Father's World

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A/N: We know Sirius' animagus form is a grim but according to the movie, they seemed to have patterned Padfoot after the wolf hound or vice versa. We would also imagine that many would not know what a grim should look like, which is why we am using that breed of dog to describe Padfoot.

Again: the story was set between the first two Percy Jackson movies and not the books. Also at this time, there are no pairings. -GF


Chapter 3

When Harry woke the next morning at the Boston Hyatt hotel where they were staying, he found a small ornately carved wooden box on the stand by his bed. Inside was a small bag of oddly shaped coins, a small hour glass, two vials of a purple potion, and a map with a note addressed to him.


Inside, you will find one bag of drachmas, which you will need soon. Also, a map you can use to find Camp Half Blood. You will need to show it when you make contact with Chiron, the camp director. He will help you get settled once you and your dog-father arrive.

Next, you will find two vials. They will give you the ability to read, and understand, ancient Greek. As a descendant of mine you should be able to, it is in your genetic make up, but my blood has been too diluted and your sire's blood will have over-ridden it. This will help you and your dog-father fit in better at the camp.

Your sire was concerned about the amount of training you need. I took it on myself to handle that little problem as I am more qualified to assist you. The hour glass is filled with the Sands of Time. Turn it once and you will go back one year. Once you do, the hour glass will automatically return to me.

I stepped back a year to set up a bank account with those pesky goblins under your alias as Evan Grimm. They knew of this when you contact them in the past a year from now. They won't mention it for fear of causing a time paradox. Use the money well.

Although you are my grandson by magical blood adoption, I really don't have to claim you, but you have impressed me with your sheer determination.

Know this Harry, Tom Riddle is an abomination who has denied me my due and needs to be destroyed. I have great plans for him, once his complete soul is presented before me!

Do not fail me in this quest, grandson.

Once you get to Camp Half Blood, I know that you will be placed in the Hermes Cabin. Do not worry, when the time is right, I will acknowledge you as my grandchild.

Be careful: your dog-father must remain as a mutt! Mortal adults really are not welcomed at the camp unless invited in. It is for our children's protection, for his it would be best if he kept to his dog form.

Use these gifts and your extra time well. I will be watching, as will your sire.

Your Grandfather – H"


A quick trip into the Salem Magical District was needed. Sirius, with a sigh of resignation, accompanied Harry as Padfoot. However, he did object with a growl when Harry bought a collar that would force him to stay in his dog form unless Harry took it off. But he really couldn't argue the reason behind its use.

It was dangerous binding his magic like that, but was worth it to stay with his pup. It was only until Harry was claimed and was transferred into the Hades cabin at camp. Once there, they would have some privacy and Sirius could occasionally be in human form.

With everything set, Sirius gave Harry a quick lesson on how to drive a motorcycle with a side car. A short time later and they were off, cruising the back roads to Long Island Sound.

Harry was disappointed. He wanted to use the flying ability of Sirius' motorcycle but thought better of it. Even though he was not a true son of Hades, Zeus would still have a fit if he found Harry in the air and would try to kill him. If Harry ventured too far into His realm there was a definite possibility Zeus would blast him from the sky.

It was a pity. Harry loved flying, and really hated to give it up. Maybe if he explained to Zeus, he would allow him to continue to fly?


Harry followed the map Hades had provided. It lead them to a strawberry farm surrounded by a white picket fence and lots of tall pine trees. Harry paused by the side of the road to study his map. In the side car was a scruffy, over sized wolf hound with almost glowing blue eyes peering through goggles.

"Well, Padfoot, the map says to turn here and follow the path until we get to a very tall pine tree. The entrance to the camp is just beyond that," Harry said, looking around. He could almost feel the magic in the air. Something was nearby and it had to be protected by a very powerful ward.

Padfoot huffed in agreement from the side car. His shiny new collar sparkled when it caught the sunlight. He wore the aforementioned goggles, an aviator cap and a scarf, which flapped in the wind as they cruised down the country roads. Harry thought he looked like that cartoon dog that pretended to be a WW1 fighter ace.

