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Silence reined upon the battlefield, nothing could be heard yet everything seen.

Naruto stood in front of his daughters and frowned slightly.

"I cannot see nor can I sense her, where is my wife?" He asked in a monotone voice promising pain if not answered, he saw each of his daughters flinch which already confirmed his suspicions.

"You rogue Uchiha; I shall show you what it is like to have everything ripped from you! I will let you have your little moment in the sun and then when you think you have won I shall destroy you and anything that you love and/or have loved. By the time I am done you will but a speck in the sands of time being covered by other insignificant specks.

Tell me Uchiha, What is your name so I can wipe it from the history books." He said menacingly towards the unmasked Uchiha who he fought years ago.

Unfazed by such a string of comments even though he had lost to the man years ago after he defeated an army he replied: "Obito Uchiha."

Naruto perked up at the name, "Oh the little runt of the Uchiha clan from my father's Genin team.

I can see your life forming before my very eyes Uchiha runt. Kakashi always followed your little motto meaning something happened to change his view point and I'm guessing it was something drastic such as your teammates death.

She was a Kunoichi wasn't she? Rin Nohara if my mind isn't failing me.

So let me take a stab in the dark here, you get crushed by rocks, Kakashi tries and failed to protect your female teammate whom you have a crush on like a little fanboy, you go nuts and my wife ends up dead because of it?

Is that the gist of it?" He asked in a deathly calm voice as most of the Ninja flinch at his voice.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you Madara-Chan. You obviously had a hand in setting the stage for this dance competition and because of it you will pay just as much as your comrade.

Izuna Uchiha was your brother's name wasn't it Madara? How would you like to meet him again, I've always wondered who was the better Uchiha between the two of you since we obviously decided I was the better between us two last time."

He ran through several Hand signs before clapping his hands together in a prayer stance. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Edo Tensai." He proclaimed loudly getting coughing sounds from most of the ninja since they were fighting Edo Tensai's all day and night.

2 coffins rose from the ground and out came a woman and a man, "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to welcome back to the land of living Uchiha Izuna and Rin Nohara." He shouted loudly and full of mannace.

Kushina looked on in shock, she didn't know her father knew this jutsu or the fact that he could be so angry at one point in time, the amount of KI he radiated was enough to put several of the lower class ninja into a coma just by being in his presence.

"Izuna why don't you reunite with your moronic brother and Rin you will come with me to see your old friend Obito." He said finally.

Both nodded, not being in full control of their senses.

Rin followed Naruto as he ran towards Obito who just stood in shock at seeing Rin again. "I want you to know that this could have been avoided had you listened to my warning years ago, I died to stop man wanting more and to protect my family and then you come along and revive this monster." He said as he placed his hand onto Rin's shoulder and smiled sadly.

"You my dear are going to be a casualty of war once again I'm afraid except this time I will be sure you are sealed into the reapers stomach for all eternity but don't worry, Obito will soon follow you.

This seal is special Uchiha Runt, all damage you do to anyone in its range is transmitted via the seal and the outcome is a double treatment of the pain that the person suffers be it physical or emotional. She is at the moment suffering twice the pain I have since my wife is killed, not to mention the pain she is receiving from you.

Oh look she is crying." He said with a small smirk as it was proven to be true, she was gushing tears and trying to fight back sobs that would escape.

"Did you know that the Six realm sage was actually an Uzumaki? He had a third child that was a daughter to carry on his line whilst the sons formed their own. The Rinnegan eyes he held were said to be able to create anything from nothing even breathing life into the Bijou. The eyes were cheats to a very advanced technique that he passed down through the Uzumaki Main branch house, I.e. his family.

None since have been able to learn it but I am Naruto Fucking Uchiha bitch and I break all the predictions and this isn't going to stop my goal. No, by the days end you and Madara are both going to die and the Bijou shall be back in their original bodies but this time I shall make them disappear from the human world.

They hold too much power and yet it is wrong to seal them against their wills, maybe a personal pocket dimension that will never collapse? Maybe another continent? Or even just a mountain range surrounded by space/time seals to not allow trespassers?" he mused out loud as the entire Ninja world just got mind fucked.

His daughter watched their father, one was feeling nostalgia form again at seeing her father for the first time in years whilst the other two were feeling giddy to know their male parent.

"Say bye bye to rin no Obito-chan?" He asked politely as he pierced the girl through the heart with what appeared to be Kakashi's Chidori technique just to piss Obito off more.

The body fell apart into ashes and a spectral image of rin ascending somewhere was seen, well that was until a spectral image of the Shinigami came and ate her in front of Obito.

Obito seemed to go into shock at seeing his onetime love interest devoured by the Shinigami and fell to his knee's. "What to do with you now Uchiha Runt, you are hardly a match for me and my daughters will kill you easily enough.

*Growl* I want more revenge against you but I've already taken everything you held dear so I'm just going to kill you." He said as Obito's neck was slashed open.

