The Talented, Sad, Lonely, Depressed, Haunted, Troubled, Confused, Blood Thirsty, Helpless, Power Hungry, Angry, Dangerous Little Sayain (Aka The Blood Thirsty, Angry, Dangerous Little Sayain.)

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~~Begin Chapter~~

The android landed near a cave turning to Vegeta, it scowled then smirked. "You obiviously don't realize the power I hold in my android body. Looks are decieving, I may look old but I'm more powerful than you can imagine."

"Oh really?" Vegeta snickered. "Well, you must be my clone, because I can only imagine my power to extend beyond anyone else's reach."

"You speak big, but let's see how well you fight."

"Bring it."

The Android launched at Vegeta, fist first, quickly rolling to the right to strike from the side instead, though Vegeta saw this coming and quickly moved and punched from the underside, sending the Android flying into the air. Vegeta quickly followed it, sending an onslaught of punches and kicks that loosened a few screws in the Android.

Vegeta pulled back finally after a while, quite confident, he said, "You see? My power clearly over shadows yours, you weakling. You disgust me."

The Android lifted itself from the ground, looking like shit, he looked around. He looked up at Vegeta with crazed Android eyes, he yelled "You haven't begun to see the power I hold!"

He launched into the vegetation of the island, thick bushes near impossible to see through.

"Oh, whoa!" Vegeta said sarcastically. "The great power of Chicken!"

"You scared him shitless, father," Jangler said floating nearby.

"Certainly I have," Vegeta said. "You take that end, we'll blast him out!"

"What fun!" Jangler launched to the other end of the island and waited for his father's first blast before beginning to send a few of his own.

"Come out you coward and face us like a real fighter!" Vegeta yelled. "Come out! Come out!"

"Yargh, get out here you faceless, spineless, hopeless moronic fuck-face!" Jangler yelled. He launched a huge blast in the middle of the island that send boulders the size of a small building away into the air. Jangler searched every one to see if the Android hid.

When the dust and debris settled down, they saw the Android get up, its hat knocked off reveling the human brain in the android. His arm was gone now as well, and his hair singed. He looked up at the two angrily, "Fine, but you pushed me to this! I'll show you real power!"

The Android launched into the air and flew off to another place. Jangler and Vegeta were on its tail as they followed closely. The Android stopped at a cave and ran inside closing the doors behind him. Jangler and Vegeta landed lightly looking at the door. They waited.

"Coward, we should just blast those doors open!" Jangler yelled. "Let's blast him out like we did at the island!"

"That would be fun, but I want to see whatever power he was talking about," Vegeta said.

"Hmm...what a bore, that we have to wait."

"Hey! What's up!" the sound of Trunks resonated as the Future Trunks flew up. Jangler glared at him.

"What do you want?" Jangler asked.

"Well, I'm here to help fight the androids. So many people have died in my timeline already. I had to help you guys," Trunks said.

"You want to help us? Keep Kakarrot away from us," Vegeta said looking up at the sky, already sincing Kakkarot's approaching force.

"I hate him," Jangler muttered.

"How could you hate him though? The Gohan in my time loved him, always said how great of a guy he was," Trunks said. "Why aren't you like that here?"

"Because I'm not Gohan," Jangler said. "I'm Jangler, and Vegeta is my father, and I do say how grand my father is," Jangler said his tail twitching in aggrivation. He walked off ignoring Trunks to be on his own for a while, to wait for the android to appear again.

Jangler could feel his patience thinning quickly after an hour and no sign of the android. Kakkarot had arrive only minutes after Trunks, talking to Vegeta about patience and "proper times to attack". Jangler hated hearing the man's voice, no, he didn't even deserve the title of man, just a thing, a worthless piece of crap that Jangler loathed more than anything.

"And it doesn't matter who will miss us because we now in dyyyyiinng daaaays," Jangler heard singing, not bad either, but he didn't want to hear it. He knew who it beloned to.

"Will you shut up, Aurie?" Jangler asked. "I don't want to hear anything but silence."

