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Snow. There was snow falling from the sky, and it littered the whole city. Christmas was coming soon, and this was a sign. Today was December first, and Jinx finally had a home for Christmas. Jinx was bored because there were no criminals to stop. The pink haired sorceress watched from the window as it fell. This would be her first time being indoors while it snowed instead of struggling to keep warm in the icy temperature. It reminded her so much of her life prior to switching sides; from bad to good.

"You seem to be entranced by the snow, Jinxie." Wally said as he walked into the room.

"It's just different now," Jinx replied with a small smile, "Don't call me that."

Jinx and the speedster had been living together now for five months, ever since the former Hive Five leader switched sides; they had developed a close bond. He was always there for her, and she was there for him. They were total opposites, but it didn't seem to be too bad a thing for them.

"How's it different?" Wally asked returning the smile.

"It's different because I had to stay out there, and keep warm because I had to. Now, I can go out there just for the fun of it." Jinx stated.

"Speaking of fun, we can go out there, and play in the snow because it doesn't seem like there is any crime." Wally said as he walked out of the room.

"Okay," the catlike- eyed girl answered, "As long as you don't be too stupid."

"I'll try not to be just for you." Wally said sweetly.

Wally and Jinx got dressed appropriately for their snow day. They left Wally's apartment, and walked to the park that was a couple of blocks away from where they lived.

"We're here!" Wally exclaimed as they entered the park.

"What do we do?" Jinx asked unsure of what they could do in the snow.

"What do you mean?" Wally asked in disbelief.

"I've never played in the snow. I was always trying to survive. I never had time to do stuff like that." Jinx replied sadly.

"In that case we should start with building a snowman," Wally remarked as he ran off, "Hold on one second."

"What did you leave for?" Jinx asked as the redhead came back.

"I had to get these." Wally said as he revealed a hat, buttons, a scarf, two sticks, and a carrot.

"What are those for?" Jinx asked.

"They're for our snowman." Wally replied.

Wally showed Jinx how to roll the snow to form the snowman's body, and then he let her put the sticks in for the arms.

"This is kind of fun." Jinx said.

"We're not even done yet, Slowpoke." Wally replied which earned a glare, and a hex to the side.

They continued working on the snowman until he was done. The snowman ended up being about four feet tall, and had a pink scarf.

"He looks really good." Jinx said as she admired her handiwork.

"Yes he does," Wally agreed, "Now for the next thing."

Wally led Jinx to a spot a little bit over. After he dropped to his back on the snow, and started to move his hands up and down. Jinx copied him, and soon they had formed two snow angels.

"What are we doing?" Jinx asked out of curiosity.

"We made snow angels," Wally answered, "Get up and turn around."

Jinx did as she was told, and smiled. The movement of her arms had formed a shape similar to an angel. She couldn't believe she had missed out on all this fun before. She also couldn't believe that the idiot, Wally, had showed her all of these fun things either.

"Our last thing to do in the magical substance, called, snow is this." Wally said as he bent down and rolled a ball of snow in his hands.

"What are you do-" Jinx started to say until she was hit in the face with snow.

"It's time for a snowball fight." Wally said as he waited for Jinx to respond.

"You are so dead, you idiot." Jinx replied angrily as she started to throw hexes with snow.

Wally threw snowballs with his superspeed, and Jinx hexed her snowballs. This continued on for about thirty minutes until the two of them got tired.

"That was fun." Wally stated with a wide grin present on his face.

"It actually was." Jinx replied with a smile.

It was almost dark now. The two young heroes started to walk home. A few minutes later, and they were home.

As Jinx was about to enter their apartment, she caught a snowflake, and held it in her hand until it melted. The snowflake was so beautiful. Jinx found it funny how snowflakes were known as beautiful for being unique, while she had been an outcast for her own unique appearance.

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