Father's World

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Chapter 11:

Harry quietly moved toward the school through the hidden tunnel that connected Honeydukes and the third floor corridor. He was sure no one knew he had left the school. Even if they did, they wouldn't be able to detect him, not even through the castle wards. His grandfather's cloak would guarantee that.

If he was lucky he might get a couple hours of sleep before class. He hoped.

Thankfully, Madam Bones had agreed to wait until the weekend before another meeting. She'd had a lot to do in the meantime, though she was still upset about not letting everyone know that the Dark Lord was no more. Harry did hope that Madam Bones kept her word.

Harry smirked as he thought 'Lucius Malfoy isn't gonna be able to talk or bribe his way out of this one.' He was quite sure of that. And Bellatrix was now completely certifiable. There would be no second chances for her, either. She was declared criminally insane and very dangerous. The Ministry knew if she ever got hold of a wand she would go on another killing spree.

Peter Pettigrew was finally captured, and Sirius was to be freed. Speaking of Sirius, the old mutt was sure to give him an ear full for not including him in the finale. It couldn't be helped. Grandfather and the rest of the deities barely tolerated the crazy mutt.

The rest was out of Harry's hands at this point.


It wasn't until after breakfast a few days later that Harry met with Madam Bones. She came to Hogwarts.

Harry was called into the Headmaster's Office to find Madam Bones waiting with the Headmaster and Auror Dawlish.

"Mr. Potter. . ." Madam Bones started to say, only to be interrupted by the Headmaster.

"I still think there is some sort of mistake, Amelia," Albus was saying with a grandfatherly twinkle. "Surely Harry doesn't need to be called before the Wizengamot."

"I am afraid I must insist, Albus. Mr. Potter is very much needed." Madam Bones snapped, turning back to Harry. " Mr. Potter, you have been called in front of a session of the Wizengamot to give testimony. As I understand it, you tried to tell the Minister that Mr. Black was innocent in your third year, but he refused to believe you?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Harry said. "Professor Snape convinced the Minister that we, my friends and I, were hit with a confundus charm. We weren't, but the Minister was all too ready to believe him and didn't want to listen to us 'mere children'."

"I see." She turned to Dawlish. "I understand you were with the Minister?"

"Yes Madam Bones," John Dawlish looked a bit green answering her.

"And you didn't think it necessary to follow standard auror procedures?" She glared at him.

"We were told by the Minister not to interfere, Madam Bones. Besides, the Chief Warlock was standing right there and said nothing as well."

She growled in the back of her throat before turning to the headmaster. "And why didn't you push for a trial?"

"It was the children's word against the Minister's, Amelia. What was I to do?" The headmaster asked, spreading his arms up and out.

"You could have followed the law and demanded a trial with veritaserum! The laws are not your playthings, to do with as you please, Albus!" She snarled. "Now we are leaving. You are expected at the Wizengamot in an hour. Mr. Potter, go prepare yourself and meet me in the front entrance in ten minutes. Do not keep me waiting!"

Harry turned and left. As he ran down the stairs heading for his dorm he could hear the headmaster's voice, "Really Amelia, is this necessary? It isn't safe for Mr. Potter. . ."

He was glad he was too far away to understand her answer.


The Wizengamot was waiting when Amelia and Harry appeared. Minister Fudge looked, in Harry's opinion, a little lost and a lot scared.

"He doesn't know we have Lord Malfoy in custody. No one does. And that we've been feeding him veritaserum. The blond ponce has been singing like a lark," Madam Bones whispered, leaning over to Harry.

"I don't like the fact we are keeping that night a secret," She went on even more softly, "but, after thinking it over, and realizing the benefits, I can't fault your reasons." She ended with a smirk.

"Madam Bones," Harry replied softly, "I don't want you to make that particular news public until Dumbles dies. I want him to live waiting for that 'last shoe to drop'. I hope it gives him ulcers! A fitting punishment for the secretive old fool, don't you think?"

She looked Harry in the eye and smirked again. "I won't deny I like the fact that I have the old goat by his bits and he doesn't even know it!"

Harry smothered a laugh at the image that gave him as he followed her into the chamber and took a seat in the gallery. He would be called from there.

The trial was, in reality, little more than a formality.

A whimpering, whining Peter Pettigrew was dragged in by two burly aurors. He was wrapped in chains and magic suppressing manacles. Peter was questioned about his role in the betrayal of the Potters. When he confessed under veritaserum that it was he, and not Sirius Black, who betrayed the Potters, chaos reigned.