"How can you hear silence, though?" Aurie asked as she appeared near Jangler, floating casually. "Silence is deafening yet no one can hear it..."

"That makes no sense, shut up," Jangler said.

"Fine I won't tell you the other way to get to the android," Aurie said disappearing. Jangler jerked around to grab her.

"HEY!" he yelled, but she was gone. "Argh, I know what you want me to do, I'm not going to do it!"

"Then I won't say anything," Aurie's voice resonated, though only Jangler could hear. "If you just say it, then I won't say anything about you saying it to anyone else. Say it!"


"say it."


"say iit!"

"FINE!" Jangler looked around quickly then whispered something.

"I can't hear you."

"yes you can, you liar!"

"No I can't. Say it louder."

"Grr...I'm sorry," Jangler said a bit louder.

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry to have told you to shut up," Jangler said. Jangler couldn't believe he was being controlled by some ancient girl, not of Sayain blood at that! This was a disgrace and it disgusted him.

"Alright, I'll tell you where. Just go around the other side, there's a weak wall over there, blast it and you'll be in the basement, trust me, destroy the basement. Everything in it."


"Just do it," Aurie said.

"Whatever," Jangler flew off to the other side of the mountain, gathering his energy he blasted a hole into the side and destroyed everything in the basement as he was told by Aurie.


"What was that?" the Android looked at the smoke coming from the elevator. "What's going on?!"

"Seems we have company, eighteen," a cool, calm male voice said.

"Hm, so it seems," replied a female voice with just the same calmness, only with a hint of annoyance.

"Go see what's going on," the Android said.

"Dr. Gero, we maybe android, but we're not slaves," Eighteen said. "Isn't that right Seventeen?"

"Ever so," Seventeen said. "I have no interest in being under someone else's command."

"I made you, you have to listen to me!" the Android, Dr. Gero yelled.

"Teenagers, they're so rebellious aren't they?" The recognizable cocky voice of Vegeta was hear. He was seen at the doorway, which was opened by Jangler while the three were fighting.

"How did you get in here?" Dr. Gero yelled again, he seemed to have a lot of anger management problems.

"My son decided to play the nice host and let us, something you just don't do," Vegeta said. He raised his finger and flicked it back and forth and tsked like he was talking to a child. "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, you should learn some manners."

"You learn some manners and wait until I actually let you in!"

"Will you shut up?"

"It's my home!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" BOOM Jangler had launched an energy ball into Dr. Gero's stomach and blew him up. His head rolled on the floor.

"That was rude!" the head yelled. Seventeen seemed surprised, but got over it quickly and stepped on Dr. Gero's head, crushing it quickly, making sure nothing was left.

"Well, what a way to make an introduction," Seventeen smirked. "You seem to be quite powerful, obviously more than the average man, but I doubt you would be that much more powerful."

"My power goes beyond yours," Vegeta said.

"Vegeta, back down, we don't know how strong these guys really are," kakkarot came into the room. Jangler turned and glared at him.

"You shut up, Kakkarot, this isn't your fight, just stay out of it!" with that Jangler blasted Kakkarot out of the cave, doing some damage to him, but he was still okay, having the chance to at least gaurd himself. "Bastard."

"So it seems you do have a lot of power," Eighteen said. "A fight would be a lot of fun."

"Yes, and a perfect exercise after being dormant for so many years," Seventeen agreed. He twisted his hands and neck, preparing for a fight. "Let's have a nice place to battle, on more open grounds."

"That would be excellent," Vegeta said. "I know just where to go."

"Show the way," Seventeen said, smirking.

"Let's go."

Jangler stayed behind as the two androids and vegeta left. He looked around the place, seeing another case where another android was at, he walked up to it and looked inside. It was a large android with a green bulky suit and orange spikey mohawk. Jangler read it's name, Sixteen.

"Android Sixteen, what a name," Jangler laughed. "This one looks powerful."

Jangler took a look at the blue prints.

"It was made to be powerful," Jangler saw some blue prints of Seventeen and compared the two. "Yes, far more powerful. This may prove to be a more worthy fight than the other. It can sense life forms as well. What a machine...and designed to kill Kakkarot, well, I'll have to make sure to beat him to it. Killing Kakkarot is my job."

