The Broken Point – Chapter 3: Real Stories

-3 years ago-


'Ugh, where am I?' the young blonde wondered.


The blonde struggled up, expecting to feel a burning sensation in every part of his body, only to feel nothing. All the damage that had occurred to him, save his now dysfunctional eye, had been healed from what he could tell.

As he got up, he noticed that he wasn't where he was moments before; now he stood in a large chamber with a sickly golden glow coming from seemingly everywhere, yet nowhere. The most noticeable features was that the floor seemed to be wet with what looked and felt like water, and that there was a huge barred gate cutting off one of the sides, and, peculiarly enough, was held closed by a strip of paper with the kanji for 'seal' on it.

"Am I... dead?" he wondered out loud to himself. The little blonde knew he should have died as soon as the fire started, but he somehow kept awake for several minutes; screaming away.

"Not quite Kit," said a commanding, yet gentle and feminine voice. The blonde turned slowly to where he had heard the voice; from behind the gate. He saw nothing at first, until he looked up and saw a set of gently red eyes looking down on him from the shadows.

"Who... who are you?" the blonde asked tentatively, unsure of who, or what, could have such strikingly red eyes. The voice gave a sad chuckle, "I am why you are hated..." the decidedly female voice said softly. The full form of the apparent speaker came into view a few moments later; a gargantuan orange furred fox... with nine tails swaying gently behind it.

"I am the Kyuubi," she said simply, expecting an outburst from the young blonde before her. But he just simply looked up at her with confusion in his eyes.

"Then... why are you here?" he asked, genuinely confused and curious while scratching his whiskered cheek in thought.

The fox gave a half-hearted giggle as she lay down on her front paws. "I am here because I was sealed inside you by the Fourth Hokage," she said amusedly, wondering what his reaction would be.

"So... he couldn't kill you?" he asked as if he wasn't that surprised.

"Hmm... not the reaction I was expecting of you," she said amusedly with a smirk in place, "But yes, he couldn't kill me; just seal me inside you, the son of my previous Jinchuuriki, and my other half inside himself before having his soul taken by the Shinigami," she explained.

"Wait... Jinchuuriki? Is that what I am?" the blonde figured. "Yes, that is the title of those that have a Bijuu sealed inside them," She explained shortly "And before you ask, I was sealed inside your mother, Kushina Uzumaki – a person that, while I hated, I respected for her strength; too bad the way she kept me sealed was absolutely horrid... I still remember the feeling of having giant slabs of rock shoved through me and my tails..." the fox shuddered slightly at the end.

"So... I guess I'm currently dying, huh? That's why I'm here isn't it?" the young boy guessed, just taking a stab in the dark.

"Yes... that is correct, kit..." the nine-tailed fox said mournfully, "There might be a way to save you..." she perked up a little at her absent thought, "I could give you better access to my chakra if we altered the seal, but I'll need your help... will you do it?"

The blonde thought for a few moments. On one hand he was dying, which he kind of wanted, yet didn't; and on the other, he was being offered a way to live on and face his troubles anew. He came to his decision.

"I'll help you, what is the worst that could happen?" the blonde grinned weakly up at the fox who cracked a small smile.

"Alright, just approach the seal and will yourself up to it; your mind will handle the rest," she instructed her host, who did as she said. Shortly after, the young whiskered blonde started walking towards the bars; water swirled around him, lifting him up to where the seal paper was located.

"Alright, place a hand on either side of the seal and I'll do the rest," the blonde did as instructed; but before his hand could touch the seal, a tanned hand grabbed his right arm and stopped him. "The Fourth..." the fox said with a sigh, and the boy looked up to see a tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes looking down at him. "Should have known you'd put a failsafe on the seal," she said tiredly, having expected something like this.

"Kyuubi..." the fourth said, narrowing his eyes at the fox before looking down at the blonde who's arm he was grasping. "Naruto..." he gasped in horror, as he noticed that one of the eyes was missing, and in its stead was a piece of cold iron, "What happened...?" he said slowly, not sure if he wanted to know.

"He's being burned on the outside... Konoha is not as understanding as you thought, it seems," the fox said on a saddened note, "And your wish went unheeded, so Naruto paid the price..."

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