Father's World

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Chapter 5:

The week between Christmas and New Years Day, Harry and Sirius spent at Disney World. He had heard so much about it from the other campers and that older couple from the B and B and decided that week was the perfect opportunity to check it out.

What Harry discovered was that Disney's Magical Kingdom held no true magic, but it did have a charm all its own. He also discovered that the tall, dog-like character called 'Goofy' intrigued Sirius. Harry found he prefered the human-like mouse named 'Mickey.'

The ecstatic teen and his child-like guardian rode as many rides as they could during the day and caught all the shows in the evening. The Tiki Room was an eye opener for Sirius as was The Bear Country Saloon; that they did it all without magic was mind blowing!

The highlight for Harry was when he had a photo taken of himself with all five of the storybook princesses. Two of them bestowed a kiss on his cheeks as the picture was snapped!

Sirius' personal favorite photo was of himself and a large white rabbit and his buxom wife.

Space Mountain was another eye opener. That non-magicals could imagine—and then actually go into space-was beyond anything Sirius believed possible!

Over the holidays he studied a few of the books his sire had gifted him with. He was determined to learn to control his demi-god abilities.


All too soon it was time to return to Camp Half Blood. Harry hadn't dreamed any demigod dreams over the holidays. His sleep had been deep and peaceful.

Harry had seen a lot of the campers use their talents freely and was very glad he was allowed to use magic here as well. It was different than that used by the others in the Hecate cabin, but no one cared.

Being the grandson of Hades caused a few problems with some of the campers, but since Harry was a legacy he was pretty much left alone. And it didn't hurt that he was growing stronger physically each week with all of the extra training.

Of course, the other campers wondered just who Harry's deity parent was. There were speculations and bets going on. Harry had to pretend he didn't know. He was afraid there might be definite repercussions if he was found out, possibly even his death. So he had to be careful.


The Hades cabin was just the way he'd left it before Christmas. Chiron allowed Padfoot to go free when they returned. It seemed that the Aphrodite cabin 'forgave' Padfoot, for now.

"It seems 'someone' gave several campers gift cards to Victoria's Secret and Macy's," Chiron explained with a raised eyebrow and a very pointed look. Several of the, more 'affectionate', members of the Aphrodite cabin were fawning all over the shaggy wolf hound.

"I wonder who did that?" Harry asked with an innocent roll of his eyes.

"Try to keep him contained, Evan."

Thus the new year started.


Harry began to practice the Illusion talent he inherited from his sire. It was hard to control an image of himself and make his true body invisible at the same time. Like all things magical it took hard work and time. He practiced this skill privately in the Hades cabin as he wasn't too sure if Loki had a Greek equivalent, and if he did, Harry was sure he didn't want encounter him!

His magical training had also taken a new twist. At James' urging, and to Lily's dismay, Harry was being encouraged to take on an animagus form. With Loki being a shapeshifter, not an animagus, Harry soon noticed there was a definite difference to the methods used. Animagii were usually only able to take one animal form after a long period of studying. A shapeshifter wasn't restricted to a single mundane, or magical, animal and 'shifting' was far easier and quicker.

So with his sire's permission and some extra advice from Sirius, Harry worked on shifting. He was certain with his demigod abilities that he had at least two forms—a normal one and possibly a magical one.

Thank Merlin and his Sire, Harry wasn't super smart or all powerful, that would've been too much for him to deal with. He knew he inherited his mother's intelligence and Loki's cunning, but he wasn't Hermione. He didn't have her drive to know everything. No, Harry was very relieved that he wasn't super smart, or even super magical.

The goblins had found three blocks on his magic before he went into the past. The first his mother Lily had placed on him. When he started his training he asked her about it. She told him that he was a very precocious child and it was placed to keep him from doing dangerous accidental magic. She couldn't keep up with him otherwise.

The second block had a powerful magical signature. The goblins believe it had been Dumbledore. This block had the blood wards tied into it, and it was using Harry's own magic to fuel them.

The third was more of a mind over magic block. It had been placed on Harry by himself. If a child is told constantly he is: 'worthless, a burden, a freak of nature!' Well it was obvious that he would believe it after a few years.

Harry only wanted to belong, so he subconsciously subdued his magic to meet his relatives idea of normal. This block was the the hardest to remove. He had to believe in himself and in his own abilities before it could be done.

