"Biju/Summon talk"

'Biju/Summon think'


"The yondaime is here! Everyone continue!" Shouted a random Jonin on the front. Now although this sounds like someone is invading the hidden leaf village, you're wrong; not someone. Something. Kyuubi appeared in the middle of the village less than 20 minutes ago and has been destroying things ever since and no one has been able to stop it. Konoha's last chance stands with the fourth Hokage and whatever plan he has.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" was heard above all else on the battle field, even the mighty Kyuubi stopped his rampage for a second to see what happened. There on top of the Chief of the toads head Gamabunta was Minato Namikaze with a child in his hands. No one heard what he was saying to the child but they saw the child and this is where we start our story.

"Kyuubi, I know you escaped my wife and she is dying; that is not your fault. However if you continue this line of attack even after I broke the person controlling you then I will have no choice but to end this. Leave now and live in peace."

"ROAAARRRRR" came the reply from the giant fox.

"So be it, Gamabunta hold him down so I can seal him."

No verbal acknowledgement was needed between the two, they were the perfect team, one knew what the other was doing before they had done it; a skill rarely seen to this day within the Shinobi world.

Gamabunta jumped high into the sky and fired several water bullets aimed at stalling the great beast just long enough for him to land on top of him to hold him for what was needed for what was to come. Today was a sad day indeed.

Minato who was already speeding through hand seals with his son on top of the ceremonial pillar that is used for sealing shouted "Shiki Fujin", all of a sudden he felt cold and could feel death crawling over him. He turned his head slightly to see an image of the Shinigami.

"Why have you summoned me Mortal?"

Careful about his choice of words knowing everyone was listening and not wanting to give his sons identity away yet he stated:

"Shinigami-Sama, I want you to seal half of Kyuubi's chakra within you and then I will seal the rest with the 8 trigram seal I designed for him."

"It shall be done but the cost is your soul, do you want to proceed?"

"Yes, Shinobi of Konoha you will treat this boy like the hero he is for what I am about to burden him with; so Kami help me if I find out you denied my last wish I will come back from the dead and slaughter you all."

Everyone paled listening to this but already made their minds up to ignore this wish, this child must have been born a demon to contain a demon they thought. Idiots logic.

The Shinigami reached down and push his hand through Minato's chest and reached out towards the Biju, grabbing half of its chakra. It visibly shrank in size to about half the height it was and a loud cheer went through the crowd as they watched their Hokage seal half its chakra.

"Wow, what chakra."

Walking over to the infant he placed his hand on his stomach and shouted "Hakke no Fūin Shiki".

"There, it's done. Sleep well child for soon you will be needed; I trust none other than you to hold this beast and one day you shall find out why." He leaned down into the Childs ear and whispered "For you are my son, who else would a father trust with a burden such as this."

As soon as those last words were uttered he fell down dead with the Sandiame Hokage arriving on the scene just after, "Everyone return home, take the injured to the hospitals and the homeless to the temporary housing. I am reinstated as the Hokage!" He said as picking the child up Shunshining to his office which was still intact if a little shaken.

Sandiame Hokage was placing the child within his crib, he of course knew who this child was; not some orphan off the street as the crowd was led to believe but the son of a Kage. He was born to be great. Minato left specific instructions regarding his new born son who was named Naruto Uzumaki; he was to be left with the Uzumaki name and not told who his parents were until certain circumstances were met. Either he unlocks his bloodline which they weren't entirely sure if he had it or not or he reaches the rank of Chunin with a certain amount of missions that meant he was ready for the assassins that were sure to come.

Just as he finished placing Naruto in his crib he felt the night breeze through the window and he could of sworn he heard someone speaking on the wind that sounded an awfully lot like 'Protect my son, for he is destined for greatness or greatness will be trust upon him'

A lone tear rolled down his cheek as he swore to protect Naruto the best he could.

Magical Ninja Time skip: 5 years

If the past 5 years could be described in the word by either Naruto or the Sandiame Hokage then that word would be hell.

