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A soft fluttering sound went through the library and everyone looked up briefly, acknowledging the angel with a nod or a polite smile before going back to their books. Except Dean; he was still staring at Castiel and was already getting up from his seat. He was so done reading boring shit, anyway. He was always happy to see Cas, especially when it conveniently interrupted bookworm time.

It had gotten to be habit by now; Castiel would pop in, the angel and Dean would make eyes at each other (apparently striving for subtle and failing miserably), after some stilted conversation they'd leave (or pop out) together.

"Where do they always go?" Harry asked no one in particular, looking up from his book and glancing at the now-empty space.

He leaned back in his chair, his gaze on the spot Dean and Castiel were moments ago. He was mostly curious because Dean rarely extended the invitation to anyone else, not even his brother; like he was content to Hunt with Castiel alone. Or maybe there were more problems amongst angels and Dean was the only one that could help (for whatever reason). Still... it was curious and he couldn't help asking.

It was quiet, no one offering an answer, so Harry looked around and cataloged the various expressions:

Draco, unsurprisingly, looked thoroughly amused.

Hermione was blushing slightly and looking interested even as her face was in her book. A look Harry had come to associate with his friend's almost-unhealthy interest in two men together (which amused him more than anything else) and was using her vivid imagination instead of answering. Or reading, since her eyes were no longer tracking the words on the pages.

Bobby was scowling and resolutely paging through a book. Harry had a moment to fear the pages being torn out, but didn't comment on it.

Sam looked like he wanted to be anywhere else, probably silently wishing he could apparate or angel-pop away. He was slightly hunched in his seat and looking like the living personification of 'awkward' as he stared hard at his opened book.

It took a few moments before Harry realized the implications and he snorted out a little laugh.


Well... that was interesting. The staring and half-hearted complaints about 'personal space' made more sense now. He actually felt rather thick for not realizing sooner.

He was ready to comment on the hypocrisy of Dean popping off to 'throw a dicking' (as he colorfully put it) at an angel. Or maybe get a dicking from an angel. Whatever, he couldn't be arsed to sort the dynamics of that odd little duo. But he realized Dean hadn't ever made a rude comment about him (or Bobby) being gay before; it was only just his issues with witches at first (which were rather rightly acquired once he'd learned a bit more about goo and other things that made Dean shudder and squirm), then his age (still forgetting they were practically the same age and he was not a damn infant 'robbing the nursing home'), and always his height.

He had hoped Dean would run out of them by now, but so far he'd had little luck of that. And he'd had to look up a few names, too. He was still pissed off about 'Oompa Loompa' and briefly considered hexing Dean into one. Complete with the urge to dance and sing stupidly rhyming songs.

"Anyone?" Harry asked, trying not to laugh when the only response seemed to be soft, awkward coughs and throats being cleared. He rolled his eyes and picked his book back up. He casually turned a page, pretending to read. "I bet Dean's the bottom."

Draco laughed and hummed agreement.

Hermione squeaked, eyes widening and going a bit distant before she lifted her book to cover her face.

Bobby grunted, but it was hard to tell if it was agreement or disagreement, and continued abusing pages. (Harry concluded it was reluctant amusement when he saw Bobby's lips twitch and then move into a frown.)

Sam whimpered, groaned pitifully and covered his face with one hand as he slunk down in his chair with a muttered "Do not need to know that".

"Can we not talk about that? It's just weird," Sam said after composing himself. He glanced between Bobby and Harry, looking apologetic. Neither of them looked at all bothered, apparently well aware of what he meant. But he felt the need to say it aloud. Just in case. "Not 'cause... you know... But. 'Cause. You know. It's Dean. And Cas." And it was just wrong to know that much about one's brother; it really was the perfect case for a shouted 'TMI!' and a childish fit of covering your own ears and humming.

And, because, well, Dean wouldn't want them to know. Or talk about it. Possibly even think about it. That had to account for something... Even if he had the idea no one would really care about that sort of personal boundary since they weren't as repressed as him and Dean. (Apparently.)

Sam made a face and tried to disappear into his book again, resolutely not thinking about what sorta freaky shit Dean and Cas got up to when they disappeared together. Shit. He was thinking about it. Oh god, they probably did things in the backseat of the Impala! At least they better since the other option was in the bed in the room he shared with Dean. But. No. Ew. Wait. He'd never be able to lay down back there without thinking—

No... They just wandered off to do easy things to teach Cas how to Hunt; showing Cas how to do a simple salt and burn. The angel really didn't need to know that ('cause, hello - angel) but he liked deluding himself. Sam nodded to himself but it was taking some effort to convince himself. He could admit he was back to being a prudish 12-year-old but he felt justified because. Yeah. It was Dean. And Cas. No-no spot galore.

Draco took in Sam's expression and huffed softly. He marked his spot in his book and slowly stood, cursing himself for being a complete and utter sap for even giving a shit, let alone doing something. It was Potter's fault, naturally. He always got soft in the head when he spent too much time around that prat and this was proof of it. He tapped Sam's shoulder and did his best to ignore the man's puppy-eyes.

"I need tea." It was the closest he'd get to offering a distraction. He blinked when Sam shot up from his seat with a grateful look through that curtain of hair, hurried past him and headed towards the kitchen. He could feel Potter giving him a knowing, smug little smirk so he tossed the arse a two-fingered salute behind his back as he followed after Sam.

