Chapter 4: Drastic Measures

Florence walked through the halls, looking for the thing she feared the most. But where was the moster? She looked around and saw more objects walking by, doing work. Florence was confused enough already. How could they move, talk and think all by their own?

"Oh my, a human!"

Florence turned around, to see two feather dusters there. One was looking at her in a fascinated way, the other looked almost indifferent.

"So, what?" the arrogant looking duster aid.

"Hello!" Florence said, greeting both of them. "My name is Florence LaNoel." She kneeled down, to get closer to them.

"Babette Fifi, Mademoiselle." The kinder one said.

"And I am Nicole Ladelle." The other one looked at Florence closer. "So, you are the one the master wants to marry?"

"WHAT?!" Florence shot up and stumbled backwards, almost falling.

"Well, that's what Lumiére told us." Babette said.

"Well, I don't think the master and I could get along. I just want to get home...I guess."

"He won't let you go." Nicole said. "But then again, I don't see a reason why he'd marry you either. You're neither pretty nor graceful and you don't look very smart or talented."

"Hey!" Florence put her hands on her hips. "Just so you know, I can play the violine and dance, I read a lot and-"

"Whatever! Stop boring me." The maid said. "Come on Babette, lets go find your boyfriend and ask him, why he described her as oh-so beautiful."

The two dusters went to leave, but Babette gave Florence a sympathizing smile. Florence returned it and turned to keep looking for the Master.

As she walked farther into the house, she found the big kitchen, where an elderly tea pot gave commands to the other servant objects.

"Excuse me," Florence said and the pot turned to her.

"Oh, love, you must be the new girl!" she said. "Sit down, sit down, I'll make you hot chocolate!"

"Um...alright." Florence went into the kitchen, sat down on a chair and looked around. A small tea cup came bouncing towards her, filled with hot chocolate. "I knew you'd be pretty!" he said with the voice of a little boy.

"Thanks, but not everyone seems to think so..."

"Who?" the cup asked and the tea pot also looked at her?

"A feather duster named Nicole."

"Oh, her." Mrs Potts said. "Nicole is always jealous when another young woman gets mor attention then she."

"That's not very good." Florence said. "Now, you see, I'm a bit confused right now. Why is there a monster? Why can you objects talk?"

"Oh, dea. We weren't always objects. Once upon a time we were normal people. And the Master, he was a Prince! But he was cold and selfish. When an old beggar woman came to our door one christmas night, he turned her away for being ugly. Then, she turned out to be a beautiful entchantress who cursed him to become a hideous Beast. Now he has to find a girl who'd be willing to fall in love with him and whom he can learn to love as well." The tea pot explained.

"That's why you are so important to us!" Lumiére said.

"I see..." Florence stood up. "So he truly is a monster!"

"No!" Lumiere said. "He's gotten a bit kinder since then. "ust, not very much." he said, spinning his arm candles.

Florence drank her chocolate. "Well, the organ said he's understanding. Maybe I should try!"

"How is your name, by the way?"

"Hm? Florence. Florence LaNoel."

"So your last name means christmas?" Lumiére asked. "I like that!"

"I'm Mrs Potts." the pot said

Then Florence fell back unto her chair and sighed, rubbing her forehead. "What is wrong?" Mrs Potts asked.

"Are you alright, Chérie?"

"It's just...last night my dress was destroyed. I hoped here would be someone to repair it, but..."

"Where did you put it, girlie?" Mrs Potts asked.

"Into the wardrobe in my room.

Mrs Potts and Lumiere exchanged smiling glances.

"Oho, I think you shouldn't worry about that anymore!" the candelabra said.


"Just go look, you'll see!"

Florence got up and ran out of the kitchen, back to the room where she had left her dress. She opened the doors of the wardrobe and...

"My dress! It looks fine again?" She took it out and looked at it closely. Indeed, her dark blue-golden dress looked as good as new. She put it on again and felt a lot better. "But how?" she wondered.

"Oh, dear, not everything is as it seams!"

Florence gasped and turned to see a face looking at her. "Gah!" She stumbled back and fell on the bed. The wardrobe chuckled. "It's okay, I won't bite, dear."

Florence nodded. "Yes...I'll believe that." She started to gasp cough. "Excuse me, please." the blonde girl said and hurried out. She had enough of this nonsense. It was no her buissiness that the people here got cursed, after all. But then again, could she leave them to their fate without even trying?

She kept looking for the Master, when she once again found Fortes room. She opened it and saw him and the little flute. "Hello again?" she said grinning.

Forte raised an eyebrow. "Hel-lo?" he said.

"I'm sorry I can't find the Master, do you-"

"I'm here!" She turned around and saw the Beast at the fire place. "What do you want?"

"I'd like to go home! I can't fall for you, I'm sorry. Look, I'm sorry you all got transformed, but..."

"You shouldn't even BE here!" the Beast interrupted. "The west wing is a forbidden place for anyone but me and" he gestured to orte, who had a wicked smile on his face.

"Huh?" Florence shook her head. "I didn't know-"

"Well, now you now. GO!" the Beast yelled and Florence looked to the big organ, who now had a expression of false pity. She turned around, opened the door and ran as fast as her legs coud carry her. But just as she was about to leave the castle, Lumiére, Cogsworth and Mrs Potts jumped into her way, blocking the door.

"Let me go!" Florence shouted. "I want to leave!"

"Please stay!" Lumiére begged.

"We don't want to stay like this forever!" Mrs Potts said.

"I'm sorry, but I can't..."

"I see." Cogsworth said with a sad expression. "Well, then, we've got no other option. I'm sorry Florence!"

"What do you mean?" But just as she had finished her question, the wardrobe appeared behind her and the other three pushed her in. "What are you doing, guys? let me out! Let me out!" The wardrobe locked her doors.

"Carry her beg into her room!" Cogsworth ordered. "And we'll lock her door!"

"No, let me out! I want to go home!" Florence started to sob, but the servants ignored it. They didn't want to do this, but couldn't stand the curse anymore.