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Draco smiled when Harry immediately set his spoon down and turned, moving closer and taking the proffered gift with a gentle touch he always used when receiving a gift from him. He watched closely as Harry moved back enough to lean against the counter and removed the minimal wrappings with his usual care. It pleased him more than he could say that Harry no longer dithered about with the gifts; he was especially pleased to see a faint rosy glow on Harry's face, as well.

Hopefully it was a pleased flush from his gift and not the residual effects of Harry's earlier... temper tantrum. Either way, he was having a difficult time keeping his hand from reaching up and stroking along the flushed skin.

One thing Draco had learned from watching Harry open gifts was less was better; the less intricately he wrapped them, the better it was. Quicker too; the entire exchange happened that much faster and reached the satisfactory conclusion. He hadn't exactly learned to master the art of patience... at least, not when it came to Harry. And Harry took his sweet time unwrapping gifts. On one hand, he understood the behavior, but on the other? He wanted Harry to tear it open eagerly so he could see Harry's reaction to his gift that much sooner.

He smiled when Harry set aside the intricately tied bow, after he had taken care to gently ease it off the box, and slowly cracked the box open. As he had expected, Harry's eyes widened. Also, as he had expected, Harry's entire body seemed to flush and he heard a soft gasp.

Harry could feel Hermione leaning in closer, obviously wanting a peek at the gift. It took every ounce of his restraint not to push the witch away or snarl at her. This was his and she had no business looking (she'd want to touch it, he just knew it). He blinked stupidly, unsure where such a reaction came from. He looked up and met Draco's eyes, frowning a little when there was a knowing sort of glint in them.

"Is this... Is this what I think it is?" He finally asked in a shaky, soft voice. He looked back down, staring with slightly wide eyes, and realized he was gently tracing the pad of his fingertip along a smooth, shiny edge; he quickly tucked his finger against his palm and looked back up at Draco.

Draco nodded slowly and reached out, picking up the bonding cuff from the silk pillow it had been resting on. He wasn't sure how he felt about Harry's reluctance to touch the cuff, but he was pleased Harry hadn't pushed it away. Or try to put it on himself. He didn't know if Harry knew the way it was supposed to happen or if he was just that apprehensive. No help for it; it was presented now and he couldn't dawdle.

He felt himself flush with warmth when Harry's beautiful green eyes didn't leave the cuff—like they were drawn there and glued to it. The wizard merely looked curious, if not a little awed as well—not scared or upset; which was very good. A step in the right direction and a bright feeling of hope squired through him. "Yes, it is, Harry."

"Oh. Alright," Harry said in a breathed rush. Both in acceptance and to confirm he understood. He glanced down again, looking at the bonding cuff closely. It was some sort of soft grey metal (probably platinum) and there were a few scattered diamonds along the surface. It took a moment for him to realize they were laid out in the Draco constellation and he felt everything side him warm. There was ornate lettering engraved along both edges, all the way around. He didn't understand the language or the words but the effect softened the hardened look of the metal and made it look beautiful, almost delicate, yet very... official.

All in all, he realized he couldn't wait to have it on his arm...

He knew what the gift of a bonding cuff meant (Hermione had insisted he read anything she could get her hands on about courting, bonding and Veela) and he felt a curious sort of anticipation wriggle through him instead of panic or even fear. He couldn't take his eyes away from the cuff, following it as Draco lifted it from the box and gently pressed it against his wrist. Draco didn't slip it on—it was just held it there, probably so their magics could slowly intermingle. The metal was warm and he gasped softly when it made contact with his skin. He dragged his gaze away from the thick band of metal and met Draco's eyes again.

"What now?" Harry asked in a whisper.

He didn't know why he was whispering; it just felt like the sort of thing he should be doing. He saw a hint of amusement in Draco's eyes but he didn't know what was amusing the Veela and he didn't want to ask. He forced his eyes to move away from Draco's and saw that Hermione was still in the kitchen but she'd taken several steps back. Which was odd.

