Right so now Part 1 of this story is complete, I will be taking a month or two break before continuing part 2 hence why this story is written as "Complete" at the moment.

When I start to write part 2 I will put it as "in Progress" and will continue in this story instead of writing a new one. Feel free to follow this story still; the next lot of chapters will probably be the training Arc to the return arc to the hunting the bad guys arc.

I may or may not make Naruto fight in Kiri during his training for experience but that is to be decided at a later date and also spoilers.

If there is anything specific you guys want him trained in then pm me but also PM me on how you want Naruto and Yugito to meet; I was thinking she ran away from Kumo when she was attacked by the Akatsuki because they revealed that she was sold out by Kumo to them.

Thanks for continuing to read and follow my stories; I should be continuing my other stories soon since this one is out of the way, most likely the story "The past relived" which I think has some merit to.

If you want to then feel free to pm me asking if you want to have a shot at a variation of my stories also I might or might not be starting the Shunshin no Naruto story soon; I'm having trouble figuring out how to start the first chapter and how to make Naruto learn Shunshin at such an early stage in his life believable, feel free to PM me with advice.


~Peter Rook