Harry was called down to tell of that night in his third year. Fudge tried to protest. "He was clearly hit with a confundus!" The minster shouted.

"And how did you know that, Minister?" Madam Bones purred dangerously.

"Why, Professor Snape said so! He was there as well."

"So let me get this straight, Minister. You took the word of a former Death Eater and not that of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived? Is that what you are telling me? And you failed to verify that Mr. Potter had indeed been cursed?"

Fudge stammered and stuttered and said, "Well, everyone knows the boy is an attention seeking liar!"

"Everyone, Minister?" She glared at the squirming, red-faced man. "I sure don't. My niece Susan, who is in the same year as Mr. Potter, doesn't think so. Or are you starting to believe your own smear campaign against a boy who also happens to be the Head of an Ancient and Noble House?"

"Well, I . . ." Fudge stammered, looking around for support.

"Are you trying to tell MY aurors how to do their job, Minister!?" Madam Bones demanded.

"Uhh, no, Madam. I wouldn't dream of it."

She turned back to Harry, "Please continue Mr. Potter."

Harry looked her in the eye and said, "Do you want me to swear on my magic or something that I am telling the truth?"

She gave a slight nod. "If you would."

Harry raised his wand and said, "I, Lord Harry James Potter, do swear on my magic that what I say in this chamber will be as truthful as I know it to be; and will only answer any questions from Madam Bones, and no other. If I don't know the full and true answer, I will say ' I don't know.' for the next hour. So Mote Be."

A glow of magic haloed Harry. He and Madam Bones had worked out that oath. Any questions she, and only she, asked he would answer as truthfully as possible. Anyone else could piss off!

Only a few of the members fully understood the wording of the oath; they were impressed. This Potter wasn't the arrogant, ignorant fool the papers were trying to make him out to be.

Albus Dumbledore also realized that he couldn't ask Harry any questions as he might not get the truth from the teen. He only had an hour to misdirect, but he was certain that Amelia would bring matters back on track quickly if he did.

Harry answered everything that Madam Bones put to him and Albus found that he couldn't do anything but object every now and then. After a sharp set-down by Augusta Longbottom the second time he objected, he didn't even dare that.

Harry shared what happened during the Third Task, and what the Minister said afterwards. Amos Diggory was clearly upset when Harry got to the point of when Cedric's spirit came out of Voldemort's wand and asked Harry to take his body home.

Peter Pettigrew was recalled to confirm Harry's testimony. He stated that it was he that killed Cedric Diggory, on the Dark Lord's orders and with the Dark Lord's wand. He also conducted the ritual that brought the Dark Lord back to life.

"The Dark Lord will free me! I am his personal servant!" Peter screamed.

"Not if you are pushed through the Veil, he won't," Madam Bones replied. "Fellow members, have you heard enough?"

Harry watched as Peter Pettigrew was sentenced to the Veil that same night. He noted that the headmaster didn't like it and tried to plead clemency. He also noted the Minister was still looking lost. His puppet master, Malfoy, wasn't there to pull his strings.

Sirius Black was found innocent of all charges. Harry cheered at that and gleefully cackled in the face of the headmaster. He was sure the old coot would still try to force Harry back to the Dursleys. 'Like that was going to happen,' he mused. He'd already made plans to go back to Camp Half-Blood for the summer hols.


Sirius Black was indeed very upset with his godson, despite his newly won freedom. Not only did Harry not include him when he faced ol' Tommie Boy, but he also left him out of the planning to win him his freedom!

And if Albus Dumbledore thought he would keep Sirius away from Harry now that he had been exonerated, the old goat would feel the full ire of a Black and a marauder!

"I know Sirius," Harry explained. "But I couldn't have you there. You weren't free yet. Besides, do you think my grandfather would've been happy to see you there, after the stunts you pulled at camp?"

"It's not fair!" Came a distinctly canine-like whine.

"Whiner! Be thankful that Father gave me Pettigrew. He could've kept him as a snack for Fenris!"

Sirius couldn't say anything about that- except he was sure the huge Asgardian wolf would've gotten heart burn out of the deal.


Since the day that Account Manager Flintlock met with the Dursleys, their fortunes had turned sour.

First, was the audit of their finances, to see where the stipends that they received for the 'Potter brat' went. Petunia Dursley, very loudly, denied that they ever received any monies, but found out differently when shown the banks' records of payment.

