A/N: Fellow Oncers, the finale destroyed me. And I loved it. And it hurt me. And I cried. And I was hopeful. Anyway, I plan to write a LOT of fics over the hiatus, and here's the first-a very angsty Rumbelle fic. While Captain Swan is my OTP, Rumbelle is high on my list as well and last night was very hard for that ship. Beautiful, but terrible. So here is a little story to drown in more feels if you so wish.

Her throat is hoarse with screams that never pass her lips.

You made me stronger.

She sees the smile on his faceā€”the desperate, broken, brave, final smile on his face, and she knows that this is his end (hers).

She screams again but he can't hear her, can't hear her say she loves him back, but she knows that he knows and that almost hurts more.

The seconds spin by on the wheel of eternity, and how can this be? How could his bravery, which she's always wanted so badly, now be the thing to tear them apart forever?

Villains don't get happy endings.

But he wasn't a villain or a monster, in the end. Just a man. Hers.

Somewhere out of the shades of the memories that are hanging over her like so many daggers, the first words she ever spoke to him come back.

No, wait!

They're as silent as her screams

And because this is his destiny, and because he's finally chosen to be the great man, and because greatness means goodbye, he stabs downwards and through and it's over before it began.

You were a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man.


The smoke clears and the spell lifts and she's free and he's gone.

The hero's gone.

You made me want to go back, to the best version of me.

She'd done that, truly, she had.

Because at last, at long last, he's rising.

And she falls.