Everyone cringed, they had been trying to kill that guy for ages and Naruto comes in and does it in 10 minutes.

Naruto jumped out of the way all of a sudden as a hand shot at him from the tail of the Juubi, he looked towards it and growled in annoyance.

"I left Kurama on her own and she was absorbed into you , because of this I feel partially responsible for you being an issue; not to mention the fact that I left the worlds armies in such a pitiful state that I'm surprised the alliance has an army to fight you with." He spoke to the Juubi looking at it unafraid.

He slammed his hands into the floor as hundreds upon hundreds of chains emerged for several Fuinjutsu Kanji. They all wrapped around the Juubi as his movement came to a halt.

A noticeable sweat was seen upon Naruto's brow after his current action and his was panting quite a bit.

"You are just a beast." He said looking it in the eye, "You are nothing more than an unimportant pawn waiting to be moved onto the check board by these blessed eyes and yet you are so much more at the same time.

Allow me to restore your humanity." He said as he held the Hijutsu hand sign, the chains seemed to suck Youki and transform it into Chakra and Nature Chakra using Naruto as a conduit.

"Uzumaki Hijutsu: Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Bijou" He shouted at the top of his voice as the Juubi seemed to shrink in size and 9 new bodies came into view.

Madara saw this and tried to intervene but his brother was his equal before death and thus put up a bloody good fight.

"Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kouko, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuiki, Kurama! I call you forth; Come, show this fool the futility of his plans." He said as his daughters stood behind him in awe of his power.

9 figures came into existence and their fists met in a bump directly above Naruto as he placed his fist against theirs.

"isn't this the one we've been waiting for?"

"The one father forsaw?"

"I told you he would come! Father never lies."

"It's good to see you again Naruto-kun"

Were just some of the opinions voiced.

"Matatabi, come forth."

A giant flame cat with two tails walked forwards and bowed submissively, "Who killed Yugito, your last host and my wife?" He asked calmly.

"A pair of Akatsuki called Hidan and Kakazu, she was still weak from birthing your twin daughters and her chakra network wasn't fully recovered from her first birth either; it would have been when the girls were around 12-13 that her network recovered enough for ninja duties.

She never stood a chance I'm afraid." She said sadly, she like Kurama had became good friends with her container but not to such as extent as Kurama.

"Are they still alive?" he asked plainly

"No your daughters killed them rather violently I might add, they all have traces of Kurama and my Chakra in their system since they were birthed from two of our Jinhuriki." She said sounding rather proud of that fact.

He nodded in consent and faced his daughters and smiled at them. He couldn't deny that he was proud of them and their deeds and would be sure to shower them in all the love and praise he could for the rest of his life.

Kurama came forth and bowed her head allowing her friend and family to climb on, she faced the alliance and Madara who had been successfully restrained by his brother.

"These Biju have changed. No longer are they beings of Youki but Nature Chakra meaning they draw their Chakra from the nature in the environment and surroundings.

Try to seal them at your own risk for they will just turn any container to stone and be reborn quicker than before, I am an Uzumaki and Uchiha, I never go back on my word and I am the strongest Shinobi born in this Era. This era is mine and I declare peace throughout; I dare you to try and stop me because I will annihilate you and your family and your families family.

Be warned." He turned to face the husk that was once the Juubi and now the Gedo Mezu statue once more, he couldn't for all of his power seal it inside a new moon or the current moon like the Six realm sage and there was a chance that one day it would be summoned once more which could be a real pain.

He could lock it into a personal dimension and then have it collapse on itself causing it to disappear from existence never to be seen again but he rather like the idea of having a momenta of the moment he owned the Uchiha Runt and Madara-Chan.

If he wanted to stop the Gedo reforming into the Juubi sometime in the future he would need to stop any chakra usage around it. An idea hit him.

He slammed his hands into the ground as the Statue raised high above them on a stone pillar, black markings set around it; sensor seals, elemental seals, gravity well seals to stop fools using chakra to climb the peak and finally Chakra absorption seals of both the Nature and pure variety.

Should some fool get to the impossible task of the Gedo Mezu Statue now and attempt to seal the Biju the chakra would be redirected into Nature Chakra and sent out into the air where the Biju would eventually reform.

The perfect punishment, Give the enemies means, opportunity and motive but not give them chance to do any sort of evil plan.

He grinned and had the Biju go their separate ways promising not to destroy villages, Kurama obviously stayed with him and his family and he would have to use the Kin-Fuinjutsu again to turn her into a temporary human like before.

Maybe she could help fill the whole for his children as a mother role since he couldn't revive Yugito, he was going to miss her and he was sure as hell going to have some sort of mental breakdown later once he was alone with his daughters and Kurama.

But for now he looked forward to seeing his children and spending all the time in the world with them and beating off boys with sticks for thinking that they could touch his pure daughters.

He grinned, life was bad at the moment but it was getting better and would eventually be good.