He really would've expected her to step closer; to watch and observe every detail.

"Strong magic," Hermione said, sounding a little breathless herself. It was amazing, really. The moment Draco had touched the Veela bonding cuff to Harry, a strong aura of magic had surrounded the pair and she found herself unconsciously backing up, even though she had wanted to get closer. She realized Teddy had come in the kitchen as well and she laid an arm over his shoulders, gently holding him against her side. "Should we leave?" she asked, looking mainly at Draco but asking both of them.

Harry looked a little flushed and she could only imagine how embarrassed he'd be if things got a little... intense.

"No," Draco said softly, turning just enough to meet Hermione's eyes for a moment and give her a smile. "Mother should be here in a moment as well," he added. "Family needs to be present," he said, turning back to Harry and missing the stunned expression on Hermione's face. He nodded when Harry's eyes widened slightly and he stepped a little closer. If Harry accepted the bonding cuff, he could be as close as he wanted to be. The very notion made his pulse pick up and his head swim pleasantly for a moment.

Harry swallowed nervously and nodded. "OK," he muttered. He didn't know what was going to happen but if the sensations going through his body got any more intense, it was going to be mortifying to go through with this with an audience. Especially since it consisted of their family (and Hermione, who was as good as family). He leaned close enough to be able to whisper in Draco's ear, hoping to Merlin that Hermione couldn't hear him, "Is— Are we going to—" He cut himself off, on the verge of babbling, and swallowed thickly. "What's going to happen?"

"Nothing as embarrassing as what you're thinking," Draco murmured. His voice was rough with anticipation and emotion. His entire body tingled from the close proximity of Harry and his warm breath tickling the skin of his neck. He cleared his throat and gave Harry a warm smile. "I ask. You accept. We kiss. It's supposed to be quite the intense moment, but I don't think we'll embarrass ourselves."

Harry nodded, his hair brushing along Draco's cheek making the Veela's eyes flutter closed as a shiver worked through him. He leaned back a little more and smirked when he saw Draco's reaction. Good; he was glad he wasn't the only one feeling like a randy bastard.

"Why?" he asked, looking at Draco intently. He had expected this but not so soon. He knew once he accepted the Veela's bond, they'd probably have to cut the courting short and... consummate that much sooner. He felt himself flush at the idea and tried like hell to focus on Draco when he realized the blonde's lips were moving.

"—ready." Draco smirked and shook his head a little. He realized about half-way through Harry hadn't been listening. And he could only imagine what distracted the wizard. Before Harry could pretend he heard or ask him to repeat himself, he carefully folded his free hand around Harry's upper arm and pulled him close until their chests were just about pressed together. "Because I can't wait. Because we're ready."

Harry nodded. Yeah, he was ready. He couldn't believe it took less than a month to find himself willing to bond to Draco Malfoy for life and looking forward to it. He couldn't, with complete honesty, say he was in love with the blonde but he was starting to be. He hated the days he didn't see Draco and the thought of spending his life without the Veela almost brought him physical pain.

He glanced over at Hermione and the witch beamed at him, twiddling her fingers in a cheery wave. That was further proof he was ready, if he really needed it; Hermione approved. Not that he lived his life by her approval, but she'd often been right when he did boneheaded things and tried to talk him out of them. Generally, he didn't listen and learned the hard way. He still did that, of course. But it was just another tic in the right column that he was ready for this when Hermione offered no disagreements.

Teddy looked just as excited, if not a little confused about what—exactly—was going on. Teddy adored Draco and the one time he asked the little boy about 'Mr. Draco' coming around more, maybe staying over for a sleep-over, Teddy had whooped excitedly and hadn't left the Veela's side the rest of the day. He even tried to pull Draco into his room when he went down for a nap (much to Draco's amusement and absolute pleasure).

Harry tried not to fidget when Mrs. Malfoy pushed her way into the kitchen. The older witch only took another two steps into the room, stopping right beside Hermione, and came no further. He wasn't sure if she'd been stopped or just naturally knew to keep her distance. He gave the witch an awkward little wave that was returned with a small, but warm, smile as she inclined her head.