Hermione sighed softly and closed her book. Her concentration was completely shattered now, thanks to Harry and his attention-ruining questions. "Well, if all goes well, we'll be done by day after next."

"Yeah," Harry said, closing his own book and giving Hermione a small smile. Draco would be up at ridiculous o'clock tomorrow to start. Castiel offered to 'stand guard' since he didn't require rest. It had been strange to get the offer but Draco (as well as himself and Hermione) were quick to accept. Castiel offered a strange smile, looking at Dean briefly when he mentioned he'd had much practice watching over sleeping humans.

Harry was now wondering if that was some sorta angel-code, or maybe a euphemism, for his fun times with Dean. It would make sense since he'd seen Castiel wandering from Dean's room more than once. And he was pretty sure Dean's cheeks had colored slightly, either from the words or the way Castiel's gaze settled on him for long moments, and he muttered something as he disappeared for a beer.

"Did you extend your vacation?"

Hermione just gave him a smile and went back to reading her book.


Castiel shifted awkwardly, his usual statue-like stillness now more along the lines of an adult trying not to make it known they have to pee and dance around like a just-potty-trained toddler. He wasn't uncomfortable, per se, just unused to the new pattern of pinching and pressure on his lower half. He tried to ignore it, but his body kept moving as if he wasn't able to control it completely. He needed to concentrate on the task at hand; the wizards were preparing their ritual and he did not want to compromise the procedure or be lax in his vow to guard.

Hermione was the first (and maybe only) one to notice Castiel's slight squirming. It wasn't obvious but it was abnormal for the usually phlegmatic angel. She tapped the angel's arm gently to get his attention. Slightly wide blue eyes immediately zeroed in on her and she smiled a little, trying to put him at ease, when she realized he was uncomfortable. She didn't think he'd be nervous about this...

"Are you OK?"

Castiel inclined his head. "I am merely getting used to the unfamiliar sensation of different undergarments." He could tell the witch (the good kind, he had been assured) was confused, her smile faltered as her eye brows drew together a little, and he tried to find a way to explain himself better. "I'm trying a change and it's... taking some adjustment." He shifted his left thigh a little then immediately stilled.

Hermione's head cocked to the side. "What?"

"Panties," Castiel said, his tone going up slightly but not enough to make it a question. "I was requested to wear them and, as I said, it's taking some adjustment on my part." He wriggled his hips subtly and the fact that he had to stifle a soft gasp at the sensation of soft fabric whispering over his unmentionables kind of surprised him. He would have to thank Dean later for the suggestion; these undergarments were quite pleasant and getting more comfortable as he got used to them.

The color was a nice, cheery pink; very pleasing and complementary. The fabric was softer than he was used to, but there was less of it. Quite an adjustment.

Castiel blinked in confusion when the room suddenly went silent and he was the center of attention, every pair of eyes focused on him. There was no other sound other than quiet breathing. Well, except for Hermione; her cheeks went a pretty pink, her eyes widened and a strange sound came out of her throat as her hand slapped over her mouth.

Harry snorted, trying to sort out if Hermione was in actual danger of her big brain leaking out of her ears or not. Poor thing. Not that he blamed her...

"Cas," Dean groaned, the hand covering his face muffling the horrified groan a little. At least Sam wasn't here and he was for once grateful his brother actually fiddled with his hair and did froofy things to it. Otherwise, he'd be here, gawking with everyone else. And probably trying to stab a pencil in his ear to re-set his brain. Or screaming for brain-bleach. "For fuck's sake, man."

Castiel turned, giving Dean a small apologetic smile, even though he was confused why the Hunter was covering his face or what he had said wrong to earn the muffled chastisement. "Yes, Dean?"

"This is one of those things we don't go around tellin' people," Dean muttered, trying not to squirm or act like a complete spaz. He wasn't getting any real creepy or weird looks (except from Hermione; she was totally fangirling in her corner and he didn't know if he should be offended or complimented). He wasn't exactly cool with Cas blabbing about the freakin' panties thing, because— Just. Dude; No. But there was a whole lot less drama than he figured would follow Cas' awkward statement.

Castiel nodded solemnly and, belatedly, made a zipping motion over his lips. He didn't quite understand the gesture since there wasn't anything to close but he'd seen Sam (and others) do it when they were indicating a lack of speech. He 'unzipped' them and murmured a quiet, "Yes, Dean," before 'zipping' them up again. Dean's lips twitched, then pursed, and he knew the Hunter was trying not to laugh. He moved across the room to offer a silent apology, giving Dean's shoulder a gentle but warm, squeeze.

"'S'fine, Cas," Dean muttered, shrugging a little. He grinned when Hermione looked at them with slightly wide eyes. It wasn't as pervy, but he could tell she was still thinking about Cas in his panties. (Not cool, but he also knew it was sexy as hell so he really couldn't blame her for thinking it... as long as she didn't like, dwell on it and get ideas about his angel.) He expected another squeak but she merely grinned back and started twirling her wand. Even if she wasn't the creepy kinda witch, Hermione kinda creeped him out right then.