The Hokage did the best he could but the civilians and most of the ninja were persistent and ignorant or the Childs burden, Civilians would either throw him out of their stores or let him shop but overprice him by at least 3 times as much and the sad thing was because of the Civilian council they had every right to because the shops were civilian owned. He couldn't do a thing. It got so bad that the only thing he could do was place a law forbidding anyone from speaking of his condition.

He realised that he was basically turned into a figure head so to speak, the Civilian council wrestled allot of power from the Hokage and Shinobi council before he could officially retake his former post after his predecessors death. The worst part of this was quite simple, he looked to Naruto like he was his own grandson, he saw greatness in his eyes behind his mask of stupidity that he put up to fool the Civilians but he couldn't fool a man who had been through 3 wars and survived countless battles; no he had his father genius alright but he couldn't use it because the foolish villagers would rather a stupid demon then a smart one but all was going to change tonight, yes tonight would be one of the last times anyone would see this stupid Naruto trying to gain attention from anyone and everyone.

Naruto was a smart boy he picked things up at an abnormal rate, he learned to read and write by himself because those fools at the orphanage sabotaged him, he learned to count like a normal child of his age and even knew that they hated him for some reason; why? He had no idea but he was pretty sure that he was the Jinchuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

You see Naruto was regularly attacked by the villagers and around his 3rd birthday was one of his worst attacked yet, if they caught him he was sure to die but somehow he found himself running quicker than any Civilian should be able to. He later learned that he unlocked his Chakra by accident and by experimenting with it found out that he could use it to augment his muscles meaning he could run faster than normal and hit harder.

At a later date he found out that there was a seal on his stomach, he knew it was a seal because it only showed up when he moulded his Chakra meaning it was Chakra related and not some Tattoo. Even at his age he could tell the complicated seals from the novice ones, a rather unique gift if you could say and he could tell that this was a rather advanced seal for something.

Using all his stealth his had gained over his short life running from mobs and ninja he snuck into the library to look at some sealing books, he couldn't find anything like his seal but he could find some knowledge on some unique individuals that had massive chakra beasts sealed within them known as Jinchuriki.

From that point on it was easy to fit the evidence together, the whispers of Demon behind his back and the day he was born the village was attacked by the Kyuubi which happened to be a Biju. He was born and the Fourth Hokage sealed the beast into a child. He could already tell that he didn't pick any child; the corresponding looks from father to son were too much to ignore, he knew that his father had done this to him but he forgave him, simply because it was to protect his precious people.

After all what father could ask for another child for such a burden when he couldn't give his own and who could he trust more than his own flesh and blood? No one.

Today was his 5th birthday, acting the fool unfortunately meant he had to act happy about today and walk around outside in front of the villagers, basically mocking them. The villagers didn't take too kindly to this and every birthday formed some sort of mob to "Finish what the Yondaime started" which meant trying to kill Naruto.

Naruto knew he would be alright, the pain may come and go but he would live; Kyuubi wouldn't allow his host to die from something like this as he found out early on, he had a very advanced healing factor which he deduced was a side effect of the sealing. It allowed the village an outlet which stopped them more or less from attacking him every week. He would deal with this, he was a forgiving person who tried to see the best in people like his father did but sometimes there just isn't enough to see.

Naruto made his way through the village strangely not getting attacked yet, this worried him but he carried on and eventually made his way to the Hokage's monument sitting atop his father's head looking at the night sky that was slowly starting to form with bright starts. He let a lone tear fall down he cheek as he thought of his life among the hidden leaf village. He could technically leave but he wouldn't make it far, no matter how smart you are no village will let their Jinchuriki leave; they are tools of war, without the tools wars would be lost. He had no idea the Sandiame was watching him the entire time with an Anbu squad on standby to save the poor boy if needed.

He stared at the night sky and was entranced by its beauty, after a while he spoke quietly to the sky; "You know Tou-san, ever since you thrust this burden upon me I've been beaten, starved, poisoned and god knows what else. I was born for greatness, from you I have your looks and your genius.