He had gotten on surprisingly well with Narcissa Malfoy when he met her again, formally. She had been pleasant and warm when they 'met'. Well, warm in her own way, anyway. They were past calling each other 'Mr. Potter' and 'Mrs. Malfoy' officially, but he still stuttered when calling her Narcissa, much to her (and Draco's) amusement. It helped that she took to Teddy immediately and the little boy had been thrilled when he'd been allowed to refer to her as 'grandmum'.

"All set, darling," Narcissa said, smoothing her robes and giving Draco a little dip of her head as well.

It was stifling in the room, making it hard to breath, but she managed to project her voice loud enough she saw his pale head bob in acknowledgement. She didn't chastise him for his curt gesture or lack of attention; he was focused solely on Harry. Honestly, it was a testament to his manners and familial affection for her that he even heard her or acknowledged her at all. She wanted to coo or something and clasp her hands to her chest like a simpering ninny at the evidence of the strong bond. But she didn't; she was a Black and she'd conduct herself as one.

She blinked when Hermione handed her a delicate handkerchief, dabbing at her leaking eyes with an identical one. She took it with a nod of thanks and kept it in her hand. There was little doubt she'd need it later. She realized, belatedly, she hadn't greeted anyone and nearly pinched herself for the rudeness. "Hermione, Teddy. Lovely to see you both."

"Hi grandmum!" Teddy gushed, leaning over and hugging the older woman around the waist. He re-situated himself so he was between the two witches, grabbing a hand each, but his eyes hadn't left Mr. Draco and Harry-daddy since he came in the room. There was a shiny bracelet and a strong bubble of magic and it was so exciting!. He wondered if this meant there would be sleepovers now... Mr. Draco seemed to like the idea when Harry-daddy mentioned it, even if they both had pink faces.

"Did you come for Harry-daddy?" he asked his grand mum, tilting his head curiously. Usually when he saw Mr. Draco's mummy, they went to Mr. Draco's big house (which wasn't a lot, which was good 'cause it was kinda spooky there).

Narcissa nodded once, smoothing a hand over Teddy's mess of black hair. She smiled when it shifted to a matching pale blonde as Teddy looked up at her with wide, soft blue eyes. "I did. My son is going to ask him an important question. If he says yes, we'll be having a little party." She couldn't help smiling back when Teddy beamed up at her, pumping his fist and hissing 'yes' as his bum wiggled in excitement. Yes, she was hoping there'd be a celebration as well. Her Draco had been looking forward to this day for years and she hoped he wouldn't be disappointed.

Of course, one only had to look at Harry and know he wouldn't be.

The wizard practically had cartoon hearts in his eyes and he was giving her Draco the most warm look she'd ever seen the two men share before. It was... Well—it was wonderful to witness. A brief pang of grief for her missing husband had her using her handkerchief for a moment. Lucius would have been proud to witness this, even if their son was bonding himself to Harry Potter. (The man had been wise not to make rude comments when Draco told him of his mate's identity, but she knew Lucius had been wary and a bit discomfited by it at the beginning.) She had been concerned Draco had been too eager to offer Harry the bonding cuff, but she was pleased to see her reservations were for naught.

"Draco," she murmured. She smiled when he jumped, his eyes reluctantly leaving Harry and meeting hers. "Any time now." She smirked a little when he nodded, a light blush staining his cheeks. She smothered the urge to coo again; she hadn't seen her Draco blush since he was thirteen.

Draco nodded again and cleared his throat. His mind suddenly went blank and he could only stare up at Harry, mouth and eyes wide open. Oh no. There wasn't exactly a set dialog for this, most Veela just spoke from the heart... But he couldn't think of anything to say! Any soft words of affection and promises of forever. adoration and honor flew from his head. He felt a nudge against his side and realized Harry's hand had slid up his side and had settled on his hip.

Merlin. That was not helping.