He didn't need to stick around for the whole shebang and he had a feeling it would get mega-creeptastic pretty quickly with all the mojo flying around. He slid a hand at the small of Cas' back, under his ever-present trench coat, and leaned in close. "I'm gonna go." He wanted to say 'stay safe', or something else equally secretly schmoopy—but still manly and very practical, thankyouverymuch—but he knew Cas would only be confused, claiming he wouldn't (or couldn't) be harmed.

It was exhausting being around him sometimes. But at least Cas was slowly learning the good things in life. Even if he still didn't get the awesomeness that was Star Wars. He was pretty sure Cas wasn't hopeless, though, since he knew to shut up and enjoy Dr. Sexy reruns.

"I will," Castiel said, reading the silent message of Dean's touch clearly. He offered a small smile, pleased when it was returned before Dean turned and sauntered out of the library—off to occupy himself with other things. As much as he wished Dean would stay, it would be boring and tedious for many hours. He knew Dean would be back, so he didn't dwell on it.

Hermione, Harry and Draco downed their Pepper-Up and shuddered as the heat worked through their body and a puff of steamy smoke drifted from their ears. Draco carefully lined up the rest of the vials, keeping them nearby because he'd be needing another in a few hours.

"That never gets easier," Harry said with a shudder. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, as if it would burn off some of the excess energy. He was starting to get twitchy when Hermione raised her wand and cast the appropriate spells and charms at him. The monitoring charm just looked like a purple blip pinging around above his head; rather boring, really, but Hermione nodded approvingly and twirled her wand again.

He forced himself still and nodded his readiness at Hermione and Draco for the next part, taking out his own wand. They'd studied the incantation to temporarily fuse their magics together. The wand movements were simple, just a broad circle that would bring their wands together, and they spoke it together without flaw.

It was an odd sensation that immediately had most of the excess energy suctioned off and leaving Harry feeling a little lightheaded and suddenly lethargic. "Ugh, I need to sit," he said, weaving his way towards Bobby's favorite chair. Bobby was currently occupying it, but he didn't mind sharing. He plopped into the older Hunter's lap and gave him a dozy smile, managing to get a hand up and petting at Bobby's cheeks in a gentle way that had Bobby's eyes doing that crinkly smiley thing that made him all warm inside. He wriggled his fingers into Bobby's beard, giggling softly at the tickly feeling.

"Imma nap on you, mmkay?" he murmured, already letting his head flop onto Bobby's chest. His arm was still up but he didn't want to let go of Bobby's smiling beard. "S'comfy."

"No droolin'," Bobby grumbled softly, smiling a little. Harry was already snuggled up against him and his eyes were half closed, his breath slowing down to something soft and steady. He looked up at Hermione and was comforted to see her give a lazy but reassuring smile and pop both of her thumbs up; all was fine, then. He realized she was in on this craziness when she swayed a little, her eyes fluttering slowly like she was a little drunk.

Castiel caught the witch and gently lowered her onto a sofa. He eyed Draco and was given a terse nod; this was to be expected and not worrisome. He stood back and proceeded to watch with interest as the blonde wizard's grip on his wand tightened a little, his eyes closed, and soft chanting was heard. He took a seat, merely out of habit, and watched as the wizard constructed Wards around the tiny metal and wood boxes laid before him.


"How long they been at it?" Sam asked as he walked into the kitchen. Dean was the only one in there and he was stuffing his face with what looked like an entire cow. His cheeks were bulging again. He made a face at his brother, thoroughly grossed out.

Dean took a few swallows of beer, wincing a little as he swallowed a too-large bite. "'bout twelve hours, give or take," he said after checking his watch. He had gone in the check on everyone a few times but nothing had changed, so he didn't stay long. It was boring as hell and the room had a stuffy, prickly feeling to it when he walked more than a few steps in. He was a little surprised Sam wasn't camped out in the library or going through nerd withdrawal.

"Seems longer," Sam murmured, pulling out a chair and sitting across from Dean with a soft sigh. He pulled the serving plate closer, absently picking at a few roasted carrots. "Did you cook this?" he asked, studying one of the carrots before eating it. It was good and he nearly said 'never mind' because there was no way Dean cooked anything that edible. Or bothered with vegetables.

"Nope," Dean said through another mouthful. "Harry did. Before he went all Sleeping Beauty," he said, licking the grease from his fingers. He waved a hand at the platter, "He did his thing on it so it would stay warm and not get funky." Which was weird but really helpful since it would be almost an entire day before Harry was able to cook again. Maybe longer if he had to pass out to recover from having his mojo borrowed for nearly an entire day.

Sam's brow wrinkled and he stared at the platter. The food was still warm and tasted like it just came from the oven. He was still surprised by what sort of things Harry's magic could accomplish.

"Awesome, right?" Dean mumbled through meat and a smile, practically reading Sam's mind. Sam just shrugged and ate another carrot. He'd make fun of that but he realized the more carrots Sam ate, the more meat there was for him. Heh. Sucker. He cut himself another chunk and glanced up at Sam. His brother looked confused and concerned, his lips all pursed together and his forehead crinkled; or in other words, kinda like he was constipated. "What?"

Sam shook his head and fished out a roasted potato. "Just wondering if Bobby ate. Or left the room at all." He hadn't seen Bobby recently. He really hadn't expected the older Hunter to be anywhere else, though.