"What are you doing?" Aurie's voice cut through Jangler's thoughts.

"Just looking," Jangler said.

"Destroy this place, Jangler, all of it, leave nothing left, destroy that machine as well."



"I'm not your slave, Aurie, and I don't listen to you. I will do as I please, I'm the son of the King of Sayains, I rule this place under my father. I don't care what your history is in comparison to mine. I do what I want to do, whether you were sent to help me or not!" Jangler slammed his fist into the case and tore off the door. He pressed a few buttons and Android Sixteen woke up.

"Where am I?" he question in a voice semi-robotic, but at the same time deep and soothing.

"You're in a cave out in the middle of nowhere," Jangler responded. "Go outside and wait for me."

Sixteen looked down at Jangler, and Jangler looked up at Sixteen and trembled slightly. There was something about Sixteen's eyes that made him seem so...real. They had a bit of life to him, while Seventeen and Eighteen were blank. Sixteen did as he was told. Jangler turned to Aurie.

"I'll destroy this place, alright, but only because I want to, and then I'm going to destroy Seventeen and Eighteen if my Father hasn't done so already. It's all because I want to, not because you told me to," Jangler said. "You have no control over me! None!"

Jangler powered up, yelling as energy surrounded him, his power rises and everything around him being blown up. Five minutes later there was nothing where the lab once was be a mesa. Jangler looked over at Sixteen.

"We have a battle to go to, you'll be sure to fight in it," Jangler said. "Follow me."

Sixteen nodded and followed as Jangler flew off to the battle field where his Father waited with the Androids.

Upon arrival, Vegeta started fighting Seventeen. It was a close match, Vegeta putting little effort, and Seventeen putting in little effort. Vegeta took it to the next level as he powered up, Seventeen still fought with some ease. Finally Vegeta powered up as far as he could and blasted Seventeen away.

"C'mon, get up," Vegeta yelled. Seveteen got up, glaring at Vegeta he dusted himself off. Vegeta growled at the ease of which Seventeen dusted himself, seeming to think himself better than the Kind of Sayains, the rude little fuck. Vegeta yelled at him, "Surely you can fight more than that!"

"Surely you can too," Seventeen said. "Is that all you got?"

"Huh? Grr, you rude little shit! I'll show you power," Vegeta yelled and powered up more. "I'm going to crush you and throw you into the wind!"

Seventeen launched at Vegeta and landed a punch in his face. Vegeta was thrown back into a mountain, making many boulders fall. Seventeen flew over and hovered above the dust and debris.

"Come on," he said. "Can't you do better?"

Vegeta closed his eyes, he could feel the stalagmite through his abdomen and felt the cold blood leave quickly.

Jangler flew over, "Dad! Dad! Where are you?"

"He's probably hiding like the coward he is," Seventeen said. Jangler glared up at Seventeen.

"You don't dare speak of the King of Sayains that way! Bastard, you keep your damn mouth shut!" Jangler yelled.

"My, you're a cheeky one aren't you?"

"Shut up, I said!" Jangler said. His tail was flicking around wildly in anticipation to see his dad rise from the dust to completely destroy Seventeen. But after a few minutes, the dust cleared and Jangler only saw Vegeta there, blooded with a Stalagmite giving him a near stomach piercing. "DAD!"

He ran over to his father and lifted him off the rock. "Careful," Vegeta hissed painfully.

"sorry," Jangler apologized and laid Vegeta flat on the ground. "Dad, come on, this isn't much, just a rather large hole that I can stick my hand through in your stomach!"

"Heh," Vegeta coughed up some blood.

"Dad, it's not your time to die," Jangler said. "It's not your time to die because I say it isn't! Those beans, those senzu beans. I'll get you one!"

Jangler was about leave when Seventeen and Eighteen blocked his way. Seventeen pushed Jangler back. "Not so fast, kid, you wanted to fight, and you'll fight."

~~End Chapter~~

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