I endure because no one else would, I live because I endure and I endure to protect my precious people. It is a vicious cycle that I'm not sure will ever end but it must. Sooner or later they will either kill me or I will kill them defending myself and the village shall turn on me in spite of what I have done for them."

Sandiame was watching shocked, this boy was wise beyond his years and knew about his father, he could technically demand his inheritance and there would be nothing he could do about it but before he could think anymore he heard him continue his thought line.

"You know, when I was younger I asked the Sandiame if he knew why I was hated, a rare glimpse of my genius showing through my mask of stupidity. He lied to my face and said he didn't know but I forgave him like I forgave you because he was trying his best to make my life liveable.

He told me a story instead something to get my mind off the question, it didn't work but it gave me something to think about in my spare time. He looked up at the sky and said "The stars above shine bright and protect us, they are the lives of the Shinobi and Hokage past that have given their lives for the villages security and peace. When we die, someone will always be hurt." to this day that has to be my favourite saying he has ever told me, it is true he is wise for his age.

When I die no star shall shine for me.

I am a weapon of war to be disposed of like a Kunai dropped on a battlefield.

The cycle has to change soon or I fear I will join you."

He let another tear stain his cheek while looking off into the distance and saw a glowing light which could be made out to be a mob of civilians with torches, he gave a sad smile.

"Time for my beating, hopefully I survive this but if not then I shall see you soon father."

The Hokage was shocked, this 5 year old boy no this 5 year old young man was willing to let them kill him for the sake of the village; he wouldn't have any of that as long as he lived.


A team of 4 appeared before him, Cat, Dog, Lizard and Crow. Yugao Uzuki, Kakashi Hatake, Genma Shiranui and finally a new recruit that was quickly rising through the ranks, Itachi Uchiha.

"Yes sir?"

"A mob is about to attack Naruto Uzumaki, you are to make sure he survives! He is on top of the fourths head on the Hokage mountain. Kill every civilian if needed to ensure his survival, the cycle changes tonight!" He shouted the last bit whilst sounding incredibly sad.

"Hai Hokage-Sama" they said in unison, the Hokage slumped back into his chair watching through the crystal ball whilst trying to justify his lack of intervention within the boys life. 'What have I done? Sure I treat him like he's my own grandchild but it's not enough! I'm sorry Minato!'

The Hokage watched as Naruto waited, his Anbu would arrive soon but it would be too late. This year everything changes. Naruto waited on top of the fourths head for the mob to reach him, his face impassive suddenly changed to an unmatched smile that was hard to tell if faked signifying his mask was in position.

They arrived shouting at him, that's when he realised his mistake; past birthdays he would lead them on a chase to thin the mob but this year, he was stuck in between a cliff and an angry mob. He was screwed. 'Looks like I'm coming to you sooner than expected Tou-san'

"Hi, do you want to play with me?" He said acting like an idiot hoping they would feel sorry for him and not attacked unfortunately this was not to be.

"No demon! You will die tonight, for our family and for the Yondaime!" He shouted and thus the beating began, worse than usual. He felt several rib crack as they kicked him, he spat up a little blood whilst the Sandiame watched appalled by his village. He couldn't help but wonder where his Anbu were. It was too late, a villager decided he was going to be the one to end the demon but to do so he was going to be pushed off the cliff; with no ninja training this was a sure death for anyone.

The Sandiame visibly shouted in anger as he watched his surrogate grandson fall to his death. On his way down Naruto already accepted his fate, he could see the Anbu team arriving on scene to see him fall down but it was too late, they couldn't possibly reach him in time to save him. He was going to die and the Kyuubi's wrath would be brought upon these fools when the seal breaks. He smiled in the face of death but that didn't mean he wasn't scared, no he was petrified.

Time seemed to slow down as his vision became clearer but changed to black and white, he thought of the irony of this situation. Just as he was about to die something happened to hasten his perception of time so he could spend longer falling to his death. 'Kami must hate me...'

