This Is My Father's World

Summary: In a desperate cry for help during the Graveyard scene, Harry receives help from his father. Only it isn't James Potter who answers! What if Harry not only had a Norse deity for a father, but was also a descendant of a Greek god as well? AU

A/N: This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Harry Potter crossover. Frau and I sort think this will work well together. Personally, I've been very disappointed with the collection of stories in the PJO and HP crossover. I really can't see Percy and company going over to Hogwarts. And I really can't see Harry as a demigod to any of the Greek gods. That doesn't mean this cross doesn't work. It does if you know what to look for.

Disclaimer: We don't own either Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson. This cross is based on the movie-verse for both and is set between the two PJO movies. Also there will be no pairing as of yet. Maybe as it gets further into the story, who knows? As always, reviews are welcome, flames are not.



The Infirmary was quiet. In a private room off the main ward, a young, dark-haired teenager lay sleeping. The school nurse had just left when the door slowly opened and a scruffy, four-legged dark shadow crept in and hopped onto the foot of the sleeping teen's bed.

Harry Potter, champion of the Tri-Wizarding Tourney, lay silent and still beneath the white sheets of the Hogwarts infirmary. Mere hours before he had fought for his life when the Tourney cup had dragged him and his co-champion, Cedric Diggory, to a graveyard in Little Hangleton.

There Cedric was killed. Harry became an unwilling participant in a dark ritual that ended with him fighting a resurrected Lord Voldemort. When he was finally able to break away, he grabbed the cup, along with Cedric's body, and returned – only to appear in front of the panel of judges and proclaim for all to hear, "He's back! Voldemort is back!" After which he collapsed in grief and shock.

The scruffy black dog carefully sniffed the teen over, checking his injuries. Satisfied that all had been taken care of, he settled at the foot of the bed to guard and wait out the night.


Opening his eyes, Harry found himself in a strange stone and wood room with velvet tapestries hanging on the walls. A roaring fire burned in a large stone and brick fire place that filled the far wall. To one side of it a lean faced man with impish green eyes sat in a very ornately carved bone and wood chair covered in furs.

"You've grown much since I last saw you, boy. I guess I could say I'm proud of you," the man said as he gestured Harry to sit in the vacant chair across from him. "You haven't quite turned out as I had hoped, but given what you've been through, I can say you've done well, learning to hide your skills in plain sight."

"Who are you?"

The man smiled but the smile did not quite reach his eyes. "Who am I? I'm your father."

Harry on the verge of sitting, straightened up to glare down at the man, who was pouring a drink into a curved drinking horn. "My father was James Potter!"

The man smiled and gestured. Harry found himself standing in another room. It was dark and the only lights were the candles dotted around a chalked circle. Much to Harry's horror inside the circle were two naked people!

"Mum? Dad!" Harry whispered.

"They can't hear you," the man said, still holding the drinking horn.

Harry noticed that not only were they alive and nude, but they were very young.

"This has to work Lils! It just has to!" James Potter murmured.

Lily Potter smiled at her husband. "I've researched the ritual and it will work. Tonight, I will conceive a child. Our child, Sweetheart."

Harry looked up at the strange man who was sipping from his drinking horn. "James Potter was hexed during his time at that school you go to. He was incapable of siring children. They tried everything, before that evening. "

Harry turned back to watch as his parents knelt in the middle of the circle and started to chant. A wind picked up, causing the candles to flicker. He tried to look away as his parents started to. . .

"Watch!" the man commanded. "She was so beautiful." He whispered. "What man, or god, could resist her nubile charms?" Harry tried in vain to turn away as he was forced to watch his father have sex with his mother. Merlin! He's going to be scarred for life!

The man left Harry's side and approached the circle. Harry watched as the stranger stepped into the circle and faded into James' body. In horrified fascination, Harry watched as his mother cry out; and with her scream, the candles went out.


Harry sat up in bed. He was back at Hogwarts! It was all a dream? Yes, a dream! No, actually it had been a nightmare! He had not just dreamed of watching his dead parents having sex! On a floor! During a ritual? Had he?!

"Go to the goblins, boy," came a whisper in the back of his mind. It sounded like the man in his dreams. "They have something for you. Ask to see your mother's vault. The answers are there. Trust no one with what you find there except your Dogfather and the Goblins. Don't come back here, either of you. I've got it covered."

The scruffy black dog jerked awake when Harry sat up. Suddenly, where the dog had been was a scruffy looking man. "Harry!? Are you alright kiddo?"

"S…S….Sirius?" Harry asked, still looking a little wild-eyed.

'Nightmare?" Sirius Black, Harry's godfather asked softly as he pulled the teen into a protective hug.

