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"Death would be a release from this life and his sentence is yet to be carried out. I am going to tare everything he cares about away from him, destroy those who choose to follow him, coroupt those he loves. Once he has lost everyone and everything he values, I will drive an arrow through his eye."

Felicity sighs with relief as she walks into her apartment and locking the door. "I will not be going anywhere else tonight", she stated to herself. After working a long day at Queen Consolidated she spent the rest of the night in the lair talking to Oliver through an ear piece and setting up a couple of extra searches on the computers before finally leaving at midnight, along with Digg and Oliver.

She made some tea after changing into comfy yoga capris and a tank top with a soft cardigan over top and settled into the couch, tablet in lap. Figuring she'd do a bit more digging on the people who messed with Roy but not finding any luck on who could be the leader. She heard a noise and stopped typing listening closely and nothing. Felicity rubbed her eyes, adjusted her glasses and shook her head thinking she was just hearing things, but then heard it again. Someone was walking really heavy down the hall, it was getting louder too.

Setting the tablet down on the coffee table that her feet were just on and quietly, but quickly moved to her room grabbing the phone out of her purse on her way. She went to the nightstand that held the handgun Digg had given to her awhile ago 'Just as a precaution' he said. She hated guns and never wants to fire one, but she accepted it from him so he wouldn't worry. The metal felt cold, and heavy in her palm and she wrapped her hand around it like Digg had showed her then started scrolling through her phone until she found Oliver's name.

It probably was just him checking up on her, she told him she'd be fine, that she was just tired. But he was worried about her, especially since it had only been a week since hearing about Barry's accident. A chill ran down her spine thinking about it and she pushed Barry out of her head and focused on it being Oliver in her hallway. But Oliver would have just came up to the door and knocked, not take his sweet time down the hall, trying to be stealthy.

She sent him a quick text in case. "Hey are you still at the lair?" adding the 'hey' so he doesn't worry from her question.

The phone buzzed back immediately. "No." she sighed then her phone went off again. "I'm at home. Everything okay?"

Her right hand began to shake, along with the gun in it. She felt her phone buzz, her eyes snapped to it real quick.


Focusing back to the door she knew she had to answer him but wanted to be alert just incase. Sliding the phone into her cardigan pocket she walked slowly into the living room flipping the safety off, gun aimed high.

Then there was a creek, the one that always annoyed her when she walked up to her apartment. The one from the floor board just before her door. She froze.

Her phone started going off playing that stupid loud ring tone she never remembered to change, making her jump and squeal and she tried pulling it out of her pocket and answering it before whoever was outside her door could hear. Most likely being unsuccessful.

"Oliver, I..." was all she whispered before bullets were flying through her door and at the locks. Felicity screamed and ran into her bedroom crouching beside her dresser. She was breathing heavily, too heavily and loud. She put a hand over her mouth, gun still firmly in her hand ready to shoot if need be. She could hear Oliver yelling her name through the phone, but she ignored it.

Her room was dark, and she couldn't see a thing. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath through her nose trying to calm herself. Her heart pounding in her ears.

Just then a hand wrapped around her pony tail and yanked her up. She dropped her phone and screamed pulling the trigger of the gun. Once. Twice. Then felt something hard hit her head.

Felicity called out Oliver's name before she blacked out.

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