He closed his eyes again only to feel pain as he hit the ground, he was blacking out when he heard his name being called by a silver haired Anbu. He closed his eyes for what he thought was the last time.

Inside his seal a Biju was silently weeping for the prone form of the boy in front of him, cursing Madara for forcing her to attack and get sealed into this boy forcing upon him this life, then something happened. Two eyes opened floating in the sky showing a pair of 2 tomoe'd Sharingan blazed to life and he visibly flinched before they shut themselves again. The Biju looked down at his contained and laughed, he would live; He was meant for greatness and this would be the first step.

Meanwhile Kakashi was rushing the poor boy to hospital whilst his team was slaughtering the Civilians, each of his team was selected for this boys guard because they all knew who he was and had some ties to his father or mother; Kakashi was his father student, Genma was part of his father's personal guard, Yugao was his mothers student, a Kenjutsu prodigy and finally Itachi was just smart enough to figure out who the boy was and treat him like a brother. Oh the irony that would be coming his way.

Kakashi arrived at the hospital with the broken boy in his arms panting, "I need a doctor!" he shouted, each came but when they saw the boy they left until Kakashi grabbed on by the neck and threatened him, "I don't care if you don't like him you will heal him and so god help me if he dies you will spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair being fed through a straw by your family!" The doctor hurriedly agreed to heal the boy after all everyone knew who this Anbu was.

"What happened to him?"

"He got chucked off a cliff."

Even though the doctor hated the boy even he felt that was cruel and visibly recoiled at the answer, "You're joking?"


Running a diagnostic jutsu on the boy to check his injuries he was amazed that the boy was still alive. "He has several broken bones and a fractured skull not to mention internal bleeding and signs of allot more that was recently healed."

"Do what you can for him and be quick about it!" he snapped whilst thanking Kami that the demon healed most of his containers wounds. As he was healing the boy the Sandiame Hokage rushed through the door and had an angered look on his face.

"Kakashi what the hell kept you from getting there in time, you left 5 minutes before it happened; you're a ninja for kami-sakes!"

"Sir, my team was held up by a team of 20 Ninja that had blank face masks like Anbu, all are dead; we didn't have time to take a prisoner."

"Danzo? He will pay for this, maybe not today or tomorrow but he will pay!"

"How is the boy?"

"He is healing at an extraordinary rate even for him, I don't know why."

"No use explaining why, he is unpredictable and most likely has nothing to do with it but no point looking a gift horse in the mouth. Kakashi I need to talk to you outside, Doctor keep healing him and don't stop."

Kakashi followed his leader outside into the hall where he took his time to explain obviously under a silencing barrier what Naruto had said earlier. Kakashi was obviously shaken by the boy and his genius but visibly disturbed when he was told how Naruto smiled in the face of death. No-one, not even veteran Anbu operatives smile looking death in the eyes, it's just not natural.

Whilst they were discussing this a shockwave of chakra shot out of Naruto, covering him in the potent chakra.

Inside the seal

Naruto was beginning to stir when he realised he felt no pain and groaned as he tried to move his stiff muscles. He opened his eyes and looked up but almost immediately noticed he was in a sewer.

"Great, the Shinigami's stomach is a sewer; who would of thought?"

He hear laughing from behind him and turned around to see a giant Nine tailed fox, they stared at each other for a couple of minutes before Naruto broke the silence,


"This and that, some interesting things recently though."

"So, I can't be dead since you're here which would most likely mean I was hurt so badly that I entered the seal on my stomach with my consciousness?"

"Pretty much, at least you aren't stupid."

"Thanks, I guess. So anyway I can change this dreary place to something a bit more... hospitable?"

The Kyuubi just shrugged whilst watching his container closely, in truth he knew how to change it; seriously what thousand year old demon didn't? But this was a test for him.

Naruto just sighed whilst concentrating, he was going to take a shot in the dark here. Immediately the sewer was replaced by a valley with long grass and a forest on the horizon, a lake off to the right whilst a house in the centre with a park bench in the garden.