"Nope, pretty sure he's been stuck under Harry. He ain't complainin', though." Dean shook his head and snickered softly. "I did offer him something a while ago, but he might be changing his mind about not bein' hungry soon enough." He watched Sam stand without another word, walking towards the library. He rolled his eyes but stood up and got another plate, loading it up and setting it aside. After a brief hesitation, he added a beer next to it. Bobby would probably need one...

It didn't take Sam long to come back and he paused, staring at the plate and beer. He took it without a word, knowing Dean would just brush him off if he said anything about him being considerate, and grabbed a fork before heading back to the library. He tried not to stare at the way Harry was curled up on Bobby's lap, but it was hard. Mostly because he kinda looked cute, which was just weird considering he was a grown ass man.

And Bobby didn't look at all bothered by it, either. That was kinda weird, too.

"Thanks, Sam," Bobby murmured, pulling the plate closer. He tried to be surprised Harry had gone and made them all food before the whole thing was set to go, but he wasn't. Not really. Idjit was usually thinkin' of other's first. "Did'ja eat?" he asked, cutting a section of meat off with the side of his fork. He resisted the urge to groan appreciatively as he tucked the fork in his face.

Sam shrugged, the corners of his mouth turning down in a 'meh' face. "Not really hungry I guess."

"Really?" Bobby asked, an eyebrow raised. "You get a good whiff of this?" he asked, raising his fork and waving it a little. Even if he wasn't currently starving, he'd be eating anything that smelled this good. He noticed Sam's gaze was Draco before it flicked over towards Hermione, both of 'em slumped a little where they sat. Hermione looked asleep but Draco appeared to be meditating or something. "They're fine," he said and tucked another forkful into his mouth.

He nearly moaned again at the taste but restrained himself somehow. Mainly 'cause it woulda had Harry doing things in his sleep that he didn't need other people seein'.

Sam shrugged again. He knew that they were fine. Cas was the only one that didn't look to be sleeping sitting up. He was taking his role of guardian seriously and hadn't let his gaze wander off Draco for longer than it took to make sure Hermione was still fine. Apparently Harry being in Bobby's lap meant he wasn't under Cas' watch or something so Cas hadn't looked towards them since he came in with the plate.

"Yeah," Sam finally said, sitting down across from Bobby. He watched the older Hunter eat for a few moments before he realized he was hungry. "Be right back," he muttered, getting up again and going back towards the kitchen. Dean was no longer at the table. That was probably a good thing seeing as how he was going to take a plate into the library, too.

By the time Draco started moving around again a few hours later, Sam and Bobby were leaning awkwardly in their chairs, lightly dozing.

"Do you require assistance?" Castiel asked the wizard, eyes slightly narrowed with concern as he stood by the now awake wizard.

Draco groaned softly and shook his head a little, massaging his temples. "No, thank you," he managed, his voice a little hoarse. Regardless of a negative answer, a glass of water was suddenly in his periphery and he took it with a nod of thanks. He drained it in three gulps. He glanced curiously at the angel and refilled the glass with his wand. "Everyone alright?" he asked, sipping his water at a more sedate pace and looking between Potter and Hermione.

"Yes, aside from prolonged unconsciousness, they appear to be alright."

Draco hummed softly and nodded. That was to be expected. The monitoring charm was still blipping over Potter's head, the purple dot bouncing around in a sedate pattern. "Excellent," he murmured and carefully stretched himself out. He groaned, various joints popping. He relaxed back in his chair and poked at the numerous, shrunken boxes. A few diagnostic charms showed the wards were successfully cast. And quite effective, at that. "Excellent," he repeated, a satisfied little smirk on his face.

While he'd constructed the wards for Potter's little project, they'd certainly come in handy later. And earn him more than a few Galleons.

"It worked out as you had hoped?" Castiel asked, looking at the tiny boxes as well. He could feel the magic surrounding them but he couldn't decipher what it meant, even if the wizard looked pleased with himself and his accomplishment.

"Oh, yes," Draco said, lifting his chin. "Quite well." He gathered the boxes and carefully transferred them into a velvet draw-string bag, murmuring a few charms over it so it wouldn't tear or get wet, and stretched again before slumping in the seat. "Merlin, I'm starving. Did Potter leave food?" he asked the angel.

Castiel nodded and then left the room, leaving a bewildered Draco to stare after him. When he came back with a loaded plate, he realized he should have said why he'd left. The wizard looked bemused as he took the plate.

"Thank you," Draco murmured and balanced the plate on his lap and tucked in as neatly as his ravenous appetite allowed. He still hadn't gotten used to the angels' abrupt departing habits, not that it mattered since he'd be leaving shortly.

"Do you know how long it'll be before they awaken?" Castiel asked Draco, his gaze going to the other wizard and witch. Both appeared to be peacefully sleeping, instead of the semi-conscious state they were in previously. They didn't appear to be waking any time soon, but he was unfamiliar with their usual sleeping and waking habits.

Draco shrugged and speared a carrot. He sniffed it and popped it in his mouth with a soft hum of approval. Potter did have a knack for making something edible. "Knowing Potter, a few minutes. Hermione shouldn't be far behind him, since she wasn't as—"

"Merlin, stop being so bloody loud," Harry whined, rubbing at his eyes and glaring at Draco.