With those blocks finally gone and his magic freed, Harry mastered everything that his parents taught him.

And with only a little over six months left before time came full circle. He was ready to move on to fifth year studies.


It was the day of the Second Task, in his old life. Harry was a bit depressed as he remembered the isolation and the events of that time.

With so few now at the camp, and the cold weather, it was very hard to focus on outdoor training.

Padfoot knew what day it was and tried to distract his godson but it wasn't working. If Harry was like this for the Second Task, then he would be a basket case for the Third.

After the day of the second task Harry was even more focused and more determined to prove himself.


Spring! The last of the snow had finally melted.

As there still weren't many at Camp Half-Blood most activities were in small groups inside.

It was Friday however, and with the melting of the snow came spring fever! To help with the nervous energy and longing to be outside, Chiron called for a game of 'Capture the Flag.'

Two teams were chosen. The Ares cabin against all comers. Thankfully, Artemis' Hunters were not in camp as it would've been very one-sided, they always won.

Ever since the failed dunking Harry and Clarisse always maintained a friendly neutrality. Even more so after his aid in saving Thalia's tree. Despite the fact that she was still a bully. She was a daughter of Ares after all.

Harry, however, wasn't too fond of the rest of her siblings. Which was why he decided to put into practice everything he had learned. He volunteered to be a scout on the opposing team.

"No offense, Tough Girl," Harry taunted, "I'm going to so own you and the Ares cabin when we're done!"

"In your dreams, Mop Head," Clarisse shouted back. "No one beats the Ares Cabin!"

So the game was on.

"Remember," Chiron instructed. "The creek is the boundary line; everything in the forest is fair game; all magical items are allowed. The flags must be prominently displayed and can have no more than two guards and they are not allowed to stand within ten yards of the flag. Remember no killing or maiming is allowed. Punishment for breaking any of these rules is a loss of dessert for one week."

Chiron's horn sounded and the game was on! The forest just outside the camp held some pretty nasty monsters and rough terrain.

Harry donned his invisibility cloak, cast scent supressing and silencing charms before moving silently through the forest. He was scouting out where the enemy flag might be placed.


Padfoot sat whining beside Chiron and watched Harry go. He always found the children of the Ares cabin a bit over-zealous in their bid for power and glory. In his opinion they were far too full of themselves.

When the old dog wasn't perving on nymphs and those in the Aphrodite cabin, he was pranking the Ares' cabin.

He wasn't allowed to participate, not after the first time Harry played. He had taken both flags and run off with them. They didn't find the flags until the next day, half buried by Thalia's tree.


A roar in the distance suggested that one team ran into a hell hound. Harry shuddered. He hoped whoever had to deal with it wasn't too badly hurt. Monsters were fair game and they regularly patrolled the forest attacking unwary campers.

This would be the first time Harry used his illusion talents against anyone. He had kept it mostly hidden and practiced it in secret. Not surprisingly many campers did the same thing with their own abilities. It was encouraged, any advantage was to be treasured.

The Flag was easy enough to find, Harry dodged several patrols and a couple of monsters before he stumbled across it.

'Perfect!' He scanned the area and found what he was looking for. A small squirrel rested high up in the trees watching the humans below.

With a wave of his hand the squirrel was transformed into a small monster. Another spell and a sudden roar echoed, causing the guards to look nervously around.

Still invisible, Harry just walked up to the flag and while the guards were busy with his distraction, he took the flag, tucked it under his cloak, and left an illusion in its place.

Game over.

Harry strolled from the forest, flag casually propped over his shoulder and presented it to Chiron. The centaur simply shook his head and blew his horn, ending the game.

Clarisse was fit to be tied. She sputtered and threatened, but couldn't deny that Harry had captured the flag. . . about a half hour into the game.

Harry knew he had to make a special sacrifice to his Sire for his win. He was almost ready to leave.


Summer was here and the camp was filling up once more. Many of the demigods who had left last fall to return to family and school were now back.

Harry still had the Hades Cabin to himself, which was just as well. He liked the privacy. He never had it before either at the Dursleys, or at Hogwarts. Someone was always looking over his shoulder. Sure, he had Padfoot with him now, but the mutt spent most of his time down with the nymphs and satyrs.