Vernon Dursley used the money on everything but where it was suppose to go. All the toys bought at Christmas with said money went to Dudley. All the funds for clothes to properly attire a scion of an Ancient and Noble House, and a Peer of the Realm, went to Dudley. Even their yearly vacation was paid by the stipends!

The English court took a dim view of stealing from a minor, when the case finally crossed their docket.

The goblins hated thieves, period. And serving under a human glamour, they called for all the monies to be returned immediately. The judge agreed and gave the Dursleys one year to do so.

They would never be able to repay all of it in that short amount of time! Petunia shrieked, then fainted.

Vernon Dursley, never realizing that they had a peer under their roof, tried to bluff his way out. He thought he could use Harry's title to open a few doors, but when it came out that he'd stolen from his young nephew's trust fund, he became persona non grata.

He then tried to leave the country, but was caught at the airport by two short, stocky men, after which he disappeared, never to be seen again.

In Gringotts, it was rumored that a dragon came down with indigestion, not long after Dursley's disappearance.

Dudley Dursley, after his near escape from the dementors, wrote a letter to Flintlock. He was sorry for all he did to Harry. He had a small inheritance coming to him from his grandparents, for college tuition. He couldn't touch the funds until he reached eighteen. It wasn't much, but if it helped, they could have it.

Flintlock showed the letter to Harry who told him not to take the money on the condition that Dudley went to military school instead of Smeltings. He would make up the difference for the tuition if necessary.

"However, if Dudley so much as steps out of line, take the rest of the money and smack him down-hard! He's got this one chance and that's it," Harry instructed.

Number 4 Privet Drive was seized and sold. Harry wanted to burn the place down, but was talked out of it.

Petunia never got a good night's sleep from that time on. In her dreams, she revisited everything she and her husband did to Harry as if she was Harry and actually living through it. Loki and his illusions saw to that.


Harry returned to Hogwarts and his studies. He still had to make his sire proud of him, so he started to make life 'interesting' for some of his professors.

Harry concluded Binns just had to go. So, after History Class a week after the Wizengamot Session, he approached the elderly spirit.

Binns hovered behind his desk as Harry approached him. "Yes, Peterson?"

"Professor Binns." Harry flared a bit of his power at the History of Magic professor.

Binns shivered a bit and blinked. "Sorry milord, I did not recognize you. What can I do for you?"

"I think you need to pass on, Professor. You're not doing the students any good and you've made teaching History a joke," Harry informed him.

Binns hung his head. "I am tired of teaching and wish to move on, but who will take my place? I am only waiting for my replacement. Has the headmaster finally hired someone?"

Harry looked at him a bit astonished. "Is that all? I'm sure if you decide to pass on today, there'll be a new professor by the end of the week."

"Are you sure, milord?" Binns asked hopefully. "I am very tired and want to rest."

Harry gave a quick nod. Binns sighed a whispery, ethereal moan and faded away. Harry turned and walked from the now empty classroom.

He found the Bloody Baron and told him what happened. The ghost shook his head. "I knew that Cuthbert wanted to pass for some time, but I couldn't convince him to do so. Nor could I persuade the Headmaster to replace him. I am happy he has finally found peace."

"Will you tell the Headmaster for me?"

"I shall."


Albus Dumbledore just couldn't figure where it all went wrong. Not only that but his wand, the Elder wand, no longer worked! A quick inspection told him it looked like the ancient Death Wand, but a closer look revealed it was a fake!

Someone had switched wands on him! The only time it could've happened was Halloween night-when the paintings told him someone had stunned him.

But that was impossible! No one could get into his office without him knowing! It was very puzzling.

Then, there was Harry. What to do about the boy? He just wasn't listening to anything Albus was telling him! What to do?

With the wards gone, Harry couldn't return to his aunt's home. He definitely didn't want Sirius and Harry together, that was a recipe for disaster!

What to do? What to do?


Harry chuckled as he finally figured out 'what to do' about the senile old coot masquerading as a headmaster. He would do nothing. The best pranks were those that forced the victim to prank themselves.

He'd leave Albus Dumbledore alone and let him be, as his sire would say, "Hoist on his own petard!"

Only Madam Bones and The Head Unspeakable knew that Riddle was now spending time in Tartarus. No one would pay attention to the old wizard, and his claims that the Dark Lord was back and everyone must prepare! After all, didn't their Ministry claim otherwise?

"Hey Scar head!"

Harry grinned as he turned to face Malfoy. 'Oh, this will be fun!'


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