Draco snorted softly and shot Potter a cheeky smile. "My apologies. Bloody wanker," he muttered under his breath. "I'm guessing you feel about as you ought to?" he asked the scowling wizard. It wasn't a surprise Potter was waking up cranky; between the Pepper-Up wearing off and the after-effects of using so much of his magic, he was bound to be a bit... achy. Not that Potter usually woke up acting like a bucket of sunshine; the speccy git wasn't a morning person under the best of circumstances. About the best that could be said was Potter was quick to gain his bearings.

"Yeah," Harry muttered, closing his eyes and tucking himself back into Bobby's chest. His head was pounding, his chest hurt and he'd be convinced a kneazle had used his mouth for a bathroom if he didn't know any better. Ugh. Pepper-Up did not have a pleasant after-taste (not that any potion did). He opened his eyes when he felt tapping on his shoulder. Draco was there, holding out a vial and a steaming mug of tea. He took both with a soft grunt that might be considered a 'thank you'.

Draco snickered when Potter gulped the potion down, not even bothering to ask what it was. He laughed outright as a grimace of disgust had Potter's mouth twisting down and a shudder working through his body. He nodded with approval when Potter waited a few minutes before sipping carefully at his tea. Apparently, Potter could distinguish a pain potion just by taste and knew not to add any other liquids until the potion absorbed into his blood-stream.

He'd be impressed if it hadn't taken over ten years and two near-misses before the daft idiot had learned that lesson.

"I'd ask how it went, but I don't want to insult you," Harry said, eyeing Draco over his mug. He chuckled when he was given an icy glare and Draco turned away with a dramatic huff and a two-fingered salute. Prat. "Well, thank Merlin for that," he muttered, taking that response for a 'of course it was a success', and went back to his tea. As soon as Draco sat back in his chair, he dug a small sack out from the cushions and tossed it at him. He caught it easily, mouthing 'Seeker reflexes' when Draco gave him a sour look.

He gently tossed the bag in his hand, nodding once and tucking it away. He'd have to find a safe place for it later. "Good."

"Finished," Draco added unnecessarily, leaning back in his chair and exhaling slowly. As pleasant as his trip had been, he was anxious to be home. He glanced at Hermione, his brows drawing together when he realized she was still sleeping. At least her monitoring charm was blipping along in an almost cheery manner, the purple dot bouncing almost happily.

"Finally," Harry said with a snort. "So. You're going to rest up before attempting to apparate home, yeah?" Draco nodded, rolling his eyes at him. He carefully got up from Bobby's lap, patting his shoulder in thanks when he was given a hand. He wobbled a little but he quickly found his feet. He stretched, nearly doubling over with a laugh when he saw Bobby eyeing him openly. Apparently now that he was awake and mostly refreshed, Bobby had no qualms about ogling him.

A hand ghosted over his bum and he simply shook his head, dodging another hand as he walked over towards Hermione. "'Mione," he said, gently nudging the witch. If she didn't wake on her own soon, he was probably going to start freaking out... Thankfully, Hermione sat up with a startled snort, her eyes blinking rapidly as she woke up fully.

"Feeling alright?" he asked as Hermione worked out how to blink her eyelids in sync again.

"Yes," Hermione mumbled, rubbing at her eyes. There was a glass of water on the table in front of her and she eagerly reached for it, draining it in a few gulps. She wiped her mouth with the side of her hand and looked around. Ah, good; everyone else was up. Obviously, everything went well and they were finished. She canceled the monitoring charms on Harry and herself and relaxed back into the sofa. She was still tired but not as exhausted as she feared she'd be.

Harry nodded and went back towards Bobby. He eyed the older Hunter for a moment, his lips pursed a little. "I'm going to bed." It was probably close to 4 am but he was still tired and in need of real sleep. Bobby perked up and he smiled. "C'mon," he said, grabbing a fistful of Bobby's soft flannel shirt, pulling him up onto his feet.

They both waved over their shoulders, muttered 'good night's tossed behind them as they left.

Bobby followed Harry from the library and to their room. "You tired?" he asked, pulling Harry to a stop just outside their room. He already knew the answer when he saw the way Harry blinked slow and lazy-like, his eye lids drooping. He gently pushed Harry into their room, closing the door behind them. He stopped the wizard from face-planting onto the bed, fully clothed, with an arm around his chest.

He made quick work of Harry's clothes, trying to enjoy the few moments he had to slide his fingers and palms over warm, soft skin. He didn't linger, mostly because Harry was swaying on his feet, his eyes barely open and his head wobbling a little. Apparently, he'd used up whatever energy he'd had getting to their room.

Once Harry was situated in bed, he got himself ready; setting aside his cap and stripping down to his skivvies. He paused and then slid them down and off, too. Just in case. He crawled in behind Harry and grunted softly when his wizard shuffled closer and latched on to him with a sleepy, contented sound. He should probably feel like he'd had his quota on snuggling, but whatever. It wasn't like he hadn't gotten used to drifting off with his wizard doin' his best impression of an octopus. He wasn't feelin' so perky himself, having spent most of the entire day watching over Harry (and Hermione), reading and lightly dozing in his damn chair, and he was asleep shortly after he settled his hand on Harry's ass.


