore. Especially with the tender, loving gaze that flooded those depthless red pigmented orbs. They were gazing into the very depths of his soul, seeking to consume Ichigo in a passionate uncontrolled fire as the orange haired Shinigami gasped softly when his support was abruptly ripped out from beneath him and his twin's superior strength rolled him onto the soft eiderdown duvet without warning.

Sprawling on his back and left to arch back in surprise when strong fingertips pinned his hands above his head by wrapping firmly around his wrists in a vice like grip, Ichigo's lips parted in a startled yelp as he shivered deeply at the long black locks that tumbled over his twin's shoulders to envelope his form in a spider-web world of sheer captivation and promise. He was struggling for breath, a deep warmth flooding the pit of his stomach as Ichigo lost all control over his body's responses to Mugetsu's enclosing presence. He was eagerly leaning into his brother's hand when a pale palm came to rest against his heart soothingly, parting his kosode to caress the bare flesh of his quivering stomach beneath and left the orangette's mind to freeze over at the impossible intimate touch it created against his soul. A fluffy orange tail was trembling in need against the base of his spine, causing long orange rabbit ears to quiver in uncertainty atop his head as Ichigo's mind was left reeling in utter shock at the near impossible situation he found himself in. Why would Keiichi be touching him so intimately? So erotically as Ichigo threw his head back against the soft comforter when tugging teeth searched for the tip of his ear to nibble on rather harshly.

'Nggh! S-shit Kei-nii?! Kei-nii! What're you doing, I―?!' Ichigo trailed off in the middle of his dazed sentence, lush petal pink lips parting in utter surprise when his twin lent down abruptly to nuzzle his nose right against the sensitive skin of Ichigo's neck. Impatient fingertips skilfully unwinding the long sprawl of a dark green silk scarf from around Ichigo's neck, clearly irritated at its restrictive placement, before Mugetsu dropped it on the floor despite the sheer cry of indignation that left the orangette's throat at the nonchalant action towards the priceless article of clothing. The teasing nose nuzzling his neck near constantly though, was only a shuddering prelude to the slick tongue that soon followed in its path before a rising growl of contentment seemed to spill straight from Keiichi's throat at his twin's taste. A long black rabbit ear, brushing against Ichigo's cheek soothingly, forced the scruffy orange haired Usagi deity to clench his eyes shut at the wailing cry of utter rapture that was tugged from his very lungs the instant that a sharp bite sunk deeply into the side of his neck without warning.

'KEI-NII!' Ichigo cried out deafeningly in surprise; arching back wildly in alarm when the slick slide of something wet trailed against his inner thigh as a response to his twin's unexpected action. He was forced to forget about it though in favour of exposing his neck further, shuddering near uncontrollably at the feeling of a strong thigh slipping intimately between his legs to part them slyly and a heady daze of utter lust that fell over his mind in a fog of rising rapture. Ichigo was moaning deeply in contentment, completely overwhelmed by Keiichi's intensifying reiatsu that was clashing powerfully and overwhelmingly against his own. The feeling of warm fingertips tugging impatiently on the white sash that kept his hakama secured to thin hips; skittered a flush of mortification across the orangette's cheeks before the sash was eventually thrown aside several seconds later. Ichigo didn't know what was happening anymore! Keiichi wasn't saying anything about his actions either, giving no form of explanation for them as the older being sought to completely drown Ichigo in the press of oncoming bliss.

Lust blown brown eyes were fluttering shut in rapture behind a sprawl of messy orange locks, a litany of pleas pulled from Ichigo's throat as the orangette abruptly wound his arms around the back of his twin's neck to drag them more intimately together when that strong grip loosened around his wrists sympathetically and finally allow him some more freedom to his movements. Ichigo was desperately biting the inside of his cheek though, attempting valiantly to sort through his rationality that was clashing harshly against the flow of events happening around him. But even now, the orangette had no idea why Mugetsu was doing this to him despite his heart that was so content with the pleasure and the sheer ecstasy that his twin's close proximity was gifting him instead. Ichigo simply couldn't form a single coherent word of protest or to question Keiichi's actions anymore, everything was fading away into an overwhelming rapturous daze that left the orange haired Shinigami to shift impatiently against the fingertips that were trailing so teasingly up the inside of his thigh.

Parting his legs instinctively, Ichigo leaned into the touch of his twin's now freed hand that brushed the soft pad of his thumb across parted petal pink lips to memorize the velvety texture and luscious wetness that could be found there. The blackette was leaning forward tenderly soon after that, a warm forehead pressing against Ichigo's intimately as he rubbed their noses together in a playful Eskimo's kiss before sharp red pigmented eyes fell shut to better gather himself from his fast fading control. Forcing several stuttering breaths past his lips as he struggled to say the haunting words that were rushing into his mind from all sides, Keiichi took several deep inhalations to calm himself into a more agreeable state. Biting his bottom lip harshly until he finally managed to snap himself into a more coherent state that Ichigo's overly addictive scent had thrown across his mind, the older of the two Usagi deities sighed softly as a racing shudder traced evocatively down his spine in anticipation.

