002: Bond Meets VIPER

Bond couldn't help but wonder who this VIPER was. They sent him a strange text message and it had the exact coordinates, time and date and the word ELLIPSIS. He found the exact same word in Mollako's phone.

He broke into M's office, removed the phone's hard drive and logged on the computer to find the location of the text message sent to his phone. It showed that it was right in the HQ. But who? He decided it had to be a staff member and typed.

M came in and they talked. Naturally, she scolded him for his reckless behavior.

"I think I have been compromised," he said.

"What do you mean?" M asked.

"Someone found out about what Mollako intended to do with the bomb," he replied. "Someone named VIPER."

M didn't respond.

"Do you know who that is?"

"Yes. I hired VIPER to investigate Mollako's associates to find out who the financier is."

"Where can I find this VIPER?"

"Just contact VIPER like you would: the computer. Seems the only way to do so."

Amelie wanted to know more about this Dimitrios. She typed in KNOWN ASSOCIATES into her MI6 account, browsing through them. Vanya Bor, deceased. Russian arms dealer with a known record of violence. Izzie Sawakonga: chemical engineer. Also deceased. And next...that face!

Le Chiffre.

A face Amelie hadn't seen in a long time. A face she hated. From a memory long ago, him looking at her with his two different eyes: one normal and one clouded that wept blood.

A distant weeping...terrified eyes, bound wrists...those eyes...his reaching hand...a flash of teeth, a cry of pain...

Nobody needed to know about her past. That shit was behind her. Soon, her mailbox dinged. She looked at the sender and it said: JB. She figured who it was...it was the same account as the one she used at MI6.

It read: Who are you?

She responded: Someone who wants to help you.

JB: How did you know about Mollako?

VIPER: I know he's a motherfucker...and who he works for all are.

JB: Seriously, who are you? Tell me!

VIPER: Maybe...

JB: No jokes, VIPER. I want to know.

VIPER: You're smart. Figure it out yourself.

Bond was getting a little pissed, but he couldn't make out this VIPER. He typed.

JB: OK...you're obviously a professional hacker. You have great information regarding Mollako's associates. What do you know so far?

VIPER: A lot more than you think. But I'm not telling you.

Damn! He thought. He used the encrypted code of where the messages were being sent from, pulling up the blueprints. It was coming from inside headquarters. He went there and looked at the location of the signal. Where was this VIPER? He held his Beretta, making sure that whoever this hacker was could be of hostile intent.

Amelie went back to work. Typing in /LeChiffre/Find/Computer, the orange words blinked: Waiting…Connected. She looked through his computer and was surprised that there weren't any personal documents. Typing in /LeChiffre/Find/Laptop, she was connected again. This time, she found that his e-mail account was open, which had a few short sentences or single words, times and dates. She also found a private folder that was labeled GOODS, which she clicked on it and she found multiple e-mails from a KinderHimmel . She found distasteful photos that she immediately closed. She copied the e-mails anyway and put them in a flash drive. If anyone knew about his dirty little secret, it would be the scandal of the year.

It was quiet here at MI6. A good place for her to work and sipping her coffee. Her apartment was noisy.

Soon, she heard footsteps, slamming her laptop shut, tucking it under her arm. She grabbed whatever weapon she could. Her grandfather taught her to fight back. Suddenly, the door opened stealthily, but she stayed hidden. She saw a man enter, armed with his Beretta, looking around...he was tall and had blonde hair, blue eyes. He was dressed in a suit. He narrowed his eyes, looking around. Amelie had learned to stay quiet.

She had to stay hidden until he went away. By the sound of it, it sounded like he was gone. She looked around to make sure it was safe, yet still keeping her weapon in her hand.

Bond hid behind the door. He wanted to see who this VIPER was. He watched as a figure rose from behind a desk. She was the strangest looking woman he'd ever seen. She had dyed black hair, piercings, and she was dressed like a punk-goth teenager. But, wow! A computer hacker named VIPER was a woman. Who would've guessed?

She narrowed her eyes and looked around, holding a blunt weapon in her hand. He lay in wait and knocked her in the head once she passed by.

"FUCKER!" she screamed, fighting back with a tangle of fists and kicks until he pinned her on the ground. She continued to struggle with effort. This woman didn't give up. She eventually did with and stared at Bond with angry eyes, her chest heaving and her nose flared.