"Draco," Harry murmured. He tried really hard not to snicker but Draco looked absolutely ridiculous; standing there wide-eyed and his mouth open but no words coming out. "It's my job to look like a buffoon."

Draco cleared his throat. "Right," he said tightly. He managed to give Harry a look, silently chastising him for speaking of himself that way, and he ignored Harry's minute eye roll. He swallowed a few times and when he felt he could speak without sounding like an idiot, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Once he felt calmer, he slowly opened his eyes. Harry was staring back at him, looking expectant and still a bit stunned but happy. He still didn't know what to say exactly; he didn't know, giving Harry's earlier confession, how the wizard would react to certain words or vows.

"Harry." He looked down, his gaze settling on the bonding cuff. Harry was holding the other side and he could feel the way their magics combined and pulsed through the thick metal. It was... intoxicating. He still couldn't speak and he idly wondered what Harry thought of that. He looked up and smiled, relieved to see Harry looking between the cuff and his face. "I can't think of a single thing to say," he finally murmured, chuckling softly when Harry gaped at him.

Harry made a soft sound and slid his hand over Draco's. "Say whatever you need to," he whispered. He didn't know if Draco was holding back heart-felt sentiments he didn't want to admit to or if he was truly at a loss for words. He'd rarely seen Draco stunned speechless and generally it made him feel warm (and a little smug he was able to cause such a reaction); but right now he was worried it would mess up however this sort of thing should go. There had to be vows uttered, or something, right? A rituals needed 'magic words'? He rubbed small circles over the back of Draco's hand, hoping to calm the Veela.

Draco stared at the way Harry's hand was moving. "Harry," he started again. "I ask for your heart, magic, body and soul to be mine. Joined for life, in a mate's bond," he managed. It was the most basic of the bonding rites, but it was all that he could come up with. He wanted to groan aloud, annoyed and frustrated. Harry's 'soothing' motions were driving his instincts haywire! He couldn't think... He gripped the cuff tighter, waiting for Harry's response.

"Uhm. Yes? I mean, I accept," Harry said, trying to keep the uncertainty from his voice. He was sure of his answer but he wasn't sure what the appropriate response was. He leaned close to Draco and whispered "Did I answer that right?" Even before Draco responded, he felt the cuff warm and grow heavier. He really hoped that was a good thing...

Draco nodded, his eyes fluttering closed as he tried not to grab Harry and kiss him stupid. Why did he have to get so close and breath all over him like that? Didn't he realize he was already a mess of hormones and his closeness was so not helping his control? The cuff practically hummed with their magic and Harry's acceptance, so he slowly eased it open enough to slip it on Harry's arm.

"Let it adjust and push it up wherever you want it," he murmured, staring at the cuff circling Harry's arm. It looked stunning and everything felt too tight and overly warm as he looked at it. He could hardly believe he was actually taking the first step of bonding with his mate. He impulsively grabbed Harry and squeezed him, choking out a laugh when the wizard squeaked and landed against his chest with a breathless oomph.

It didn't take Harry long to recover. He didn't take Draco for a hugger... but he melted into the embrace, sighing softly and wrapping his arms around the Veela's waist as he pressed his cheek against the blonde's chest. He really liked the way his cheek could rest on Draco's chest, like they fit. He needed to adjust his cuff, he could feel it tingling and warming in pulses, but he really didn't want to pull away from the embrace. "Draco," he murmured, patting the blonde's back gently. "I need to adjust my cuff."

"Right." Draco pulled away, reluctant to let Harry go. He had nearly crooned when Harry fit against him so perfectly. He cleared his throat softly but couldn't quite look away from Harry's bright smile. "Sorry."

Harry smiled and pulled his shirt sleeve up. "It's fine. I just didn't want to miss the chance." He looked at the cuff and then up his arm. He wasn't sure where he wanted to have it rest. The cuff was a little too wide to go around his wrist comfortably, but he really liked the idea of wearing it low enough it was easy to see. He wasn't blind to the fierce look of pride on Draco's face when he reluctantly pushed it upwards—apparently the Veela liked the fact he wanted to show it off. He settled it around his forearm and flexed his hand, making sure it wasn't too tight.