'Ichigo...my sweet Denka, I'm sorry if you don't like this...but I-I can't control myself anymore. I'm really at my limit. Your scent, it's driving me absolutely insane. Your reiatsu is teeming with such overwhelming pleasure that I want nothing more than to possess you and your soul completely! You are calling out to me so powerfully...I simply can't―.' Ichigo, barely listening to the words that were spoken in such a rush of strain against his cheek or understanding the implications of their meaning, abruptly cut off Mugetsu when the orangette leaned upwards and boldly slid his parted lips against another pair that were still in the middle of forming a fairly coherent sentence. Ichigo simply didn't care anymore, he was long past the point of no return. The younger Usagi deity even rocking listlessly against the palm that had come to a rest against the inside of his thigh as he felt his entire world grinding to a halt around him when warm lips slid sensually over his and a dominant tongue forced its rapturous way inside his mouth several seconds later. A low moan of sheer enjoyment was spilling from Ichigo's lips, muffling against Keiichi's lips as his entire body sagged into the soft mattress below him and the simple kiss chased away all of his confused thoughts and uncontrolled reactions from before.

Ichigo's mind was breaking to pieces on the inside, his dazed thoughts snuffed out of existence as a heady and overpowering need exploded through the very depths of his soul in an uncontained rush. All the misgivings and fears that he had felt before, were drifting away into the darkness as the caress of a slick tongue rubbed pleasurably against his own; Keiichi even twining their tongues together in beautiful intimate dance that had chocolate brown eyes fluttering half-mast when they collided with a red pigmented pair that were just as blown with lust and needy want as his own. The enclosing and comforting sensation of hip length pitch black locks splaying all around his form, captured Ichigo in a world of climbing bliss when he scraped blunt fingernails against Keiichi's strong back and newly emboldened fingertips tugged at the dark green silk sash that kept his twin's black hakama secured to thin hips. It was only fair, Ichigo thought absently to himself as he pulled the winding material aside; completely surprised mere milliseconds later when teeth bit down against his tongue when the orangette attempted to press his own tongue into his twin's warmth mouth instead.

'K-Kei-nii...please, I w-want more...' Ichigo called out despairingly; fingertips reaching upwards to tug at long black locks to ground himself mere moments after they broke apart for much needed air. A thick string of slick saliva was still connecting their tongues, snapping abruptly when Mugetsu swiped his tongue across his lips as if to drag his Ichigo's taste back into himself before a sly smirk tugged at pale lips and he nodded his consent at his twin's needy whine. Leaving Ichigo without a single word of protest or thought; the orangette shuddered unexpectedly when knowing fingertips slid his loosened hakama down his legs and splayed open a black kosode around his heaving chest. A sly forefinger and thumb coming up to pinch a hardened nipple teasingly as Ichigo gasped noisily at the spark of overwhelming pleasure it created within him.

He was sure that he breaking on the inside, his heart expanding with flowing affection and love that was pouring straight from his twin's soul into his own and Keiichi shattered Ichigo's mind when he brought his hips forward in order to rub their straining erections together intimately. The orangette desperately gripped at the warm comforter below him, throwing his head back in ultimate bliss when streaks of electrical pleasure shot sparks of rising rapture straight through his veins. Ichigo was moaning lowly in need, a fluffy orange tail twitching restlessly against his spine when his mind reeled against the undulating movements and his black haired doppelganger suddenly pulled his twin upwards by his waist and caused the orangette to sprawl erotically into his twin's lap once more.

'Sorry, but it'll feel better this way. Hold onto my shoulders, Denka, and don't forget to breathe. This may feel a little overwhelming.' Keiichi noted slyly against a drooping orange rabbit ear; nibbling at the furry appendage playfully where this time the black haired twin was pleased to note that it was falling flat against Ichigo's head with sheer overwhelming pleasure instead of his distressed state from earlier. Ichigo nodded absently at his brother's caution though, curling elegant tanned fingertips around strong shoulders as he leant his forehead against a warm chest and barely kept back his desperately hitched breath when a warm palm slid their slick arousals together before curling firmly around the both of them in a restrictive but very pleasurable grip. Ichigo was forced to simultaneously throw his head back with a harsh cry of bliss, his entire being shuddering deeply when a free hand reached behind him, slid below the sprawl of his dishevelled kosode to run teasing fingertips through a fluffy orange tail in several tugs of deeply pleasurable sensations.