Naruto just smirked, "That's better." He looked at the wide eyed Kyuubi whilst snickering to himself and thought about something, "If I somehow let you out of the cage you aren't going to try to eat me or something right?"

Kyuubi just stared at him for a minute before nodding, not trusting himself to answer.

"Cool." And just like that the cage was gone whilst a collar with a paper tag which was the seal was in its place.

"There you go, I know living in me hasn't been the best but you might as well enjoy what you can."

"That's it? No questions? Not wanting to know why I attacked or anything? not even your parents?"

"Hmm, why did you attack? And I know about my father, I mean seriously? Who the fuck doesn't notice a look alike? but you can tell me about my mother if you want?"

"Long story short, I was forced to attack after being ripped out of my previous container who happens to be one of your mothers and she died obviously because of the birthing but also because me being ripped out of her. I was forced to attack by Madara Uchiha, somehow still alive but how I don't know."

"Well that sucks. Wait hold the phone did you say mothers as in plural as in I have two? How the fuck did that happen?"

"Well considering your quite smart Ill skip the bird and the bee's and go straight to it, having me in your mother with a seal that wasn't the correct type for her because it was rushed when I was being transferred to her from the previous container Mito Uzumaki made her for a better choice of words, Barren."

"Will that happen to me? Will I be able to have kids when I'm older?"

"Yes, your seal was also rushed but it was designed with allot of time before hand when your father found out she was pregnant, he always looked ahead in these types of things. Smart man."

"Ok carry on."

"Well you see it goes like this, just because she couldn't conceive a child didn't mean she couldn't give birth to one. Mikoto Uchiha, your mothers best friend donated an egg and it was implanted within Kushina, your parents went and got down and dirty and her you are." the beast smirked at his disgusted face of his parents having sex.

"So which one is my real mother?"

"I would say both, one allowed conception whilst the other allowed birth. You also have a few perks from this believe it or not."


"Well first, earlier on tonight when you noticed time slow down it wasn't Kami messing with you it was your Sharingan awaking."

"Cool" he screamed like his masked self.

"Yes, however a combination of having me in you and betrayal from the village left you with an advanced form called the Mangekyo Sharingan but beware each time you use this you will lose a portion of your eye sight until you are truly blind."

"Also cool but not cool at the same time."

"Don't worry, eventually your half brother Itachi will awaken his and then you swap eyes and boom you will never go blind and it will use less chakra."

"How do you know so much about this?"

"I kind of created it a couple hundred years ago when Madara-Teme woke me from my sleep. He was a Hyuga branch member and wanted to be free of his curse seal, at the time I was still a bit groggy from sleep and thought hey what the hell and used my chakra to mutate the Byakugan into the Sharingan. Sort of made a small mistake though when I mutated it too much and it awakened a curse for the Dojutsu."

"Well that's good and bad. Good, I got an awesome Dojutsu bad that I'm cursed..."

"Not really, having my chakra go through your eyes when I was healing you earlier sort of made it disappear. Anyway the curse is simple, when one of them watched someone they love get hurt they will do anything for power to help that person survive, hence they are rather known as power hungry."

"Goddamn it, That means Mikoto-Kaa and Itachi are going to be power hungry."

"Not really, I've seen few that rise above the curse and they both are two of them, by the way when you have kids even if it's with another Uchiha your DNA will overwrite there's ending the curse."

"Ok, anyway what's your name? I mean it can't be Kyuubi?"

Kyuubi looked slightly offended at this and sighed, "Hikari."

"So you're a chick?"


She expected him to burst out laughing here and gave him an odd look when he did no such thing.


"Aren't you going to laugh?"



"Why should I?"

"Every time I've ever told anyone my name and/or Gender they laughed at me."

"Why? I know plenty of powerful women."


"The Kunoichi of this village for one, well not the fan girls but you get the idea."


"Anyway I'm going to take a nap under that tree where the sunlight is shining just perfectly because this is my mind and maybe wake up in the hospital later and see one of my mother's after that."

Hikari just nodded and left him to his own devices.