Harry tried not to flinch as he was drawn in. "I…I'm fine. Sirius."

"If I believed that, then I have a hippogriff to sell." He scoffed. "Wait, I do! Merlin! I can't even use that any more."

Harry tried not to giggle into his godfather's shoulder. They stayed that way for a few minutes before Harry pulled away.

"Sirius? Did . . .did my parents have problems .. ." Harry started to ask. He hadn't realized how hard this was going to be. "having me?"

"Why do you ask, prongslet?"

Harry shrugged, but with some careful prodding, he told Sirius about his dream. Sirius snickered at the green hue that Harry was turning.

"Yeah, I walked in on my parent's doing the horizontal dance once. Merlin and Morgana, no kid wants to walk in on THAT! I was scarred for life!" Sirius said. "And James did confide in me after Lily got pregnant at the difficulties they had. Seems James was hit with an infertility hex while we were here at school. We think it was Malfoy, or maybe Snivellous, who did it to get back at James for taking Lily away from him."


"Why do you ask?"

"I have to get to Gringotts, but I don't think Dumbledore will allow it," Harry said, changing the subject. He didn't know why, but he trusted that man from his dreams. Especially with Sirius confirming parts of it. "And nobody can know, we can't trust anyone."

"No, he won't. He's determined to send you back to your relatives, even with everything that's happened." Sirius hopped off the bed. "Well, no time like the present. We'll be back before they even notice you're missing." This last statement was muffled as Sirius rummaged in the wardrobe for Harry's clothes.


Chapter: 1

Dawn's early light was just peeking through the trees of the Forbidden Forest. Night's shadows were swiftly retreating as color returned to the world. Two darker shadows slipped out of Hogwarts Castle and joined their flight down the path towards the quaint village of Hogsmeade.

Harry and his dog, Padfoot, made sure they were away from the wards surrounding the castle before Padfoot returned to human form and apparated them away with a muted 'pop'.

Diagon Alley was eerily quiet. Not many shoppers were up and about as Harry and a cloaked Sirius walked up the steps of Gringotts Bank. A set of guards bracketed the entrance as Harry entered. It seemed that they were the first customers today so Sirius immediately removed Harry's invisibility cloak. Goblins were very touchy about possible thieves and frowned on anything that hid ones true appearance from them. Neither of the pair wanted to cause any undue problems with the keepers of their monies.

Harry went up to the nearest teller and asked to see the Potter account manager.

Not long after that, Harry and Sirius were ushered into a spartan office. An elderly Goblin looked up as they entered.

"What do you wish, Wizards?" Came a gravely voice. He motioned to the two hardback chairs sitting in front of his heavy, granite topped desk. "I am Flintlock, the account manager for House Potter and who might you be?"

After Harry verified that he was, indeed, the Potter heir through use of a blood ritual Flintlock nodded and repeated his question.

"I wish to visit my mother's vault. I've just been told she left some...information for me." Harry replied with a slight hesitation.

"You do realize that you do not have full access to this vault, Mr. Potter? You are allowed to remove books, letters and portraits, but nothing else."

"Yes sir. I will abide by those rules." Harry hastened to assure. Flintlock, however, was staring directly at Sirius when he spoke.

"Wha..? Me?!" Sirius sputtered, "You think I would...?"

"You may not have been here for some time Mr. Black, but we Goblins have long memories."

Harry silently regarded his Godfather with an arched brow as they walked to the carts. Sirius was not talking.


Harry's hands shook as he started to read the letter that should've been given to him four years ago when he first visited Gringotts.


By now you have gotten your Hogwarts letter, and if this was a perfect world, Sirius would have told you all about us and how much we love you.

But this isn't a perfect world, and I have a very bad feeling that someone will try to keep Sirius from you and send you to live with my dreadful sister and her oaf of a husband.

I believe that someone to be Albus Dumbledore. Do not trust him. I fear he has his own agenda for you. He likes to spout his 'greater good' philosophy, the only problem with that is one needs to ask, 'for the greater good of whom?' I am afraid it is for the 'good' of Albus Dumbledore, not for you.

Listen to me. I sound almost as bad as Moody with his paranoia.

Harry, in time, you will meet someone in your dreams that claims to be your father. Believe him. Your daddy, James, couldn't have children. We tried many ways to break the curse that someone had placed on him but nothing worked. Then, in an ancient book in the Potter vault, I found a ritual begging any deity listening to help us and to give us a child. One did.

He has always taken an interest in James and the Marauders. According to this deity, they amused him. He always accepted the pranks they did as if they were offerings pleasing to him. Who were we to argue? We so wanted a child!

He possessed James during the ritual and you were conceived. No matter what anyone may say, I was never unfaithful to your daddy James.