Harry stopped at the tallest, straightest pine tree he had ever seen. It also seemed to be the anchor for the strongest wards he'd felt outside of Hogwarts. Harry dismounted the bike as he took off his and Padfoot's helmets and removed his gloves, his eyes scanning upwards at the pine tree.

Padfoot moved to sniff around the tree and then let out a low whine before he moved to stand by Harry. Just past the tree was an archway with two burning brass torches on either side. On the key stone of the arch ancient Greek letters were carved.

"Camp Half Blood," Harry read aloud. The potion worked as promised! Not only did it give Harry and Sirius the ability to read ancient Greek, it allowed them to speak it! "This is the place. Now what?"

Grabbing Padfoot's collar he walked towards to the arch. Harry could feel the wards as they stepped through. If he hadn't had a hand on Padfoot's collar he wasn't sure the grim would be allowed to enter.

They got about a hundred feet into the camp grounds when they were surrounded by teenagers, all wearing orange tee shirts and pointing swords and spears at them.

"Who are you?" demanded a blonde haired girl. She seemed to know what she was doing as she pointed her sword at him.

"Uhh… Evan Grimm and this is my dog, Padfoot. I'm to see Mr. Chiron, my grandfather arranged for me to come here. . . ." Harry said, keeping a tight hold on Padfoot's collar as the dog was growling at the girl threatening his pup.


Harry turned and saw a centaur racing towards them. He and Padfoot exchanged a dumfounded look, Grandfather never mentioned Chiron was a centaur!

"Evan Grimm," the centaur greeted. "I am Chiron, welcome to Camp Half Blood." The ring of teens lowered their weapons as the centaur took charge of the situation.

Harry, lips quirked in a half-grin, gave a slight bow. "Are you going to tell me 'Mars is bright tonight'?"

Chiron straightened his back, a bit surprised. "You have encountered a centaur before! By your accent I would say: British? Wizard?"

Harry nodded again. "Yes sir. Padfoot, behave! Sit!" He let go of the dog's collar to pull out his map and note. "I was told to come here."

A dark skinned teen stepped out of the crowd and sniffed. Harry noted that the teen had a pair of small curled horns peeking from his curly black hair and from the waist down had fur and cloven hooves. "Yeah, he smells of a demigod. Don't recognize the scent, but definitely a demi-god." He looked nervously at the huge shaggy black dog. "I hope he's house broken."

"Thanks Grover," Chiron said as he scanned the note and map. "You and your pet are welcomed to stay at the Camp. You will be staying in the Hermes Cabin until your deity parent claims you."


Chiron took Harry and Padfoot to a large white house and made them comfortable. A wild haired looking man was sitting in the corner with a bottle of wine and a crystal brandy snifter filled with water. He was shouting at the ceiling.

"Not Now Dionysus, we have a new camper. Evan Grimm meet Lord Dionysus, the Camp Director," Chiron said.

The god of wine and madness sighed as he tried to pour more wine into the goblet only to have it turned to water. "Welcome to the insanity, Ernie Graham." The disgusted director glared up at the ceiling and shouted angrily, "That was a perfectly marvelous vintage Port, I'll have you know!"

Chiron leaned over to whisper into Harry's ear. "He never gets the names right. So don't let it bother you. Zeus cursed him after a bit of a tiff on Mount Olympus."

Dionysus sneezed. "Who let the dog in? Get rid of it. It'll spread fleas all over the place!"

Thus went Harry's introduction to Camp Half Blood.


Harry and Padfoot easily fit into the Hermes cabin. While he settled in, he learned that Hermes was the patron god of travelers and the messenger god. He was also known as the trickster god to the Greeks. Harry had to hide a smirk when he heard that. He hoped that Hermes didn't find out who his deity father was, Harry didn't think he would survive the prank war.

It was a bit crowded in the Hermes cabin, and Padfoot had almost been caught in his true form twice so far. Harry couldn't wait to move to the Hades cabin, but he had to wait for his grandfather to decide when to claim him.

One of the things Harry learned, and found amusing, was all of the children were demigods like him. Some knew who their deity parent was and lived in cabins designated for that deity. And, like Harry, some were still waiting to be claimed.