He knew his time at Camp Half Blood was coming to an end. He had learned everything he needed to including the Wizarding Customs, Etiquette and Laws that his magical guardian was suppose have taught him when he was growing up. He remembered Neville telling all about the lessons his Gran made him take before he went to Hogwarts.

Also, he now had complete control of his illusion talents and his magic. Since he was blood adopted into the Potter line and the blood of Hades was so dilute, he didn't really inherit anything from the Lord of the Underworld. He did have the Invisibility Cloak he inherited from Ignotus Peverell. It was one of the Deathly Hallows and if he could find and reunite the three, he would supposedly become the Master of Death.

Harry had to scoff at that. No mortal could be the master of Death, as Death came for everyone. Besides, Thanatos was the son of Hades and a distant uncle to Harry. He could see it not going down well if he did try to lord it over his immortal uncle.

He would miss being at the camp, being just Evan Grimm with no expectations. At least, he didn't have to leave until the day after his birthday. He would have his 15th birthday all over again even though in reality he was 16.


It was the night of his birthday, and it had been a wonderful day! The Aphrodite cabin had gone all out for Harry's birthday with cake, balloons, and a bonfire in the evening.

Harry stood by the fire and offered the first two pieces of his birthday cake to it. 'Thank you, Father and Grandfather for my year,' he said silently. 'I hope I do you both proud.'

The moment the cake hit the fire; it flared up. A fiery bat-like creature came up out of the flames.

"Grandfather," Harry said with a slight bow.

"Ahh Grandson! Happy Birthday. I have a gift for you," Lord Hades replied as he threw a fireball at Harry.

The fireball landed at Harry's feet and when it died down the box that Harry had given his Christmas present to Hades in sat in the middle of the scorched earth.

"Tomorrow," Lord Hades announced regally, "You will be leaving to start your quest: Tom Riddle split his soul into six parts. Two have been retrieved. His last was made last spring. Grandson, you have done well in your studies but it is time. Inside the box you will find what you need for your quest. Bring me the rest of Tom Riddle's soul for judgment."

Lord Hades exploded into flames. Campers screamed and scattered until the bon-fire died down to normal.

"Hey Mop Head!"

Harry, who had cautiously opened the lid and pulled out an Army style compass, ignored the campers around him. The needle pointed not to north but to the east towards the ocean and Great Britain. Harry grinned. 'This'll help big time!' Also in the box was a gaudily wrapped gift with a tag reading, "Happy Birthday, Persphone."

"Hey Mop Head!"

Harry ducked as a swing went over his head. "Oi!"

"So this is the great quest you needed to train for?" Clarisse asked in a huff.

Harry sighed as he looked at the compass. "Yea. I was given a year and it was up last month."

"So that means you are doing this alone?"

"Pretty much. This was my quest from the start and no Tough Girl, you can't come," Harry said, slamming the lid shut.

"But. . . .!"


"Leave him be, Clara," Mr. D chided, coming to stand beside the girl. "If Hades says Ernest goes it alone, then that is the way it must be. It is curfew. Everyone back to their cabins."

And so ended Harry's time at Camp Half Blood.


Harry left just after breakfast, the same way he arrived—on Sirius' motor bike.

Evan Grimm and his uncle Nigel traveled back to Great Britain in style. He really didn't need to disguise himself this time. Anyone from Hogwarts, or the Order, would not recognize him as Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was short, underweight with messy black hair and green eyes behind a very unbecoming pair of glasses.

He also knew he wouldn't meet himself coming back, as he had already left to go to the past two weeks prior. With a resigned sigh and a shake of his head Harry thought, 'And people wonder why time travel isn't done often!'

The time in the past had been good for Sirius as well. The rest had done the former Marauder good. He had managed to put on weight and muscle. Those nymphs knew how to party!

It had been amazing that no one other than the 'Big Three' had known just who Harry and Sirius really were.

The trip back to Great Britain by plane was uneventful. Harry spent his time listening to his CDs while Sirius slept. That old dog could sleep anywhere.


A worried Remus Lupin paced impatiently as their plane taxied up to the terminal at Gatwick International.

A few days ago, he had finally received a letter from Padfoot, forwarded to him by the Goblins. He had been worried ever since Padfoot had disappeared the night that Harry returned from the Third Task a few weeks ago. Then Harry disappeared at King's Crossing when the Hogwarts Express brought all of the students home. He hoped Sirius had news of their cub.