Your deity sire forbade us to tell you who he is. He says that any child he fathered would be smart enough to figure it out. He also said that any child he fathered would be in danger. But he did give his permission for James to blood-adopt you so that the Potter family magic would accept you as the Potter heir.

Oh my son. Within minutes of your birth, we knew that you had both mine and his eyes! We, James and I, hurriedly performed the blood adoption and it took. Thankfully, you kept those beautiful green eyes but inherited James' birds nest of dark hair.

Remember my darling Harry, you were wanted and loved the moment you were conceived, by both your father James and myself. I am just sorry we were not there to see you grow up.

Love always

Mom and Dad"


Harry and Sirius spent most of the day with Flintlock going over Harry's inheritance as well as claiming his lordship as Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. Further heritage tests showed that Harry was heir to the Peverells. This news caused a bit of a stir among the goblins.

Sirius knew the story of the three brothers who bested death; and thus were gifted the three Deathly Hallows. Harry who hadn't heard the story before, was intrigued. To be able to claim blood relationship to one of the Peverells, as well as having the cloak, was amazing!

"You do know that the youngest son was actually a demigod?" Flintlock asked. "He was the son of the Greek god Hades. Since you, Lord Potter, were blood adopted and magic has accepted the claim, it makes you a descendent of Hades as well."

After a moment of stunned silence Harry mumbled, "We're not going back to Hogwarts. What can you do to help us out?"

A plan of action was hashed out as the day waned. Flintlock arranged for Harry and Sirius to stay at a posh London hotel near the Leaky Cauldron, under the names of Nigel P. and Evan J. Grimm. The next few days would prove hectic.


The first thing Harry did once they were in their suite was order food for two. The next was to figure out clothing. He and Sirius left Hogwarts without much. Harry lamented that he left his trunk back in his dorm room.

"Why don't you call that crazy elf that you were telling me about in Flintlock's office?" Sirius asked as they waited for room service.

Harry face-palmed and called out. "Dobby?"

"Master Harry Potter, sir, called for his Dobby?" a very strange looking creature wearing mis-matched socks and a maroon sweater appeared.

"Dobby, I need your help. . . . ." Harry started to say but was interrupted as Dobby threw himself at Harry hugging his legs and sobbing that his 'Harry Potter sir needed poor Dobby'. Sirius wasn't much help as he was doubled up laughing.

It took a few minutes to calm Dobby down and to tell him what they wanted. He soon returned with all of Harry's things, including a very disgruntled snowy owl, who made her displeasure known.

"Ow! Sorry Hedwig! Stop that! I'm sorry girl but it was the only way! Ow!" Harry shouted, trying to dodge the sharp beak of his very miffed owl.

Sirius wasn't much help as he was now rolling on the bed laughing very hard. Dobby had left, promising to bring back news for his Harry Potter sir.


That night as Harry dreamed:

"Hello Harry."

Harry stepped out of the darkness and into the room he had visited before.

"Hello. Uhhh…. Sir. . ..Sir? Father?"

"You may call me Father, Harry. Come, sit."

Harry sat across from his father and waited. He studied the man and noted that he was dressed in black velvet and wore black leather gloves. His dark hair was greased back. His face was angular and lean.

"You like what you see?"

"Why didn't you come for me?" Harry demanded. He remembered being in his cupboard wanting someone, anyone, to rescue him from the nightmare of living with his relatives. Ever since he had been left with his non magical aunt, he dreamed of being rescued, but each year that hope died just a little more.

"Harry you must remember that your parents wanted a child, to love and raise as their own. Your father, James Potter, was one of my most favored worshipers and so I granted their request. What is time to a god? If I had known, I would've made other arrangements for your care, but your parents really didn't want me involved, so I stayed away."

Harry turned and looked into the roaring fire burning in the hearth. He really didn't know what to feel.

"Harry, for me, it was just a blink of an eye since I last saw you as a babe in arms. I am here now." His father leaned closer. "I am here now."

"What's going to happen to me now?" Harry asked not looking up at his father.

"Have you figured out who I am?"

"Yes, sir. It wasn't hard. The Norse symbols around this room. The fact that my da. . . James and the Marauders were pranksters. If my parents had to call on a deity then who else would answer but Loki, the Trickster God."

"Well done!" Loki laughed.

Harry sat up in bed. Loki's laughter ringing in his ears as the dream faded.


That next morning found Harry and Sirius under goblin charmed disguises visiting several local department stores, buying both of them new wardrobes that fit, before their next meeting at Gringotts.

When they returned the first thing on the Goblin's agenda was a complete medical scan of Harry, ordered by Flintlock. Both Sirius and Flintlock were not happy with the way Harry's life had been mismanaged.