The cuff warmed again and a pleasant thrum went up his arm as it adjusted. He flexed his hand again and nodded, pleased it fit perfectly. He didn't know what sort of charms were on it, but he could move and bend his arm without any hindrance. He gently stroked the band, running his finger along a few of the ornate carvings. "Do these mean anything?"

"It's in Veela. Basically, it's the bonding vows and the charms needed to fit and size it."

Harry nodded, unsurprised to learn Veela had their own language. It looked French, almost. "Is this a... generic cuff?" He looked up at Draco, trying not to snicker at the scandalized expression on his face.

"No, Harry," Draco said archly. "I would not get you anything deemed 'generic'." He gently wrapped his hand under the cuff and pulled Harry close. He traced the pad of his thumb down the middle of Harry's arm until he hit the thrumming pulse-point in his wrist. "It was made in a bit of a rush, but I was very specific in how I wanted it," he murmured.

Harry nodded blankly, mostly focused on the feeling of Draco's warm hand on his arm and wrist. He should have known better but he was still guilty of asking stupid questions before his brain could kick in. He really did like the plain, but beautiful, cuff but it he hadn't expected something so understated from Draco. He almost expected something covered with precious stones and the like. It was only after he blurted out the question did he realize Draco had gone with something to Harry's tastes.

"So, what does this say? Exactly," he prodded when Draco's eyes flicked up to meet his. He was a little surprised to see the blonde hesitate and look a little nervous.

"My eternal love," Draco muttered, fidgeting slightly. He blinked when he was suddenly being kissed, his face gently cradled in warm hands. Oh. Well. That was an unexpected but completely acceptable reaction. Maybe he'll let his Hufflepuff side out more often if Harry responded like this...

Harry pulled away when the temptation to deepen the kiss was almost too hard to refuse and he gave Draco a smile. Before he could embarrass himself, though, Draco's mum cleared her throat and reminded them both they were not alone. Oh Merlin... He groaned softly and buried his face in Draco's chest. He'd been this close to making out with Draco in front of his mum, Teddy and Hermione.

"Darling, if you're ready," Narcissa said, smothering a smile as she waited for both pink-cheeked men to nod and collect themselves. She patted her son's cheek when he walked over. "I'm so happy for you, darling," she whispered and kissed his other cheek. She turned and gave Harry a nod. "Thank you."

Harry was stunned speechless. He didn't know what to say but eventually ended up mumbling a 'You're welcome' after gaping like a goldfish for a few moments. He knew why he was being thanked, but he was surprised to hear it. And even more surprised to realize it wasn't needed; he never would have let Draco suffer...

He stumbled a little, barely catching Teddy as the little boy glomped onto him. "Careful there," he murmured, looking down and trying to smooth Teddy's wild hair down.

"Sorry!" Teddy bounced and let go of Harry-daddy only long enough to give Mr. Draco a similar embrace. "Does this mean you're gonna get married and stay with us?" he gushed, staring up at Mr. Draco with wide, sparkly eyes. He blinked and looked between Harry-daddy and Mr. Draco when they both got pink faces and made weird gaspy-choky noises. He patted Mr. Draco's belly, the furthest he could reach, and rubbed gently. "You 'K?"

Draco nodded, getting his bearings again. Merlin... He should be used to Teddy's enthusiasm and awkward questions by now. He looked at Harry and wasn't at all disheartened to see the wizard was smiling at Teddy, having recovered from his shock as well. He shuffled closer to Harry, still a bit encumbered by Teddy's arms, and leaned in close. "Well, Potter? Whattya say?"

As far as proposals went, it was probably the worst ever. But he was curious. And he wasn't asking officially. That would be an embarrassingly large do, regardless of Harry's embarrassment.

Harry pulled back just enough to look at Draco properly. All kidding and light tones aside, he saw very real anticipation in Draco's expression. Did he think anything else would happen? "Of course," he said and rolled his eyes. "Do you think I'm some sort of tart that wouldn't insist on a ring and a proper mate?" he asked cheekily.