Moony hated to keep secrets from the Order but the goblins were not known to trust many wizards. They also didn't care about the current state of affairs in the Wizarding World.

He watched as a man and teen walked through the terminal. At first he didn't quite recognize them until they were only a few feet away. Although Sirius' hair color was different, he looked well rested and had put on considerable weight. Sirius Black no longer looked like the wanted posters.

Then the teen walking with him. . . .It couldn't be? This Harry was taller and healthier than the one he remembered from a month and a half ago.

"Hey Moony!" Sirius called, waving to his friend.

"Hello Professor," Harry said.


Remus took Harry and Sirius to Gringotts. In the office of the Potter's Account Manager, Flintlock, the trio began to hash out what to do next.

The first thing was to get Remus to swear a Wizard's oath covering all matters that were discussed in Flintlock's office. Once that was taken care of their discussion proceeded.

"Well, Lord Potter, you look 10 times better than you did went you left my office three weeks ago," Flintlock said, after Remus swore the oath.

"Thank you, Flintlock," Harry said. "I enjoyed my time in the past. I was sad to leave it."

"Time halts for no one, Lord Potter. You know that. Time is also money. Now that you have taken an interest in your vaults and been declared an adult, I am now able to diversify your holdings."

Remus, who had been included in the meeting, spoke up. "What do you mean declared an adult?"

"Tell me Remus," Sirius said, patiently, with a knowing smirk. "What happens when three headmasters of the three premier schools in Europe and one Ministry Official declare that a 14 year old has to compete in a tournament with a magical contract that states only those 17 years or older can compete?"

"They did make Harry compete didn't they?" Remus asked, thoughtfully. "Yes that would mean they, de facto, declared Harry an adult. So Harry claimed his titles and vaults then?"

"There's more," Harry said. He explained that James Potter wasn't his biological father. James and Lily wanted a child desperately and had tried everything until finally they did a ritual. It took some telling, but Harry managed to tell the whole story up until having the timeline come full circle.

Remus sat open mouthed and stunned through the whole explanation, not really able to form any coherent questions. He did look over at Sirius occasionally, who nodded in agreement. Yes, it did happen.

Harry held up the compass that Hades had given him. At first glance it looked like an ordinary Army compass, but any object created by the gods was far from ordinary. It was pointing at Flintlock and it read, soul leech and gave the coordinates.

"According to this," Harry said a bit puzzled. "There's one not far from where I am sitting. . . and almost a mile below."

Flintlock grumbled and stood. "Come. We must follow where this leads. We goblins want no such abominations in our vaults!"

The compass led them to the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange. Flintlock cursed and summoned the Director of Gringotts.

A quick debate in Goobldegook and a small cup, carefully wrapped in silk, was withdrawn from the vault.

"We will be fining the owners of this vault for breaking the treaty. Housing a dangerous artifact within our bank is strictly forbidden! That vault will be sealed until such time as the owner can be reached. Cleanse this object as fast as you can and return it to the vault!" the director ordered.

"If I may," Harry said. "We can do it in Flintlock's office. All I need is a brazier and a fire. And it'll be done."

Puzzled, the Director agreed and demanded he be allowed to watch.

A brazier with a small fire was set up. Harry stood in front of it with the cup levitated in front of him. "Lord Hades, I offer up this soul piece as a part of my quest to bring your eternal judgment on Tom Marvolo Riddle. Please accept this offering an if it please you, return the cup untainted by this dark and foul magic so that I may return it, undamaged, back to where I have found it."

He dropped the cup into the ordinary fire.

The goblins sneered. No way was the cup going to be cleansed in such a small fire.

A puff of smoke emitted from the the flames and the priceless cup rolled out of the fire.

Harry handed the undamaged cup to the bemused Director of Gringotts with a slight bow. "All taken care of, Director. Lord Hades, Lord of the Underworld is most put out with our current Dark Lord."

Two stunned and awed goblins bowed to Harry. "So I see, Lord Potter. Thank you for protecting the honor of Gringotts," the Director said taking the cup with shaking hands. It wasn't long before he and the cup left the office.

Remus Lupin looked over at his surrogate nephew and shuddered. It was all beyond him, and maybe, just maybe, that was for the best.


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