Harry slowly roused from sleep, mainly aware of being warm. And that he couldn't quite move. A careful peek over his shoulder let him know why; Bobby was pressed against his back and had him in a tight hold—like a kid with a teddy bear. He wriggled experimentally and chuckled into his pillow when Bobby made a dissatisfied grunting sound in his sleep and tightened his grip.

Bugger. He had to piss.

Harry tried again, wriggling slowly and carefully. He was able to escape after a few attempts and hurried to the loo. He eyed a still asleep Bobby and considered how he was going to get back into his teddy bear-like hold. It had been very enjoyable and if he hadn't needed the loo, he'd still be in there. He carefully wriggled his way back into Bobby's arms, shifting and turning until they were spooned together. He groaned softly when he realized two things. One part of Bobby was awake... and the older Hunter was completely naked.

Harry chewed his lip, considering his options.

He carefully maneuvered until he was facing Bobby. He slowly moved his leg until he was able to slip it between Bobby's and had to stifle another laugh when he got another sleepy grumble for his efforts. He eased himself closer to Bobby, stilling once he was situated just right. He had a moment to feel bad for essentially molesting Bobby in his sleep... until he remembered Bobby had said he could do it whenever he wanted. That was the first time he woke up in the Hunter's bed, aroused from a vivid dream and nearly attacked a half-awake Bobby.

Harry wriggled, belatedly wishing he'd slid his pants off before climbing back into bed. He breathed out a soft moan when the movement aroused Bobby even further and his now naked groin brushed against Bobby's. "Fuck," he muttered, awkwardly kicking his pants off, not even caring they were now jammed between the mattress and the blanket.

He wasn't sure how deeply Bobby was asleep, so he trailed a few kisses across his chest, nuzzling the patch of chest hair. He slowly drew his fingers down Bobby's sides, brushing across his bum for only a moment.

Harry nearly pouted when Bobby only made a sleepy hum and shifted a little in his sleep. Apparently, he needed a little more. He propped himself up on one arm and trailed his hand down Bobby's side again. Another sleepy shift. He nipped and kissed along Bobby's shoulder and neck, rubbing along his stomach. He could hear a change in Bobby's breathing so he didn't bother teasing any more and just wrapped a hand around Bobby's cock, squeezing gently and giving a slow stroke upwards.


Harry grinned up at Bobby, wiggling against the older Hunter when his eyes cracked open and he gasped out a groan. He shifted so he was pressed against Bobby's hip, satisfied to hear a soft moan and feel Bobby's hips jerk up. "Yeah."

"Fuck, Harry, wake a man," Bobby groaned, sliding both hands into Harry's messy hair and pulling him down into a kiss, nipping lightly at his bottom lip.

Harry huffed out a laugh, twisting his hand and rolling his hips again. "I am," he said, dipping his head down to nip at Bobby's neck, licking across a bouncing Adam's apple. One of Bobby's hands untangled from his hair and the next thing he knew, his bum was being roughly grabbed as Bobby used it as leverage to press them closer together. He groaned and managed to free himself enough to shimmy down Bobby's front.

Bobby watched Harry, his fingers flexing against him, waiting with quickly fraying patience to see what his wizard was planning on doing. He grunted and his eyes squeezed shut when Harry's teeth gently worked the skin just below his navel and that wicked little tongue soothed the slightly red skin before dipping inside his navel. A nose pressed along the trail of coarse hair and hot breath fanned against his belly.

"Fuckin' shit," he grunted when Harry's fingers danced over his hard-on and he nearly lost it.

"Hold on," Bobby muttered, pulling Harry up and off him. He eased the wizard onto his belly, Harry going willingly enough once he realized what was going on. He quickly plastered himself against Harry's back, shamelessly rutting against his ass with a grunting sigh of satisfaction. Harry's hips rolled and he was practically squeezed in soft warmth of his ass. He made a soft noise and leaned down, leaving nipping kisses along Harry's shoulder and neck.

He obliged his wizard with an awkward messy but hot kiss when Harry's head turned and tilted. Harry's hips did that rolling thing again and he was rubbing along the snug warmth between his delectable cheeks. "Ain't gonna be long," he warned, feeling pleasure surge and heat pool in a familiar way. He was too worked up and he knew he wouldn't have the patience, or stamina, to work Harry properly.

Harry didn't care. He shifted his legs apart, just enough so that the next time Bobby moved, the Hunter's cock slid between his thighs. "Same here," he groaned, arching his back and rolling his hips, increasing the friction of Bobby sliding against him. It took a moment of focus but he managed to wandlessly conjure enough lube to slick the way even more, hissing between his teeth when Bobby's hands slid down his sides and pressed against the outsides of his thighs and pressed. The head of Bobby's cock dragged just right along the sensitive edge of him, nudging his balls and dragging along the perfect spot on the way. He pressed his face into the pillow, smothering a loud drawn out moan.

He went with a surprised gasp when Bobby suddenly shifted, balancing himself upright on his knees, and dragged him up, pressing his chest along his back. He shuddered as Bobby's hand wrapped around his cock and the man's movements synced up within moments. "Oh Merlin," he choked out, his head flopping back to rest against Bobby's shoulder. He flexed his thighs in time with Bobby's thrusts, his hands sliding back and digging into the Bobby's arse and thighs. He was a bit of a mess between the hastily conjured lube and their combined pre-come, but it felt too damn good to care at the moment.

