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---Begin chapter---

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." A man said walking into a room. He was dressed in sayains armor and was short with spiky hair that went upwards. He went over and grabbed and young boy of 4 and a half by the back of his neck, and turned the boy to face him, still holding him up. He smirked, "Well well, it looks like little Jangler wants to go out and fight."

The boy nodded, "You would too have done the same thing I was going to do if you were me. I know you like to fight Dad."

"Hehe, true, but you shouldn't."

"I can beat all those mother fuckers out there on the streets!" Jangler said wagging his body to get out of the man's grip.

"Hm, true, but then what will you do if you face a new and stronger opponent? What will you do? Hm?"

"I'd outsmart the bastard like I do to Nappa!" The little kid said.

"Hehe, Jangler you are truly my son," The man said. "And you can make all of them cry."

"I wanna make Friezer cry!" Jangler said shaking his head vigorously making his black spiky hair fall on his face.

"Hehe! You? You're merely four years old, you'd be lucky to land a punch on his foot even if he were to give you a free shot!" The man laughed. The boy glared at him mockingly. Then his expression changed.

"Yeah, you're right Dad, you're the one to kill him! If anyone deserves the honor of killing that bastard it's you, the King of Sayains!"

"Ha ha- oh, I'm not going to be king until I kill him. It's my goal. But what would I be king of? Only you, Nappa, Raditz, Kakkarrot and I are the only sayains left!"

"We'd find a way to re-build the Sayain Embassy!"

"Humph don't get your hopes up son, you know it's impossible!"

Then the doors opened and big bald man in Sayain armor stepped in.

"Hey, Vegeta, Friezer wants us to go to Earth and get Raditz to come back. I thought while we're there that we could get Kakkarot to come too," the man said.

Vegeta sighed deeply and put down Jangler, "Nappa, have you ever heard of knocking on the Fucking door???"

"Knock knock," an evil voice said that almost sounded like a girls. The three sayains fell to their knees bowing before the "supreme ruler of the Universe" Friezer.

"Oh, Vegeta, you should really mind your language around the little child," He said.

"Yes, milord," Vegeta said not looking up.

"Hm, Like Nappa said, I want you to go to Earth and find Raditz, he left here without permission, and what is Kakkarot?"

"He's something I heard Raditz talking about, he's still battling Kakkarot," Nappa said.

"Hm, well, you two must leave immediately," Friezer said. Then jangler shot up.

"Hey Friezer! I want to go too! I'm tired of staying here! I'm stronger than Nappa! I want to go and have fun!"

"Jangler!" Vegeta hissed and got up to beat him in front of Friezer as much as Vegeta hated to do so.

"Don't get up Vegeta, he wants fun, he'll get fun, but you're not going to Earth, Jangler, you're going to other assignments. Vegeta, Nappa, leave now!"

"Yes milord," they said and left to Earth. Leaving Jangler and Friezer in the room.

"Now, brat, I want to know, what do you know of your past life?"

"Nothing, I'm Vegeta's son that's all," Jangler said, he was rather confused.

"Listen, brat I'm going to tell you what happened, When the planet Vegeta was hit by the meteorite," Jangler tensed up, he knew that the meteorite thing was a complete lie, "Only four sayains survived, your father, your mother, Raditz and Nappa. You're the last Sayain child. You're mine, you know that. So when I say that you aren't going with those two you are not going with them!" Friezer yelled the last six words. "Now, you are powerful enough to go and purge planets, so I'm sending you to Awking, the planet of the beasts. Mere beasts there, despicable creatures that are uncivilized and ruthless. Like huge dragons with brown and other colored skins. You're job is to take a hundred men with you and kill all life forms from the planets. It may be filled with stupid creatures but the landscape sells high on the Universal market. Now I'll have the hundred men arranged, you just prepare, you'll leave in two days!"

"Yes Sire, thank you very much Sire," Jangler bowed and then Friezer left. Jangler got up and dusted off his knees. He left to the training chamber. Today her would train with fifty saibamen, it shouldn't be that hard.

------on Earth------

Goku took another hit from Raditz, he was loosing badly. After Gohan had accidently taken off by himself five months ago he couldn't fight anymore. His grief getting more of him. Raditz fell back.

"You're getting boring little brother, what am I to do with you? I can't kill you, that's take away the fun I've been having. The Green Man should for now. Hmph, you're getting weaker and weaker Kakkarot, I should just destroy this planet but unfortunately your little brat took off in my spaceship! The stupid brat, no matter, I'll just have to wait for my friends arrival in one year."

Goku hadn't the will to fight on, but when he heard Raditz call his son a brat, his power started to come back, then it shot up when he heard that other sayains would be coming. Though Raditz didn't know because his scouter was broken by Piccolo when you shot it. Then it would be easier to fight him, but still Raditz's power was beyond their own. But then Goku shot up in the sky, his energy surrounding him, fueled by anger he Powered up the most powerful Kamehameha atack he ever made, Raditz merely smirked and went in to the air as well, parrallell to Goku he laughed and said, "that's right, get angry, you're still no match! That brat of yours is probably dead! I had no course on the charts, so then it self destructs!"

Goku's anger shot up and so did his power, "Ka-Me-Ha-Meeeeee-" The ki ball got bigger and he shot forth his hands and shouted "HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" The blast disintegrated Raditz, and took out all of Goku's energy. He fell to the Earth and landed with a huge THUD! almost sounding like an Earhtquake. Piccolo felt Goku's energy signal disappearing.

"Goku!' He shouted and quickly dragged himself over to Goku. Piccolo hadn't seen the blast for he was unconscious but the ki signal had made him stirr from his unconscious state. He made it over to Goku. Goku lay, tattered and torn, a lot of blood coming out of his wounds which bled more after the poewr up and he was smirking. His ki fading too quickly.

"Boy, five months of fighting sure can take a toll on ya huh Piccolo?" Goku said, trying to act usual, even though he thought his son dead and that he knew death was almost on him. Piccolo felt what Goku felt, even though he didn't know Gohan well, Gohan still treated him better than anyone. Piccolo kind of like the kid he didn't know.

"Goku, you fool, you're trying to be calm, and act like everything is alright, but you know it isn't. You know death is coming, it's too obvious," Piccolo said.

"I know, I can never fool you Piccolo, hm, I wonder how Gohan is up there," Goku said, his breathing becoming shallower.

"I'm sure he's waiting for you, say Hi to him for me," piccolo said.

"For you? Piccolo you don't even know him!"

"I have meet him a couple of times, you know that, he treated me better than anyone," Piccolo fell on his back.

"Man, I hope everyone will be okay here with me gone," Goku said.

"Don't worry Goku, as long as I'm alive we can wish you back. Perhaps you should do what you can to train in the afterlife, we're going to need you against the Sayains," Piccolo said.

He got no response.


No answer.

"Goku!" Piccolo shot up and looked where Goku would have been but only saw sand. Piccolo chuckled.

"hehe, looks like Kami has a few plans," he said, then fainted into unconsciousness again.

--------End Chapter-----------

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