Clarisse, the bossy girl who had almost skewered him at the entrance, and a couple of her siblings, tried to dunk Harry's head in a toilet. The key word was 'tried'. Harry, too used to dodging his cousin, as well as Padfoot taking exception to the man-handling, foiled that prank.

Instead, Harry managed to douse her with said toilet water using a bit of wandless magic. He later found out that she was a daughter of Ares and she liked to pull that stunt on all newcomers.

Another thing Harry found odd happened at meals. The campers set aside a bit of food from their plates to offer in the flames to their deity parent. "They don't, and can't eat the food, but they love the smell of it burning." He had been told. So Harry offered not one but two small sacrifices, one to Hades and one to Loki. He refused to explain. He hoped the double offering would find favor.


At the end of July Harry was startled when he walked into the camp's common ground where campers ate and socialized. He was greeted with slaps on the back and cheek kisses. Shouts of 'Happy Birthday' echoed across the commons. How the Aphrodite cabin found out it was his birthday he wasn't sure, but he did have a suspicion.

The night before, he had stayed up, as he usually did. Harry knew he wouldn't receive any gifts from his Hogwarts friends, but it was tradition. When he finally fell asleep, Loki was waiting for him.

"Happy birthday, my son," Loki said, offering Harry a toast from his drinking horn. "To the start of a new beginning. Soon you will be of age."

Harry bowed, blushing slightly. "Thank you Father." Calling the Norse god 'father' was becoming easier now. He even looked forward to their nightly chats. He really hadn't had anyone to take an interest in his doings before.

"Your gift is waiting for you when you awake, my son. I had the dwarves craft them especially for you. Use them well."

"Thank you Father, I shall."

The Norse god spoke of what he expected Harry to learn in the weeks to come. He would be visiting Harry in his sleep, along with the spirit of James Potter. Harry's education had been severely lacking, thanks to the Dursleys and that interfering old wizard. However, Loki would see that any oversight was corrected and Harry had better learn-if he knew what was good for him!

The next morning Harry found a bracer with a pair of throwing knives sheathed within it by his bed, along with a letter from Loki stating that he thought Harry could use them better than a sword. They were charmed to always return to the bracer after they'd been thrown.

"So, Evan," asked a black haired, blue eyed camper as he sat down beside Harry, bringing Harry's thoughts back to the present. "How old are you now?"

"15." Harry said and it was true. He was fifteen today, or rather repeating his fourteenth. He so wished he was back in Great Britain celebrating with his friends but he couldn't be. It was forbidden.

Since he only had the one family member, Uncle Nigel, who was supposedly off on a business trip, the camp decided to throw him a birthday party. Uncle Nigel sent a gift-wrapped package. Inside was a book that read: "The Marauder's Handbook."

'Not in this lifetime!' Harry thought.

When it came time to cut the cake, he cut three slices: one for Hades, one for Loki, (both of which went straight into the fire) and one for himself. As the cake burned the symbol of Hades appeared over Harry's head.

"All hail Evan, son of Hades!" Chiron announced into the stunned silence.

"Actually, grandson of Hades," came a voice. A man dressed in a FED-EX agent uniform stood to one side holding a small brown package in one hand and a caduceus in the other.

"Lord Hermes, welcome," Chiron said with a slight bow. "What brings you to this camp?"

"I have a special delivery for one Evan J. Grimm," the Messenger of the Gods stated. "I understand today is his birthday. Evan, here, is the grandson of Lord Hades as well as the son of another. Lord Hades informed me that Evan's sire wishes at this time to remain unknown and has asked that Evan be escorted to His cabin for the remainder of his stay at the camp. He has a quest that he must train for." Lord Hermes held out the package. "Sign here." He pointed to his clip board.

Harry did and took the package. Lord Hermes left in a bit of bright light.

Insides the package was a note, "Thanks for the bit of cake. Persephone so enjoys the smell of chocolate cake burning. Happy Birthday, Grandson. Use this well. Your grandfather."

Inside the package was a moving portrait of James and Lily Potter. Lily was obviously pregnant in the wizarding photo. Beneath it was a book titled: 'The Potter Clan Grimoire' in faded gold embossed lettering. Harry was thankful that it was in old English and not ancient Greek as it would've been hard to explain.

Harry knew this was one of his better birthdays.