"Of course not," Draco answered quickly. He grinned, thoroughly pleased by Harry's answer. No, he hadn't expected Harry to want anything less, but he wasn't going to assume he'd insist on marriage and the whole works. Mating bonds did vary, especially these days when 'old fashioned' methods and ways were over-looked more often. It wasn't exactly common, but mates have been known to even live separate lives. He didn't think he'd be able to handle an arrangement like that—even if Harry insisted... He'd adapt, surely, but it was less than ideal.

On impulse he paused just before they left the kitchen and waited until Harry turned to look at him, his mouth slightly parted to ask a question. He smirked and yanked the wizard closer by this shirt, folding his hand into the soft fabric of Harry's t-shirt. He kept the kisses chaste, but he peppered them all over Harry's face; his cheeks and lips got the main focus, though. He slowly uncurled his hand from Harry's shirt and smoothed the fabric out, lingering a little as he dragged his hand over the smooth muscles underneath.

They grinned dopily at each other and made their way out of the kitchen and into the small party Narcissa planned. As tempting as it was to hide in the kitchen, making out like teenagers, neither one of them wanted to give Narcissa (or Hermione) a reason to come looking for them. Both witches had a habit of ear pulling...


Draco smothered the urge to smirk and went willingly, easily, when a hand latched into his collar and pulled. He let himself be moved until he was met with a firm warmth pressing against along his front. He hummed at the contact and continued in his passive role, for now, when his shirt was yanked on again, urging him downwards.

He smiled as he looked into steadily darkening green eyes. His amusement fled when Harry's tongue swept across his bottom hip. He was drawn to the sight, his eyes moving to watch the progress. Harry, the utter tease, was taking his time with the task; his tongue easing over the plump lip in a slow, thorough, roll and making them glisten. Merlin.

He did not wait for an invitation, he didn't bother pretending to let Harry think he was controlling the situation. He dipped his head down and pressed his hips forward until he was pressed tightly against Harry and they were kissing. As expected, there were no protests; Harry made his own humming sound as he tilted his head and just let Draco do whatever he wanted.

He really couldn't help the growl that rumbled out if him; Harry's submission was so easy and delicious he couldn't not celebrate it. He slid his fingers through Harry's hair, thrilling in the silky texture, and gently used the grip to shift his head, deepening the kiss. Harry moved and shifted without hesitation or complaint and practically melted in his arms, molding against his body. He hummed in pleasure and slid his hands down Harry's front, sliding his hands around narrow hips until he was cupping firm cheeks.

Harry pulled back from the kiss with a gasp even as he arched into Draco's hands. He offered no complaint or resistance when Draco untucked his shirt and long, agile fingers pressed against his lower back and pushed. He fit shifted when he felt Draco's thigh easing between his own.

Draco grunted softly when Harry rolled his hips and he was immediately aware of the wizards' answering arousal. "Harry," he breathed and gently but firmly gripped Harry's head in his hands and licked into his mouth again. He moaned softly when Harry writhed against him, still pliant and submissive but clearly aroused and willing. Hands dipped into the front of his pants and his breath left his lungs in a softly moaned woosh.

He briefly considered removing Harry's hands—Until the wizard's hands wormed lower and wrapped around him, the grip a little too loose to be embarrassingly arousing. "Harry," he grunted.

Harry chuckled softly and leaned in again, nipping at Draco's neck and jaw. He pulled a hand out of Draco's pants and slid up the blonde's chest until he had it hooked around the back of his neck. He pulled, bringing Draco close enough to kiss him again. He wriggled against Draco's front, voicing a surprised little moan when Draco had his pants opened and spread wide in seconds and bare skin touched. The warm metal of Harry's bonding cuff almost felt hot as it grazed his hip and he moaned softly at the feel.