Bobby panted against the back of Harry's neck, hoping his wizard was ready to pop because he sure as hell was. He twisted his hand just so, grunting when he felt Harry's muscles flex and clench around him. He slid a hand up to palm and pinch Harry's nipples before moving on, stroking and sliding along any inch of skin he could reach. He grunted softly when Harry moaned, arching his back and grinding his ass backwards. Another two strokes and he felt Harry tense with a guttural sound as wet heat coated his fist (and probably most of Harry's belly and thighs).

It didn't take much longer and he was adding to the sticky mess on Harry's front with a grunting moan, thrusting shallowly as he rode the pleasure out. He gentled his strokes and stopped before Harry could smack his hand away from his over-sensitive dick. He wrapped his arms around Harry and flopped onto his side, bringing the wizard down with him and nuzzling the damp hair at the back of his neck.

"Oh... Fucking..." Harry panted softly. He didn't know how to finish his thought and just chuckled when he felt Bobby's beard tickling the back of his neck and shoulders as the older man nodded his agreement. He sighed as he turned his head, pulling Bobby closer with a hand in his sweat-damp hair and taking a kiss as soon as their lips lined up enough. "Good morning," he murmured, lips brushing Bobby's.

Bobby chuckled, his hands still wandering all over any part of Harry he could reach. His fingertips dragged through the mess on Harry's stomach and thighs and he hummed. "Damn right it is."


Hermione looked up when Harry sauntered into the kitchen. She snorted softly and just shook her head as Harry refilled the kettle, leaning against the counter as he waited for it to heat. She closed her book and leaned back in her chair, letting her head flop back until she could see Harry easier. "So."

"So," Harry said back, crossing his arms. He wasn't quite sure where Hermione was going with this, so he just waited. She always cracked first... the witch was too nosy and hyper not to.


"Morning," Harry said back, once again, shifting his feet. He looked around Hermione, leaning a bit more than usual since her hair was down and a rather large cloud of honey-brown frizz. "What're you reading?"

Hermione rolled her eyes and allowed the distraction. "Some Muggle teenaged romance fiction thing," she said, waving off the question. "What's with the shifty eyes?" The stupid grin on his face when he first entered the kitchen was easy enough to guess at, and she'd learned not to bother prying into reasons why ages ago. On the plus side, Bobby should be less grumpy when he finally made his way into the kitchen.

"Nothing. Just—" Harry sighed and turned, more than a little grateful for a distraction when the kettle came to a boil and clicked off. He focused on making his tea. "You're leaving this afternoon, right?" He knew Draco had already left, apparently unable to wait for anyone else to wake up to say goodbye. The bastard. It probably would've been awkward, Draco trying to fend off sappy hugs from him and Hermione... and he figured the blonde was eager to get home to his own sour-faced lover, but still.

Hermione hid a smile, Harry's earlier demeanor figured out, and waited until Harry turned back around before she shook her head. "No."

"No?" Harry hurried to sit down, nearly falling into his chair as he stared at the witch in shock. "Why no? Not that I'm not glad to hear it," he added when Hermione's eyes narrowed. He grinned at her and she rolled her eyes.

"I just feel like staying for a bit."

Harry nodded and scrubbed a hand through his hair. "Me too," he blurted out. Hermione merely nodded along, as if she completely understood. And really, he should've known she'd react like that. She knew him better than he knew himself sometimes. Or maybe she hadn't heard him properly. "Like, staying staying," he said, just in case she didn't get his full meaning.

"Yes, I did crack your ingenious code, Harry," Hermione said with a smirk. She reached over and squeezed his hand, her smirk melting into a warm smile. "I'm just surprised it took you this long to actually do it." She sipped her tea, mentally giggling at Harry's annoyed expression. "So, what did Bobby say?"

Harry opened his mouth to answer but he was preempted by a grumpy voice.

"What did I say to what?" Bobby grumbled, going right for the coffee maker. He could kiss Hermione for making sure there was a full pot. The witch made questionable tea but she could brew coffee like nobody's business. He tried asking her what she put in it that made it so good but she would always just pat his beard and ignore him. He kinda hoped it wasn't anything like bat spleens or some other nasty part of a weird animal he knew they used in potions. He'd probably still drink it though... It was damned good.

He lowered himself into a chair and looked between a wide-eyed Harry and a thoroughly amused Hermione. "What?" he repeated, narrowing his eyes a little and staring Harry down, feeling something between annoyed and concerned at the way he was lookin' back and not answering.

Harry fidgeted. He hadn't wanted to mention it yet... Especially with an audience. And with the way things had been going recently, there would be a full kitchen in moments. He scrubbed a hand through his hair and exhaled, "Uh. Well. I was thinking about staying. Here. In America."


Harry forced himself to stay still. "Colorado."

"Why?" Bobby asked, glowering at Harry over his mug. What did the wizard wanna move there for? If he wanted to set roots here, he had plenty of room right here. It wasn't like they weren't used to being in each other's space.

Hermione looked between the two men, amused. It was clear to her what was going on but Harry looked ready to throw his hands up and forget the whole thing. Honestly. Why do men make things so difficult for themselves? If Bobby just said he wanted Harry here, there wouldn't be so much angst and Harry wouldn't look like he had a kneazle in his pants.

She just sipped at her tea, eyes flicking between the men as they stared at each other and made faces instead of using their words.