Harry and Padfoot had the whole cabin to themselves. So Sirius could, at night, be, well, himself. He talked to Harry about his parents and grandparents. How Charlus and Dorea Potter took him in when he ran away from home at the age of sixteen.

Harry drank up the stories avidly, like a thirsty man in the desert. No one had ever really spoken much about his family; except he looked like James, but had his mother's eyes.

The days were spent learning up at the big house. Lessons were taught in the standard curriculum for the educational system of New York State. Harry didn't mind. He could use most of it when he returned to Great Britain as a foundation to get his GCSE's. He had to study with modern course books that were written in ancient Greek, but found it to be no problem. Now he understood why he'd had to take that potion! He had to be able to read and write in ancient Greek to do the homework as all demi-gods were, by nature, dyslexic and unable to read or write modern English.

Afternoon was taken up in physical training. Harry found himself being drilled in almost military-style boot camp training. Seems there were monsters in the world that found demi-gods tasty snacks. Harry had to be prepared for all manner of attacks-which explained the throwing knives.

They were beautiful in design and had Celtic knot work inlays. They were also perfectly balanced. Harry quickly learned to hit the target and was becoming quite proficient in their use.


One of the things Harry enjoyed the most about the camp was that he was almost unknown. Something he was coming to enjoy.

No, the most of the staring was reserved for a kid about his age who, like Harry, lived by himself in the Poseidon Cabin. According to several rumors and what he found out from Chiron, Percy Jackson was the son of the sea god and that was a clear violation to the pact the 'Big Three' made.

"Big Three?" Harry asked when he had heard it.

"Yes, Young Evan," Chiron explained. "Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. They vowed on the River Styx to have no more children after the Second World War. You, young Evan, are a legacy and not part of that vow."

He felt sorry for Percy. He reminded Harry of himself in the Wizarding World. All the expectations were on his shoulders and no one really cared to help.

Clarisse and the rest of the Ares' cabin rode Percy and him pretty hard. Even Harry's grandfather didn't care too much for Percy but he did have a grudging respect for the demigod. It wasn't everyday that a demigod got the better of the Lord of the Underworld.

It was getting close for many of the campers to return to their homes as the new school term would be starting soon.

Harry found Percy sitting by the bay, talking to the water. Percy had lost yet again to Clarisse on the obstacle course and she had rubbed his nose in it. Harry came to sit by his new friend and didn't say anything.

"I know he's out there, listening," Percy said. "I discovered him not that long ago. He hasn't been in my life much."

"I grew up thinking my parents were drunks and shiftless," Harry replied quietly. "Until I turned eleven and went to the private boarding school that my parents had attended. There I found out they were not at all what I'd been told." Harry had to do a lot of editing to the story, but he could tell Percy most of it. Having famous parents as well as being famous for something they did, really plays havoc with a person and Harry could easily relate to Percy's situation.

Percy didn't say anything as Harry continued. "I found out that my parents were killed for standing up to a terrorist and his gang. My step dad was a member of a special force that deals with terrorists. He and my mum were in hiding, when they were betrayed by a close friend turned traitor. I was sent to live with my aunt, Mum's sister, and her husband. She hated my mum. Mum was prettier than her, married better and she was afraid that the terrorists would come after her and her family."

Percy nodded. "Mom married Smelly Gabe to hide me. I just wish my real dad had been around."

"I know," Harry said wistfully. "Growing up, I wished someone, anyone, wanted me. At least you had your mum."

They fell silent for a time. Both lost in their own thoughts and the companionship of another who understood.


For those that think we are bashing Dumbledore. . . huh? What?

We, Frau and I see Albus Dumbledore as a senile old wizard who is past his prime; and is so into believing his own press he is making mistakes and failing to learn from them. We may poke fun at the venerable old wizard from time to time but that's it. We can not help that Sirius' s thoughts are a little too harsh. The man did spend twelve years in Azkaban. He isn't thinking pleasant thoughts. If you don't like it, then don't read.

As for Zeus' and Odin's opinions on demigods; we are just following canon. We feel that Zeus would not be too pleased to have a Norse demi-god mingling with his pantheon's demigods. We won't get into Odin's dislikes.

Until next time. – GF and the Frau