The only good news was the fact that neither Dumbledore, nor the Ministry, had embezzled funds from the Potter Vaults. The only recent withdrawals had been from Harry's Trust Vault by either Harry or Mrs. Weasley for Harry's schooling.

Flintlock hadn't been happy that Harry had given up his key to someone who wasn't blood kin. At least Mrs. Weasley had returned it and Harry had it with him now.

Flintlock did find that the Dursleys were receiving stipends from the Potter Vaults for the care of Harry.

Harry's response was to be expected. He was livid!

"Harry! Calm down Prongslet!" Sirius shouted, as Harry's magic started to tear through the office.

"They lied to me!" Harry shouted back. "They told me I was a burden! I had to earn my keep!"

"Stupefy!" Sirius shouted as Harry slumped in his chair.

Flintlock forestalled any apology from the wizard as he summoned an aide to his office.

When the aide entered the account manager announced. "Take Lord Potter down to the healers. Because we had to stun the young lord, we shall proceed earlier than planned."

The rest of the day, Harry was poked, prodded and tested. He and Sirius were reassured that all human employees were treated thusly. As for Harry, he wasn't too happy being kept in a private infirmary room.

The healers didn't have much good to say about the state they found the young wizard in. Neither Sirius nor Flintlock were pleased with their reports.

After examining Harry's curse scar, several healers wanted to forgo their vows for the chance to duel Albus Dumbledore and Madam Pomphrey for their lack of care of the young lord.

To leave as vile a thing as a soul leech in a pure innocent for over a decade was, in their eyes, criminal and worthy of a death match in the arena.

And don't get them started on all the other injures and scars on the young man's body! To the goblins in the know, Harry Potter was now elevated from young wizard to a worthy, if young and untrained, warrior. Their mantra was "Scars make the warrior" and Harry sported several, including having both Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears in his blood.


"So we meet again, Harry," his father said.

"Yes, sir. I don't remember falling asleep this time," Harry said ruefully as he sat in his chair once more. "Uh Father, why am I here this time?"

"We have a lot to talk about and there is someone I want you to meet."

"Hello grandson," Came a deep, warm voice as a figure stepped from the shadows. "I am told you have something that belongs to me."

"Lllord Hhhhhhades?" Harry squeaked as he looked up at the figure dressed in a silver silk smoking jacket with a black ascot around his neck.

"Yes, Harry, meet your many times great grandfather, Lord Hades," Loki said as a third chair appeared.

"We, Loki and I, have viewed your life and I even spoke with your parents in the Elysium Fields." Hades held up a hand to stop Harry from asking questions. "I must say, for having such a rough time of it, that you managed to survive is a testament to your luck and determination. Demigods rarely live to adulthood as it is."

"You have been hiding your talents well, boy," Loki interjected. "I didn't look closely until I met with Hades. Hiding your intelligence so people underestimate you was a stroke of brilliance. I am quite proud of you!"

"Normally, to be a demigod," Hades took up the conversation, "the child is usually dyslexic, can only read ancient Greek and has what is now called "ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."

"But I have no problems reading," Harry protested.

"We know," Loki said. "For that, you can thank your magic. In your case, it would've been ancient Norse runes. But you didn't take Ancient Runes at your school did you?"

Harry shook his head. "By the time I realized I didn't have to worry what the Dursley thought of my education, it was too late. Everyone expected me to be mediocre. I did read and study Hermione's books and notes from her Rune class. I found I could understand it without much help."

Loki smirked.

"It also helped to have that soul leech in your scar. It gave you several abilities like being able to read and write Modern English as well as being able to speak to snakes," Hades added. "Which brings me to why I am here."

Hades reached out and from mid-air pulled a golden goblet to him. "Tom Marvolo Riddle has tried for immortality and has almost succeeded. He split his soul into several soul leeches that you wizards would call 'horcruxes.' You, Harry, have destroyed one and the goblins-the one that was within your scar. My compliments, grandson." Hades saluted Harry with his goblet as he took a drink. Loki also saluted as well.

Harry blushed and then stammered. "The …the diary.. ..?"

Hades nodded. "I can't have mortals circumvent their destiny like that. What Riddle did was an abomination, he's no more than a bug that needs stepping on. And that's where you, grandson, come in."

"But dad. . . I mean . . .James only blood-adopted me. . ." Harry stammered again.

"True, but magic deemed you worthy of my blood-line," Hades said, waving aside Harry's argument. "Normally I don't have much to do with descendants but Loki called me over to make a deal."

"What sort of deal?" Harry asked suspiciously.


Sorry for the cliffy. Until next time. -GF and the Frau