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The day had started off great, really, it had.

"Good morning beautiful." The changeling kissed the demoness on her cheek, causing the pale skin to turn slightly pink.

"Good morning. How did you sleep?"

"Pretty good. I went to bed earlier then usual." He stated, feeling slightly guilty for the lie.

"That's..interesting." There was a slight hint of suspicion in her voice.

Thinking quickly, he replied. "Yea, that fight with Plasmus really wore me out."

She gave him a sympathetic look and nodded in understanding. "I do feel sorry for him though."

"Yea, me too." The room filled with a comfortable silence and the green man went to making some type of meal with tofu.

Starfire flew in, Robin being dragged behind her. "Good morning! I have glorious news!" She twirled slightly, causing Robin to be lifted off the ground.

"What is it Star?" Cyborg questioned as he walked through the common room doors. The oil stains on the human part of his face indicated he had been working on the T-car.

"Friend Terra is going to come for a visit!" The alien princess yelled excitedly.

"Oh, really?" Questioned Cyborg.

Terra had regained her memory and was now working alongside the titans east.

"Yes! She said that she was not sure if she should come, but that Beast Boy, during one of their nightly talks, did the convincing!"

As soon as Raven made eye contact with him, he wanted to crawl under the table. "Uh..hehe..did I forget to mention I've been talking to Terra?"

He could tell she was trying to keep it together on the outside, but on the inside things were going crazy. "Must've slipped your mind." She said with clenched teeth.

"Rae.." Guilt started to fill up inside of him. He reached out to touch her, but she teleported before he could.

"Was it something I said?" Questioned Starfire.

"No Star," the robotic man walked up besides Beast Boy. "It's what he didn't say." He slapped the changeling on the back of his head, causing him to stumble forwards and cry out. "Way to go grass stain."

The changeling glared at him. "What was I supposed to do!?" He yelled, flailing his arms around. "Don't tell me you think I shouldn't told her!"

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Stated Robin, chiming in.

"No one asked you, bird brain." Spat Beast Boy.

"Hey!" Cyborg grabbed the boy by the shoulders. "Fix this, or I'll fix you." He stated menacingly.

Beast Boy gulped and nodded. "Right, ok. Uh..do you guys have any advice?"

"Perhaps you should wear a suit of armor." Suggested Starfire.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, let me just mosey on over to cabinets." He started walking slowly over to the kitchen, whistling slightly. "Isn't it a beautiful day? Maybe I'll take a walk..smell a few roses..bye!" He took off in a sprint, looking puzzled when he realized he wasn't moving. He looked up and saw Cyborg holding onto his collar.

He sighed and Cyborg put him down. "Ok, fine." He walked towards the common room doors. "But if I die, it'll be all your fault!"

"We'll make sure to put that on your tombstone!" Cyborg yelled back.

"Raven?" Beast Boy knocked softly on the door. "I'm really sorry Rae. I should've told you."

When he was met with silence, he sighed. "Rae, can you please just open the door? We have to talk about it. Please, I'm really, really sorry, you have to believe me." He begged.

He was once again met with silence. "Rae..you can't avoid this." He stated, expecting to be told to go away.

What he didn't expect was the door sliding open to reveal his very angry looking girlfriend.

"Rae! You actually-"

She stepped out into the hallway. "Avoiding this? You're the one who deliberately lied to my face, and went behind my back, and I'm the one avoiding this!?" She seethed.

He gulped and took a breath. "I'm really, really-"

"You aren't sorry! You're only sorry you go caught! If Starfire hadn't said anything, you never would've told me!" She yelled.

Ok, that was very, very true. "That's not true! I would've told you!...eventually."

"You know I hate her." The demoness stated.

"She's not that bad." He tried to reason with her.

"She tried to drown me!"

Again, very true. "She wasn't trying to drown you..she just wanted to..hurt you.."

"Now you're sticking up for her." She stated, crossing her arms.

"It's not like I'm cheating on you!" He yelled.

"How am I supposed to know that!? You lied!"

He sputtered, trying to come up with a come back. "So what!? Now you don't trust me!?"

"Not right now!"

"Then why are we even dating!?"

"I don't know!"

"Maybe we should just break up!" God, he was stupid.

She was quiet for a minute. "If that's what you want."

"Fine. Consider us broken up!" Seriously, he was so damn stupid.

"Fine." She whispered. Her door shut with a hiss and he stormed off down the hall.

It hit him half way to his room. "W-what did I just do?" He turned and looked down back towards her room, gaping. "You idiot!" He slapped himself on his forehead and started banging his head on the wall. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" He chanted.

A cold hand grabbed the back of shirt and pulled him away from the wall. "Dude, what'd you do?" Questioned Cyborg.

"I-I just broke up with Raven."

The cybernetic man glared at him. "You did what!? That's not fixing things!"

"Don't you think I know that!?" The changeling yelled. "I'm an idiot! You knew that when you sent me up here!"

"Uh-uh, don't you dare blame this on me!"

The green man sighed and slumped his shoulders. "I really messed up Cy, I don't know what to do."

"Do you love her?"

He nodded. "More then tofu."

"Then you'll figure something out."

Beast Boy nodded, his eye lighting up as a lightbulb went off in his head. "I've got it! Will you help me?"

"Sure man. What do you need?"

The changeling lent closer to him and started whispering. "So, here's the plan.."

The alarm went off and Raven sighed. She wiped the tears off her cheeks and teleported to the common room, praying to Azar she wouldn't see Beast Boy.

Her prays were answered when she didn't see him the common room. "Who is it?" She questioned.

"We don't know, someone got into the tower somehow! We need to check every room! Raven, you go check the isolation room!" Yelled Robin.

She nodded and teleported into one of the rooms, gasping slightly as it closed behind her and locked. She tried to use her powers on the door, but stopped when she realized the room was made to withstand any magical attacks. She cursed under her breath and fumbled around for the light. She found the chord and pulled, causing the room to light up and her to blink at the unexpected brightness.

She saw someone in the corner of the room and glared, ready to attack, until she saw who it was, and realized what was going on. "You have got to be kidding me. Beast Boy, I don't want to hear it. I'm not going to forgive you."

The changeling ignored her and stride towards her in three quick. He cupped her face with his palms and captured her lips with his own. After a few seconds, he pulled. "I'm a idiot, I know, and I truly am sorry. I'm sorry for talking to her behind your back, and I'm sorry for everything I said. You don't have to forgive me, but please, just know that I am sorry."

She took a breath and looked up at him. "Fine, but, you're on probation."

He grinned at her and nodded. "Deal. And I'll stop talking to her."

She shook her head. "No, but I want to be there when you speak with her."

His grin grew. "I can live with that."

"And, if you ever lie to me again, I will throw you out a window."

He gulped slightly and nodded. "Duly noted."

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