"VIPER, I presume?" he questioned.

"Fuck you!" she spat. Her accent had a slight mixture of British-French and American.

Bond couldn't help but smile when she answered in such a way. He didn't know how to respond.

"You know something," he said to the point. "About Mollako and his associates, don't you?"

"I'm not telling you shit!" she retorted hostile. "If you're going to torture or kill me, I'm not afraid."

Again, surprised. This woman surprised Bond. Never had he been talked to like that. This girl was tough.

"But if you fucking rape me, I will fuck you up!" she said. "I fucking hate rapists!"

He was surprised she would say that. Why would she think that he was going to rape her? Her eyes were white hot with anger.

"I promise you. I'm not going to rape you. I just want to know who you are and how much you know."

"Why the fuck should I trust you?"

"Because we both work here."

She relaxed a little. "So, you're James Bond that I've heard about?"

"Yes. How do you know?"

She raised her eyebrows as if to imply something. He put two and two together.

"You...hacked into my computer?" he exclaimed, outraged.

She didn't answer. "All I know is your life is boring as fuck...except when you're looking for someone you can't find."

"I take it you were hired by M?" he questioned.

"Sure. She hired me to find someone you are looking for...some terrorist financier. I know Mollako was just a grunt. He still had an e-mail account, but paid for his phone in cash. I know the location that the text message was sent and who sent it."

"What else do you know?"

"If you get the fuck off of me, I will tell you."

Bond released her, slowly. She stood up by herself and led him to her laptop.

"Le Chiffre: 45-years-old, black hair, brown eyes. Current occupation: banker/financier. Has asthma and hemolacria: a condition caused by the rupture of blood vessels in the eyes, which produces bloody tears. That's why his left eye is clouded. Scars on left eyebrow and eyelid."

Bond was surprised the girl knew this all by heart.

"Where was this text by Dimitrios sent?"

"Somewhere in the Bahamas," she said. "Mollako may have had a disposable. But Dimitrios's phone surely had a contract. Probably a GPS. I can hack into his phone and get the exact location if you want."

"Please," he said.

He watched as Amelie's fingers stroked the keys, typing.

"There's a Dimitrios staying on this island," she said, showing him. "I hacked into his computer and found a bunch of e-mails on the day you were in Madagascar. The target was the Embassy, which your friend Mollako was planning on delivering the bomb."

"You're telling me...he ran into that building..."

"Yes. On purpose. It was all part of his plan. However, he never expected to be chased by you. It may have thrown off his plans. I wasn't able to get this Mollako's info on his phone. I'm guessing a disposable. They're much harder to find."

"Yes," Bond said. "I have it if you want to look at it."

Amelie was glad and she quickly worked her fingers to read through the text messages.

"Good. This should give us something on who else is working with Le Chiffre, his connections are and what he is planning."

"M said I'm to come along with you," Amelie said. "She said I could be of great use to you. Not only can I hack into phones and computers...but I can access security cameras from my computer."

"Fine by me," Bond said with a shrug. "Just don't interfere with fighting."

"No problem. I can look out for myself. I don't need a knight in shining armor."

He smiled to himself. Yea. Amelie was quite a fighter when he first met her.

Bond and Amelie flew down to Nassau in the Bahamas. Amelie wore a red wig. Not her favorite, but M insisted that she wear it anyway. They checked in at the hotel.

Amelie took off her wig and wiped the sweat off, mussing up her hair. It itched like hell.

"So, what can you tell me about Dimitrios?" Bond asked.

"Rich guy. Has a hot wife named Solange. And a very expensive Aston Martin. License plate . Oh...he's planning something. Not sure yet, but something to do with a flight to Miami. Just let me do some more digging and I'll probably find out."

"M was right. You're an artist when it comes to computers." He paused. "So tell me, how is it you got a job with us?"

"I fixed computers for a living and happened to be hired by Bill Tanner to fix his computer. He's the one who told me about working as a computer tech for the British government, despite that I have no education. Yet, I passed the civil service exam with flying colors. Now, here I am. However, I'm careful with what I do. I always cover my tracks when I hack."

"Interesting," Bond replied.

Amelie smirked. "So I've been told."