'Oh god! Kei-nii! M-Mu-chan...please...I-I―.' Ichigo trailed off with a painfully hitched breath, no longer able to keep his cries back as warm lips slid over his to silence him and expert fingertips began to drag an incessant race of climbing rapture against both of their straining cocks. Ichigo was struggling to breathe, his rapid exhales brushing humidly against his twin's cheeks as Ichigo rocked backwards and forwards into the overwhelming caresses and he yielded to the ecstasy that only Keiichi would ever be able to grant him. The orange haired Shinigami simply couldn't take it anymore, the pleasure that had slowly been enveloping him the whole day was rising to a climbing pinnacle and those fingertips tugging against his twitching tail playfully every now and then, was shattering Ichigo's very world as he reached down to join his hand with his twin's. He needed something much more substantial, he knew that as his soul was begging to be filled much more intimately but these sensations on their own was enough to chase dark spot of dizzying black across his vision. Forcing Ichigo to lay his forehead against his twin's when they broke apart for air and several tear of pleasure fell from his hazed chocolate brown eyes.

His brother's name was falling from petal pink lips in chanting cries, Ichigo arching back sharply when a sharp thumbnail pressed deeply into the slit of his erection and skittered an overwhelming rush of pleasured-pain across his entire being. Causing the sensations to reverberate against his heart, Ichigo nuzzled a warm neck instinctively in a deep cry for more. Teeth were biting down harshly, worrying soft skin distractedly as the orangette silenced the litany of cries that had been spilling into the night air from between his own lips. However, the youngest Usagi deity was suddenly forced to wrench himself free when he felt his back bowing in anticipation to the rising bliss that was echoing so hauntingly throughout his scorching hot veins. He barely had enough time to call out his warning to Keiichi, his muscles tensing with echoing rapture as the orangette's entire being shattered into a thousand pieces at his brother's mere command.

Pearly white liquid was colouring his stomach, splattering across the black fabric of his dishevelled kosode that was slipping down his shoulders and a dark flush of deep red coloured pale cheeks as Ichigo's wailing cry of completion signalled the beginning of something that was more overwhelming in need than his twin's constant presence that was already pressed so intimately around him. Ichigo barely flinched at the feeling of his twin's own release colouring his hand; in fact he was revelling in the warm that spilled over their twined hands as Ichigo shuddered near uncontrollably at the sheer white that danced behind closed eyes and his body sagged bonelessly against his twin's supportive form. Ichigo could no longer keep himself upright, the sheer exhaustion from the overpowering release had left him in a dizzying rush of blood that roared deafeningly through his very ears.

The orangette was eternally grateful however when strong arms tugged him against a warm chest before he was helped beneath the warm sheets of a familiar bed. Once more bathing Ichigo's entire form in his twin's overwhelming scent as Ichigo burrowed himself beneath the silky sheets and dazed brown orbs observed Keiichi's retreating form with a light of panic when he headed towards his bedroom door after having settled a black hakama across his hips. But when he returned several minutes later with a cool washcloth, cleaning up the mess they had made, Ichigo guiltily hid his eyes behind a messy sprawl of orange locks when he himself could not help or had thought for a second that Keiichi would abandon him where was. It was painful though, Ichigo noted to himself, because he felt weak...completely overpowered by the still lingering sensations as he shifted beneath the sheets restlessly after Mugetsu had folded their scarves neatly and placed them on the low table by the bed.

As he was now, Mugetsu was an absolutely stunning creature in his controlled strength and elegant movements. Pale skin igniting near silver beneath the rays of the moon as he leant over Ichigo's form to ruffle tender fingertips through messy orange locks affectionately before he crept into the bed beside his twin. Hip length pitch black locks were spilling sensually around their forms, the older of two pulling Ichigo kosode clad form closer to him as he twined their legs together intimately beneath the sheets. His tender fingers, trailing down a straight nose teasingly dragged softly across Ichigo's flushed cheeks before he pressed a lingering kiss of affection there and said nothing against Ichigo trembling form that was shivering against him in broth the unknown climb of his need again and the blissful proximity he had found in his Kei-nii's arms. There was nothin more to be said, Ichigo could barely keep himself from falling into unconsciousness at the delicious aftershocks that were still racing across his form as he pressed his forehead against a warm chest. Revelling in the fingertips tracing his perked rabbit ears thoughtfully every few seconds, even scratching behind them until Ichigo was whimpering against Mugetsu again.

'K-Kei-nii...it's not enough.' Ichigo said softly, hiding his flushing features in his twin's long hair as a dark and aroused flush began to spread across his nose again. 'I-I need more...'

'I know, Ichigo. So do I, but a little later. You're exhausted so just rest for now, I'll give you more, I promise.'

1* - Fusuma – Is not quite a Shoji door, it is the set of doors that are inside a traditional Japanese home, they are usually painted in beautiful water colour scenes.

2* - Denka – Your highness, Prince, it can be taken either way, I just like the idea of Mugetsu referring to his little brother like that. It seems very endearing and sweet.

3* - Yame te – Stop it

Right, that's all my notes. If I've left anything out I'll come fix it later. For now though, I hope you enjoyed and I'll be very happy if I could receive a little review as a reward. Other than that, I know that the lime was a bit rushed into the story but next chapter I'll be exploring their emotions and actions a lot more.

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