Draco awoke with a start. His eyes flew open and he looked around, confused and a little lost; he didn't recognize the room he was in. He slowly looked down and nearly groaned aloud when he realized where he was. He, somehow—at some point—managed to make his way into Harry's room. And into Harry's bed. He'd curse the way the newly accepted bond had drawn them together if it wasn't so damn awkward it had been in the middle of the night. He slowly exhaled, squashing the urge to panic. He had no idea how Harry would react... He certainly didn't think the wizard would appreciate the way he had been rutting against his unconscious body.

He slowly eased backwards, hoping Harry was a deep enough sleeper he wouldn't disturb him. He was near the edge of the bed when Harry stirred. He froze, and hoped Harry would still and go back to sleep. He grit his teeth when Harry shifted, moving closer instead. The wizard rolled enough to trap Draco's arm under his sleepy-warm chest and sprawled out over Draco's front.


He took a few moments to revel in the warm weight of his mate atop him. He was only human. Er... Veela. Whatever. He didn't think it was too wrong to take a moment to enjoy it, even if he shouldn't be there in the first place. He realized he had dipped his head and his nose was buried in the mess of Harry's hair, inhaling deeply. Oh Merlin and he even had his lips pressed against the silky strands... Unfortunately, he realized it too late and he heard a sharp intake a breath and Harry moved.


Draco hissed a curse under his breath and cleared his throat. "Yes, Harry?"

"Why are you—?" Harry slowly lifted his head, blinking sleepily at the blonde laying under him. He'd had the most amazing dream (starring the gorgeous Veela currently stretched in his bed) but he'd been sure he'd been dreaming—until he felt lips at the top of his head. He hadn't dreamt that part... Though, it felt really, really nice. It had made him feel warm, content and gooey actually.

Draco slowly exhaled and stopped the absent movement of his hand, belatedly realizing he'd been caressing Harry's arm and shoulder. "I don't know," he answered honestly. "I was having a very pleasant dream and when I woke up, I was here."

He'd fallen asleep in the comfortable bed in Harry's guest room, immediately accepting Harry's offer of a 'sleep-over'. He had wished Harry offered to sleep together (emphasis on the sleep), but he didn't want to bring it up first. He was thrilled just to be staying close to Harry that night, he didn't want to ruin anything by pushing.

And now, here he was—in Harry's bed, snuggling and writhing against the wizard in his sleep. Honestly, he wouldn't blame Harry if he planted a foot on his arse and pushed... It was an invasion, even if it was pleasant on his end. He closed his eyes and hoped Harry wouldn't push him away. The close contact felt incredible, warming him completely, and he was almost to the point of making happy little crooning sounds. Which would be a bit embarrassing all on its own, but even more so when he wound up on his arse on Harry's carpet.

"Oh." Harry shrugged and settled back down against Draco with a yawn. They were only snuggling (and wasn't that nice to discover—Draco was a snuggler!) and it felt really nice. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been snuggled. "Is this OK?" he asked after a few quiet moments, his voice a bit muffled by Draco's chest. He rubbed his cheek against the soft material of Draco's sleep-shirt and wished the blonde had a habit of sleeping in less.

Draco had to clear his throat again. Harry was wiggling around, pressing close with his amazing sleepy-warm smell... "Yes," he managed. "Just—" He shifted a bit, moving Harry's hand from around his waist. "Just keep your hands up here, alright?" He didn't want Harry's hands higher, but he really did not want to push either of their boundaries.

"Mmkay," Harry mumbled, already falling back asleep. He nuzzled his cheek against Draco's chest and sighed softly. "You can totally sleep here tomorrow night," he said with a happy sigh.

Draco merely nodded, humming his agreement since he was unable to find the any words. Which seemed fine since Harry was already back asleep, snoring softly and puffing warm breath over his upper arm. He was stunned at Harry's easy acceptance. Once he was sure Harry was deeply asleep, he shifted to a more comfortable position, careful not to jostle his wizard too much, and slowly turned his head until his face was pressed into Harry's neck.

He smiled when Harry made a contented sigh in his sleep and finally let his eyes drift closed.