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They tangled with the devil and lost. Dark Kat had won and there was nothing they could do about it. He killed Mayor Manx and captured Deputy Mayor Briggs, Commander Ulysses Feral, his niece Lieutenant Felina Feral, and the Swat Kats.

Dark Kat enslaved the citizens of Megakat city and ruled all criminal activity legal. To make matters worse while all this was happening Felina, Callie, and Kari, who were all pregnant at the time of their capture, suddenly went into labor at the same time.

Learning this new information gave the cunning kat a wickedly clever idea. He waited and as soon as the three kits were born, snatched them from the exhausted she-kats. The three toms could do nothing as Dark Kat threatened the three kit's lives if they tried anything. They could only watch as he carried the kits out of sight. When he came back an hour later he was covered in blood.

"Your kits are dead." He left without another word, but not before throwing three lifeless bodies in front of their wide eyes.

The she-kats reached for the bodies of their young kits and cradled them against their chests. Tears flowed down their cheeks as loud wails escaped their throats. The kats fell into the comforting arms of their mates and cried themselves to sleep.