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Jinx looked out the window as she saw snow fall down to the ground. It had been snowing hard for the whole day. Wally walked into the room, and then he put on the news. There was a breaking news report on a car crash that was on a bridge.

"Jinx, we have to go help those people." Wally told the pink haired girl.

"Okay," Jinx said as she went to get ready.

Wally held Jinx in his arms as he sped them to the bridge. There were about twenty cars spread across the bridge that had been a part of what looked like several different car accidents. The cause of the accidents was black ice. Screams could be heard from several different cars.

"I'll get everyone out of their cars that I can get to and get them to safety." Kid Flash said as he started to start rescuing people.

Jinx used her powers to cause the ice to break. She worked on moving it into the water below. Kid Flash zoomed around getting people to safety. The two heroes were done with their work soon, and went to the crowd to make sure everyone was okay.

"Thank you so much," a man from the crowd said as the two walked by, "I was coming home to see my family for Christmas."

"We are glad we were able to help." Kid Flash said to the man.

"Merry Christmas to you and your family!" Jinx exclaimed with a smile on her face which caused Kid Flash to raise an eyebrow.

When Wally and Jinx got home, Wally couldn't help but ask Jinx something.

"Why were you so happy back there?" Wally asked.

"The man was just in a car crash," Jinx explained, "I was just trying to be nice."

"You're getting better at that," Wally replied, "Does that mean I have to get in a car crash for you to be nice to me?"

"No," Jinx said as she left the room with a small smile on her face."

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