Harry swallowed nervously. "Because. I want to be closer. To you," he finally muttered.

"Colorado ain't all that close to me," Bobby pointed out. Well, it was, considerin' where Harry usually lived. But still...

Harry snorted softly and rubbed a hand over his face. "It's closer than London."

Hermione snickered outright, unable to contain herself any longer. "Oh, for the love of— Bobby, just tell Harry you want him here. With you." She smiled sweetly when Bobby's glare shifted to her. "What? That's exactly what you're thinking, isn't it?"

"Do you?" Harry asked, staring at Bobby. The older Hunter's gaze reluctantly left Hermione, apparently annoyed he hadn't managed to burn her to a cinder with his eyes alone and he was still scowling. He blinked a few times when Bobby stood and left the kitchen without a word, leaving his still steaming mug of coffee behind as well.

He gave Hermione a helpless look. "Shit." He should have known mentioning that would've been a bad idea.

Hermione rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth. Honestly! "Follow him, Harry. It's obvious he's not interested in discussing such a personal matter with me as witness." She poked at Harry's shoulder until he stood, looking dazed and wary. The man faced werewolves and vampires with less fear, for Merlin's sake. "Just remember to listen for the things he doesn't say."

"Right," Harry murmured, nodding once. He could do that. He was actually pretty good at that sort of thing. Usually. He squared his shoulders and hurried off after Bobby. He checked the library, found it empty and continued onto their room. He peeked around the slightly opened door and breathed a quiet sigh of relief to see Bobby sitting on the edge of the bed, looking expectant and decidedly less annoyed.

"Hi," he said lamely, slipping into the room. He closed the door and leaned against it.

Bobby sighed and patted the spot next to him on the bed. It hurt something inside to see Harry looking so cautious and keeping a distance. He hadn't meant to sound so harsh earlier but he just wasn't good with this kinda shit. This was a perfect example of why two repressed assholes probably shouldn't be in a relationship together.

"Sit," he said when Harry only continued to stare at him from his spot at the door. He was tense as he watched Harry shuffle closer and gingerly sit on the bed, his eyes averted towards the faded carpet.

"Hermione's right," Bobby said quietly, leaning a little into Harry's space. Harry's posture relaxed but he continued looking down, his attention on his fingers as they fiddled with the hem on his t-shirt. "I mean, you practically live here already," he said slowly, shifting closer on the bed. "It wouldn' be all that much different. 'Cept you just don't leave. As often," he added, knowing full well Harry wouldn't stop Hunting or doing... whatever else he did.

Harry glanced at Bobby from the corner of his eye. "Yeah?"


Harry smiled and leaned against Bobby when an arm settled around his shoulders. He didn't know what to do about the property he had, but it wasn't a big deal. It was empty this long, a little longer while he sorted things wouldn't matter. Maybe Hermione and Draco wouldn't mind using it when they visited from now on? Or the Winchester brothers could use it as another 'home base'.

He felt nervous again. "I might've said something to Sam and Dean first."

"Feelin' the idjits out first?" Bobby asked, trying not to laugh when Harry's nervous fidgeting came back. He wasn't bothered by it, not like he gave a shit as long as he was told at some point. Harry nodded and he squeezed the arm around the wizard. He knew Harry didn't want to make waves or anything but it was a wasted effort, as far as he was concerned; those Winchesters could do their own research and find a damn hotel if they had a problem with Harry bein' there.

Simple as that, really. But it was good they didn't have their panties in a bunch about it... "I bet Sam nearly wet his pants," he muttered. He wasn't bothered by the way the younger Winchester took to Harry, in all honesty it made things easier. And since Dean didn't go around waving guns at his wizard any more, everything was pretty well fan-fucking-tastic on that front.

Harry chuckled and let his head rest on Bobby's shoulder, winding an arm about Bobby's waist. "Not exactly but he was very nice about it. He said you'd like the idea."

"I really do," Bobby admitted. He let his hand wander a bit, rubbing down Harry's arm until he was absently massaging his hip. "Nearly got an empty house again," he mused aloud.

"'Mione's staying for a bit," Harry said, shifting so Bobby's hand had better access to roam freely. He was pretty sure Bobby wasn't exactly aware of where he was touching since he had that far off look like he was thinking on something. "That OK?" he asked after a few moments of silence, the only sound being their breathing and fabric rustling as Bobby's hand made lazy circles.

"Yeah, 's fine," Bobby murmured. "As long as she doesn't try cookin' again, she can stay as long as she wants."

Harry snickered, muffling the sound in Bobby's neck. He sat upright and stood, pausing when Bobby's hand shot out and wrapped around his wrist. "What?"

"Where the hell you goin'?" Bobby asked. He'd just been ready to put a hand down Harry's pants in celebration.

Harry grinned, turning but not shaking off Bobby's hand. He plopped himself in Bobby's lap, straddling the older Hunter and kissed him until he needed to breath. "Getting my things."

"Oh. Yeah," Bobby murmured, his brain slowly coming back on-line. "OK, yeah. You go do that," he said, loosening his fingers and easing his hold on Harry. As much as he wanted to keep Harry in his lap, knowing he'd continue doing that tongue thing, he liked the idea of Harry getting his stuff even more.

Later, there'd be plenty of time for that tongue thing.

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